UPDATED: Weekly wrap up in the middle of the week

It’s not the end of the week but it feels like it is because Christmas fucks up my biorhythms and so every day feels like a Friday with no weekend in sight.  That’s why today I’m going to do a Sunday wrap-up for no reason whatsoever.

First, a few updates…Remember a few weeks ago when we all got together and tried to save Christmas and Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and by donating 750 night-night bags for homeless children?

Well guess what?  WE FAILED.

But just barely.

But that means there are only 27 more packages to go.  And this is when I would say “Let’s have a bake-sale and raise that money, y’all!” but I’m too tired to make rice krispie treats so instead I just paid for the last 27 myself.  Done.  High-five, you guys.  Best motherfucking holiday drive ever.  (PS.  I paid for those last 27 out of the proceeds of my online shop (which is funded by you) so technically you paid for them.  Because you’re awesome.)


I just got an email from the founder of the Night Night Foundation and I wanted to share it with you guys:

“I’m not sure that I can really convey how much help you have given us this holiday.  Truly.  We had always heard about ‘the power of social networking’ but it never seemed to really work in the nonprofit sphere — until you stepped in of course.  You and your readers are really the most generous folks.  We have been so impressed by the swift action and by the kind words that we keep hearing from them.  Everyone is so sweet to let us know that they read about it on your blog.  We are beyond grateful.  I wish you could know how thankful we are this holiday season.”

They aren’t the only ones who are thankful.  I’m so lucky to be a part of something magical each year and none of this would happen without you.  Thank you for letting me be part of this.  Seriously.  Thank you. 


In non-related news, it’s time for the weekly wrap-up.  Let’s get started, shall we?

What you missed on Ill-Advised:

What you missed on the Houston Chronicle:

What you missed in my shop (tentatively called “Eight pounds of uncut cocaine” so that your credit card bill will be more interesting.):

What you missed on the internets:

This week on shit-I-didn’t-come-up-with-but-wish-I-did-because-it’s-kind-of-awesome:

This week’s wrap-up sponsored by me.  Mostly because this isn’t a real weekly wrap-up.  But a lot of people told me that they’d bought my book as a present for friends and family and then realized that it doesn’t actually come out until April, so then they asked if I could send them something personal that they could print out to wrap up.  I said I would and then promptly forgot about it.  So I’m doing it here.  If you bought one of my books for someone else just print this out and put it in an envelope.  Also it makes the perfect gift for people to buy when they’re too lazy to go to the mall.  YOU’RE WELCOME.


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  1. This is the slowest week EVER. Have a great Christmas!

    Carri recently posted Christmas Fashion: Fantasy vs Reality.

  2. you have such a good heart, jenny, for buying the last 27. high fives all around for you. but not in an assault type of way.

    ann @ my life as prose. recently posted how grad school killed christmas..

  3. Merry Christmas or Easter or Happy Holidays or Friday or OMG WHAT DAY IS IT?

    Way to go Jenny, confuse the stroke victim. Again.


    Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo recently posted You know what Christmas needs? More cowbell..

  4. Wait. What day is today?

    Ally recently posted Weather Men are Con Men..

  5. I think I love you!

  6. I agree, slowest week in the history of weeks (and weaks, for that matter). That is so great that the Project Night Night goal was met. I was going to make my donation tomorrow (thank you payday), so that’s 751 kiddos who will have a Merry Christmas.

    Mindy recently posted Real Disneyland Engagement - Stefanie and Wagner.

  7. Look how fancy you and influential you are! Congratulations! That boy’s face on the Project Night Night photo is just awesome.

    jacqui recently posted She Did What??.

  8. Listen, lady…. it doesn’t hurt to remind a girl every once in a while. Just bought a Night Night package for $20, so add that to your do-gooder list for the year! And now I have to stop thinking about homeless children without blankies and jammies or else our mortgage won’t get paid this month. Love you bunches.

  9. Hahaha that pic is a great placeholder present!

    Also, 723 is pretty close. I was gonna suggest we have homeless kids wrestle it out, and the losing-est 27 don’t get bags. But you buying the others is a much better solution! I hope that comes back around to you tenfold.

    Mayor Gia recently posted Christmas Whale.

  10. You are awesome. And the people you influence are awesome too. <3

  11. Merry f*cking Christkwanzakuh!!!

    LDiggitty recently posted a very special drunk history (the Christmas version).

  12. I bought the book for myself. I like to think of your blog as my own little daily Hanukkah present anyway, so no need to send me anything.

    Eggs In A Row recently posted All I Want For Christmahanukkahwanza Is A Baby.

  13. My boyfriend and I just donated two Night Night Packages – I told him we were 27 short and that I was going to donate one. He said he wanted to donate one, too! I think he’s a keeper 🙂 Thank you for all you do, Jenny!

  14. It’s awesome that you paid for the last 27. You are an amazing woman.

    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

    Naked Girl in a Dress recently posted Embrace the Life We Have Waiting for Us.

  15. Merry Christmas Jenny! Thanks for bringing joy into my world (especially on those days when I want to sell my children……….. and husband….. and the barking dogs). I hope your holidays are bright!

    Johi recently posted The Spirit of the Season.

  16. Jenny, you rock HARD!

    Merry Christmas! xoxo

    Kernut the Blond recently posted Guest Post: A Holiday Letter From Da Kitteh.

  17. holy crap lady….now you screwed up my week! What the heck day is this?

    Awesomesauce on the….well everything.

    imperfectmomma recently posted you know you're a mother when.

  18. Totally awesome.

  19. Aaahh.. the story of everyone — Merry Christmas 😀

    Kiran @ KiranTarun.com recently posted Pearls of wisdom.

  20. Your kindness makes me all weepy. In a good way, though. Your kindness didn’t kick me in the twat or anything. I’m not traumatized. Though I probably did just put the seed for a new nightmare in my head. Sweet dreams, me!

    Renee Rigdon recently posted Seeing Human.

  21. Im just going to pull a bear and gorge on fermented apple, jump on someones trampoline and then hibernate it out. See you in January Jenny!

  22. i heart the middle of the week wrap-up. should absolutely be an annual holiday tradition.

    happy everything!

    Anna recently posted SHOP LOCAL MADE IN NEW YORK: The Seventh Edition of Anna's Super-Fun Non-Commercial Holiday Gift Guide.

  23. I thought it was just me that felt like this week was dragging. Can we just get this Christmas thing over with please? I mean the homeless kids are taken care of, can we all just sleep now?

    tamaratattles recently posted Sheree Whitfield's Power 105.1 Interview: More Storytime with Sheree.

  24. 751! NAILED IT.

  25. Its an amazing thing when people can come together for the pure benefit of someone else without any expectation of receiving something back. Merry Christmas. Thank you for making childrens lives better!

    theflameinside recently posted Taking stock in 2011.

  26. I’m on so much medication I’ve not the slightest idea of three things.
    1. My name.
    2. What day of the week it is.
    4. How far away Christmas is.

    So we’ll just pretend this *is* the end of the week. I’m down with that.

    Not Supermom recently posted A New Tradition.

  27. Wow, you helped those kids have a more secure, blanket-having 2010! Or, 2011. Or 2010. Whatever year it is, yay!

    Carrie - Cannibalistic Nerd recently posted Lite-Brite, Lite-Brite, Turn on the Magic of Disappointing Lights.

  28. I just sponsored a Nighty Night package thingie earlier today….maybe we already sponsored more than 750 by now…? I’m going to be optimistic and think that happened. Merry Holiday! Enjoy what all we have and let’s hope that next year, when the Mayan calendar expires and the zombies show up, Santa helps us all survive long enought to make it to 2013.

  29. I agree. SLOWEST WEEK EVER. My kids are about to kill each other – already! Thank god for your site and the relief I get from reading it.
    I included another awesome site above for those of you who like to laugh. I’ve been following her for a while now. Great story teller!
    Have a great Christmas all!!

    Randy Newton recently posted Please Mr. Postman..

  30. We were going to get you a number 2 foam finger, but it looked like a peace sign and you’re no hippy.

    WilyGuy recently posted New Year's Disillusions.

  31. Way to go! We suck, but only barely!

  32. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

    Allyn recently posted Wasted Wednesday: Brandy Milk Punch.

  33. Just donated two totes to Project Night Night ’cause I somehow spaced it when you first posted. My life is better for having discovered your awesomeness, Jenny, so thanks for a year’s worth of joy! (Yeah, only a year. I am seriously late to the party, I know.)
    Hope you have a Merry Merry!

  34. I “bought” several of the night-night bags when you first mentioned them. It is a great charity. I hope you accrue great karma for helping them out so much.

    In addition for making us all laugh. Regularly.

  35. Would it make you feel better to know that I organized a Project Night Night drive through my work and we got 50 bags together for kids in the shelters in Northern Virginia? It doesn’t count towards the 750 the organization was hoping to get, probably, but still. 50 bags!

    Erin recently posted How Snapfish saved Christmas..

  36. Merreh Chrismus, you. Thanks for all the laughs. 🙂

    Daddy Scratches recently posted A note to my children from The Elf on the Shelf.

  37. Crap—sorry I’m late! I just ordered five totes. Thank you for pointing me in their direction! Happy merry to you and your family!


    Annadanna (from Canada) recently posted Money can't pay for that. Not even close..

  39. Ps, YOU are the James Garfield miracle.

    Annadanna (from Canada) recently posted Money can't pay for that. Not even close..

  40. Completely off any topic at all. Blogger hates you. Or at least it hates me trying to follow you. Seriously I add it to my list and within minutes it has been removed.
    I think it’s a conspiracy.

  41. This week is all kinds of messed up, chronologically speaking. Also – that was awesome of you to buy those bags yourself.


    Jaime recently posted Christmas is a time for wallowing in self-pity.

  42. I donated twice to Project Night Night (one for each of my kids) Thank you so much for pointing me in their direction, I love a donation that is direct, tangible AND comfy and cozy. You rock.

  43. I. LOVE. you! Just finished an entirely traumatic semester of Grad school, and you are single-handedly keeping me sane. I’m studying Psychology. Ironic. But don’t worry, I’m not evaluating you or anything. I’m not studying that area of Psychology. Probably.

  44. I had just gotten the email from Project Night Night saying we missed the mark and I was all bummed about it. Then I read your message and said “Hooray!”

  45. Jenny,
    How much were the Project Night Night packages? LIFE and a wrenched back got in the way and I totally forgot. Please let me know how much, I will send you a check for one. It’s lovely that you did that but you shouldn’t have to; I’m sure other people simply forgot too. Let us help. Love, Laurie F. PLEASE ANSWER BACK OR WRITE ON MY BLOG

    Laurie F. recently posted Holiday Wishes From Hibernationnow.

  46. It’s amazing that you bought the last 27 … you are a Christmas miracle in itself.. and we should all take a note from you this Christmas!

    Jaime recently posted Christmas Traditions ... then and now..

  47. Just wanted to pop in and say I love you, you crazy bitch. Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Redneck Mommy recently posted Nuggets of Gold. Or something..

  48. The night-night packages were $20 each but I still had money left over that I planned to donate so it wasn’t a big deal. Besides, all of the money I donated this year came from you guys buying my weird stuff so technically you paid for it anyway.

    Ps. I love you people.

    Jenny the bloggess recently posted UPDATED: Weekly wrap up in the middle of the week.

  49. PS. Just read the update. You’re good peeps, Jenny. Crazy anxiety and all.

    Carri recently posted This is Why I Pay So Much in Taxes.

  50. Now that is one damned fine week!!!

    SoberJulie recently posted At Risk Teens & A Drunk Making Magic.

  51. Yay, it’s like It’s a Wonderful Life all over again! Merry Christmas!

  52. That’s amazing Jenny. You inspire me every single day. Keep being your badass self.


    p.s. totally just met Wil Wheaton the other day and took a picture with him. Wish it was as awesome as the collating papers one but having the barenaked ladies (no not really naked ones) playing in the background make it a close second!

  53. another amazing story from an amazing community around you.

    Happy holidays xxo

    Devan McGuinness recently posted I Am Furious: When Your Kid Gets Hurt At School.

  54. Well now I love you just a little bit more, if that’s even possible. Project Night Night has been my favorite children’s nonprofit for quite a few years now. You are awesome!

  55. Thursday is the end of the week for some people anyway (they don’t say “thirsty thursday” for nothing..) so today is definitely an appropriate day to do a weekly wrap-up. Also, this is random, but last year you had a card that had a picture of James Garfield and it said “Oh it just got *all* kinds of motherfuckin’ festive in here, y’all” and I was wondering if you had it in your Zazzle store? I looked but I couldn’t find it…

    LynnDee recently posted This Is a Blog Post….

  56. Just read the update. You totally rock.

    Merry Christmas…Santa has nothing on you.

    Sherree recently posted Are bloggers “journalists?”.

  57. Hey…did you know you made this list too? http://bookriot.com/2011/12/19/anticipating-2012-in-reading/
    Maybe it’s not as impressive, but I hope it makes you feel special.

    Cassandra recently posted 5 Best Books: Most Recommended Reads of 2011.

  58. Jenny, I follow only a handful of people on Twitter (you (of course!) and in no particular order: Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Johnny Weir, Anderson Cooper, Lewis Black and Barack Obama). Tonight, I noticed that the more prolific of these Tweeters were you and the President. So, mostly what I see is an odd, sort of back and forth conversation between you two. The juxtaposition of your tweets and his make for some truly HILARIOUS reading. As if you weren’t hilarious enough on your own. Which you are. Just thought you’d want to know. Love what you do. Please keep it coming. Love and Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!

  59. yay for social media and project night-night. high five, y’all.

    alaina recently posted Stocking Stuffers..

  60. So wonderful, Jenny! You are amazing. AGAIN!

    Brenna recently posted This might be YOUR last Christmas, Taylor.

  61. Thank you for posting about Project Night Night! Instead of buying gifts for friends who don’t need anything (and probably wouldn’t like what I got them anyway), I bought some Night Night bags instead. I’m so glad I read your blog- it’s funny AND educational!! Thanks and Merry Christmas!!!

  62. I’m happy about your number #2 thing and all but “Mommy blogger”? Yuck. Better category needed.

    Also, I am suddenly embittered that I am not a top mommy blogger even though 4 minutes ago I had no idea that such a contest existed. Dammit!

    in bed with married women recently posted Getting Buzz Lightyear Stuck in Your Butt and Other Hazards of Naked Vacuuming.

  63. Merry Christmas Jenny and your family; and all the other mad blog readers out there – we rock!

    Susan Hogan recently posted Exciting News!.

  64. Awww, man. Now I’m crying in my car in the parking lot.

    Kernut the Blond recently posted Guest Post: A Holiday Letter From Da Kitteh.

  65. Pinterest and a penis chandelier.

    Friggin classic.

    Carrie recently posted Remember what mom always said about clean underwear? Well, it now matters..

  66. While we are all singing Jenny’s praises, can I just say she has pulled me out of the hole more than once. I have followed here here under another name for ages but I switched my nics recently so she had no idea who I was, not that she would have known before, but you know what I mean. She tweeted support to me when I needed it and it made all the difference. Seeing her have another very successful holiday drive lifts my spirits.

    Ok. I should say something funny now, but nothing is coming. I’m just very grateful.

    tamaratattles recently posted Kim Zolciak's Interior Designer Kendra Davis.

  67. Merry Christmas Jenny. Hope you got your ovary something nice so it will stop trying to kill you. Might we suggest antlers?

    hogsatemysister recently posted Christmas Torch, er, Antlers, Passed to a New Generation of Dawgs.

  68. Yay for charity! So happy the drive went so well.

    The K-Mart story is seriously one of the best things I’ve read all year.

    Merry Christmas, happy holidays, etc etc! 🙂

    Anneli recently posted Already left on a Jet Plane.

  69. The shortfall is probably partly my fault (well, at least 4 of them anyway), I did my bit over on Wish Upon a Hero instead – I can now say I’ve bought tampons for a stranger in another country…how many people can say that? lol. See, you inspire us all to do what we can…and if what we can do is buy a large pack of tampons for a woman in desperate need, then so be it, I’m sure we’d all like to hope someone would do the same for us…well, maybe not the guys who frequent your blog…probably.

  70. great way to end the week, with some great reminders, hope you and the family and all your followers have a Great Christmas and a better New Year

    Tom Stronach recently posted A Christmas Health and Safety Message Courtesy of Paul Kilbourn.

  71. Another $20… to the kiddies… Wouldn’t have done it but for you Bloggess!

  72. Jenny, you totally rock!! You are the bringer about of Christmas miracles. The elf on the shelf would totally be reporting to Santa that you are awesome and deserve whatever you ask for this Christmas!! 🙂

  73. Jenny, you’re an amazing woman who must be up 25/7 at minimum to get as much done as you do. A very Merry Christmas to you and your family. Thank you for bringing joy to so many people.

  74. Awesome work on the Christmas project! You’ve been a most welcome addition to my mental life this year. You’re wit and weirdness save my sanity at least twice weekly. Merry Christmas, Jenny!

    Karen Sanders recently posted An Old 45.

  75. I totally just made a huge FAIL. Your not YOU’RE.

    Karen Sanders recently posted An Old 45.

  76. Jenny, you are awesome. Period. And EXCLAMATION POINT! Merry Christmas!

    Frumptastic recently posted Re-entry.

  77. Merry, merry, merry, and thank you!

    Kathleen recently posted The Day the Sun Stood Still.

  78. You’re welcome for buying those last 27.

    Pablo Andreu recently posted Kim Jong-Il Rookie Card Value Surges.

  79. You are a B. A.UTIFUL person, both inside and out. Tis the season! 🙂

  80. The week between Christmas and New Years is the week to rest on your prickly holly laurels and contemplate how many prickly hollys you might have offended over the past year. Then resolve to double that number in 2012. Best to you and yours from me and mine.

    Jonah Gibson (@aimlessjonah) recently posted Gangsta Whips.

  81. My biorhythms are pretty whacked, too…but merry Christmas to you and yours with much affection from a devoted reader….

    "Susan Says..." recently posted A Christmas Letter to My Readers.

  82. You’re right about that video. It was mean- but hilarious.

    I bet that older kid is definitely gonna have problems later on though.

    Ho ho ho

    Bodaciousboomer recently posted The Buttcracker Suite – Christmas funny #17.

  83. Thanks, Jen & Merry Christmas!

  84. Sometimes it feels like everybody on the internet is trying to sell some ebook on 5 Secrets to Becoming an Internet Jillionare. Which is why it is so especially nice to see you using your Internet fandom to reach out and help others. Cheers to you!

    Alexis recently posted Don’t Have a CIO Panic Attack.

  85. This post made me cry three separate times. In a good way.

    Dana the Biped recently posted Oh Hey, Guess What?.

  86. Jenny –

    Thanks for helping us all see the real reason for the Season. I opted for Toys for Tots and Wish Upon a Hero so I could help people in my own neck of the woods. It felt wonderful – better than any gift I could receive – to see the difference I could make for someone else. Thanks for all that you do!

  87. You are so fantastic! We had to implement austerity measures in our home for the holidays this year, but this post just reminded me of why I love donating gifts and can’t wait until we can do it again!

  88. I kinda want that advance copy that you’re holding in the pic…

    (It’s not an advance copy. It’s the draft of the cover that I wrapped around a taxidermy book so I could see what it would look like. ~ Jenny)

    tokenblogger recently posted cHannukah….

  89. If you were just funny, I would still love your site. I would still see you as one of my role models for my career. It is your kindness and honesty that makes you one of my role models for being a person. Thank you for sharing your life with so many of us and helping us all feel that much more connected with each other.

    Selina recently posted 12 Days of the Internet Christmas.

  90. So, completely unrelated, but I’m pretty sure that I saw Beyonce’s little sister (and her angry donkey brother!) at TJ Maxx…it was a tad bit alarming.

  91. I too was inspired to give to Project Night Night a few weeks ago.
    I think I feel good about that.

    And to all a good night!

    El Guapo recently posted Friday Foolishness – Santa Claus Edition.

  92. You rock! Merry Christmas to you and yours.

    Melissa Lawler recently posted Goodies! I have goodies! #Gluten Free.

  93. I clicked over to your Santa column, and your quote about zombies and shotguns is now hanging on the wall of my office. YOU’RE WELCOME.


    Emily Sims recently posted I might be a lunch bully..

  94. Y’know the the trick for making the week before xmas go fast? Put off making the present for someone you love for as long as possible until, two days before xmas, it’s STILL not done. Trust me, the days seem like they’re speeding by!

    Marie M. S. recently posted May the bridges I burn....

  95. Hi Jenny!

    On a completely unrelated (but exciting) note, I’m watching BBC America regarding a special on The Beatles. Tomorrow night, Christmas Eve, at 9pm est, both Will Wheaton AND Nathan Fillion are going to be on a show. Is Will Wheaton holding out on you? Just the fact that they are going to be together, I had to grab my computer and let you know.

    Thanks for all you do, and your calendar was my Christmas present to myself! Thank you!


  96. Jenny – my office has an annual gift exchange. Every year, one gift returns from the previous year. It is a 16″ 3-dimensional feathered rooster (this started years before Beyonce, but that made your Beyonce story even funnier to me). Each year the owner of the rooster adds some bling to the rooster before wrapping it up and giving it to the next person. This year, in addition, to a neck ornament with the logo of my alma mater (Hark Upon the Gale), at your suggestion, I added a share of a sheep from Heifer International. It was brilliant. A barnyard in a box. On top of getting the use of a truly awesome rooster with bling, the new owner is responsible for part of a sheep through Heifer. I’m hoping next year, the current owner adds more Heifer International animals to the rooster’s barnyard. Thanks for the idea!

  97. awesomeness.. Truthfully, i haven’t bought anything on your online store. yet. cuz i’m a newbie so i’m breaking in. but trust me, we (as in “our family”) donated more, much more, than we did for ourselves this Christmas, because in the end, it’s what is good. We can laugh, joke, swear, bite, photograph, and smite our way through our lives, but until we give to those who need help, it is all, in the end… fruitless.

    Andrea C. recently posted how Stanley and i inadvertently killed our planet this weekend..

  98. Good job with the drive! 🙂

    Hope that your endless Fridays end soon and that you get a legit weekend.

    Cherie Jamison recently posted Just in time for Christmas.. my Grinch-like take on shopping.

  99. We all love you, Jenny. Heifer International was my pick – my SIL got a goat donated in her honor. Heh heh heh.

  100. Jenny! Project Night Night is such a great organization! I wanted to let you know that I am starting a group here in my town (Amarillo, TX y’all!) to get the local shelter enough bags for all the kids there currently, and enough to give out to new ones that come in. I’ve always wanted to do something like this for my community and I think this will be great for the kids there. I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

    Sarah recently posted Not now dear, Mommy's in a Rage sampler.

  101. how refreshing to find a nice blog, is wonderful to find someone using the Internet to reach out and help others. keep up the good work!

  102. 753! I had been meaning to donate all week, and just now sent 3 🙂 Yay!

  103. Read this several hours after reading your blog. It’s from Gratefulness.com.
    “If there is anything I have learned about men and women, it is that there is a deeper spirit of altruism than is ever evident. Just as the rivers we see are minor compared to the underground streams, so, too, the idealism that is visible is minor compared to what people carry in their hearts unreleased or scarcely released.”
    Dr. Albert Schweitzer

    I think you and your readers have underground streams of love they like to share.

    Mary recently posted Happy Birthday Mom.

  104. 105
    Another Jenny

    I demand a recount! I donated 3 for my mother for christmas, since she birthed three kids I figured I would show her my gratitude by donating 3 bags in her honor.

    thanks for the awesome donation links :o)
    merry holidays!

  105. I got your calendar for Christmas and I can’t wait to put it up at work. I’m pretty sure I’m never going to be Employee of the Quarter again though.

    Worth it.

    Renee recently posted In the words of my mother: Merry Fucking Christmas.

  106. Yo! My more-than-decent and more-awesome-than-cool girlfriend got me a Beyonce mug and some octopus vs. hens postcards for Christmas, and we’re thrilled that the proceeds from Zazzle go to Project Night Night! I am going to start knitting my next bankie for Project Linus today! Much love, and many laughs in the New Year,

    Coco Lawton

  107. I love your weekly wrap ups, and having one early, just made my Christmas 🙂 Thank you!

    Christene recently posted Stuff I Did.

  108. I almost crapped myself when I saw that you were supporting Project Night Night. I live in the Bay Area and I have been volunteering with Kendra and Project Night Night since 2006. It is such a great cause! On a personal note, I started reading your blog about six months ago and I’m addicted. I think we were separated at birth. I’m just sayin….
    –Angela N. (South of San Francisco, CA)

  109. Holiday generosity rules!

    the muskrat recently posted merry christmas!.

  110. I just read this post and immediately got teary-eyed. Being that time of the month didn’t help. I shared it on my blog to my readers and referenced your amazingness. Thanks for showing the world a little bit of goodness.

    Lauren recently posted My last official day in any official capacity at The Dizzle.

  111. 112

    Just got an email from Disney Family about the Top 100 Mom Blogs Babble posted…Just imagine how many people got that ^_^.

  112. jenny

    merry christmas to you. i purchased 4 night night packages for my family this yer thanks for brining a worthy charity to the forefront i as happy to be a part of it. thanks for getting them to their goal number.


  113. Horray! Proud and happy to have helped out such a good cause.



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