So yesterday I was listening to the latest My Favorite Murder podcast about Karl Tanzler, the crazy stalker guy who was so obsessed with this lady he stole her corpse and lived with it for years and tried to bring it back to life.  In the podcast they talk about the fact that after heContinue reading “Corpses!”


We’re leaving tomorrow to take Hailey to Japan for a week and I’m full of anxiety because I am a terrible traveler but Hailey and Victor are okay with me hiding in the hotel so it’s good that they have low expectations.  That said, I really want to go to the Parasite Museum and watchContinue reading “JAPAN!”

Who should win the Game of Thrones? Good girls…that’s who.

Victor and I have been fighting about who should sit on the Iron Throne: me:   I’ve decided that I’m rooting for Nymeria. Victor:  Who? me:  Arya’s direwolf.  Because first of all, she is a good girl and needs snuggles.  She attacks bad people and isn’t afraid to eat people when necessary.  Plus, everyone wouldContinue reading “Who should win the Game of Thrones? Good girls…that’s who.”

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