Oh, Twilight. You’re ruining it for everyone.

Makes me sad for America.

PS.  I’m sick with some sort of plague.  We’re still in the process of  moving because we couldn’t fit everything in the moving van so my new house is filled with boxes of things that go inside furniture that isn’t actually here.  We’ve been attacked by scorpions.  I can’t find the box with my clothes in it so I had to go buy a mu-mu at the convenience store down the street.  I look like Mrs. Roper but even less sexy.  Then last night Victor and I were going to stop unpacking for a minute to go out for our anniversary but the mobile home/restaurant down the road was closed because they decided they “needed to start drinking early for the holiday”. They did invite us to come in the backyard and eat barbeque with them though.  This is all true, y’all.

PPS.  I’m waiting for that version of the Bible that says “As mentioned on South Park” on the cover.  When does that come out?

PPPS.  Our actual moving van:

Why, yes, that' *is* a giant squid ripping the moving van apart.

I couldn’t even make this shit up, y’all.

Comment of the day: Y’all, Edward did not even like that book. ~ Casey

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  1. That book cover is crazy. I hope it is some sort of sticker that an overzealous associate slapped on it.

    Love the squid!

    I hope you feel better soon :).

  2. So. I couldn’t figure out what the picture was on the Wuthering Heights cover. To me, it looks like an upright chicken carcass with something sticking out its arse. But when I looked away and then looked again, it hit me. It’s a rose.

  3. That sticker is a lie. I refuse to believe Bella and Edward are literate. thought they probably enjoy staring at the rose on the cover. Maybe that’s why.

    At least you have the squid to protect you/your valuables from them?

  4. Dare I ask where the hell you moved to? it’s not every day alcoholics admit it by “needed to start drinking early for the holiday” funny little town you moved to Mrs Roper. *snort*

  5. I’ve not even been in Texas very long and can tell you the “we’re gonna get our drink on so this here restaurant is closed… but hey! Come have BBQ in the backyard” really happens.

    Made up stuff would sound way more real than reality actually is. (That made my brain hurt, guess I have to go get my drink on now!)

  6. AHHHH! I though it couldn’t get any worse….but it did. This weekend our local paper had a very serious article that proves that George Washington and the founding fathers of our nation were in fact vampires.
    We are all going to hell.

  7. Is that how they’ll promote angst-ridden teenage moping now?

    “Bella and Edward’s favorite activity”

    Or maybe it could be used by the Red Cross to get people to donate blood:

    “Edward from Twilight’s Favorite Food”

  8. 1. The Wuthering Heights cover is just plain sad!!! WITW
    2. Scorpions?? Ummm…are you int he middle of the desert now?
    3. Trailor/Resturant? Again …desert? I have this vision now of “The hills Have Eyes”…yikes!
    4. On a more positive note Happy Anniversary 🙂
    5. I bet you rocked that Mu-Mu darlin’ !! You are bringin’g the sexy mu-mu’s back…oh yeah!

  9. I would rather screw my ex husband one more time than *ever* move again.. and lemme tell you, if you’d ever screwed him.. you would know….. that is lay there and try to look interested shit.

  10. When is there going to be a reality tv show about a woman trying to find her Edward? No lie, one day while running the register this lady on her cellphone (please don’t rush to judge her too harshly, the beheamoth was merely acting according to the social rules of those upperclass folk that frequented that store, unlike us little folk who appreciate a gracious smile from the humble cashier staring down her shirt…anyway) to someone on the other end whom I could only assume was trying to set her up. “No…because I’m not interested…I’m perfectly happy with my vibrator…because I don’t have to give it a blow job, THAT’S why…no…NO…because I SAID so…dammit it’s because he’ll never love me the way my Edward loved Bella, that’s why!” and then she walked away, never to be seen again.

    The moral of this story, of course, is never be afraid to state down the shirt of a woman with a nice rack because you don’t know when you’ll see her again.

  11. Dear Jenny,

    When the moving van says, “Brought to you by Cthulu.” Call me. I will drive 200 miles to see that shit.

    Tony’s Book of the Month: Bookreading for Dummies.



  12. What is the relevance of the Octopus ripping open the moving van? Its like they set up this moving company and couldn’t think of a brand, and one of them was watching a wildlife programme and said ‘hey! we should have a picture of an octopus ripping open the vans as our logo’. WTF?! Come to think of it, why did you choose a moving company with that as their logo? Doesn’t it make you nervous about your possessions?!

  13. Thank Jebus — As a Canadian, after moving last weekend myself, and having to absorb nuggets of American history from my U-Haul truck, it’s nice to see the scales are balanced when you Americans are force fed Canadian infobits! Although a giant squid looks more interesting than the blurb I got on Sacajawea.

    Edutainment reciprocation!

  14. First, what are the chances that Bella and Edward’s favorite book is actually the same book? With him being many hundreds of years old and her being just a teenager, I am thinking that cannot possibly be true.

    Second, your Uhaul came all the way from Newfoundland? Is Newfoundland known for squids? I am confused.

  15. It’s true. As a professional bookseller, I can attest to the fact that several classics have been re-covered in maudlin red, black and white and touted as Bella and Edward’s favorites.

    And if I told you what crap teens were regularly choosing to read – if anything – you’d swallow that vomit in your mouth and be glad that at least they are being tricked into reading a few pages of something other than rich teen girls getting fingered through their expensive panties by their mom’s pool boy from the other side of town.

    Of course, there’s the whole zombie Jane Austen series.

    Why kids choose this crap over the real deal or something absolutely fabulous like Hunger Games, I’ll never know. If I were 14 years old and reading Hunger Games, my head would explode. Katniss could kick Bella’s skinny, bloodless rump through the moors and back again. Two times.

  16. I find this a very fitting thing to say here, since it fits in with two things you said/showed:

    Blame Canada!

  17. The giant squid on the van is to scare off any hobos who might try to steal your stuff. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s for.

  18. The Odyssey, endorsed by Homer Simpson?
    I agree that anything that gets teens reading has to be good. But bloody hell, Wuthering Heights?

  19. Now if we fed Bella and Edward to the giant squid while they were reading Wuthering Heights—I’d seriously pay to see THAT movie.

  20. Yeah squids are just in general nothing like a similar looking species commonly known as octopussy. While squids aren’t really a turn on for me, Three’s Company references really “do it” for me (even Mrs. Roper, but not the one who played as Don Not’s wife, but the other one, who played the same character I have pictured once or twice while entertaining myself)


  21. Now Twilight is ruining the classics? Great.

    Last week I was in Barnes and Noble. I passed by a giant Twilight display on the way in. I checked the clearance tables, which included a large Twilight umbrella (I’m glad to see there are some things even Twilight fans won’t buy). I passed by another Twilight display on the way to the YA section. Of course, half the YA shelf was plastered with Twilight books. There was a woman near me who asked an employee, “Where are the Twilight books?” It took everything in me not to lose it. I try to avoid the series, but couldn’t. How did she miss ’em?

  22. That is so cheesy of whoever decided to throw in how Wuthering Heights is Edward and Bella’s favorite book. Edward and Bella don’t even fucking exist nor do the freakish characters in the book that’s their favorite…..

    Feeding into fantasy in real life could be deadly…. Edward hunts live animals and sucks their blood. Bella’s in love with a corpse….

    What next????

  23. Had to jump down to respond to @Walkingborder (Karen)’s comment: YES!! If that kid (um, young man…) from Sh*t My Dad Says can get A) a book and B) a TV SHOW! with WILLIAM SHATNER!! , you, our wonderful Bloggess, deserve no less. Who do we write to about this??


  24. ” they decided they “needed to start drinking early for the holiday”. They did invite us to come in the backyard and eat barbeque with them though. This is all true, y’all.”

    I nearly DIED laughing…

  25. There was a period of time when I was a kid when I hoped to be just like Mrs. Roper when I grew up, only without Mr. Roper. I wanted to wear all kinds of bright plastic jewellery and flowing mumus and have that curly, bright red, fancy 50s bathing cap hair.

    Sometimes, it’s good that dreams don’t come true.

  26. Yes! The Giant Squid U-Haul! That one’s my favourite. I’ve always imagined that, in the event that I am finally able to move out of my parents’ house, I’ll be lucky enough the get the squid too.

    Colour me jealous.

  27. I don’t know, dude. I wouldn’t eat the BBQ. “Fried Green Tomatoes” ruined it for me forever.

  28. I believe you about the Squid.. but only because I saw it next to Papa Johns on Pennsylvania Ave. DC while I was on my way to the Comic Book store.

  29. 1. Scorpions?! Wtf? 1st the blackwidow now Scorps? (take a pic)
    2.Hey, Mrs. Roper was FLY. I LOVED her style, almost as much as Maude’s w/ the flowi-ness and flowing scarves, et al. I’m sure ur rockin the mumu.
    3.Happy Anniversary BLG (BLG=Bloggess cus I know you like that;) and good luck finishing moving and the continuation of the ‘postponed’ nervous breakdown’-you’re so worth all of it BLG, just don’t let Victor brainwash you away from twitter ok?

  30. The Mormon lady who wrote Twilight says that Bella and Edward are like Heathcliff and Cathy. I really hope it turns out that way because – spoiler alert – Cathy fucks some rich dudes and Heathcliff totally kills a puppy. Just what the Twilight saga needs.

  31. WTF?!! Just read comments after I posted mine–> Tickled Red (#20) are you my comment e-doppleganger or what? If I find you have an obsession with Acronyms+Abbreviations AND numbered lists, then we have to be sure to NOT comment on the same posts.;)So funny.(Now back to regularly scheduled Bloggess love)

  32. Of course the squid was easting your moving van. It’s a CANADIAN squid. There really doesn’t need to be any other explanation.

  33. So, why didn’t you just rent another moving van? One with a picture of a big sperm whale on the side? That way they could have fought an epic battle, and you could tell some jokes that included “sperm”. Because, you know, you just want to.


  34. I lost some respect for the publishers of Emily Bronte just now.

    That, and threw up in my mouth a little.

    You gotta watch those squids; they’re bastards. First they are ripping your moving van open and then before you know it, they are eating your popcorn and sleeping with your husbands. Slutty squids.

  35. So basically, they’re saying that the items within the van are safe, UNLESS of course, you come across a giant squid, and then it is going to tear your shit up? Great advertisement, UHaul.

  36. Ugh that picture makes me so sad. I agree with an earlier comment though, Red Cross could really use that kind of marketing. ‘Feed the Cullens of the world!’

    It’d totally work.


    Ps. You may need to call Animal Control about the squid

  37. Ugh. Twilight. I have yet to feast myself with vampires that shimmer like glitter. Never going to happen. Ever.

    I sure hope you feel better! I have to ask — Did you run into a Zombie lately and did he stab you? That seems to be the only reason for the plague.

  38. Is Newfoundland known for its giant squids? And, if so, why is this the first I’ve heard about it? Also, they should play that shit up!!!!

  39. That squid van looks like it comes from Newfoundland. Isn’t that what it says? And Newfoundland is in Canada. I know, because I’m a Canadian. Which means that, not only do squid live in Canada, but your van is lost.

  40. Hey….

    I just wanted to let you know… you didn’t have your “shit i was doing while i wasn’t here” wrap up… :'(

  41. Okay, I guess the fact that the van is from Newfoundland may be the reason for the ginormous squid. It’s a coastal province. Heh.

    BBQ in a muu-muu on your anniversary… what fun!

  42. This almost a insult to the novel (which, by the way, is amazing.) It’s disrespecting a classic work with a cheap nod to commercialization.

  43. I’m still trying to figure out how Edward kept from freezing Bella’s vagina with his icy penis. And now I’m supposed to read Wuthering Heights, too?

  44. I was going to say that the squid is obviously *a sign,* but then I realized that it is probably *a sign* of very, very bad things to come in your new home. So probably I should just not comment at all. Enjoy your new home!

  45. As someone who is from Newfoundland (love the moving van), I can vouch that the giant squid does exist. I’ve seen one – in person….well, it was preserved in a tank behind glass – at the Marine Studies centre (I believe that’s where it was anyway). Just imagine the calamari — then the giant squid isn’t so scary anymore!

  46. I feel ripped off.

    My moving van had an octopus on it.

    How much extra did you have to pay for the two extra legs?

  47. I have no idea who Mrs Roper is, so I googled her and got a picture of Nicole Richie. Looks sexy enough to me.

  48. And not long ago my husband says, “It’s a slight possibility that I could be reassigned to Houston for a year or so on an upcoming project.”

    Shudder. Squids? Scorpions? Plague? Mu-mu suburban dress codes? (Trailer slash eateries though is totally in keeping with my Iowa upbringing.)

    But I can totally see Edward digging on Heathcliffe. Two whiny (shiny) emo-buds.

  49. Moving in Texas looks way dangerous. I bet those Giant Squids are quite helpful with moving…you know in a very scary kind of way. Did any of the Zombies help you move?

  50. “From 1870 to 1880, many squid were stranded on the shores of Newfoundland. For example, a specimen washed ashore in Thimble Tickle Bay, Newfoundland on November 2, 1878; its mantle was reported to be 6.1 metres (20 ft) long, with one tentacle 10.7 metres (35 ft) long, and it was estimated as weighing 2.2 tonnes.”

    From Wikipedia. So it must be true.
    Altho: Thimble Tickle Bay–you can’t make that shit up!

    Dear The Bloggess–Love you!

  51. To coin a phrase: No, just no.

    For Christ’s sake, when will the madness end?

  52. If that’s what it takes to get teens to read the classics, then- yay!

    The UHaul near us has a truck with a huge scary green alien on it. I love it.

  53. The Newfi’s have the funniest joke anyone has ever heard, that starts:
    My Squid has no nose…

  54. Yikes scorpions?? what next locusts?? Is it just me that sees this as somewhat apocalyptic.. or just another day in the life…
    at least you have already met your new best friends ..the purty neighbour with hot mumu dress sense is bound to be the talk of the town already!

  55. I just wrote a book called “How to Tear the Metallic Uterus of Your New Human Wife with Your Teeth: Midwifery for Vampires” and there is a sticker on it that says “As practiced by Edward and Bella!”

    Go to the Regal Beagle and I bet you get all the free drinks you can handle.

  56. Karen (#17) is right…you should sell yourself to Showtime or HBO. The hilarious and quirky “Weeds” has nothing on you.

    I’m serious, Ma’am…work on it.

  57. My daughter is so confused by those U-Hauls. They have a bunch across the road. The one with dinosaurs and Connecticut really bugs her. She is pretty sure that the fossil finds for dinosaurs in Connecticut is pretty low, but we have yet to research this. I guess there could be squids off the coast of Newfoundland.

  58. i read twilight a while back and thought it was ok. then it took off as the next best thing and i’m totally confused bc SERIOUSLY?? THE SECOND OR THIRD BOOK IS ABOUT BELLA GOING THROUGH MENTAPAUSE!!! no joke. and besides that, does no one else think it’s wierd that the author chose a 17 yr old boy to be the male lead?? what weirdness is going on there? and she completely rewrote ALL pre-existing vampire lore. so really, WTH? i mean… what’s the obsession,exactly?? i just don’t get it.

    ps. the movies were utter crap. period. they suck, and not just blood.

  59. Holy crap, I saw those book covers in the store just last week, adn thought the same thing! What a way to whore yourselves out, Mr and Ms Publisher, and put those jerkwad teen vampires on to the classics!

    Oy that made me so not even want to buy those books – Bella’s favourite, said one tagline – Bella is stupid! And not a real person!


  60. That squid reminds of the time you found out about that guy who likes to have sex with dead squid and he wanted to find a girl who would have squid sex with him. Then I happened to stumble upon an erotic picture of a squid and a girl by *accident* and now the story doesn’t seem that far fetched, there is obviously a market there for it and now UHaul is on it. Then there was that awful made in Canada movie (title forgotten but it had that dude from Dawson’s Creek in it…something Van Der Beek I think) and it was about a serial killing squid terrorizing a small fishing community. The acting was horrible (much like the Twilight books). Needless to say I’m sure the next literary niche will be about squid. Maybe the squid will eat Bella and high five Edward like a bunch of times, you know one high five per tentacle and then Emile Bronte can live happily aver after but she’s dead so really… I have no point here. I’m scarred for life about the squid sex. Thank you.

  61. Next up is actually the English dictionary with a sticker “The language desecrated by Stephanie Meyer in Twilight”

  62. You can’t possibly have had that moving van.

    I visited the aquarium with the kids yesterday and thought of you a couple of times. I now have colleagues in far flung nations sending me photos of octopi knick knacks from their phones because they know I like them (at least the cute ones). We need an anti-squid charm for you.

  63. That book cover made me gasp in horror. Really? REALLY??? Whose idea was this? You know, J.K. Rowling never whored her characters out like that. And she can actually write.

  64. Where is the pic of the mumu? (I often wonder where people buy those) This is the first time in decades I’ve not moved every 2.5 years on the dot so I am jealous of your nightmare experience… our favourite moving mishap? Oh, maybe the time I was 7 mths pregnant and driving in an ice-storm with my infant son… or maybe the time the moving van showed up and we realized it was not large enough… or maybe the time we finally made it through a blizzard to our new house but the truck got stuck on the long country driveway so we just abandoned it and walked thigh deep in snow to the door where we collapsed and slept on the floor… (that snow ended up in our basement come spring and we then learned a whole lot more about sump pumps than we ever wanted to know)….

    All the best in your new place… scorpians beat the wolf spiders we had… hope you manage to shake off the plague…

  65. The funniest thing I ever saw on twitter went something like: “Soccer is a lot like Twilight. Everyone runs around for two hours, nobody scores and its billions of fans claim you just don’t understand.” Well, second funniest thing. There was that time I said that thing about Bill Cosby. Wait… that wasn’t me. Come to think of it, it wasn’t even about Bill Cosby. I can’t even remember who it was about, but the point is, Bill Cosby is pretty funny.

  66. I think Twilight is making it *better* for everyone.

    Any method that makes it easier to discern who to never engage, I am all for. Holding that book? I’m moving on with my life.

    Unless, of course, a cursory glance reveals the possibility of a large penis. But not squid large, because I’m a lady.

  67. I am from Newfoundland which, in addition to its giant squid population, is home to the communities of Dildo, Goobies, Spoon Cove, and Conception Bay. It is also an amazingly beautiful island with many hilarious and friendly people and a whole lot of rum – you should all come visit.

  68. Jenny. I feel for you. Happy Anniversary! Well, I am happy for you about that part, just not the moving part. If you ever run out of clothes in La Pine, Oregon: Go to the store called The Outpost. They also have cheap cigarettes.


  69. Mr. Farty: I don’t know how old you are, but if you can watch Three’s Company reruns, you will find Mrs. Roper (and Crissy, aka Susanne Sommers).

  70. Best looking M’Van ever!! – But seriously; scorpions!? I like the arctics… where they’ve got like… penguins and shit…

  71. Where the Hell did you move that they have mu-mus at the convenience store? Are you in the boonies now with a Dollar General being your go–to store? BTW- I really like the giant squid. Every time I’ve moved it’s had something like Williamsberg, VA on my van- just fabulous! Pilgrims are so exciting!

  72. I had the plague in April. I’m sorry you have it now. It must be going around in a generally eastward migratory pattern.

    Just like the plague, wait to pounce on innocent women trying to move and make them wear mu-mu’s.

    (I wasn’t trying to move though, I was trying to make Easter dinner. Generally, the plague seems to pounce upon people who are trying to be – or seem – industrious. It’s why the mu-mu is then so effectively oppressive.)

  73. They should remake Wuthering Heights with sparkly ghosts and giant squids. Also, Giant Squid vs. Mega Shark was on scifi this weekend. It was awesome. I don’t know if anyone else suggested making Heathcliff a giant squid, because I don’t read your comments anymore. There are too many of them, and my attention span is like… OH! BUTTERFLY!!!!!!!! … p.s. feel better, killah.

  74. Well, about the book…You can not think highly of the sticker “Bella and Edward’s favourite book” (which I don’t either), but if that sticker can make young people read beautiful classics that they wouldn’t have considered otherwise, then so be it, let them knock themselves out 🙂

  75. The photo of that sort of droopy-looking flower is just going to encourage more people to call it Withering Heights. I have enough of a problem with people who say “liberry” when they talk about that big building with all the books.

  76. Let me know when that bible comes out. I may start reading it again if I can say “doh!” every time I see a sin I’ve committed.

  77. As much as that makes me want to bash my head into a table repeatedly until the demons stop whispering, I also feel like “Eh… If it makes some snotty teenager who only wants to read crap written in the past three years pick up one of the best examples of Romantic literature, well, cool.”

  78. That is the same exact design the U-Haul I rented last month had. When the guy handed me the keys and said my truck was the one with the octopus on it, I squinted outside at it and told him I was pretty sure it was a squid. He then said, “Umm… ok? The thing with tentacles.” Does no one watch the Discovery Channel anymore?!?

  79. Edward and Bella are ridiculous.

    What I want to know is what Peeta and Katniss are reading!!…or have you not read The Hunger Games? Because you should. Move over Edward and Bella there’s a NEW tween love triangle in town!!

  80. I can’t wait for the Twilight “saga” to be over. I am at my wits end.

  81. I didn’t know you were moving to my neighbhorhood! Welcome!

    Please tell me you went to the backyard for what certainly would have been BBQ-ed cat meat and Beer+Clamato.

  82. Actually, all you non-Twilighters, it is NOT Edward and Bella’s favorite book. Edward kind of hates it. But if the publishers had instead said, “Lindsay Lohan’s or Lady Gaga’s favorite book” no person in their right mind would have believed that!

  83. There are things out there that haven’t even been discovered yet . . . or just now.

    PS As a teacher of struggling readers, The “Twilight” series has been a jumping off point for some. I had a boy who refused to read, we watched from the baseball scene (MUSE!!) to the end of the movie one day in class. He asked to borrow the entire movie. He asked to borrow the books. I could then suggest other books he might like. Hopefully someone in these students’ lives takes the opportunity to take the reader to another level. I’m truly sadden when the student just makes it to first rung. THAT is why “Twilight” CAN be a good thing?!

  84. i truly feel your pain, sister. moving is, without question, the WORST. i moved last december right before xmas and during the entire process i kept repeating “we will never move again, we will never move again”. you KNOW it’s bad when you start envying the lives of the transient and homeless despite that whole BEING WITHOUT A HOME part…

  85. Last time I saw pics of your new house it was a plot of land, did I miss something? Is the new place finished or is the squiddy van your new home????

  86. My husband just complained about the fictional vampire today on his blog. You are in sync. That scares me….he says that vampires are meant as a metaphor for male sexuality…..He was also appalled by the reference on Wuthering Heights. Unless it sells Wuthering Heights. Because….he likes to move books.

  87. I believe that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is Edward and Bella’s favorite book because she did the whole human loves a vampire thing first. But with less angst and more stakes for annoying vampires.

    They really need to read Pride and Predigest and Zombies. Now THAT is classic literature!

  88. Please , oh, please tell me that “Predigest” is misspelled, because, really, you just couldn’t make that shit up. 🙂

  89. My kids catch on fire and start melting into a puddle of bile if Twilight is mentioned in their vicinity.
    On the other hand, their obsession with Russell Brand is starting to concern me.
    If not for their mental health then my own sense of competition.

  90. I’m waiting for someone to deliver a prize to me for being the only person that has no clue and no interest in the entire Twilight series.

    That’s either going to earn me a round of applause or a nice weekend stay in our local loony bin

  91. The first two movies have given us GREAT soundtracks though.

  92. I’m going to try to forget that you posted a picture of Wuthering Heights in relation to Twilight. In fact, I’m going to try to forget this whole post. Maybe if I chugged my bottle of homamade vanilla extract it would help.

  93. Huh. I thought The Kama Sutra was Bella and Edward’s favorite book. Oh wait…that’s totally wrong.

  94. All Canadian moving vans from that company have giant pictures of some kind of animal on them. The one with the snakes freaks me the hell out.
    You’re still funny as shit!

  95. First, I want to apologize for being SO incredibly amused at your fear of giant squids. Because, seriously, have we even ever seen one alive? I thought they were incredibly elusive (correction: The first EVER image of a live giant squid was taken in 2004. See? We’ve had underwater cameras for how long and we’re only JUST getting pictures of these massive bad boys? Nothing to worry about). ANYWAY, I am an artist, on occasion, and am currently working on a mural in the 7th bedroom of a friend’s house (because it wasn’t being used, and who doesn’t love painting/drawing/smearing food on walls?). The subject matter of this painting is, you guessed it, a giant squid. He’s fighting a sperm whale. It’s an epic battle. I specifically included a photo in my latest blog post so that you could look at it and feel hopeful that one day the sperm whale may manage to eat the giant squid into extinction. Or decide you like squids, because he’s all pink and adorable.

  96. Twihearts won’t like that book. Words are too big, characters think, and everyone is sadly just human. Also, no vampire diamond giz.

  97. Ha, ha! I’ve seen this book before, too. Yeah, it’s crazy, but I say if it gets people reading “real” literature, then so be it. (And I am not even trying to trash Twilight because I am actually a fan, but I’m also a fan of real literature. Contrary to uninformed-belief, you can like Twilight and good literature at the same time. You read Twilight for the fun – not the mind-expansion, ya’ll.)

  98. OK-
    1) I just moved last week , so I feel you. Not really feel you, becuase that might get me arrested, but you get the idea.

    2) THANK YOU. FOR REAL. I saw that copy of Wurthering Heights at the store and verbally scoffed and everyone around me looked at me like I personally killed Jesus.

  99. I’m from Newfoundland and I see those moving vans all the time. In Vancouver.

  100. that van is lost !!! Newfoundland – most eastern part of North America. If you like drinking and not giving a shit then its your kinda place. If you are fast paced and high maintenance I dear you to walk our streets in heals

  101. Oh. My. God.
    My Bloggess inside a giant squid van?
    As I live and breathe …

    The only thing better would be a van with the slogan WOLVERINES.

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