UPDATED: The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown. And for my heart.

SEE UPDATE BELOW: This week my friend (Seana) saw something on the side of the road and slowed down to take a picture out of her car window because it was fucked-up and she was pretty sure I needed it.  And she was right.  We all need this: And at first I was just happyContinue reading “UPDATED: The lion and the unicorn were fighting for the crown. And for my heart.”

I apologize in advance.

me:  Victor, come in here.  I think maybe Hunter S. Thomcat has a cold. Victor:  Why? me:  Because he’s feeling a little horse. Victor:  That?  Is a terrible joke. me:  You’re just upset you didn’t make it first. Victor:  Fair enough. PS.  Even Hunter seems chagrined at being involved in this bad of a pun.Continue reading “I apologize in advance.”

The meemaw effect

This isn’t a real post but I just wanted to share.  I don’t usually get into family details on my blog but I’m making an exception today. The last decade has been tough for Victor’s meemaw.  Her husband (and Victor’s idol) died, then her daughter died, she lost much of her sight, and she realizedContinue reading “The meemaw effect”

Too many questions.

This was on my Facebook wall.  It makes me smile.  It also makes me question a lot of things: Mostly things like, why does the story of my life show up fifth in the “giant dildo” column? And what’s a “dildo bat”? And why is there a market for “used dildos”? You know what?  Never mind. Some questionsContinue reading “Too many questions.”