From a distance…

Conversation Victor and I had while passing by a frozen yogurt shop which specializes in having new weird flavors every week:

me:  Holy shit.  Does that say “Fucked Up Green Apple?”  Is that their new flavor?

Victor:  Of course not.  It’s…wait…does it say Fucked Up Green Apple?

me: Because that would be kind of fucked up, right?  And aptly named, I guess.

And of course then we had to actually go in to take a picture of the Fucked Up Green Apple.

Ah. Never mind then.

I’d like to think that everyone passing by had the same reaction as us, but I suspect this was some sort of yogurt-based Rorschach test we both failed.  But we failed it together, so it’s nice to do something as a couple.  I say that’s a win.  Victor says it’s a sign that I’m contagious.  It’s possible we’re both right.


And in other news, it’s Sunday, which means its time for python fights!*

What you missed in my shop (tentatively called “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

What you missed on the internets:

This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

This weeks wrap-up sponsored by the fabulous women behind “Female Moments” a series of short, funny videos reflecting the everyday moments in the average woman’s life. It’s focused on women’s “issues,” but the series is relatable to both men and women as often times men are a witness to (or an active participant in) a woman’s “moments”…whether they like it or not.  You can check it out here.

*I apologize for the lack of python fights.  I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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  1. It’s a shame that isn’t Fucked Up. Pity really.

    Smokeynall recently posted The First Goalie Post..

  2. 2
    Heather Singer

    I agree. If it said fucked up that would be totally bad ass. Love the new shirt I’m going to have to get some for the fam. for Christmas.

  3. the hairy chest captions made me cry (I used a towel to soak it up, though).

    monica recently posted A. None of the above. B. All of the above. C. What is the above. D. The teacher is crazy..

  4. I misread shit everywhere I go now because I’m old my eyes are pussing out on me. It’s usually funny, though.

    Ragemichelle recently posted When You Have The Decision Making Skills Of An Ant Farm.

  5. Time to consider glasses perhaps?! ;)

    thedoseofreality recently posted Pinterest Dream Come True #037: Happy Birthday, Ashley!.

  6. P.S. Thank you again for commenting in our blog! Best birthday present ever…next to Ryan Gosling! ;)

    thedoseofreality recently posted Pinterest Dream Come True #037: Happy Birthday, Ashley!.

  7. I don’t think I’d want to try Fucked Up Green Apple. Blergh.

    Also, yay for you being contagious. I bet there’s no vaccine, either.

    Kara recently posted OWH Sketch #189.

  8. I wonder what Fucked up green apple would have tasted like? I’m guessing fucking awesome…

  9. You realize you’re going to get pitches for eyeglasses, now, right?

    Or Lasik surgery or SOMETHING to help you come back from the blind….

    Robin Dance recently posted Mary, Martha and John: a precious little love story.

  10. Yes, I thought it looked like “fucked up green apple”, too…then again, I’ve been reading a lot of things wrong lately. Oh, and I almost put my wallet in my land line phone cradle this afternoon, until I caught myself halfway there. (At least I didn’t put the phone in my purse; it wouldn’t do me any good outside the damn house.) Brain fog…I has it, and maybe you guys have a touch of it, too.

    Oh, and I appreciate that you’d definitely cook me before you ate me, because I really can’t deal with meat that’s any less than well done myself (yes, I DO want my burger to be a hockey puck, thankyouverymuch)–no Robin Tartare, damn it! (A small request: if at all possible, could you smoke me over hickory for 20 hours like good BBQ pork? Since supposedly people taste like pork (hence the whole “long pig” business), it would probably make sense, and I’m more than fat enough that it would baste the meat very well and be really tender to boot. (Dear God, now I’m telling someone I’ve never met exactly how I’d want her to cook and eat me…how is this my life? Oh, and I remember reading a Readers’ Digest Condensed Book as a kid–Congo Kitabu, IIRC–in which the author described eating something that he was told was porcupine but turned out to be human; apparently it tasted a lot like pork. OK, I’m going to shut up now before I dig this hole any damn deeper….)

  11. Thank you SO MUCH for the laugh. I needed that. (Imagine the whole line of fucked up flavors they could do…)

  12. The thing is, green apple frozen yogurt probably is pretty fucked up. Bleah.

    Chuck Baudelaire recently posted Why We Must Impeach President Obama RIGHT NOW OMG.

  13. The hairy chests were mildly disturbing.

    Ragemichelle recently posted When You Have The Decision Making Skills Of An Ant Farm.

  14. I would totally buy that flavor. Really, I would.

  15. Green apple as a frozen yogurt flavor is fucked up. Eww. Otherwise, those places are actually pretty awesome. Our kids go in, gets about two molecules of yogurt and then fill their bowls with candy. Fun. :-)

  16. The phrase “Crazy for you.” takes on a deeper dimension when applied to you and Victor, doesn’t it, Jenny?
    That having been said, you’re lucky to have each other. Can you imagine where you’d be without Victor, or vice versa?
    Scary stuff, kids.
    By the way, that sign looked like “Fucked Up Green Apple” to me as well.
    Maybe you are contagious….

  17. Many years ago, my great-aunts made a gorgeous quilt featuring all of the state birds. Mom now has it hanging on display in one of her guest bedrooms. Since the names of the birds are stitched in capital block letters, the state bird of Alabama is no longer a Flicker. It always provides a chuckle for whomever stays in that room.

  18. Life is so much more entertaining when I forget my glasses. I would have thought it said “Fucked up” too. I also think that applies to anyone who decides to make Green Apple a yogurt flavor. Of course, they could make it a whole line of flavors, like “Holy Fuck Angel food cake” flavor or “Don’t Give a Fuck jellybean and ham” flavor.

    Beth Bartlett recently posted Gummed Up.

  19. If you mix it with it’s neighbor then you can truly mean “It’s like apples and oranges”…

  20. Twice now I have been to DairyQueen and misread the POM-Berry smoothie as PORN-Berry. It’s nice to know I’m not alone in misreading things.

  21. I saw this ad for a Nicki Minaj fragrance at Walmart today and I swear to god, it looked like Fuck Friday rather than Pink Friday. I was going to be so proud of Walmart for being edgy.

  22. I’m with you on that one. I would have gone into that shop just to find out what Fucked Up Green Apple tasted like.

    Pyre recently posted Orange d20 single earring by PyresRPGear.

  23. I love that you both saw the same thing on the poster. You aren’t contagious, you were meant for each other.

    Keitha recently posted Lunches September 2nd - 6th.

  24. 24
    Esmerelda Gulch

    We had a poster at work with the WRONG font for this question: “How did I do?”
    It always looked like “How dildo?” to me.

  25. It *should* say Fucked Up Green Apple. Who wants green apple frozen yogurt? The whole point of frozen yogurt is to make it taste as much like ice cream as scientifically and flavor-fully possible. What? Why? GREEN APPLE is reserved for SHERBET.

  26. Re: This is water- we also have the ability, within those lines of mundane frustration, to be kind enough to make somebody else have a nice day. That way, even if we don’t have a nice day, we can know it’s possible because we did it for somebody else (so it has to exist).

  27. And the “Freshly Fucked Orange” was *completely* ignored…

    DFlor recently posted 13th Age Icons in Vector Format.

  28. Yo Amazing.

    (Is the name of the nearby yogurt place that sign reminds me of. But yeah, “PUCKER UP” does look a lot like “FUCKED UP.” Even when you know what it says.)

  29. (1) For YEARS, I’ve been seeing the semis on the road for a trucking company called “DART” and reading it as “BARF” …
    (2) It’s not just your eyes. For years, my ex-wife thought that the Beatles were singing, “She’s Got A Chicken To Ride”.
    Which, I guess, would tie Beyoncé neatly into this diatribe …

  30. You were destined for each other! :)

    Rara recently posted Kind of a Stupid Game.

  31. I am severely disappointed in the lack of python fights… :(
    I got all excited and everything…. :P
    Also, I love the shirt.

    Brooke recently posted First Day of Classes.. Yay?.

  32. 32
    benita flores

    I think “pucker up” apple-flavored frozen yogurt is pretty “fucked up”. Nuff said.

  33. Thanks for the referral to This Is Water. Amazing and inspiring. What a gift that man had, and oh how he is missed.

  34. Oh my god, the hairy chest pin made me howl with laughter. My fave? Scott Bakula has a hairy frontula….that would’ve made me snort milk out of my nose. Btw, it totally looks like fucked up apple.

  35. That’s okay. I thought the flavor next to it said ‘Freshly Peckered Orange’. So I’m in the same boat.

    Unsure about the success of THAT flavor, though.

    Heather recently posted Big Sunrise.

  36. I feel like Fucked Up Green Apple should involve vodka.

    Also, I am astonished and offended on his behalf that Mark Ruffalo’s gorgeous chest hair is not featured on that Pinterest board! He’s the one who taught me to appreciate the beauty in being follicularly well-endowed. :)

  37. add a little vodka to the fro-yo and you get Fucked Up Green Apple- sounds like a win-win to me

  38. That’s ok.. I read the first thing as saying “frozen yogurt ship.” The thing of it is, if you said ship, I wouldn’t have been at all surprised.. maybe that can be your next post.

    Itzybellababy recently posted Week wrap up.

  39. I’m completely jealous that your OrangeLeaf has green apple ours doesn’t :(

  40. Never lie to a girl about python fights. Just sayin’.

    Also: I’d like to think I’d try the Fucked Up Green Apple flavor. I’m on the fence enough that I wouldn’t know for sure until I was faced with the possibility.

  41. David Foster Wallace is a great loss to the world and should remind us all that depression is a lying cunt.

  42. OMG, do you think they changed the name as you were walking into the store and then changed it back as soon as you left? Because I don’t.

    Marinka recently posted Mophie.

  43. Does fucked up green apple taste fucked up or does it get you fucked up? It makes a difference.

  44. Whenever I read posts that have Victor featured, it give me warm fuzzies. Because the two of you are proof that there really is someone out there for everyone. And it makes me happy that you both found your someone. And makes me appreciate my own weird hubby even more.

  45. That apple yogurt probably does taste fucked-up.

    Tragic Sandwich recently posted These Are a Few of My Favorite Foods.

  46. You two were meant for each other.
    It’s definitely a win.

    Melissa recently posted Transitional periods are hard.

  47. Was it at least good fucked up green apple? Inquiring minds and all that jazz.

    meeshie recently posted Of diaper explosions and volcanos of poo.

  48. Totally thought it said fucked up as well. Can’t make out the orange flavor at all. Where’s the python fights? Oh, you little trixter you! And i can’t unsee all that hair. UGH. So glad hubby is nearly bare chested. I’m sure he’d hate for me to have to wax his

  49. Considering I don’t even like the flavor of Green Apple, I think your version makes much more sense. Though it would make me wonder if that meant that it is actually a flavor that I would like now because they messed it up. And then I would debate getting a sample. But then I would get the French Vagina like I always do. I mean, Vanilla.

    whatimeant2say recently posted He is Not Satiated – And May Soon (Well, Maybe One Day) Be Emaciated – Meaning I Have Definitely Not Ingratiated Myself to Wonderbutt.

  50. That’s no penis cake! My husband and I made one for a friend of ours. Not only was it bigger than that one (size matters after all), it had realistic veining in the frosting, hand applied, toasted coconut pubic hair, and it was rigged TO EJACULATE. Yes, when the birthday girl bent down to give it a kiss, the penis ejaculated coffee creamer in her face.

  51. I would so try Fucked Up Green Apple frozen yoghurt.

    What a great T-shirt for your shop.

    HogsAteMySister recently posted You’ve Got to Be ‘Agile, Hostile and Mobile’ in Oklahoma Driver’s Ed Classes.

  52. I was feeling the lack of pythons UNTIL I got to “best captions ever”. There I spent a delighted 30 minutes or so . . .
    ps I love the new way of looking at life. I have been writing down what I did today and crossing things off. My list is completed at all times!

  53. 54

    Who is the model for your backwards t-shirt? He needs to shave the back of his neck…

  54. We went through Taco Bell drive up and there was a sign at the window that read: Don’t forget to ask for our Hot Ass Sauce! I looked at my husband and said I couldn’t believe he was going to eat somewhere that admitted they caused Hot Ass Sauce! Then we changed it to Assauce, which of course isn’t a word but it makes it even more funny.

  55. To me the other sign appears to say “Peevishly Possessed Orange.” And I prefer to think that it does.

    Alicia recently posted Coming Out.

  56. It may be your eye are going bad as you age or something fucked up like that. For instance I misread this beer as saying

    “A Slightly Good Brew”

    Who would want a slightly good beer?

    Note: since you cannot link photos on comments, one will have to cut-N-paste the link.

    mousebert recently posted Auguries of Innocence – William Blake.

  57. In my opinion, sour apple frozen yogurt is inherently fucked up. If it’s not a flavor that you can throw twenty types of candy bars on it…it’s not a flavor meant for frozen yogurt.

    Megly Mc recently posted You Might Not Want To Say Anything.

  58. Thank you for the link “This is water.” I clicked it, thinking it would be just a cool, pretty, new angle view of riversoceansrain. But then I watched the video, and heard the words, and almost cried. It is so true. Sometimes I get swallowed up in the day in day out slog. And then I choose to raise my head about the fog and see things differently. Sometimes I feel profound sadness when I raise my head and see the despair, and bone tired weariness of the people around me. Sometimes I feel SO. MUCH. joy and awe at this miracle of earth. But the important thing is that I SEE. IT.

    the commencement speaker in the video puts it into words so much more clearly than I ever could.

    PS – I discovered your blog this past july after reading your first book, and binged on it from beginning to now in about 1 month!!!

  59. I didn’t comment before, but I just want to say thank you for your posts this week. Yes, a thousand times yes, as I toss another Lunchable at my kids or eat cereal for lunch for the 5th (OK 10th) day in a row, I hear you and I feel like a fuck-up at the end of the month too. Even though I think I’ve managed to fool other people. You are not alone.

    Cindy - The Reedster Speaks recently posted Orientation..

  60. Long ago, in the era before everyone had a cell phone camera (alas), when renting videos was new, 7-11 decided to get into the video rental business and put a banner over the doors of every store in Phoenix which read “Stop in for a quick flick.” Every single one of them had the seam of the banner creased in exactly the right way so the capital L and the capital I in “flick” ran together. Everyone I knew thought 7-11 had banners up reading “Stop in for a quick fuck.”

    It amused us for years.

    Kats recently posted 100 Blog Posts - #27 - Ring of Fire, Chapter 2 (continued).

  61. I am so freaked out by all the chest hair!
    I don’t like hairy men, although some of those are fine looking men….I may have to make them wear shirts when I fuck them in my mind…sorry Pierce Brosnan….sorry young Sam Elliot….
    no wonder I married a platinum blond…not too much hair and it’s a bit gingery, which is sorta cute.

    linny recently posted Vintage 1960s Formal Dress-Aqua Evening Gown-Mad Men-Bridesmaid-Wedding-Prom by linbot1.

  62. 63
    Kim in Columbus

    I was grocery shopping with my mom once and thought a seasoning by Emeril Lagasse said “Knocked Up Garlic.” It was actually “Kicked Up Garlic,” but I think my version would have sold a lot more!

  63. I’d buy 100% more frozen yogurt if it was called Fucked Up Green Apple.

    Leigh recently posted Primary colors (DAY 66 KEDfaY).

  64. Marketing ploy. The burning question is how much Puckered Up Green Apple yogurt do they sell, because even making green apple flavored yogurt is fucked up. If you ask me. I realize you didn’t.

    chickens consigliere recently posted A Rite of Passage.

  65. Side topic-would it be possible to build something that allows new people commenting to reply to the comments of other people. That would be psychedelic. Can you imagine it? Like, 50,000 conversations taking place AT ONCE on your blog. And you could be the puppet master. Like book club on steroids ( my kind, anyway, where almost no one reads the book and everyone talks at once). I want to reply to Carolyn up there on number 17. I’d like to see that quilt. Maybe she could Pin it. And Lissa, I loved the hairy chest site, too. I was gratified to finally see Burt Reynolds at the bottom. I don’t think Andy Gibb was there, though. He was pretty hairy. Um. I’m going now, this was fun.

    chickens consigliere recently posted A Rite of Passage.

  66. So I realize this has nothing whatsoever to do with your post, but being the Doctor Who fan you are, I thought you might enjoy knowing that they ARE PUTTING TARDIS IN SPACE. Here’s the link to tell you all about it:

  67. Love that couply thing you did together!

  68. I thought it said puked up green apple

  69. I think you’re great and love you’re writing. Occasionally, I post comments. You never respond, and that’s okay. I mean it hurts my feelings a little, but you’re this fancy blogger person, and I’m just me. Which seems to be enough for most of my friends, but since you couldn’t pick me out of a line-up*, I think we’re at an impasse.

    *Please note: I have never been in a line-up. Though it would be kind of fun as long as you weren’t the guilty person. Though I suppose it could be a problem if you were identified as the guilty person, and then the police are thinking, “Wait, we just grabbed her off the street to fill up the line-up, but maybe she IS guilty.” And then you’re thrown in jail for being helpful. Which seems sort of sucky.

    Anyway…I hope you happen to reply to this post because I’ve been searching forever for apple yogurt. So I need to know where you found this. Note: by “forever”, I mean for a year. I would’ve given up long before forever had passed if I’d really been searching that long. I’m not very good with long-term commitment. Especially to yogurt flavors.

  70. And crap…I used “you’re” instead of “your”. I hate myself.

  71. It was much better as fucked up. Love you, keep us all laughing!

  72. If you were right… I would have had to have some of that!

    Lisa-Marie recently posted A Five Minutes or LESS Bento.

  73. Haha, i love your conversations! You and V are just so perfect for each other.

    Amy M recently posted #ChiefWorldExplorer.

  74. You do not want to know the fail that “yogurt-based Rorschach test” engendered in my mind!

    But now, after reading your conversation, I think it’s a kind of fail that I actually _did_ read “pucker up” when I looked at the first picture. Now I has a sad…

  75. Did you taste the Puckered Up Apple? I can’t imagine it would be good AT ALL.

    Brenna recently posted This kitty is not amused.

  76. I totally passed.

    I read it as “crushed up green apple” which is kind of what you have to do to the apple to make yoghurt I’m guessing?

    I LOVE fro-yo!

    Miss Gee recently posted To Me, With Love..

  77. I love your blog so much, I would have totally thought that it said “Fucked up” as well. Lol

  78. I love your blog so much, I would have totally thought that it said “Fucked up” as well. Lol I had to resubmit this because I totally put the wrong link to my blog :(

    Krysten Wasik recently posted So you don't have much food in the house....

  79. Oh. My. God. I am still laughing at the chest hair captions. My favorite “Scott Bakula has a hairy frontula”. It is way too late and I am way too tired to have read that.

    Seriously, I keep laughing.

    Thank YOU.

    P.s. I bet they made the font so small on the fucked us green apple poster on purpose. I would have.

    Shana recently posted Moments ~ They're bigger on the inside..

  80. Thank you for posting This is Water. I love how I never know what I am in for when I click your links!

    Starle recently posted It was Chav Day at Crealy today. I told a Brummie Mum; ‘God! Quiet down yo!’.

  81. If Thug Kitchen made the flavour it totally would have been Fucked Up Green Apple. That’s almost as sad as seeing that cat on the curb and then realizing the cats is just a bag of garbage.

  82. I REALLY!!!! enjoyed the the “this is water” youtube. So much so that I looked for more information on the speaker to find out he KILLED himself due to depression!!!!!!!!!! WTF!!!! Why does that make me feel so bad and vulnerable. UGGHHH!!! this has so ruined my day. Then watch this video of people discussing his suicide and notice some people really care and one lady is sooo pissed about it what the hell?

  83. is it strange that i would have tried ‘fucked up green apple’ but would not have tried ‘pucker up green apple’? the pucker up makes me think it will be tart or sour. fucked up makes me think it might be pretty awesome.

    steph gas recently posted i'm going to remake "all you wanna do is dance" and replace "dance" with "sleep".

  84. That’s all types of awesome that you both thought that. You definitely are contagious

    Jessica recently posted Baking with an ebelstiver.

  85. HA HA! It did look like Fucked Up Green Apple – which would have been kinda cool. :)

    Crystal recently posted Striking a balance is overrated…one blogger mom comes clean! (Guest Post).

  86. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the “This is Water” video. I’ve seen it before and I always feel like it’s such a powerful reminder for all of us <3

    Annie Jay recently posted Deliciousness Born Out of Necessity.

  87. Well, now I want to know what “Fucked Up Green Apple” tastes like. Sorely disappointed.

    Emelie recently posted What Do You Mean My Life Isn’t a Sit-Com?.

  88. Can’t watch the water video until tomorrow night, by which time I’ll probably have forgotten I wanted to watch it. But a video about water reminded of a recipe for water. Yes, that’s right, a recipe for water.

  89. The Hairy Pinterest was so funny I almost cried. Thank you Bloggess you are the best xxx

  90. I’d totally try Fuck Up Green Apple… not so much so Pucker Up.

  91. Fucked up Green Apple was what I tried to convince Ben and Jerrys to make and now someone has stolen my idea. Just not cool.

    Jack recently posted The 25 Most Annoying Bloggers & Why You Can’t Sleep With Them.

  92. I love that yogurt shop, which I will not name as to avoid looking like a spammer! But I wouldn’t try that flavor. Ever.

    Wedding cake FTW, IMHO.

    And sometimes I wonder if businesses do that on purpose so you’ll read it the dirty/inappropriate way.

  93. 96
    IGotBupkis, "'Faeces Evenio', Mr. Holder?"

    Well, since you could not provide a Python fight, I will endeavor to assist:

  94. That would be an interesting flavor, lol!

    Jenn recently posted Hello Lucy.

  95. Green apple IS a pretty fucked up flavor for frozen yogurt (or anything other than green apples, really), so you can’t be blamed for automatically thinking the worst.

    Shelley J recently posted On dragons and princesses.

  96. Is it bad that I really want to make a Fucked Up Green Apple drink now? But it’d have to be alcoholic because otherwise, what’s the point?

    Ms. Hazard recently posted It’s Sportsball Season Again.

  97. Fucked up Green Apple. What a fantastic marketing scheme to get you into the shop!! Brilliant!!

  98. I would have thought it said Fucked Up too.

    Anyway, BIG NEWS. Not sure if you heard but HBO is making a mini-series out of American Gods. I heard it on the BBC World Book Club podcast. You probably already know, but if you didn’t..HOLY SHIT right?

  99. Hey, that is Orange Leaf! And their fucked up flavors are DELICIOUS. We all need to put something fucked up in our mouths once in a while…

  100. “They’re Coming” Zombie card game third stretch goal reached. I now get my very own Bloggess zombie card. So excited!

    cassie recently posted a much belated wordless wednesday.

  101. There used to be a video rental store in Nashville called Pick A Flick, but the name on the sign was in all capital letters, like PICK A FLICK. Whatever font they used in combination with the all capital letters always made me think it said PICK A FUCK because of the way the L and I looked like a U.

    It’s NOT just you!

  102. I love Orangeleaf. I would mug a nun for a bowl of carmel apple yogurt.

  103. Here’s a what it said vs what I saw from McDonalds.

  104. 108
    Tina Penguins

    I have never commented before but I just wanted to say thank you for making the personal affirmation t-shirt. I have been going through a really tough time for the past few months and have really been struggling with depression and anxiety so the second I saw that shirt I had to buy it- I figure if nothing else it might make me smile a bit on the tough days. So thank you. And thank you for being so open about your own experiences- it helps to know that I’m not alone in what I am feeling/thinking/going through.

  105. It would be much better if it really was fucked up. I tend to have the problem of reading the word photography as pornography. I was really confused by the Pet Pornography truck for a few minutes until I got closer.

    Alan recently posted Friday Morning Quarterback.

  106. Dang, the sign is crooked. And… the sign is crooked. Looking past that… the sign is still crooked. Gah!

  107. On the subject of backwards writing that might be Russian, have you seen what’s in fashion this year for Putin’s riot police, the OMOH? Seriously, those guys shouldn’t stand in front of mirrors.

    Or maybe they should.

    Mr Farty recently posted She's A Juanita.

  108. 112
    Amber VanderJagt

    I recently received your book as a birthday present (seriously the best gift!), and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I particularly loved the chapter “Married on the Fourth of July”, mainly because of the snake story. My husband also has an affinity for snakes, and at one point had over 100 of them in a shed. The first time we drove out to his parents house (out in the boon toolies), he stopped the car quite suddenly, leaned over me and grabbed a very large bowie knife out of the glove box, and then ran off into the desert. I was bit terrified to say the least. He came back a bit later with a headless rattle snake that was still trying in vain, to strike him. It was at this point I should have reconsidered our relationship, but it turns out I am the crazy one. We now have 3 kids and go out looking for snakes in the desert at night for fun. By the way, this is called herping. You’re welcome.
    I have enjoyed your blog, and always felt we were kindred spirits. Now that I have read your book, that feeling has been affirmed 10 times over in ways it would take me a whole novel to write. Lets just suffice it to say that I totally know what it means to clean a deer, and how it feels to want to hide under a desk for the duration of your educational years. Thank you. More than you know.

  109. My friend once saw a sign that said “entertaining cheese”.

    Anya recently posted Stray Cats and Spiders with Protheses.

  110. 114
    tippy sherwood

    At our house we call this playing Wheel of Fortune in our heads.

  111. Orange Leaf is the shit. I just moved and now there is one behind my house. It takes extreme self control to not eat there every day. I would at least sample “fucked up green apple” because Orange Leaf has never failed me before!

  112. OMG! OMG OMG OMG! I LOVE <3 the Pinterest page you linked to. I did a post about this very thing a year or so ago. Thanks for making my day. You are so awesome!

    Nagzilla recently posted Dollar Daze – Boring Ol’ Functional Stuff.

  113. At least, it’s NON-FAT fucked up green apple.

  114. Gotta think, I think that Fucked Up Green Apple would taste better than what was actually on offer.
    Hey, if you fuck up an apple properly it turns into cider, right?

    Claire J recently posted Grad School – The New Life (Pt 1).

  115. I was doing Python coding right before I was reading this. We could internet fight using Python to write the program. Or something. I’m clearly not very practiced at coding lingo.


    leanne tankel recently posted SCHOOLED!.

  117. I think it’s sweet that you both read it that way. I think that makes you soul mates.

    Sue recently posted Bogie escapes - yet again.

  118. Ha, ha, lol. You really are together and it is very sweet.

  119. I just want you to know that I would have failed that Fucked Up Pucker Apple test as well. :)

    Leah recently posted Just a Tidbit about TM #LeahWouldBlog.

  120. I am so glad this happens to other people too! I was at Trader Joe’s today, and saw what I thought said Peanut Butter made from unbalanced peanuts. My first thought is that must be why this peanut butter is soo expensive, paying for all that therapy for the unbalanced peanuts. My second thought is why is this a selling point? Do unbalanced peanuts taste better? Sad to say upon closer inspection it was unblanched peanuts which just isn’t as fun.

  121. Every time I pass a certain housing estate I see “Fairview Harem” What is actually says is “Fairview Haven” but the funny curvy letters do make it look like Harem. Now I wonder is my mind dirty or is it their fault?

    Vivian recently posted More than.

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