To be honest, I don’t even remember writing about a donkey party.

So apparently there’s this thing called Wordle where you can type in your blog url and they give you an artistic rendering of what your blog’s all about.  Mine is awesome unsurprising insulting a cry for help.

PS.  I think it’s weird that “fisting” didn’t make it on the list.

PPS. Wait.  I just read that they automatically exclude any super common words, like “the” and “of”.  Fisting is totally the new ampersand. 

PPPS.  Until the spellcheck just caught this I honestly thought that word was spelled and pronounced “ANDpersand”.  And I use it all the time to sound all sophisticated.   Like, all the fucking time.



PPPPS.  Oh fuck.  I just found “fisting” hiding in the corner.  This entire post was a waste of time and I feel like I owe you all a dollar.  Come back next week and I’ll have exciting news about how I’ve been using the word “nonplussed” incorrectly for the last 8 years.

(Via  Caleb and Sue who should totally get fisted but in a good way.)

Comment of the day: You only owe me 50¢, I just skimmed it. ~ Whit

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  1. according to my kids, you would owe them about a hundred dollars, just for this one post. money-grubbing little so-and-so’s.

  2. Seems like most other things, ‘fisting’ is always hardest to find whenever yer actually *looking* fer it.

    […err, not that I’d know *anything* aboot that (of course, of course…)]

    (…and don’t feel too bad aboot that whole “andpersand” biznez: I’ve been told I’ve pronounsticated “aluminum” with *6* syllables fer *years*…)

    Andrew Ironwood’s last blog post..Well, At Least *Someone* Out There Shares My Philosophy Of Music…

  3. now I know why I love you so much. With all the fisting fucking and yo, you managed to work spatula in there. Maybe I’m over looking it, but how is hobo not up therE?

    fidget’s last blog post..Whoa Daddy!

  4. I’m so ashamed because your wordle is so much more kickass than mine, and I’m a fucking derby girl, for fuck’s sake!!!

  5. File this under information that you probably don’t care about:

    Ampersand was originally the last letter of the alphabet, except back THEN, it was “and, per se, and.” But when kids were saying it quickly they would just mumble it all together and it eventually became “ampersand.” So really, your misspelling and mispronunciation is almost more accurate than the real spelling. If anyone tries to give you crap, just tell them that you’re trying to be true to the roots of the word.

    And as long as i’m being geeky, i think that you should totally try Wordle again in a week, because it looks mostly at the most recent couple of posts, so it’s heavily influenced by Nancy’s letters. You need a more true-to-the-bloggess-alone Wordle for your very own.

  6. Bah, it doesn’t scan the whole site, it just grabs the latest from the RSS feed. I tried it with my blog and it’s all “creature” this and “flying” that.

    Steve’s last blog post..Darth-Vadolia

  7. I’m pretty sure that no matter what you’re talking about (unless it’s “Eyes Wide Shut”), fisting always has to hide in the corner, whether you’re using “Blog Butter” or not.

    And I’m pretty sure all this fisting talk is why “Middle Babies Also Go Hell”.

    P.S. “Need Fucking? Oh, Take Everyone” because “Talking Pootananny Actually Got Done.”

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..A conversation with D-: The story of sugar

  8. Look for Drugs. Right after that comes a little head. Fisting is right after that.

    Well that just sounds like the recipe for an entertaining evening—and that’s just the foreplay!

    I should probably write a program that bars me from posting this long after my bedtime…

  9. If you were looking for fisting, I could have told you where to start looking, if you know what I mean.

    Besides I call B.S. on this thing. After all, where is “giant squid” in all of this?

  10. I love how “kitten” and “mittens” is hidden there on the bottom, so sweet. But, where it hell is chickens?

    Don’t feel too badly: I used to think the word was “voluMptuous” and thought I was so smart when I used that big word. I still think the “m” should be in there so when I say it now, I have to tell everyone I know the right way to say it but that I think the word needs and “m” b/c it is a nice visual reminder of what the word means. No one agrees.

    Fairly Odd Mother’s last blog post..Need to laugh about something?

  11. It’s too bad that you couldn’t use something like this as a book cover. You know, because of “censors” and “the man”.


    I *dare* you to use something like this as your book cover.

  12. As soon as you mentioned it I started searching for “fisting” in your Wordle. I really shouldn’t be interested in fisting at all.

  13. Speaking of fisting, my husband and I were watching Underworld 3 the other night, and we totally fisted right there in the middle of the theatre. And then we thought of you. Just thought you should know.

  14. Oh for Christ’s sake. My largest word — and I mean it’s fucking HUGE compared to every other word there — is “like.” Second largest is “really.” I guess this means that my blog is super-rich with relevant content.

    Johnny Truant’s last blog post..Unfortunately, pants

  15. Wait, what’s your blog all about? I never knew it was about something. Have I been missing the point all this time?

  16. I think it’s good that “Jesus” and “Christ” are listed on there in such close proximity to “Drugs” and “Fucking.” I remember a lot of what I learned in Catholic school from Sister-Mary-Frozen-Holy-Water had to do with tying those aspects of life together. Or maybe that was in rehab….

    Maddie’s last blog post..Oh, the things you can get from eBay…..

  17. XD You can fist me any day, Jenny. I hope by fisting you mean fist-bumping- and I’m not completely oblivious to the actual connotations of the sentence I’m saying, but, OH WELL. These things are to be expected.

  18. OMFG, I have never heard of this Wordle?! Hey, where the hell is
    your VAGINA on this Wordle thingy? We need to see it….or am I just missing it, damnit?!

  19. I’m sure there’s an easier way to do it but I just did a screen print (cntrl/alt/printscreen), pasted it into image broadway and saved it as a jpeg. I’m sure I did it the most complicated way possible.

  20. I love how “kitten mittens” are right there together in the same color. This is great – it’s totally the Where’s Waldo of the best of The Bloggess – which completely suits my ADD brain.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Some Guys Have All The Luck

  21. I put the whole mess into my Freudian BlendaMatic (with optional Cathartic Puree Function)and it made some very strange and disturbing noises for about half an hour.

    Then it printed: “Convent bound.”

    I was, and remain, dumfounded.

  22. OMG this is the most annoying “Where’s Waldo” game ever. I just spent way too much time looking for “zombies” and “squid.”

    Really, this is more Kappes than it is you.

    mrtl’s last blog post..Bringin’ ‘Em Up Right

  23. *whine* it’s not working. I don’t know what Broadway is, but I tried the ctrl/alt/prtscn and then tried to paste it into paint shop pro and it’s not working!!

    And mine is so cool, i want to show it off!!!!! Anyone else know how to get it to work, please email me at

    Lea’s last blog post..Wordle

  24. Apparently I need to write about something more interesting, or swear more or something because the biggest word on mine was CHEESE and somehow I don’t think one post about cheese really calls for that being the focal point of my freaking blog. But what do I know?

    Erin’s last blog post..Painting is Fun

  25. I question the validity of this site. Everyone knows that “Nobody puts baby in a corner”!

  26. The fact that Kappes Paralegal are bold letters in the middle makes me believe that it’s ok that I’m commenting 4 days late on the Nancy W. Kappes post. I felt as though I needed some time to digest all the information that you gave us….needed some time to sleep on it. I think I’ve come up with a solution to some of your problems. I can’t help you with the current Meth problem you seem to have – but I do feel that if you hire Nancy as your Ad Manager – she would do a fine job of scary the absolute fuckin’ shit out of everyone…and I’m sure that Chipotle will sign on to run ads on your site in no time.

    kerrie’s last blog post..It Means Special

  27. I keep totally seeing “Make Kappspara legal” I want some of this Kappspara; sounds like it has a kick.

  28. I like how Victor is surrounded by words like Used, Ass and Hell. It’s like they know you already 🙂

  29. It’s amazing how pretty this looks, despite all the fuck and fucking and so on. In fact, I’d make a poster of it. Or a bumper sticker. Or an ad of some sort. And if you like any of these ideas feel free to use them, no need to offer fisting as payment(ugh).

    Elisa’s last blog post..Oversharing and overbitching

  30. Thank you for sharing this – I love it and will have to post about it, as well. Except, I’m really disappointed that fuck or fucking isn’t as big on mine. Wait…it’s not even there! Boo.

  31. mine came blank. I thought, damn, wadda looooser.

    then I read “firewall” causes issues.

    I guess that means I should be working not reading Jenny’s blog. sux to have to work

    reeky’s last blog post..Giving It Away For Free

  32. I have to revise my opinion. It just occurred to me that there is not one single Sasquatch or Ninja mention. Or maybe the Ninja is there…I just can’t SEE it. Hmmmmm…but still…no midget…no dwarf…no giant squid. They really don’t know you at all, do they? You can’t just skim The Bloggess. It’s like skimming the Bible. You really just don’t get it.

  33. So I just wordle-d my own blog. Consider me slitting my blogging wrists now. Either I a).talk like a fucking idiot(which is extremely possible) b).have the worst blog ever or c). wordle exists just to fuck with peoples heads and make them feel super insecure about the words that would define their blogs.

    Seriously gasoline/gas pops up at least twice on there. REALLY?

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