Netflix thinks I’m a religious psychopath

So last week Victor installed Netflix on our Wii and I don’t understand how that works so I just stared at him blankly when he tried to explain it and the entire time I’m like “You are wasting money” but he did it anyway and now I can’t stop watching movies about serial killers.  And then this morning I woke up and Netflix is all “Hey, you like dark biographical documentaries…here’s a movie about cremation” and I was all “Well, okay, Netflix, if you say so” and then I totally did like it and Victor came in and was all “Aren’t you supposed to be working?” and I was like “No.  I’m taking a break because Netflix gave me an assignment.  You started this” and then he was all “IS THAT A DEAD BODY?!  Why are you watching that?  WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU?” and I was all “I happen to like ‘dark, intellectual biographical documentaries‘ so stop judging me” and he just stared at me and so I flipped back to the menu to show him that I wasn’t just making this shit up and he was all “It doesn’t actually say ‘intellectual’ anywhere” and I was all “Well, it’s implied” and then Victor flipped through the other “I bet you’d like this” movie suggestions and all the suggestions were about serial killers and Jesus and he was like “Really? You are going to get the cops called on us” and I’m all “How did the hell did Jesus get in there?” and what’s really unsettling is that I HAVE NO IDEA HOW JESUS GOT IN THERE.  I don’t know if it’s a sign from God or if the Netflix people trying to convert us.  Either way it feels kind of inappropriate and a little pushy.

PS.  Oh.  Wait.  Turns out Netflix thinks I need Jesus because Hailey keeps watching these vaguely Christian Veggie-Tale movies.  Awesome. Netflix is sending The Passion of the Christ to my 5-year-old.

PPS.  Okay, true story?  Netflix was just like “Hey, you know what you should watch?  Grey Gardens. Here it is.  I got it for you” and I was all “OH MY GOD, I LOVE GREY GARDENS” and then Victor was all “Grey what?  It’s 2:00 in the afternoon.  Why are you still in bed?

Netflix officially understands me more than my husband.

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  1. Greg just put Netflix on OUR Wii, and I can’t figure out why one would use a gaming system for movie distribution, but frankly, I’m amazed Netflix is still in business in the first place. I mean, they were totally mailing us DVDs five years ago. So far I’ve watched Pippi Longstockings.

    .-= Rita Arens´s last blog ..He Didn’t Go Crazy, He Just Went Tiger =-.

  2. Netflix makes husbands totally obselete. Netflix will never call you from the movie store with two bad choices while thinking he’s found something really awesome.

    I would marry Netflix if I could. In a totally non-denominational ceremony, of course.

  3. I always thought it was cute when netflix figured me out like a gypsy psychic, predicting my mood and stuff, I started to develop a little crush, and then it when south when it started suggesting MORE of everything it became all clingy, when I didn’t watch them it emailed me and then it suggested stalker movies, I had to totally almost dump nextflix, but the restraining order worked.. Just be careful.. that’s all…

  4. OMG I am so addicted to the serial killer Netflix instantly movies, my queue is kinda scary. What is the cremation one, I totally want to watch it. Frankly, I am surprised it has not already been recommended to me as I also love Holocaust films. Bloggess, were we separated at birth?
    .-= Tiffany Harkleroad´s last blog ..A true love story has no ending =-.

  5. My husband doesn’t get you either, I think it’s the Y chromosome. It messes them up.

  6. Are you stalking me and writing about my life? Because we just installed Netflix on our Wii today, and I almost crapped myself with excitement when I saw Grey Gardens was available. And my daughter kept choosing those crappy VeggieTales movies even though we’ve never been to church. And we watched a documentary on Russian ballerinas, which is very similar to serial killers, if you ask me.
    .-= Andrea´s last blog .."You Don’t Know What Love Is [You Just Do As Your Told]" =-.

    (It’s called “A Certain Kind of Death” and it’s awesome. A very disturbing. ~ Jenny, bloggess)

  7. I loves me some streaming Netflix (that’s what they call it when it’s direct to tv….streaming). If you like Gray Gardens you should watch “My Brother’s Keeper” if you haven’t seen it yet. Not very Jesusy but totally disturbing.

  8. I am so hooking my Netflix up to our Wii. Wait–you have Wii in your bedroom?

    And Jesus? My favorite song title ever: “Jesus Chrysler Drives a Dodge.”
    .-= Wombat Central´s last blog ..Stripy Sky =-.

  9. Welcome to the club. I love Netflix so much I wrote about it. Sadly netflix likes to recommend lots of gay borderline gay porn movies. I like foreign films, what can I say, they tend to have a little homo leaning bits in them. The Europeans are so advanced. They also recommend I watch lots and lots of war movies. They obviously cannot tell the difference between me and the husband. Oh shit..the gay movies…maybe they aren’t meant for me…..

  10. Don’t let yourself be defined by Netflix.

    It’s a trap.

    I do not like Kate Hudson movies. I do not like Kate Hudson movies. I do not like Kate Hudson movies. I do not like Kate Hudson movies. I do not like Kate Hudson movies. I do not like Kate Hudson movies.
    .-= Bridget Callahan´s last blog ..My Favorite Video of the Day =-.

  11. The ‘categories’ they come up with can be hilarious, but of course when I actually need a bizarre one to leave a comment on your blog, Netflix is being a total dick and not putting out. “Gritty Crime Dramas” is not unintentionally hilarious! I can even tell where it came from, which is my out-of-work husband watching 4 seasons of “Bones” in a week.

    Frankly, I’m amazed the algorithm comes up with anything for us. My husband went through an 80s phase and added Knight Rider, The A-Team and Quantum Leap. Meanwhile I’m adding things like Arrested Development and The Tudors. It’s enough to make a computerized matching program weep and watch a dark biographical documentary.

  12. So funny. I had a “Netflix party” at my house, and learned all about how to set up all that stuff. It’s crazy how addictive it is. And sort of 1984. The book. Not the era.

  13. Im pretty sure my head would explode if I tried to use Netflix thru the Wii…… Im still trying to figure out how to use the damn hi def part of the tv and flip to dvds. Coure if Netflix had porn, Im pretty sure I would learn.
    .-= Holly B´s last blog ..Hooker Shoes, Tattoos & Body Piercings =-.

  14. Best Jesus movie ever??? And you HAVE to watch it. Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter. Netflix will never recommend it, but it is far too awful to not watch.

  15. Netflix wants me to watch mushy,dramatic chickflicks. I’d rather chew off my own feet, so now I think my husband has a secret life involving chick flicks. If I start noticing that my underwear and bras are really stretched out, I’m suing netflix for turning him into a girl.

  16. I’m pretty sure Netflix understands every woman better than her husband. Maybe women should come with an instruction manual that’s totally based on her movie choices. It would be like one of those old choose your own adventure books (man, I used to love those, because if you died, you could just backtrack and make a different choice. If only life worked that way. *sighs*) it would be all if she likes chick movies then turn to page 42, if real life serial killers are her thing turn to page 108 and if she likes to watch veggie tales than just give up dude.

    Okay, I’m going to look for a movie about cremation now.

    .-= Spot´s last blog ..The one where Hubby takes me out… =-.

  17. I think you’re OK, as long as the Wii/Netflix doesn’t start sending you messages like: “Are you alone in the room? Is your husband there? No? Good, because we have to talk. He doesn’t really understand you, does he? Not like I do. No, he doesn’t. You know I’m right, you know you belong with me, not him. So this is what we’re going to do about it …..”

    Then, you should worry. Or not…..
    .-= Varda (the Squashed Mom)´s last blog ..From Birth To Death (and the messy stuff in the middle) =-.

  18. I get Netflix on my PS3, and it’s like being touched by the hand of God. And then the hand of God recommends that I watch lots of anime, which ain’t happening.
    .-= Keith´s last blog ..Logs =-.

  19. Netflix has me pegged too … “Suspect” with Cher and Dennis Quaid.

    I mean … It’s CHER and beefcake! Genius, Netflix! You understand my homosexuality.

    (…I ain’t watchin that shit…)
    .-= The Queer Next Door´s last blog ..On Being Blue =-.

  20. Oh my word, I just killed our Xbox on Saturday because I watched Netflix for 14 hours straight every day when I was on bedrest for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy. My husband cried and I installed Netflix on the Wii yesterday because dammit, I cannot live without Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Law and Order: Criminal Intent. We never use that Wii anyway, so I figure if it gives me the red ring of death like the Xbox, I’m not out anything.

  21. Victor sounds like my husband. He’s always like, “Why are you watching this crazy stuff with killers in it?” I stayed mad for days once cause he said I watched crazy stuff. Could have been the ending to Heavenly Creatures he walked in on but so?
    .-= Karsun´s last blog ..Crowd Control =-.

  22. Grey Gardens is totally going in my queue. But we have Netflix’ ugly stepsister Blockbuster Online, and on occasion, I WALK INTO A VIDEO STORE TO TRADE IT IN. Strange, I know, but at least it gets me out of bed.
    .-= Alex@LateEnough´s last blog ..The Most Awkward Errand Ever =-.

  23. LOVE netflix…we watch via ROKU…and my son can stream it on his XBOX all by himself! currently on season 2 of 24; season 5 of Weeds; and lots of of stuff…we don’t really miss TV at all!

  24. When netflix can take out the garbage, then it can replace husbands. Not before. If taking out the garbage was so easy, cucumbers would have replaced us years ago.

  25. Hmm, Netflix keeps telling me I’ll like movies about half-naked sorority girls and now I need to find out what my kids clicked on. Oh, and it have given me some voodoo and human sacrifice suggestions.
    .-= Deana Birks´s last blog ..On hiatus until June 1 =-.

  26. mmmmmm netflix. My love.
    I am currently watching all 5 seasons of weeds and am on the second season of Californication.
    Call me addicted.

  27. i have been a netflix member since its inception. but my hubby has made himself completely indispensible in order for me to watch anything streaming (unless i watch it alone on my laptop) or on dvd because ONLY HE has the power to operate the almighty blu-ray/directv/multi-remoted garganuatan H.A.L. computer that is our media system….if he ever dies i am totally fucked. i don’t even know how to turn on the freakin tv without him (which is why i never watch tv during the daytime – i effin CAN’T!!!)

    my husband is a very smart man and knows how to make me need him desperately. good call, Hubby.

  28. Yeah, The Boy is seriously skewing my recommendations. It thinks I like “quirky comedies from the ’80s.” I lived through the 80’s!

  29. Are you sure it isn’t just Saint Joseph sneaking back into the house from his hole in the mulch when you’re away? He’d totally have Jesus movies in there. Garden gnomes do it, Upside-down-Joe can do it, too! Great, now I’m going to have nightmares about Jesus’ dad AND the damned Travelocity gnome. Thanks.

  30. Also, I’m totally working through all the seasons of 21 Jumpstreet on Netflix, but best thing ever is getting a bunch of friends on voice chat on xbox and watching the absolute WORST horror movies we can find. And lots of zombie movies. I have to watch serial killers alone, no one else loves them like me. We could totally be serial killer movie watching BFFs. Let me know, because I pretty much have no life, and a total of maybe 3 friends, and I’d be totally satisfied with you saying “ok” and never talking about it ever again. Mostly because I love you. Not in a creepy stalker way. Well, mostly not really, but kind of, more in a “I watch everything you write online because you make me happy in strange ways” (not in the pants. Promise. I like boys. You lack the proper equipment. But I admire your non-earthquake causing cleavage if its any consolation….if, in fact, you needed to be consoled in the first place after me telling you that you do not make me happy in the pants. I’ve been drinking, is it obvious?).

  31. Netflix just sent us “Lars and the Real Girl” and you can bet your ass I tore the house apart yelling, “Where is she? Where is that inflatable bitch!? I became INCONTINENT for you, and this is the thanks I get?”

  32. I hope it was the real Grey Gardens and not that fake one.
    Why would you even try to fake Grey Gardens? Who wants to watch a pretend Little Edie when you can watch the real one?

  33. Netflix only recommends child pedophile, murder, or political documentaries for me.

    Sometimes I just want a romantic comedy.

  34. Netflix doesn’t think you’re a religious psychopath, it obviously wants to hook up with you. It’s giving you everything you want and probably picking out serial killers that it thinks will show you the best way to get rid of Victor without getting caught.

    Don’t fall for it though. Everybody knows relationships like this are fleeting. Plus, I Netflix won’t open doors for you and will make fun of your wigs, so you might as well stick with the relationship you’ve gotten comfortable in.
    .-= Chelle´s last blog ..Impulse Buys or Why I am Broke =-.

  35. okay, you should watch Donkey Punch and it’ll totally throw off their suggestions. It’s like a porn murder that my boyfriend decided he HAD to see. Just don’t let Hailey be around, you won’t wanna scar her with tiny weiners.

  36. Oh! Oh! Oh! I now know what the world needs most. A Veggie Tales version of Aguirre: The Wrath of God. I’d totally watch that.

  37. It may not be just you.. A couple of the top suggestions Netflix has for me: The Crazies (a horror about a town turned homicidal), and Dogma (Fallen angels, demons and a stoned apostle). Now there’s an awesome back-to-back double feature if ever there was one.
    .-= Kernut´s last blog ..Sexual Confidence – Scary or Intriguing? =-.

  38. If you google ‘netflix creamation movie’ this blog is the first thing to pop up 🙂 Way to go. Nexflix needs better searching capabilities. Unless you know an actor or name of movie you are SOL. I would like to know about that cremation movie. I just hooked up my wii to netflix last week. I loved it, but sometimes I am too lazy to get the wii running, and with my laptop already on my lap I just watch on there… plus, why would I want other commenting on my strange documentary habit. Shove off!
    .-= Scarbucks´s last blog ..Friggin Weird Dream, Yo! =-.

  39. Veggie Tales aren’t just “vaguely” Christian; they’re *scarily* Christian!

  40. I installed Netflix on our Wii a few weeks ago and reflected for a moment on the days when I would ride my bicycle to the mom-&-pop video store to rent the latest Chuck Norris movie on VHS… and realized that my kids are growing up in a futuristic world of convenience. Also: if Netflix figures out how to make pizza and popcorn shoot out of the DVD slot on the Wii while I’m watching my magically delivered movie, I’ll blow them.
    .-= Daddy Scratches´s last blog ..Unemployed, but popular (in a completely obscure and geeky kind of way) =-.

  41. What the heck is Veggie Tales? Are they feeding your kid Jesus in a nutritious snackform? I don’t understand how that works but it sounds better than communion wafers which taste like shit and probably give you constipation if you eat too many.

    So, I guess Netflix just wants your daughter never to suffer from irregularity?

  42. I just felt the need to point this out:

    Netflix thinks I’m a religious psychopath + blah blah blah + Netflix knows me better than my own husband =


    I’m a lurker…your blog and twitter stream bring me much joy. thank you!

  43. I cannot live without Netflix on our Wii. It killed me when halfway thru the second season of Leverage it freaking DISAPPEARED. Suddenly no longer available for streaming. Argh! So I’ve been watching season 1 forwards and backwards waiting for my husband to be done with Sherlock Holmes (my 1 disk of our 3 disk queue) so it could go back and I could get a season 2 Leverage disk & get on with my new bad-boy Tim Hutton crush. It’s really sad, but he’s filling out my Freebie 5 quite nicely — plays well with Val Kilmer and RDJ. Speaking of Val & porn, try watching Felon. Yeah, there’s some other pretty boy in the lead, but Val’s John Smith is the smartest, most loving husband of a multiple murderer ever. And I love him in a white T & goatee. Mmm-mmm. Thank you, Netflix for letting me see whatever era Val, RDJ & Tim I want.

    PS — I take out the trash myself anyway. Good thing Hubby’s bringing home the bacon.

  44. I’ve been paying the monthly fee to hold on to the first (and only) season of Firefly for 6 months now. I still haven’t seen it and I cant seem to remember to pack it up and send it back either. So if anyone else is waiting for Firefly, it’s all my fault. That show is getting expensive for me. I should do something about it.

    And Veggie Tales are blatantly and in your face guilt laden ‘Jesus loves you unconditionally but only if you change’ Christian. My family keeps sending me Veggie Tales for my little one. I wonder what they’re trying to tell me.

  45. I refuse to have Netflix on my Wii. The reason? When Tivo used to make recommendation before I could figure out how to disable it, it kept recording Full House and Moesha. How Tivo decided I’d like those from the other shows I recorded, I have no idea.

  46. At least if you have a second or even third person you can pretend that you are not an apparently deranged personality.
    I have the following recommendations:
    Music Man
    Kill Bill 2
    Die Hard
    Deadliest Catch
    Star Trek IV

    You see I am an action/Sci fi flick girl. But I have this secret love for old musicals…And now its not so secret. My nephews, who used to think I was the only cool aunt in existence, have discovered the recommendation. I tried to explain that Netflix likes to suggest odd ball things to, ya know, expand a persons horizons.
    But then the goddam queue is there…And now I am out of the closet on the musicals. I tried to explain, but its no use.
    .-= Non-Believer´s last blog ..Resumes =-.

  47. I love it! We have it for our XBox and my husband is the one up all night watching strange movies and NetFlix just knows what to do.

  48. Wait. You can hook netflix up to your Wii? I’m so behind the times..
    Oh and I’m still in bed with my laptop, so maybe I don’t need netflix on my wii

  49. I can’t keep up with the two movies we get a month from Netflix. NOT coming out ahead on your “Twice-a-month” Netflix package is lame-ness of epic proportions. So I sort of think if we had the Wii thing, it would actually be yelling at me. “WTF are you doing? CLEANING THE HOUSE? How quaint. I HAVE QUALITY STUFF FOR YOU HERE! You’re going to work? Who needs to work? THAT’S WHAT YOU HAVE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT FOR! C’mere…sit down. You know what I have for you? EXPLOSIONS! That’s right. Don’t try to pretend you’re all into chick flicks – I know you love things that blow up. Just get comfy…thaaaaat’s it….”

    And frankly, I have enough appliances yelling at me without adding a game-system to the mix.

    So I’ll stick with failing at my 2X/month membership for now. Probably better for everyone.
    .-= Lori @ In Pursuit of Martha Points´s last blog ..We’re gonna need a bigger boat. =-.

  50. It sure sounds like your Nexflix is trying to seduce you, a la Pierce Brosnan Ultrahouse in The Simpsons ( If you try to order it and Netflix hedges and doesn’t let you, you’ll know for sure. Also, might want to give Victor a heads-up in case your Wii tries to get the drop on him…

  51. I really need to figure out how to get netflix on our Wii. Wonder if anyone will let me stay in bed until the afternoon. Without them managing to burn the house down or find the hidden stash of sharpies and redecorate.
    .-= Shell´s last blog ..I’ll Never Understand =-.

  52. I have watched every morbid documentary known to man thanks to Netflix… On the upside, I have viewed so much grisly crap that I am desensitized and would totally not panic in a zombie attack.

  53. So is this the part of the blogging experience where this blog gets inexplicably reported on by some national news site (“Woman Proclaims Love for Netflix Over Husband!” or “Netflix Understands Women, Says One User”), compelling a flood of people ‘out of the loop’ to come descending on it like vultures, completely misinterpreting everything and railing at you and basically making all of us laugh?

    It feels like it’s about time for another one of those. It’ll be like Diet-Not-Diet Dr. Pepper all over again! *happy sigh*

  54. I am FOR anything that lets me stay in bed until 2pm. No, I mean, you are working, right? Research, right? Definitely going to use that excuse with my husband.
    .-= happyhourmary´s last blog ..Cork Cage =-.

  55. You can put netflix on your Wii? I guess I can finally understand why people play with their Wii’s. (he he he. What you don’t get it. Damn Jenny, why do I even talk to you)

    I love you.
    .-= Rudy´s last blog ..Curl up and Dye =-.

  56. Netflix thinks I’m a gay male because it’s always recommending gay romatic comedies and gay documentaries… my 19 yr old brother has my password and watches stuff online… is netflix trying to bring him out of the closet?

  57. I totally always kind of freak out about the recommendations Amazon gives me because I am “who do you think I am! You don’t know me because you are only judging me through some books that I bought and that is so wrong!!!” And then then my husband tells me to get off of the phone because you cannot “call amazon and complain” but I think that’s because Amazon thinks he is very cool and I am someone who should be monitored.
    .-= mountainmomma18´s last blog ..The Squirrel Saga- Part II =-.

  58. I was totally just talking to my parents about how much I loved Grey Gardens after my Blockbuster Online sent it to my house when I didn’t remember requesting it, and how impressed I was with Drew Barrymore after that – because I just recently also realized that she can rollerblade like a motherfucker. But I had no idea netflix gave suggestions ala TIVO, so I’m probably going to have to go with that instead of Blockbuster. That’s why the Blockbuster stock is at about 12 cents – I’m just screwing up peoples retirement again….
    .-= LadyV´s last blog ..Your Tax Dollars At Work – Census Haiku =-.

  59. So last week Netflix told me that I like War… I don’t like war, I like to watch documentaries before I go to bed. It’s not my fault that 90% of documentaries are about World War Two. It also says that I like cartoons, that I understand I watch too much “Batman the Animated Series”. So netflix is really confused because I like war and cartoons. If the police are coming for you it will be right after they stop by my place.

  60. Netflix is run by Jesus. That’s how it knows so much about you and also maybe why I love it so much. But I don’t think Jesus knows much about me if that’s true because Netflix told me that I’d really like this documentary on how engineers constructed these gigantic concrete barriers in The Netherlands to prevent flooding. Because of “my” interest (my 4-year-old’s) in Pingu. I feel a crisis of faith coming on.
    .-= ajnabi´s last blog ..Khanna-o-Rama: The Newbies’ Guide to… Vinod Khanna =-.

  61. What’s with spelling gray “grey”? Is that an American thing? It’s just like saying z funny right? It’s zed not zee. Oh and colour, and neighbour, and cheque. Get it right people.
    Sorry, I had to vent. I’m gonna go back to my moose sled and cook me up a salmon in my igloo.
    Hello from Canada! Good luck with Netflix, try to remember to have a shower every once in a while. Bed tends to make people stinky.

  62. I’m surprised Netflix hasn’t started sending me suggestions to watch Jesus movies because I said I liked Saved and I watched Jesus Camp the other day. Which was totally disturbing. Mostly, because I was raised just like that!
    .-= Windsor Grace´s last blog ..I’m going to do it! =-.

  63. Just to let you know, I stumbled across you and totally just spent three days reading your blog (although I only went back to January of 2009 because seriously, IT TOOK THREE DAYS FROM THERE). I’m sure you get this from all the bitches, but you’re hilarious and I love your craziness. Because I’m also there. And need to be reminded I’m not the only one. Though I do love that my man humors me a bit more than Victor seems to for you. We’ve only been together three years though, so he’s got time.

    Oh, and you almost make me want to join Twitter.

    .-= Gem´s last blog ..Why The Man And I Will Probably Have Our Dogs Taken Away At Some Point =-.

  64. comment 22……..that was the very first movie we got from Netflix, back when they first started……BEST MOVIE EVER!! it actually inspired my husband to write a song for his former band.

  65. I’ve only ordered horror movies on Netflix. And The Proposal. I’m heading over there right now to see what they’re suggesting now! Maybe a horror movie about weddings!

    And I knew I wanted a Wii for some reason!
    .-= Susie Kline´s last blog ..Spread The Love–Says Jan =-.

  66. More accurately: Netflix isn’t sure if you are a religious psychopath or a Broadway hopeful with intense anxiety about leaving home and a tendency to save too much weird stuff. Given that Victor only installed it yesterday, I’d say it’s pretty damned insightful.
    .-= MommyTime´s last blog ..I’m Not Afraid to Admit That… =-.

  67. Dark, intellectual, and a sort of autobiographical not really documentary? “Tideland” from Terry Gilliam and then its mirror, in several ways, “The Big Fish” from Tim Burton. Good stuff!

  68. We have the Wii and I have Netflix, but mixing the two? I don’t get it. I don’t get it so much that it makes my head want to explode. Also? Their “suggestions” sometimes……uh…….interesting. I shit you not, this is what I got once “You liked Brokeback Mountain? You might also like The Inauguration of Barack Obama”. REALLY?! You can somehow link those two TOGETHER?!?!?!

  69. Netflix, I get. Wii, I even get. Sort of. What I don’t get is who delivers the porn. I mean, it’s really just a porn box, right? With some kind of porn remote that goes, um, somewhere? Please email me with details. Or tweet me. Or Wii me. Yeah, I guess I really don’t get it, at all.
    .-= Fuck Yeah, Motherhood!´s last blog ..Dream A Little Dream Of Me =-.

  70. We had a Roku and now our new TV has Netflix built in so you can just put the streaming stuff right on the TV without the Roku or the Wii! So, I’ve watched every single Auschwitz documentary they have, everything Kirstie Alley has ever done and every Merchant Ivory movie. Netflix is confused and quite frankly fed up with me.
    .-= LS´s last blog ..Web Writing and Business Ethics =-.

  71. Don’t have Wii. Don’t have NetFlix. Do have cable, and watch a lot of on-demand movies, but ATT doesn’t make suggestions. I would like suggestions…I think. At least they would be something I could safely ignore without getting into trouble. Prolly wouldn’t really matter that much. In our house I am not allowed to operate the remote when my wife is in the room. If I have the remote we might accidentally see some commercials because I have the attention span of an over-caffeinated gnat. My wife is very focused when it comes to fast forwarding through the commercials. Of course she always overshoots, and then takes more time than the commercials ran to get back to the restart of the program. I spend an inordinate amount of this time grousing to myself about having missed the Victoria’s Secret commercial she just sped through at warp speed.
    .-= Jonah Gibson´s last blog ..Day 150 – Welcome to Paradise. That Will Be $232.59. =-.

  72. @jenny talia. Yeah I really wish Netflix had porn. 🙁 my mom and I looked long and hard for it but never found any. (my mom and I wouldn’t have watched it together! just..just so you know.)

    And Netflix hasn’t pegged me as anything, mainly because I add pretty much everything into my queue and so now it’s just like..HOMG you like everything soo…Here! *trows random movie choices my way* Take ’em all!
    .-= Rebekah Mae´s last blog ..Mother’s Day Month? =-.

  73. Can we just agree that “Veggie Tales” is awesome, even if it’s trying to indoctrinate? For real, it’s funny.

    Damn it. I’m a propaganda whore, aren’t I?
    .-= Sarah p´s last blog ..Attack a racist and win! =-.

  74. Wait, there’s a documentary on cremation on Netflix? How have I missed this?

  75. Thanks, I watched Grey Gardens. Were they bat shit nuts, or did they drink a lot that made them appear bat shit nuts?

  76. Oh, there is ONE other person in the world that loves Grey Gardens! I had to buy the two original documentaries by the Maysles brothers. Hooked, Hooked, Hooked. Netflix assigned me to disastor movies and Dexter last week. After I dreamed of a nuclear explosion in my pond I quickly moved on to Dexter. Now I am seriously wondering about the cops I used to work with…..well, nevermind, it’s all good.
    .-= JOni´s last blog ..I go Down To The Sea =-.

  77. I totally grew up watching veggie tales. and by “grew up” I mean it came out when I was in middle school.

    I LOVED it. Why on earth is the only thing I remember on that show is this jingle/song the cucumber sang about finding his hairbrush?

  78. Since you have Wii, is there any efective way to somehow combine exercise videos with your current consumption of rabid rapacious murdering psychos . . . . ?

    Like maybe, jumping around at high speed flailing wildly with 3 lb meatcleavers in each hand and with lots of unusual facial muscle contortions anbd screaming as though you were in a hellish mosh pit surrounded by ardent religious zealots trying to save your soul and your only salvation was to get them before they got you . . .?

    I’m thinking cardiovascular here. Just don’t slip on the body fluids.

    You can thank me later, when you’ve evolved to tri-athlete. . . . . if they’ll give you a daypass.

  79. Look away from the Netflix…look away. Oh, shit, you drank the Kool-aid, didn’t you? See sometimes I think the Nordstrom personal shopper, Amazon book recommendations, friend suggestions on FaceBook and the mailman undestand me better than my husband. Then again they’re not as fuzzy and cute as my husband and they don’t have a wicked Spanish accent like he does.
    .-= Michelle Zive´s last blog ..Growing a Suburban Hippie: Part I =-.

  80. I loved “Grey Gardens;” especially the scene where Eddie rips open a box of cereal and feeds it to the racoons and hundreds of feral cats in the attic. Maybe this is less of a suggestion from NetFlix and more of them acting as a fortune teller. It’s a cautionary tale, Jenny. This is what your life will be like after the cops arrest your husband for watching an obscene amount of serial killer movies and your daughter is taken away by Jesus freaks. Thanks Netflix, you’ve managed to ruin yet another family.

  81. Netflix is crack in a nice red envelope! I LOVE whoever said that. I’m going to use it…

  82. Ok, so I’ve realized I watch waaay too much Netflix. At my sister’s last night, she has three recent (last yera or two) movies… I’d seen them all. We checked her full line-up of satellite channels. Yup, seen all those movies, too. Keep in mind I get to a theater showing about once a year.

    I’ll be up at 2:00am watching movies, too. Right up until I get rid of my over-watched cable box.
    .-= Kernut´s last blog ..Dating Advice From The Unqualified =-.

  83. I will now follow you forever. (Just found you today thanks to Ms Chookaloonks). My husband and I have had Netflix streaming(?) to our XBox for the past 6 mo or so. We do not play video games. The XBox was purchased because it was the economically sound thing to do… for Netflix. This post spoke to me.

  84. OMG – I rented and returned MILK (about Harvey Milk – great movie BTW)

    Dear Netflix, please understand that MILK positively SUCKS, er, I mean, BLOWS, er, I mean, I DESPISE MOVIES ABOUT GAYS!
    .-= greg cryns´s last blog ..Very funny commercials =-.

  85. My favorite Netflix day: NETFLIX: “Based on your interest in The Princess Bride and A Clockwork Orange, we suggest Crossing Delancey” I thought my head would explode.

  86. OH – I meant to suggest a GREAT serial killer film called “Memories of Murder” by a great Korean director, Joon-ho Bong (who directed my favorite monster film “The Host.”)

  87. I don’t have Netflix – but, I have become obsessed with tv shows like Criminal Minds, CSI, Law and Order/Criminal Intent….but, Criminal Minds is my favorite…now, I tend to start profiling people I talk to! Ack! Maybe its best I don’t have Netflix – well, maybe after I hit the lottery…..

  88. Netflix cracks me up with that. When I was renting a lot of Ray Liotta movies it would come up with all Ray Liotta suggestions. What’s really weird is my father & I both use it. For me it suggests a bunch of movies about gay guys falling in love & having sex (because I rent Queer As Folk) & for him it suggests a bunch of Asian & war movies because that’s what he watches. It just looks so weird when you click it & both of those show up side by side.

    Concerning serial killers, when I was in high school I’d go to the library to get a book but our library blows & doesn’t have many books I’d heard of. So I’d just go through read the blurbs & pick up what looked interesting. I’d get halfway through a book that seemed to be sort of a character study & it would turn out it was actually a first person serial killer book. This happened like three times in a row. I was like, ew. lol

  89. Netflix is my best friend, and it loves me, and I hug it, and I call it Bob.

    STOP CHEATING ON ME, BOB. Even if it’s with Jenny.


  90. Well if you take the whole “The Lord” thing out of the passion of the Christ it’s a foreign film about torture and murder and people cheering. Now considering that the Jews have killed a bunch of people they can kinda be considered serial killers, and it’s dark if you consider the whole “Jesus went to Hell” thing (I’ve never been to Hell myself, but I assume it’s dark) and it’s a foreign film which implies intellectual-laity (my new word). So pretty much you and netflix win! and Victor loses. P.S. I don’t actually recommend watching this movie I was forced to watch it in high school (I went to a Southern Baptist school), and it was one of the many things that made me question the ethics of my school/religion. I mean why the fuck would you force a bunch of 6th graders to watch essentially a pre-saw film then tell them that it was all their fault cause one day they were gonna do drugs. Crazy Brainwashy religious weirdos that’s who!

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