Crap on a crap cracker

A word of advice from me to you:  Don’t upgrade your wordpress blog to the new version because you won’t be able to upload pictures and you’ll get VD and the world will explode.  I’m not certain about the last two but definitely the first.  So while technical support (Victor and some autobots who are trying to destroy him) tries to get this fixed, perhaps you could drop by my other blog that no one goes to because it gives you seizures.  (Seriously Chronicle, the flash ads are giving us all cancer.  Please stop.)  Today I wrote about alien abductions and before that it was the f-word on Sesame Street.   

Kittens pushing strollers?  The 1,400 glass animals at my house?  My drugged-up co-author Mindy intentionally ripping the leg off my cat?  Any of that doing it for you?  No?  You’d rather stay here and re-read the leprechaun post again?  Okay.  No pressure, little ninjas.

PS.  If you already go to my other blog you are not a nobody.  You are God’s own special warrior and your hair looks great today.

Comment of the day:  Hey! I am totally there all the time and commenting and shit. Cause I am THAT awesome. But no mention of me being awesome and shit and commenting like ALL THE TIME. Meh. Scuse me I have some Damn Emo music to listen to…  ~Kelley  (who is awesome and shit and commenting all the time.  Please don’t cut yourself, Kelley.)

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  1. I know. It’s totally confusing. Here’s the nutshell. I had a mommy blog on the Houston Chronicle (unpaid) but I wanted to curse and kept getting in trouble so I started “The Bloggess” but I still enjoyed writing on the Chronicle because I could get into events for free by saying I was with the Chronicle (disclaimer to the Chronicle: I would never do that) so now I write a new mom blog on the Chronicle with my frienemy Mindy. It’s called “Good Mom/Bad Mom” and it’s aptly named because I rock and Mindy is horrible. (Disclaimer: I love Mindy and atually she’s a great mom when she’s out of jail.)

    So that’s it. Just two blogs. And some twittering. And a flickr account. And some other stuff. It’s complicated.

  2. I will admit I didn’t know about your other blog until you gave me a shout out. But then I pu tit (I corrected that little typo, then put it back again, just so I could leave you a comment with tit in it to make you happier today) in my reader immediately. I am happy to report that I LOVE what reading that blog does to my hair every morning. Better than the professionals with styling tools, I say.

    MommyTime’s last blog post..What Passes for Newsworthy at My House

  3. WordPress:

    Try upgrading the Flash on your computer.

    Or look for the “no flash” plugin that disables that part of WordPress image loading piece of shit software

    Or look for another plugin (I use one called “image manager”) and just don’t use the piece of shit software that WordPress gave us to uploading images

    Other than that, I don’t have any ideas.

    Except the plugin to fix their POS software is here:

    Good luck, we’re all counting on you. And, thanks for the cracker.

    ben’s last blog post..Selective hearing

  4. move my hair, move it around alot. i don’t care what i remember. i buzzed my hair yesterday. my hair is insanely full and gorgeous for a 49 year old male and grows faster than price of gas so in summer i buzz it off. cannot cope with the heat and it always looks sweaty and ill groomed because it is mostly gray and everyone knows grey hair has a life of its own, like cold sores. my head now looks perfectly egg-shaped.
    what was your post about??

    oh yeah and i already checked out your GMBM post. rock on.

    always, buddy’s last blog post..the obligatory 330a post

  5. One of my blogs is on WP for our local newspaper and they upgraded it for me- how nice. So I’ve figured out that the only way I can post pics and links is usually to go in through IE (gag I know) and insert manually via html. Fun times. I hate Word Press.


    Adventures In Babywearing’s last blog post..A Side Of Shoe

  6. Thanks! I worry a lot that my awesome ninja skills mess up my hair. Nice to know that at least for today I’m somebody.

    I just moved my blog from MySpace (lame, I know) to Blogger a year and a half ago. But I’m starting to think I should graduate to a more professional look. Except I have no money or skills to do that. Awesome.

    Becky Mochaface’s last blog post..Harry Potter Prequel

  7. My hair does look great today.

    I let hubby worry about all that WordPress stuff. That’s what he’s there for – to design my blog, fix my car, and massage my feet with cocoa butter.

    The Introvert’s last blog post..shock and awe

  8. I’ve been thinking about upgrading our wheresmydamnanswer blog to the new wordpress 2.5.1 version and I keep getting skeeeeered.

    Isn’t there someone out there who knows how to do all this that I can just send a bottle of booze to in exchange for doing it? Come on … someone’s got to be thirsty …

    Oh and if we read both blogs – what does that tell ya? 😉

  9. I am a deer in headlights as far as moving my blog anywhere. I am on lamo blogspot and the couple thing I tried to do got so f’d up, I just leave it as is.

    And thanks … I thought I was having a bad hair day today.

  10. I am computer stoopid. So I don’t know or have any advice about your wordpress problem. I have someone to take care of all that…a nice woman I stalked until she helped me out. Now I just send her an email and say “what the what is that thingy on the side of the thingy with the things that look like this mean?” and she fixes it.
    And I promise to start reading the chronicle, only if you can help me out with the bad hair days. I’ve been having one consecutive bad hair day for the last few months.

  11. SWEET!! Just as I was giving on my self-worth: “If you already go to my other blog you are not a nobody. You are God’s own special warrior and your hair looks great today.” All is healed because I am a reader already at the other blog!

    CPA Mom’s last blog post..Current Giveaways

  12. Fuck! You have some sort of ego Jen, what with having 2 blogs and all. Now I must spend time checking it out. Time I will never get back.

  13. God almighty! Is that really your glass animal collection!? I’m totally impressed as I don’t have the attention span to collection more than one or two of anything.

    Jennifer’s last blog post..Oz

  14. WordPress 2.5 is a bastard. I hate having to upload a photo to Photobucket or a porn site or wherever first. It sucks.

    Plus, I can’t figure out the thumbnail feature. Damn them to hell, those WordPress designers.

    I didn’t think you noticed my hair at first. Now, I’m blushing.

    Jennifer H’s last blog post..Jennifer’s Fantasy Poker Tour, Part II

  15. i came here because i wanted to be commenter #52.

    oh, and you’re not making my wp switch look good.

  16. Hey! I am totally there all the time and commenting and shit. Cause I am THAT awesome. But no mention of me being awesome and shit and commenting like ALL THE TIME.

    Meh. Scuse me I have some Damn Emo music to listen to…

    Kelley’s last blog post..Wow, trippy man…

  17. I like the other blog! Sorry about the wordpress debacle.

    Ps. After I went to the other site, my hair started falling out….but no worries, super glue allowed me to systematically patch the bald spots.

    I’m deciding to push thru and still read, doctor says chemo will help!

    PPS. Your hair looks nice too.

  18. I always wanted to be one of God’s own special warriors. So good to know I have been one for months! Add the great hair and I am having a great day! Thanks.

  19. So… is crap on a crap cracker like fresh crap on top of a piece of flat, toasted crap?

  20. Reading this just gave me crabs. And I don’t appreciate it. As tasty as they are.

    The problem is you really have to eat a lot of them before you begin to feel full.

    You’ll be hearing from my lawyer…or my probation officer.

    Kevin Charnas’s last blog post..Hey, You Guys…

  21. Instead of typing in “” this morning I had a brainfart and typed in “old” instead. Weird.

  22. Wow – I’m hearing a lot about the whole WordPress updating debaucle (I love big words).

    Kinda make me feel better about not having jumped on the wordpress/typepad bandwagon yet.

    (Saying it like that sounds better than “I’m cheap”)

    Melody’s last blog post..I know, I know…

  23. Umm, shouldn’t people who like big words know that debacle has no “U”? No offense, I’m just saying…

    Jenny, you should NEVER update software that’s functioning properly. Ever. Oh well, at least now you’ll have the chance to learn HTML.

  24. What? I come by especially to visit you, and you try to give me a seizure and/or VD? Your love is overwhelming me at the moment. ;P As for that upgrade, I’m sure Matt and the rest of the WP crew will have those bugs squashed soon. Don’t forget to hollar a bug report at ’em, jic! 😛

    The Pear Lady’s last blog post..BTT: all about the flavor

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