I’m not even sure why we *have* katanas anymore

So the other day I was wearing the only clean thing in my house, which was a beach sarong that’s basically two giant scarves tied around my neck, and it’s super-comfy but at the slightest breeze it flies open to reveal my nipples to the world.  This is called foreshadowing. So I ran some errands and when I parked in front of my house IContinue reading “I’m not even sure why we *have* katanas anymore”

Disclaimer: this post is not really about being naked with donkeys

My first thought is “Why am I naked?” and my second is “Whose donkey is this?” Part 2 of meeting Guy Kawasaki:  1.  I just valeted my car for the first time in my entire life.  Valet:  Wait…ma’am, I need your keys.  Me:  How am I supposed to open my car later if you have my keys?  Valet: Continue reading “Disclaimer: this post is not really about being naked with donkeys”

I should totally introduce people for a living.

Part one of the Guy Kawasaki experience:  (I’m too hung over to write the rest but I swear, it’s coming and is mortifying/awesome/surprisingly porn-related.) Evil Dwight from the Chronicle thought I should introduce Guy at the Houston Technology Center speaking event.  I assured him that was the stupidest idea he’d ever come up with.  He insisted.  I remindedContinue reading “I should totally introduce people for a living.”


Okay, prepare to have your mind blown or to be utterly nonplussed. In a few weeks?  I’m going out to dinner. . . With Guy Kawasaki. I know, right?!  It’s gonna to be like meeting the Pope but with less genuflecting.  He’s speaking at a conference in town which sold out in a matter ofContinue reading “Kawa(stalk)i”

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