Wait.  No.  That’s not it.  I’m coming to your town to sign your books.  ALL OF YOUR BOOKS!  And your babies.  Whatever does it for you.  Put a blanket (or a load of warm cats) on your sofa because I’m on the way to see you.  Or I will be in four months.  If you live in one of the towns I’m going to, that is.  If you don’t then you should move.  You have four months.

Here’s where I’m going:

official furiously happy tour poster

The devil and the details:
9/23 Austin Bookpeople 7pm
9/25 Houston, Blue Willow 6pm
9/26 Dallas, Half Price Books 3pm
9/29 Atlanta, A Cappella Books 7pm
9/30 Nashville, Parnassus 6:15pm
10/3 Miami, Books & Books (Coral Gables) 7pm
10/10 Huntsville, Alabama Rocket City Lit Fest  11am
10/12 Washington, DC Politics & Prose 7pm
10/15 NYC Barnes & Noble/ Union Square 6pm
10/17 Boston, Porter Square 6pm
10/20 Toronto, Indigo Manulife 7pm
10/23 Dayton, Books&Co 7pm
10/25 Chicago, Women & Children First 4pm
10/27 Milwaukee, Boswell Book Company 6:30pm
11/2 Minneapolis, University of Minnesota Bookstore 7pm
11/4 St. Louis, Left Bank Books 7pm
11/6 Wichita, Watermark Books  6pm
11/11 Denver, Tattered Cover  (Colfax store) 7pm
11/13 Seattle, Third Place Books (Lake Forest Park store) 6pm
11/14 Portland, Powell’s  (Burnside store) 4pm
12/1 San Francisco, Books Inc.  (Opera store) 7pm
12/2 Corte Madera, Book Passage 7pm
12/4 Santa Cruz, Bookshop Santa Cruz 7pm
12/6 Los Angeles, Vroman’s 4pm
12/7 Tempe Changing Hands 7pm

(You can preorder my book at any of the above places.  I’m pretty sure that supporting independent bookstores – especially ones that host dangerously strange authors and their friends – gives you extra karma points in your next life.)

Please come.  Say you’ll come.  I can’t do this alone.

I’m working on a few other things that might work for you if none of those cities do so I’ll keep you posted.  Do you want an autographed copy of FURIOUSLY HAPPY right now?  Me too, but I don’t have one.  But leave a comment and if you’re selected I will send you one for free in September.  I’m totally good for it.  Or I’ll give you a signed copy of my last book right now if you’d rather have that.  Your choice.  Just tell me in the comments.  I’m totally flexible.

PS.  For real, I may need a sofa and some cats.  Or a bag of hedgehogs and some tater tots.  Depends on my plans.  I’ll keep you posted.

PPS.  Are you asking yourself “When did she write a new book?  Who is that raccoon?  Where even am I?” then you need to start here.  It’s fine.  We’ll wait.


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  1. I need a copy because I had a signed copy of your old book and someone borrowed it 🙁 🙁 🙁 and yay! you are coming to TO!

  2. Whoops. I managed to leave two of the same comments before I was ready. Sorry…I’d love a copy of your new book when it’s ready 🙂

  3. I might come to NYC if you bring some taxidermied shit with you. Will you please bring some taxidermied shit with you? I would also like a signed book. (but not as much as taxidermied shit.)

    (Always. ~ Jenny)

  4. I’m excited to see my town on your list! And one of my favorite indy bookstores in the universe, which just got a rehab. Seriously, very nice floors there. See you in October!

  5. Oh no! You’re not coming anywhere close to me 🙁 I’d love a copy of the new book… might have to twist bf’s arm to make him go fetch a book for me…

  6. Can’t wait to see you in Boston!!!!!

    And I’d love a signed copy of your next book, but you might want to pick someone else anyway because I will definitely buy it otherwise.

  7. I would love a copy of your new book! I just bought another copy of your first one to send to my friend for her birthday. I wanted to send her your new one but 1) It’s not out yet and 2) She hasn’t yet heard of you so I didn’t want to randomly send her a book about mental health and think I was implying something…

  8. Jenny, I want to come see you in Milwaukee. I have to convince the husband and kids, but I think we can do it. I’m excited to read the new book.

  9. As I’m currently moving AWAY from one of you stops (toronto) I will get on with planning a move to Seattle or Portland or some such. There’s oddles of time, no excuses!

  10. I can supply the cats or a warm blanket, I’m flexible like that. Can’t wait for the new book.

  11. No love for Philly 🙁 I’ll have to see if I can get up to NYC. I cant wait to read the book!

  12. So that awkward moment when you commented and it was witty but then you couldn’t remember your wordpress password and had to reset it, then when you finally get logged in, you don’t know if the comment went though or not, so you comment using a run-on sentence because you don’t know what else to do. Yeah. That.

    Yay Tempe date!

  13. im dying to read both, so dealer’s choice. But Miami? Not Miami! Come to Orlando or Tampa instead…we are weirder up here.

  14. I wish you were coming to Orlando, but just knowing that Furiously Happy is coming soon makes me so happy! I would love an autographed copy of it when it comes out 🙂

  15. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m so glad you’re coming to Portland!! Happy early birthday to me!!

  16. Yes please on the new book! I don’t live in any of those cities, but could totally road-trip with my hubby who also loves you. But in case we can’t, I totally need you to send me that autographed new book! I’ve reread the first one, like 3 times. And bought copies to mail to friends. (well, one friend, but only because you are perfect for her.) (Your writing. I’m not trying to set up a date.) (I also take pride in introducing her to your blog.)

  17. A new book? Yay! You last book I ended up buying the ebook and the hardcover – so I could read it anywhere. 🙂

    I would love a copy of the new one!

  18. Please say San Antonio will be added to the list. 🙂 (I hate Austin traffic)

  19. Dang! I’m going to be in MN when you are in TX and TX when you are in MN. I wanted to have you sign my Nook cover.

  20. You aren’t coming to Michigan? Bummer. I would take a signed book if I can’t see you in person. 🙂

  21. I would love a signed copy of Furiously Happy because you are amazing and I’m sure your second book will be too !

  22. YAY!!! I didn’t know you’d written a new book! I don’t live in any of those cities, but getting your new book is a good enough silver lining.

  23. I love your first book and you know I preordered your 2nd. You made my 31st bday by wishing me a happy birthday and your words have helped on days when the darkness and shadows make it hard to see the surviving through the scars. Hopefully seeing you in NYC unless you make it to Dirty Jersey…

    I’d love either of you choose me! (Jumps up and down like a crazy contestant on the price is right)

  24. I would love a signed copy of your new book. I know you’re good for it. And since I won’t be able to see you, that will make up for it a little. 🙂

  25. I can’t wait until your new book comes out, I’d love an autographed copy but it doesn’t matter I am buying it as soon as available. Love all your stuff.

  26. I’m in Denver and shall plan on seeing you
    Also, I don’t have cats but I do have a guest room. With an actual bed. And it is located in my library, where your book would be displayed. (Yes, I have a library). If you can overlook the lack of cats you can crash here.

  27. I wish you were coming to Vermont. It would be easier to bring you a bag of hedgehogs and tater tots. Actually that would be just as easy to bring to you in Boston. The sofa and cats not as much since my cats don’t like to travel.

  28. Dayton, huh? Might have to be my birthday present to myself. I actually live in Maryland but I’m pretty sure that I don’t want to deal with the size of the crowd in DC. I have family in the Dayton area though. And, I’ll have my book by then for you to sign!

  29. Come back to NJ, I met you in Paramus and would love a signed copy of the new book.

  30. I’ll come see you in Minneapolis! I cannot wait for the new book! I’d love a signed copy in September! Then I can buy more for you to sign by November!

  31. I would take any copy of anything you wanted to give me! So excited for your new book!

  32. so cool; I love Politics and Prose; can’t wait to see you in DC!

  33. Not only would i love a signed copy of your book, but I have a couch and warm cats. I just can’t tell you where to send it or to come stay, since I have to pack up my worldly goods and otherworldly amimals to move to one of thevcities you are visiting.

  34. Come back to Kansas City! I must meet you again. Hopefully this time I won’t act like a complete starstruck nerd!

  35. I have a signed copy of your first book, but didn’t get signed in person because I lived in a small town in Alabama. Now I am in Houston and get to see you in person! The decision to move to Texas looks smarter every day! (And a free copy would make it even better!)

  36. I’d totally fly to Boston from Vienna, Austria to meet you if I could get the time off… but I can’t, so I’d settle for a copy of your new book. 🙂

  37. Congrats on the new book tour! Maybe I’ll do a road trip to Atlanta and combine your signing with a visit with my nephew. He’s five and outdoorsy and would be fascinated by your taxidermy fascination. I’d love a copy of the new book in September!

  38. Oh, I wish you were going to be in Des Moines or Omaha! Minneapolis is the closest to me, and I just won’t be able to get there. Maybe next time?

  39. I would love an autographed copy of the new one! (I’d take the old one, too… I borrowed it from someone and laughed so hard I cried in Barnes and Noble while people judged me with their eyes. So I’m flexible.) I live in Charlottesville, VA, so I’m far away from all the locations!

  40. I think my previous comment has been lost in the ether. Boo.

    I would love a copy of the new book!!!

  41. YAY you’re coming to Boston!!! Already planning a ladydate with my best buds to be there!

  42. Ack, why you no come to Kansas City?!?! You should totally add KC. KC would love you. In a non-weird kind of way. Ok, can’t speak for everyone, but mostly non-weird. No town is perfect. 🙂

  43. Washington D.C. YAY!!! I will trade you two slightly used cats for your new book.

  44. I am so ridiculously excited that Furiously Happy is coming out soon! I am so happy for you, Jenny. I would love an autographed copy of the new book when it comes out.

  45. I met you in Dayton last time around – so glad you’re coming back! I’d love a copy of the new book. Also, I have a sofa and 3 cats if needed while you’re in town. 🙂

  46. Dangit! Can’t do a 4 hour round trip after work on a weeknight. At least I got to go last time. Have a wonderful tour! 🙂

  47. If you were coming to Pittsburgh I would totally be there for you! Your posts always brighten my day and make me feel less crazy! Conversely they terrify my husband (mostly because he can’t believe there’s someone else that’s on the same wavelength as me) so thanks for that too!

  48. I have cats and a couch, but probably not near enough to Chicago to be convenient. But like you said – I got four months to fix this!

    I would love a copy of the new book! I loved your first one.

  49. Can’t wait for the september release!
    It makes me furiously happy!

  50. Totally Enjoyed your last book. I totally like the cover of your new book, plus I would love a copy of your new book with your autograph. That would be like totally awesome. P.s. can you tell am from California.

  51. I am there!! I was hoping you would be coming close enough for me to drive to see you!! I can’t wait!

  52. What about San Antonio? You practically live in San Antonio and you aren’t coming here but you’re going to Austin? Boo!!!!!!

    (My guess is that I’ll do a ninja signing in San Antonio when things slow down and I can be sure that I’m not having a nervous breakdown from traveling. ~ Jenny)

  53. I’ve already pre-ordered your book! I am so excited to start planning to go see you in Boston. I may be moving closer to the city before then, but I’ve got a futon and 2 fat, fluffy cats all ready for ya! (PS- this post made me happier for real though. Today is 3 years since I entered the hospital for suicidal thoughts. I’m still here and your blog gives me strength on the sad days when I just don’t want to do it on my own anymore. Thank you. <3 )

    (I’m so glad you’re still here! And that strength goes full circle because I get it from you guys when things get tough in my own head. ~ Jenny)

  54. Would love to see you again. But you won’t be coming here. We ain’t got none of them thar book store places in the holler. : ( But I will be ordering the book which makes me furiously happy. Just have to live without your autograph on this one.

  55. Oooh! I’d love to get your new book and get it autographed. But I’ll probably be the person hiding in the bathroom or lurking in the back of the room, getting up courage to actually speak to you. I do have a couch and 2 cats, if you need them while in Milwaukee.

  56. So NOW you come to Dayton – now that I’ve moved away. Does that mean I need to move back?

  57. OMIGAWD YESSS…! But, its NYC… But OMIGAWD!
    I will risk the big city to come see you. The book’s a gift for someone who needs the reassurance (and one for myself…) and I wanna tell you how awesome you are for being perfectly insane and willing to share so us Strangelings know we arent alone. <3

  58. I shamefully do not have either of your books, and would love to rectify that! And alas you are not coming to my city. Or my country. Or indeed my continent.

  59. New Book, please! I’m in Winnipeg. And I know you’re totes good for it.


  60. Pick me! Pick me! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Barnes & Noble NYC is in my calendar for 10/15. Let’s be pathologically shy together and hide in the Children’s section and talk about all the bad parents who make us look good. K?

  61. oh my god you’re coming to my town! no one comes to my town! im so damn excited now

  62. I’ll see you in Austin and my daughter will see you in Boston! I’ve already ordered your book so you don’t have to send me one. I’m just happy happy happy I get to see you in person!

  63. Oh, I’d love to see you in Boise. It’s just a hop, skip and a jump from Seattle (Okay, there are mountains in between, but you can leap those in a single bound, now, can’t you?)

    If I had a baby, I’d totally let you sign it. Those things have got to be useful for something.

    I’d also go bonkers for a signed copy of your new book (much rather have that than a signed baby). Very excited for you. Have gobs of fun.

  64. Yay! I’ll see you in Dayton! And I’ll bring that wild woman Peggy with me again. I hope they hippopotamusing let you curse this time. Hippopotamusing hippopotamuses.

  65. Many thanks for the warning in advance. That provides ample time to to rent a truck capable of loading my somewhat 10.000 books for delivery and then to be duly signed by you … 😀 😀 😀

    Happy greetings and all success in the world!
    Salva 🙂

  66. Yes Please! I am so looking forward to reading Furiously Happy. Thank you so much for making us all feel like our crazy isn’t so crazy after all. Love You!

  67. Can’t wait to see you again!! I was the crazy person in Boston that screamed your name at you! I can’t wait to read your new book!!!

  68. I will absolutely come and since you have a couple weeks between my stop in November & your next, let’s plan to hang out at my tiny guest room & maybe various fun restaurants. Get in touch with Live Wire Radio and see if they’re recording when you’re in Portland. Telling them my name might help; we give money. I CAN HOOK YOU UP, in all kinds of ways. 🙂

  69. I can supply the warm blanket, but only if you’re cool with the fact that it’s inside out. It’s kind of crazy that way. It’s a science blanket, so that makes it extra cool… you just need to read it from the inside.

  70. Pfft none of those are even slightly near Perth West Australia! Hit me with signed copy of your new book! I promise to take it to the local cat haven and read it to all the homeless cats 🙀🙀

  71. Any chance you’ll one day bring a bit of Texas glamour to the UK? We have Benedict Cumberbatch (sometimes) and the Queen and – errrrr – shortbread and the Shipping Forecast and rain and we all drive on the wrong side of the road and say ‘crikey’ a lot.

    We even have a whole national museum of taxidermy – how can you resist our bleak, mildewed, faded empire charms?

    (I totally want to come. One day… ~ Jenny)

  72. When you come to Portland I will bring you Cajun tots but I’m fresh out of hedgehogs. But I have 6 months…

  73. I’d love a signed copy of your new book. Please send it along with some adult diapers….any brand will do. I pissed myself laughing at the last book plus, once I start reading, I’m not stopping for anything. Zombies, a fire or a bathroom break! Please come to Baltimore!

  74. I’m so happy you’re coming to Dallas proper! We’ll be there!

  75. Omg yay!!!!!!! Totally have something to look forward to! My friend and I will be there with baby hedgehogs, tator tots, whatever you need. Or maybe just vodka and a mother-effing p-i-m-p alligator!!!!

  76. I dunno, are you bringing Knives with you?
    Marking my calendar! <3

    (If I can train her to be an anxiety service dog, totally. Right now though she’s the one I’m having to calm down when we travel. ~ Jenny)

  77. If you come to Buffalo, I have a sofa and cats with your name on them. Well not yet, but we could make that happen. As long as the paint is washable.

  78. I’m sad. You aren’t coming to Michigan. If your plans change and you head this way (or even Toledo, OH) I promise I’ll show up. You won’t be alone.

  79. Shoot! I thought surely Abilene would be on your list, since we are neighbors & all! I don’t know how you could sign my audible book, anyway. There will be an audio book, won’t there?

    (Working on that one now. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  80. Doh! My ancient eyes totally read Tempe as the much nearer “Tampa” and I seriously did a happy dance right here at my desk until the voice of reason slapped me and told me that the closest you are coming is Miami, also known as “a five hour drive across the state.” I totally second Lisa and Brandi’s suggestions of a Tampa or Orlando stop…we are much less glamorous and far odder than those Miami folk.

  81. OMG Miami?!!! FINALLY!!!! and I work close there to the book signing. Count me in!!! I’m there with 2 books and probably will have nothing to say once you sign the books because I will be super nervous but excited….totally excited!

  82. Hey Jenny! I live on a rock in the Caribbean so I won’t make any of your tour dates 🙁
    But if you want to come visit my island, I have a sofa, cats, and tater tots. (Three out of four’s not bad, right? And I’m sure I can find something hedgehog-ish here on my rock if that would be an incentive.)

  83. Would love a signed copy of your first book – and will get a signed copy of your new book when you are in Toronto! 🙂

  84. oh I will be there! you’re coming to my town and no one comes to my town and I couldnt be more excited right now!

  85. Indianapolis is a great city to visit! Would love a signed copy of your book! Loved the last one!

  86. Holy crow – I might need a matched set. My mom won’t give your first book back to me…

  87. to bad.. I’m on the wrong continent. never the less, I’m glad that you finished a new book 🙂

  88. When up come to Portland I will bring you Cajun tots, but I am fresh out if hedgehogs. But I have 6 months…

  89. If you can work Raleigh, NC into your schedule, I will happily provide the sofa, cats, and tater tots. Not sure where I would get the hedgehogs, but it sounds like a project I could handle. A copy of your book, autographed or otherwise, would make me furiously happy.

  90. If only you were coming closer to my area… Not your fault, no one WANTS to come to West Virginia… Good luck with the tour! Have a great time.

  91. I shall be seeing you in Portland and know that I love your writing and you make me smile sometimes when I dont want too but I need to. Thank you for being you because you help the rest of struggling through daily life if work, husbands, kids, family and friends!

  92. Me, me, me! Pick me!

    Also, you need to come to Detroit. It’s nice, I promise.

  93. I totally want a signed copy of Furiously Happy! Also, we have two sofas and three cats, one of whom just had half her jaw and a huge tumor removed this week. So she’s a little wonky but is super sweet (and will hopefully drool less by the time you get here). I know you appreciate wonkiness.

  94. So excited that you’re coming to Atlanta! Putting you on my calendar now. I don’t have any cats, but I do have a guest room and two really stupid dogs if that works. YAY!!!

  95. Please come to Philadelphia or southern NJ! I will bring my cats and cake, or a cake in the shape of a cat, whatever it takes to get you here…

  96. I would love to see you in person. Unfortunately, I will be back working in Antarctica at the time. Sigh… I would love a signed copy of your new book though.

  97. If I’m not in the hospital having the fruit basket removed from my vijayjay I’ll definitely be there!

    (…and by fruit basket, I mean, I don’t actually have a fruit basket that I’m caring around in my vijajay…that would be uncomfortable…and weird….but I have fibroids the size of various fruits that need to be removed. But the doctor said I can’t swim for 6 weeks after surgery and I mean seriously? It’s about to be June. In Texas. Not being allowed in a pool over the summer is a nonstarter in my opinion. Wait…have I gone off track with this conversation??????)

  98. Oh I am so going to come to Dallas to see you. But…if you’d like to add Amarillo to you list I can offer you peanut butter pie and snuggles from my goat George. He’s old, crippled, and possibly immortal and very sweet. Stinky but sweet.

  99. I have a couch and cats if you need a place between Chicago and Milwaukk. For real I live and about halfway. Burlington, WI. I also own a 7 year old and an ancient miniature poodle. And my house is an antique and I am an borderline material hoarder. 😉 you can still see the floor Anand I don’t save dirty diapers in my bathrooms and all my bathrooms work and are clean, most of the time. But I would totally clean them for you. I would even be happy to cook for you. Do I sound to needy or stalkerish? So pick me to stay with. I have real beds too that you can sleep on so you are forced to use the couch.

  100. I can’t wait for you to meet me in Milwaukee! Hey, that should be a song.

  101. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy! And I’m excited to see you in Atlanta. I have a comfy couch with the most luscious blankets, and am cat-friendly but presently only have a dog and a snake as pets.

  102. I would love an autographed copy of the new book 🙂 no Detroit love though? (that’s okay – no one ever comes to Detroit. #PlaysTinyViolin)

  103. You know, if you just send me a signed copy of your book, either one will do, then we both can just stay at home and not interact with other people. Everyone wins!

  104. Ooooo so exciting, sad you are not coming to more Canadian cities! Toronto is soooo far away, maybe I’ll make it, but I doubt it 😞. Love you Jenny! So excited for your new book! You are my hero 😀

  105. Already have a signed copy on your last book. Hoping you come to the Charlotte area again and I can get the new one signed too.

  106. Alas, you’re not coming to Boise so I can’t offer you our four at, two dog couch. But I will hopefully be buying the new book soon.
    Thank you for all you do and good luck!

  107. cry Nobody thinks to come to Omaha.

    Oh well. Hope the tour is fun and stress free!

  108. Jenny + new book + Chicago stop = happy momma! Can’t wait to see you in the Big Windy. My couch is all yours if you want it. I mean, you know, to use, not to actually take with you.

  109. I’m going to have to figure out whether I want to drive from Tampa to Atlanta or Miami, but this time I am going to come, so I can get my old book, and the new one signed!

  110. Totally coming to the Washington, DC leg of the tour! I cannot wait. I loved Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and I am really looking forward to reading Furiously Happy!
    Betty Behrens

  111. I am def going to try to come to the one in my area and I have a couch with cats who love to love on people.

  112. None of these places are in Australia.
    I would love your new book.

    (But in my defense, Australia is totally in the new book. Now to find a way to get my new book to Australia. ~ Jenny)

  113. omg yay Houston!! I’ll def come and I’ll bring a kitten, and some booze cause that’s how we do. Also I’m totally buying your new book but I need a hard copy of your old one cause I can’t keep looking at my crotch and laughing. It’s getting me weird looks damnit. (I read on my phone in my lap)

  114. I’d love a copy of the new book!
    (And just know that if you add more dates, Louisville KY loves you. Plus, we have bourbon slushies.)

  115. I’ll see you at Bookpeople in Austin! 🙂 I’ve already pre-ordered the book, but I’m sure I can find another (or many other) books to purchase from Bookpeople as a thanks for hosting you! 🙂

  116. That’s it! I’m moving! Your book signing schedule has my lowly geography surrounded by about 8 hours in every direction. I truly do live in the middle of nowhere.
    I’ll see you in Atlanta, er, Denver, or St. Louis, or Nashville…I’m still deciding where to live.
    Congrats Jennie!!

  117. Yes! Yes, I DO want an autographed copy of your book!


    Either one. Both. And/or a placeholder on a signed copy of your THIRD book (speculatively titled, “But It Followed Me HOME, Victor!”), Come The Day.

  118. I’m in Dallas –so you’d save postage. I’ll love the new one, and a signed copy would be amazing. I’ll read it to my cat every evening. Unless she’d prefer Dr. Suess.

  119. Will this be released in Australia on September 22? Because my boyfriend gave me your first book, and his birthday is on the 25th, which will give me three days to read it before gifting it to him 🙂

  120. I have a big couch … and 3 cats … just sayin … when you are in Boston I can hook you up … all for the low low price of a signed book 😉

  121. You’re not coming to my town (Lexington, KY) which is too bad because I could have provided the sofa full of warm cats. I foster kittens for my local Humane Society and always have a crop of warm, furry stress-relievers on hand. Maybe you could hand-deliver my autographed copy of the new book and get some kitten therapy while you’re here.

  122. I am conveniently located about half way between Milwaukee and Minneapolis AND I totally have a couch. Come crash, leave a signed copy of you book if you would like 😃

  123. Yay!! I will definitely come see you in Atlanta – and I have a sofa. And cats. And some big dogs, to boot. And anxiety meds. And wine. I’m very supportive. 🙂

  124. I would love to receive a copy of Furiously Happy, and I’m so excited that you’re coming to Atlanta! I have a comfy couch and several of the most luscious blankets; while we are cat-friendly, we only have a dog and python as pets right now, though.

  125. We have a couch for you. We even have a spare bed in a spare room if you want privacy. And we live about two miles from your 12/7 engagement.

    The (metaphorical) door is always open, and the (real) light’s on in the hall. . . .

  126. You’re coming to Atlanta!! Yay! I can mark meeting you off my bucket list!

  127. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. Ohmygod. You are not just coming to my town, you are coming to my NEIGHBORHOOD. I am fan-girling! Eeeeeee!

  128. Oh yay! Thank you for coming to San Francisco for my birthday week!
    I’ll be there with bells on. Or cats. Whatever you need.

  129. If you find yourself in Des Moines between the Minneapolis and STL, I have a couch and two cats. Also my name is Jenny so it would be just like you were sitting here talking to Yourself. So, bonus. I don’t have any taxidermied shit, but I do have a framed picture of Steve Gutenberg and a picture of a Mermicorn (mermaid unicorn) that my niece drew me on my shelf, so…..

    I’d love your new book!

  130. I’m soooo excited you’re coming to Dallas!! And I would LOVE a signed copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!! The first time I read it, a friend loaned me her copy….and I just re-read a copy from the library, in anticipation for your new book….so I need my own copy of your first book!! See you in September! (I’ve used too many exclamation marks, but I’m so excited…I just can’t help myself!!!!!)

  131. I don’t have cats, but my dog has a terrible superiority complex and a horse that just doesn’t give a shit. We could hit the pharmacy drive-thrus with bad ticks and ask if they’ve got “our stuff ready for mass consumption.” I’d be happy with just a signed piece of paper covered in ‘fuck you’s. (and my husband would like to say a sarcastic ‘thank you’ for making me obsessed with giant metal animals. My Gunther, however, salutes you.

  132. damn it, the only Canadian stop is Toronto. I’m not sure that even counts as Canada.
    Come to Vancouver? I’ll bring tater tots.

  133. You should be careful about asking for tater tots in Minnesota…someone’s bound to bring you tater tot hot dish, and that’s not good for anyone. ☺

  134. Huzzah!! Boston on the 17th of Oct. I will be there (despite it being my kid’s 11th birthday). So, so happy you’re coming here!!!

  135. I am so glad you’re coming to Austin! Also, I have a sofabed and two cats – come stay with me! 🙂 I definitely want an autographed copy of your new book but since you’re coming to my town, I’ll get one from you myself. Send the free one to someone who can’t get there to see you. 🙂

  136. I cannot wait for your new book!
    I’m trying to decide if I can figure out the metro in order to meet you.

  137. I want a copy of your old book! I will come to see you when the new one is released!

  138. OMG I’M SO EXCITED! I CAN ACTUALLY COME MEET YOU THIS TIME! And I have a couch, but it’s more like a chair, and no cats unfortunately, but you’re welcome to it all the same.

  139. I really wish you were coming a bit closer to central Florida. I have 3 cats you could snuggle and a dog who thinks she’s a cat ’cause she’s convinced the cats are her babies. She even tries to purr. It’s funny. I loved your first book, it helped me to know I wasn’t alone. There were a few times when I thought maybe we were long lost family. Love that you’ve got another book coming out. 🙂

  140. I’m just so happy to finally live in a town that matters! I read people’s concert t-shirts, fervently hoping that my hometown will be on them. Now that I live in a city, we made the list! THINGS ACTUALLY HAPPEN HERE!!!

  141. Sign me up for the new book! I can’t wait. Already have your Miami date on my calendar.

  142. You’ve nearly sent me into a laughter induced coma on many occasions. I can’t wait to battle Atlanta traffic to see you! =D (If you have ever driven through Atlanta then this should highlight just how much I enjoy your writing.) Into the breach! Give no quarter!

  143. You’re coming to Minneapolis on my birthday. I couldn’t be more excited! Instead of bringing a party, I’ll bring you a cupcake and trade you for an autograph.

  144. i hope one day you come to the Land of Cleves (Cleveland) because none of those places are close for me to meet you, which I would love to do. In the interim I would also love a signed copy of anything you’d want to send me, but especially your new book! I cannot wait to read it!!!

  145. Looking forward to seeing you at Half Price, whether I win an autograph or not!

  146. Yay!!!! Can’t wait to meet you! See you in Nashville in September.

  147. Awesome, awesome!! So glad you’re coming to Atlanta!! And I’ll bring you that cake I promised!! And if you want to, you can spend the night (or nights!) in the ghost room at our cabin (it’s actually a guest room, but it’s kind of spooky so we call it the ghost room). We’re between cats at the moment, but we have an awesome dog named Louie! And I would LOVE a signed copy of your new book, please!

  148. Closest to me is atlanta and I won’t be able to go in September 🙁

  149. I just woke up and was very groggy. But then I saw your post. I am now wide awake and super happy to see you’re coming to Milwaukee (and right around my birthday)!! So yes, I’ll be there.

    Have you ever been to Milwaukee (or Wisconsin) before? If not, I may have to bring cheese curds.

  150. I’d love a signed copy of the new book! I’ve already pre-ordered it, would it be easier for you to sign the book plates like last time? That’s what I have on my copy of the first book. 🙂

  151. I’m so excited!!! Cannot wait to read your new book and see you in person!

  152. I would be so honored if you chose to bestow an autographed copy of your new book upon me. Sad you won’t be coming to San Diego though. Hm, maybe I can convince the husband to take a mini vacation that just happens to coincide with one of your tour stops. Yes, this may have to happen.

  153. Holy crap. You’re coming to where I live! Of course I’ll be there! Please send a signed copy of either of your books. I gave Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to the library where I work. Or, since you’re coming to where I live if I’m not selected I’ll just buy my own copy and your new book and bring them to get them signed.

    I’ll also bring the library’s copy. The library needs its copy signed. It told me so.

  154. too bad i will be on much needed vacation when you are in nyc. I would love a copy of the new book.

  155. I totally want your new book!! I also have a couch and two cats if you still need them!

  156. Oh I would love a signed copy of your new book! And I would love to come see you in Austin. I don’t even have to move! Well, I mean, I have to MOVE from my house to BookPeople. But I don’t have to move houses. Well, I could. I mean, nothing is stopping me. Except home prices. And the fact that I love my house. But to see YOU in Austin, I would only have to get in my car and move IN A VEHICLE from my car to BookPeople.

    So . . .

    Where’s my coffee?

  157. The closest city to me is DC, and that is 3 hours away. (7 with the typical traffic). If driving in DC traffic didn’t utterly terrify me…. and the social anxiety… and the crowds…. But I’d really like an autographed copy…

  158. A new book?!?! You’re writing a new book?!?! I’ll bring my cats, my hedgehogs and my couch for you to sign!

    See you in Santa Cruz in December!

  159. Looks like I will see you 12/7! I am so excited! I was at your signing in San Angelo for ‘Let’s Pretend…’ and it was such a treat. You are a beautiful person. Good luck with the tour.

  160. Don’t see my town on your list! But if you decide to visit here, I can promise you a deep philosophical conversation with my budgie Jack. (And me.)

    Good luck with your tour!

  161. OMG I am so excited!!! I get to FINALLY meet you!! But this means I actually have to buy the book instead of getting it on my Kindle… But that is ok!! I might smile WAAAYYYY to big and REALLY want to give you a hug! I might also have 2 kids hanging off of me looking like I am bit-shit insane, But I WILL see you in Houston! I JUST let my boss know I will be taking a half day!! SO SO SO excited! Samantha!!

  162. Wow. That is an amazing book tour! I hope I can meet you in Denver, but it’s my sister’s birthday. I might be able to swing by between dinner and cake… 🙂

  163. Need A Signed Copy Of THE New one! Unless u add a date in NC (pretty please)!!!!!!!!

  164. You should totally come to Richmond VA — we can provide a comfy couch, five cuddly cats and a warm blanket. And my partner’s anxiety meds. And I’m really good at using the Alphabet Game to take folks through a panic attack or high anxiety.

  165. Come to Jacksonville, I decided. I have a 12 foot metal horse at my HomeGoods if you need incentive. Also, I would LOVE a signed copy of your first book!! It’s on my kindle, but real is better.

  166. Oh no. You’re not coming to Europe again. Don’t you like us? Are you avoiding us? TELL US THE TRUTH, JENNY, WE DESERVE TO KNOW.

  167. I’d love a signed copy of the old one – as you’re coming to my neck of the woods, and I’ll come visit you there, schill out money for a copy of the new one, grab another signature, and then I’ll have collected them all….like Pokemon!

  168. Jenny, you can kick your tour off right in Atlanta my awesome brother and sister in law live there. It’s the human equivalent of hot chocolate after a freezing cold day. Match made in heaven. They would wrap you up in awesomeness! Buying your book and wishing you would make a stop in Winnipeg, don’t underestimate how much is middle continent people need you!

  169. While this is delightful, why don’t you ever come to South Carolina?

  170. If you send me a signed book in September, will you sign my bellybutton in October? I would totally travel to Chicago or Denver or Minneapolis for a signed bellybutton.

  171. Oooh–near enough to Seattle, and I have a sofa, acre of quiet and a furiously happy dog! I’m READY!

  172. Getting into DC is … “complicated” … for me. 🙂 But I’d love a copy of your new book. Even if I don’t win it, I look forward to reading it.

  173. I need a copy of your new book. Bonus, I live halfway between Dayton and Chicago. 😀

  174. Me! Me! Me! Pick me! Pick Me! Pick Me! Oooh! Ooooh! Oooh!
    hand waves frantically in the air

    (Thought processs– maybe if I’m annoying enough Jenny will pick me just to shut me up).

  175. We just moved from Denver to Des Moines, IA because of husband’s work. I’m a total fish out of water and your book and blog are one of the only things keeping me laughing (when I’m not crying). I’m home alone with 3 little ones all day. Please dear god, come to Des Moines so I can see you!!! Tattered Cover has been my favorite book store for ages and I am dying that I can’t see you there.

  176. I hope you make it over to the UK at some point, although if you’re going to turn into a badger best to avoid us as we’re busy culling them all.

  177. Yay, Canada made the list!! I will be there, wouldn’t miss it, Booking my flights this weekend 🙂 And I would love an autographed copy of your current book! it has saved me many times in those days I locked my self in the bathroom or closet at peoples houses, and on those days I couldn’t leave mine.

  178. Aww, I’d love to come see you in St. Louis but I can’t handle the parking situation at Left Bank. I’ll still buy a book though! 🙂

  179. would LOVE a signed copy of your latest book, I would even trade you a bag of hedgehogs. . if I had a bag of hedgehogs.

  180. How fun a book tour! Wish you were popping up to Vancouver to meet your many fans here. May have to arrange a girls trip to come see you. Would be pleased as a raccoon in a garbage can to receive either of your autographed books. AND if you decide to add spectacular Vancouver to your tour my couch has blankets and cats. Would happily serve you hedgehogs and tater tots (though perhaps best not combined on the baking sheet or …?)

  181. Yay! Can’t wait to read your new book! And you’re coming to St. Louis!

  182. I just moved 4 hours away from Denver…4 hours through the mountains…and you are coming in November…when snow comes…so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it but I’m sure gonna try. And I would love, love, love a copy of your new book. Since I just moved I had to spend way too much $$ on stuff that I shouldn’t have had to…like boxes and bubble wrap…I think their should be a bubble wrap recycling center so I shouldn’t have had to buy any…just a thought this early in the morning =)

  183. I totally need a signed copy of your new book to complete my collection of signed Jenny Lawson books. Furiously Happy is the only one I don’t have.

    I also have a couch and 7 cats you can use while in the San Francisco/Santa Cruz area

  184. Jenny, If you can commit yourself to all those tour dates, then the least I can do is come and see you! I admire your bravery, because I know that this will not be easy for you. I am looking forward to meeting you in Atlanta.

  185. I would love a signed copy of FURIOUSLY HAPPY! And I am really hoping that I will be able to come see you either in Wichita or Dallas!

  186. You’ll be in my state on my favorite date? I’m in! See you there! 11/11

  187. Aw, I’m a sad girl that you won’t be in KC this time around, but at least I got to see you last time. Enjoy your tour!

  188. Jenny, I have tater tots in my freezer right now. You’re welcome to them, and my comfy couch, and my snuggly doggies, if you’ll add Cleveland to your list. Or if you just want to visit. It’s pretty awesome.

  189. I have a hedgehog. Her name is Waehilde the Hedgehog(witch). But she’s not terribly cuddly. Mostly pokey. And I’d love a copy of your new book signed.

  190. Oh my goodness, so furiously happy to have you in Nashville!!!!

  191. I would love to have an autographed copy of your new book! I have the other book, but, well, it’s not autographed, but I loved it.

  192. Shit shit SHIT! I saw Huntsville, ALABAMA and for a sweet split second I thought it was my poor sad little Huntsville. No one comes to ARKANSAS. No blog conferences, no book signings, no concerts. So while I wallow in my misery, please send me an autographed copy of pretty much anything, although I would love the new book.

    I love you even though you won’t be sleeping on my couch with my cat. (I ALSO HAVE A FERRET IF THAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE!)

  193. I will see you in Boston. I’ll bring my social anxieties, you bring yours, they can have a playdate.

  194. How about an 8nternational Google hangout for the rest of the World?

  195. I want them both, because I’m Furiously Greedy!! Seriously, so excited about this book!! We speak BLOGGESS at my house, ALL the time. COME. TO. LITTLE ROCK!! Please! Or I’ll try to see you in TX. But without the landmark GPS, I’m totally FUCKED!!!! You have a serious following here!! Smooches!!

  196. I have a couch and a cat and access to tater tots. I can get more with a few days notice. The hedgehog may prove difficult, but I can let you borrow my fez or hardhat if that will help. I can offer taxi service to the Land of Pears. Thank you for coming back to Houston!!!

  197. I am so glad you are coming to Mpls! Cannot wait to meet you. And, heck if I could get a signed copy of your new book by leaving a comment, I’d be rather grateful for that as well. See you in November!

  198. Seems like a perfectly legit reason for a roadtrip to Boston or NYC. Just need to get a copy of your new book too! Although I love the first audio book, I often suggest it at the library I work in.

  199. I’ve got your first book with your autographed note card I sent away glued to the inside cover with unreliable rubber cement. It keeps falling out when I loan your book to people so I’d love to have a copy of your new book with an autograph that I don’t have to worry about people stealing. Because my friends are shady.

  200. I just don’t know how I’m going to make it to September. WANT!

  201. Totally wish I lived closer to one of your touring cities! 🙁 boo

  202. I wish you had a stop in San Antonio. But I’ll be in Austin!!

  203. How about Madison WI? Huge reading town, close to Milwaukee, loads of our bookclubs here read your book, you can just zip over here, have some cheese curds and beer, sign some books…I’m just sayin’

  204. Your really should consider a visit to New Orleans…. I’m pretty sure we will have nicer November weather than say, Minnesota… You should see them in September…. We will take their spot…

  205. How nice that you are coming to Chicago on a Sunday! I hate driving in the city during the work week. I will try to get there. Either way, I’m buying the new book. After reading the first one, I sent copies to several family members.

  206. I live close enough to Atlanta I should be able to make it. And I want to throw my cat into the ring for a book 🙂

  207. I saw you in Naperville, IL 2 years ago and I fangirled really hard (near-tears). I still can’t believe my anxiety levels allowed me to go see you and talk to you- all by myself. You signed my boob and when I shakily asked if you would, you acted like you were honored to. Thank you so much. You’ll never know what it meant to me. Now that I’m in Dallas I hope I can see you again in September.

  208. I’ll just hope for Little Rock to be added to that list. In the meantime, congrats on the tour and I hope you find lots of cat-blankets on your travels!

  209. wordpress won’t let go of my email. So I’m trying an anonymous post. I am furiously happy that your new book is coming out : D.

    (It does that to me too. I wish I could disable it. Just use a new (or made up) email and it’ll work without having to remember your old wordpress password. ~ Jenny)

  210. Tator tots… and a new book… that sounds like a winning combination… Man, it’s 8:30 am and now i’m hungry for tots… crunch… salty… tots… Thanks for inspiring millions to eat tots… But mostly thank you for your inspiring words!

  211. I don’t want no stinkin FREE book!! You will take my money and you will like it!! I’m Furiously Happy you’re coming back to Atlanta!

  212. I’m anxiously awaiting your visit to Chicago. I will be there with tatertots and maybe some cats. We’ll see how many I can catch in our alley. (I’d also LOVE a signed copy of Furiously Happy!)

  213. The nearest one is 3 hours away. On my birthday. On a Sunday late afternoon. I don’t know that I could get back in time to work the next day. I wonder if that would be a valid excuse to miss work? Maybe if I loan my boss my copy of your first book so they understand how awesome you are? Either way, I will definitely have to get your next one!

  214. I’ve added you to my calendar for the Dallas show. My couch and my cat are always at your disposal.

  215. See you in DC on Oct 12. The day before my 13th wedding anniversary. I promise to leave my husband at home.

  216. Yes!!!! When you came to ATX on your last tour, I so wanted to come, but I was in the hospital having a baby and those docs wouldn’t let me just go down the road and hang out for a bit. Rude. 😉 This time I’ll be there!

  217. My bestie and I will see you in Huntsville! We are soooo excited! Wonder if they’ll let us borrow a ticket for a quick orbit?

  218. Hoping you’ll come back to Cincinnati! I have two cats and a couch with no cushions – the dog ate them. (She didn’t eat the cats, just the couch.) I would love an autographed copy of your new book!

  219. I wish you were coming to Pittsburgh. If you have never been here, it’s a great city and I recommend that you check it out. If you pick me, I will take a signed copy of your new book since I already own your first book. Looking forward to reading!!

  220. You’re not coming to Philly 🙁 But since I’m getting married on October 10 I think the next best gift (the first being my future husband, of course) is a signed copy of your new book. Please?

  221. So excited you are hitting Minneapolis, and you’re in the calendar so the universe can’t conspire against me. And there usually isn’t snow here yet then. And I have three cats and a couch guaranteed to put you to sleep. Or a bed, Whichever.

  222. Make me Furiously Happy! O oooo…pick me! Would love to have the new book signed by you!

  223. No Detroit? I promise it’s not that scary, we only stab people once or twice a day, five times at most. Plus we have fun college towns full of hipsters to make fun of. No? Well then I guess I’ll just have to put myself in the running for an autographed copy of your new book.

  224. Please, please say you are going to come to Canada at some point during your book promo tour! More specifically Winnipeg!!!

  225. You’re coming to St Louis! I can now prove we aren’t the same person!

    And yes please a book. I trade. I have five cats including one with no hind legs which you have to see!! And a quiet place. If you need it. <3

  226. Yay! You are coming close enough to me that I can see you! (Dayton, OH) Shoop-de-Whoop!! I have to wait until October though, bummer. 🙂

  227. Yay!! You are coming to Toronto!! I will totally come see you! Do you need me to bring you anything? Coffee? Vodka? Snacks? A basket of kittens?

  228. Woo hoo, see you in Milwaukee. I am allergic to cats, so could I bring a different animal? I would love anything autographed by you! Books, weird stuffed animals, etc….

  229. On behalf of everyone in the metro Detroit area – what the hell, man? There’s like seven million of us! And have you been up north in Michigan? The amount of things up there that are and can be stuffed is mind-boggling.

    I can offer: a pick up from DTW in a limo that says “THIS LIMO CONTAINS THE MOTHERFUCKING BLOGGESS”, accommodations in my stale yet practical suburban Detroit home, a meet and greet with my affectionate geriatric cat Clifford, transportation to and bodyguard services at your signing ( your security code name: “jester”), an authentic Polish dinner in Hamtramck, and a Snickers bar.

  230. I am so so so excited you are coming to Toronto! Will totally be there! I will be the one jumping up and down in excitement but instead looking like I need to pee 🙂

  231. I’ve got a sofa and about 34 stuffed socks that my daughter thinks look like dolls. She’s named them and everything. Please swing by on your way to Toronto.

  232. I have three cats (it’s a mad house) and an old sofa. Come on over!

  233. <3 I’m 281 miles from Portland and 355 from San Francisco, but I have three cats.

  234. YAY, you are coming to St. Louis. I’ve marked the calendar. Figuratively, of course….no one used paper calendars anymore, do they? We’ll save some blankets and cats for you.

  235. I would love a copy of your new book. I would also love for you to visit Vegas. Everyone always visits Vegas on their tours…except you! I even have a guest room!

  236. Thank you for coming to Toronto! I have a couch and cat, make yourself at home.

  237. I can’t wait to see you again! I almost peed my pants during your reading when you came to see us in San Diego.

    Hugs Jenny!

  238. Send a book. Or a shrubbery. You don’t have to sign the shrubbery.

  239. When you come to Portland, I have a sofa and a cat. Just sayin’. I can’t help with the bag of hedgehogs but I can totally make tater tots.

  240. I have cats & tatertots. I live close enough to DC to make this happen. It totally figures that it’s a holiday so I normally wouldn’t go anywhere near the city, but I WILL just to come see you!

  241. Definitely going to rally the ladies and come stalk………..I mean, come see you! 🙂 Maybe we’ll kidnap you and take you to Shabu Shabu while you’re in Porter Square, Boston (technically, it’s Cambridge).

  242. Toronto!!! It is five hours away…but this Capital city gal is gonna do her darndest to get there!
    (Happy Raccoon signed book…please…and thank you…because I am Canadian and polite!)

  243. Sending as many people as I can your way for the Nashville stop!

  244. I’m shocked Huntington, WV isn’t on that list. We are after all a booming metropolis much like the other cities on the list. Come here though and I can give you a real bed, tater tots, and the bunnies and squirrels who occupy my lawn. I shared your first book with so many people. Can’t wait to read the second!

  245. Yay another book! I wouldn’t mind the previous signed copy though;)

  246. Yay! Please come to San Diego if you can. We have two nutty cats and two relatively sane and magical kids. You can stay with us:). My fiance thinks suspects that I may secretly be you. But then I ask “then who do you think Victor is? My imaginary voice of reason who is so obviously incorrect about things?” I am studying to be a doctor of Eastern Medicine so have no money and float just a little off the ground. Please send me your new book. I will slip it in with my textbooks and everyone at school will now know that I am truly a bit broken and totally magical✨

  247. You can have my sofa. I don’t have any cats but there’s a raccoon that keeps climbing our back deck and asking for nachos.

  248. SO EXCITED!!!! When I read the first part of your post I figured I’d have to drive a few hours to wherever your closest stop was, but you’re actually coming to Huntsville!! I did a happy dance in my office. You’re welcome to my couch, blankets, and my very sweet if slightly nervous german shepherd. No cats unfortunately, but with the 4 month window I’ll see what I can do. YAY!!!!!

  249. Wait. You’re not coming to Waco? Harrumph, grumble grumble.

  250. Can I start a kickstarter to get a visit to NC added to the tour list?
    I would love an autographed copy of the new book for a friend. I’ve already order one for me and one for my sister so I’m officially tapped out of my Bloggess-budgeted money for the month

  251. If you come to PA, I will let you sign my tit!!! (Or my forehead)

  252. The closest you will be to me is chicago, which is about 3 hours away (twe measure distance by time in the Midwest lol) we have been wanting to take a trip to chicago though….maybe i can convince my boyfriend we need to go in october 🙂 I would loooove a signed copy of the new book! I will totally bring you tater tots, and possibly cats!

  253. DC, on a federal holiday! Too bad I can’t bring cats on the Metro. And tatertots would probably get soggy. But,you’re welcome to come visit after the signing. I even found a place that sells giant roosters.

  254. I would love a copy of either book. I read the first one already, but I’d like to indoctrinate some other people by spreading the good word. Also, can you come to Albuquerque?

  255. How exciting about your book tour! Nowhere on the list is close to me, but I do have a couple couches and SO MANY CATS (ok, three cats, but sometimes that seems like SO MANY; you understand). The cats and I would love a signed copy of either book.

    Side note: the cats would also like to nap, some food, and to step on you with their little pokey feets so that you pay attention to them because that’s how they roll; if you’re up for any of that, feel free to come join the party over here (we are in between NYC and Boston! Just sayin’!). Have a great tour! =^-^=

    P.s. I’m still recovering from the maths in yesterday’s post

  256. PORTLAND! Yes! Sofa available, cat free, but 2 children who might snuggle with you. Hell, I would snuggle with you. Only one bathroom though so you couldn’t go lock yourself in there. You probably want to stay somewhere else. It’s ok. I’ll still come stand in a bigass line for the woman that added “douchecanoe” to my vocabulary.

  257. Woohoo!!! Dallas!!!!
    I have cats & a sofa for you…. and if that isn’t enough, a friend has a pet raccoon… We could even sew some jams for her to wear (if you are feeling nostalgic). 🙂

  258. You’re coming to Wisconsin! I’m beyond excited. I would love a copy of your first book, because I seem to give them away as fast as I buy them (it’s my litmus test-I can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t get your humor). Plus I’ve already pre-ordered Furiously Happy…

  259. Yay! You’ll be in Wisconsin! I’d love to win a signed copy of your new book….I loved your last book!

  260. Would love to come, but it would cost me about 100 (or more) of your books. But maybe you’ll find your way to Europe (preferably Austria) once? Anyways, feel free to send me a signed copy, I will accept this as an apology for not crossing the big sea.

  261. Ack! I’d love a signed copy of the new book. I already have the first one. It’s not signed, but it was still hilarious!

  262. I’m so excited about your new book and I hope I get to see you in the fall!

  263. If you decide to make Orlando a worthy destination, I have 2 couches and 3 cats. If you need someone to help make the theme parks less stressful I would gladly lend myself (at no cost) to be your personal guide through Disney or Universal.

  264. I will be there. However i have a sad story. The Love of my life man of my dreams of 13 years. Threw away my signed copy of “Let’s Pretend” I was in KC and it was one of the top most best 10 days of my life, meeting you hearing your read being touched byt the same struggle. and i was with my best girls. Later i found out we were on board with #3,(i can’t help being irresistible, and the swimmer slipped through the goalie) we had to move bc we exceeded the capacity of our home well I’m 9 mths pregnant. So my husband purged the following in the move. I could not help as i was working and he is a Stay at home dad with 3 kids and I’m the bread winner. So he tossed the following: 2 dressers since we not have closets, book shelf, about 30 kids books, toys, bikes, lawn furniture, waffle iron, food processor, my jewelry box with jewelry in it, coats, clothing, toys, wedding bands and engagement ring, and most important MY SIGNED COPY OF LETS PRETEND.I didn’t even finish it. i mean one cant Laugh out loud without peeeing. So I will be in Minneapolis to see you to replace my most prized possession.

  265. Please come to Indianapolis! But, if not… I’d love Furiously Happy with your and/or one of the cats’ signatures. Whichever. 🙂

  266. Best news to wake up to! November 13th…I’ve got my nifty countdown widget going now and I’ll see you in 189 days, Weeeeeee!

  267. If you need some cat time, I have a couch and two cats… And I’m halfway between Milwaukee and Minneapolis. Plus I have a metal chicken and Home Goods is a block away, so it’ll feel like home.

  268. Toronto! Awesome, I’m totally making my mom come with me. We both read your first book, one time we were trying to retell the story of you with the kitchen drawers to my dad, but we were both laughing so hard, that he just kept looking at us strangely and i don’t think he ever figured out what happened. 🙂

  269. Long time worshiping… first time commenting: All Hail The Bloggess! I am beside myself with Joy that you will be here in Do-Dah (aka Wichita, Ks.) on November 6th… in my freakin’ neighborhood… at my local bookstore (Watermark)! Joy, my other self and I cannot wait to read your new book. Oh, I should probably tell you… Joy is the name of my big metal chicken. Maybe you could sign him? I’ll bring him with me to the signing but, he probably won’t get out of the car. He has become quite the introvert after losing his waddle a few years ago.

  270. SA would have been easier but I Might be able to swing Austin.
    So glad I read the comment about you making the audio book! I loved the last one 😀

  271. I would love a signed copy! If we’re not selected, and none of these signings is closeby, will there be an option to get a signed but not personalized copy?

  272. So excited you’re coming to Boston! Can’t wait to see you!

  273. Dude, I live in Detroit and you can totally stay at my house if you sign books here. I promise not to be too weird, just weird enough to make you feel safe with your tribe. Also, I could potentially (actually) get you a place to read and sign here if Michigan is something you are interested in. Let me know!

  274. I want a book! I will come see you in Austin! Will you sign my naked GI Joe? (He’s not truly naked, he has his boots on, like any good Texan.) If it is an either/or thing… and I am the amazing winner… I want the signed book! GI Joe is my brother’s anyway – but I’ve held him hostage for years. I post pictures of him on Facebook.
    I think all of us at my library will be coming to see you in Austin.
    Apparently library employees like posts about dead stuff.
    Or just your writing. It is pretty awesome. I’m recommending your books to our bibliographers.
    Everyone should request them at their local libraries!
    Okay, I’m just excited. I’ll be the one holding the naked GI Joe. Please don’t have them remove me.

  275. So glad you’re coming to Minnesota. We are the home of the Tater Tot Hotdish so we’ve got your taters covered. I’ll work on the hedgehogs.

  276. OMGoodness! I am totally making the 4 hour treck to Boston just to have you sign my pre-ordered book. Once there I will most likely turn into that crazy shy person who stumbles through a run on sentence about how I forgot to bring a pen (and or the book). Even though most likely pens will be provided and I could just buy a second book as we are in a bookstore. sigh I adore the first book it has been passed around to all of my friends and family and is in very loved shape now it has brought cheer to some dark days and for that I as well as all of them say thank you for doing what you do and having the courage to put your triumphs on paper for the world!!

  277. Yay! I look forward to meeting you when you come to Dallas!

    I have two spotted leopard geckos. They are not warm and fuzzy. They are reptilely and a bit cold and their fingernails are prickly and they lick their eye balls and sleep all day. If they get scared, they drop their tails. I have not seen them do this yet, but I’ve heard it’s quite impressive to see a detached tail jerking all around going, “Hey! Look at me! Try and eat me! Don’t eat that gecko that is running away because that part doesn’t taste good. But I’m delicious, so nibble on me!” Actually a friend said it happened to her gecko and she said it was pretty disgusting to watch a twitching tail and then it took months for the new tail to grow back. I do have a couch, though! And a blanket. I’d recommend putting the blanket on your arms before letting the geckos walk on you so it’s less prickly. And I promise they only lick their own eye balls. That would be one humdinger of a greeting…. “Nice to meet you! Ok, would you please take off your glasses?” LICK Maybe it’s best if I just leave them in their tanks while you are visiting. 🙂

  278. You have made my Thursday! I am so excited you’ll be in Seattle and Portland!!! I’m giddy with excitement AND Furiously Happy!!! XO

  279. I was sick and couldn’t come see you last time you were in Toronto; I really hope I can come this time!

  280. I need more Bloggess in my brain! New book, me, me me!!’

  281. SQUEEE!!! I have a very sweet little dog that will be happy to provide love and adoration in exchange for scritches when you visit DC. 🙂 Just let me know. And I have a guest room.


  282. You just made my morning. Oct 3rd in Miami is ON THE CALENDAR. And the calendar never lies.
    (Unless it says I have to be in an Accounts Receivables meeting. And, then it’s definitely lying.)

  283. Yay! Pasadena on a Sunday, the only day where it is viable to drive from Orange County to Pasadena!

  284. I’m way closer to Philly or Baltimore, but since I went to school in NYC and miss the city terribly, I will make the drive if I have to. But you better still be there when I get there. I’ll bring tator tots. And Xanax. But you really could save yourself a lot of trouble if you just give us the book today.

  285. We not only have a spare couch in Atlanta we have a whole spare house! And there are cats. Who do amazing inappropriate things.

  286. I hate miami but I will consider driving down there to see you. I can’t wait to read the new book! I no longer have your old one since I lent it to someone and it just kept getting passed on 🙂

  287. I hate, hate, hate going into Washington DC, but I will totally do it for you. Cannot wait!

  288. Can’t wait to see you in Denver! We can offer cats and many many Canine Companions puppies in training. Plus, we have lots of time to rustle up some hedgehogs and tater tots. I’ve preordered the book!

  289. Can’t wait for your Denver visit. We live in Loveland, at the base of the rocky Mountains. You’re cordially invited to sleep on our pop up twin bed abd drink wine with us on “the veranda”. And by veranda, I mean covered patio with round bulb lights. Can’t wait for your tour, see you at Tattered Cover. Also, thanks for helping me win the bet I had with my husband!

  290. Are you joking? I move out of Atlanta in late July/early August to start medical school! You’re killing me Jenny! (But I would kill for a copy of your new book, I finally acquired the first one and I read it non-stop… OK I did stop but most of that was because I was laughing. So pick me pick me!)

  291. YAY TORONTO!!! Just a short Train ride away for me! Last time I hadnt had the chance to experience your wonderful writing but this time I TOTALLY know about it and will come. AND probably spread cat hair on you since I seem to always be covered in it but Fergus doesn’t like travelling so he won’t come 🙁

  292. Oh MY LANDS! Third Place Books! There is no excuses, you are coming to my local bookstore! That is it, it is on my calender. What do you need? What should I bring you??? I’m so close you could totally hang out at my house before the event, I have 2 acres and my neighbors have annoying chickens, It would be just like Texas. My dog is super shy so she will let you pet eventually.
    Super Super excited. I will bring jam.

  293. YES! I’ve missed you any time you’ve been in or close to St. Louis! Your blog is a family affair in my house. I’ve already contacted the book store to make sure we can get in to see you. My teenage daughter is having a rough time with life right now. I told her you were coming to town in November and she got so excited! I haven’t seen her that excited about anything in far too long! Thank you for doing what you do! Hope we get to meet you in November!

  294. I preordered the new one, but I would love a signed copy!! Last time you were in Illinois I had a panic attack and couldn’t see you, but I am going to figure out how to get to Chicago to see you this time!!!

  295. I am excited to see you will be nearby on the Tour. I hope I get a chance to stop by and say hi!

  296. Whenever anybody needs a book suggestion, ‘LPTNH’ is always my recommendation! Can’t wait for the next one!

  297. I would love a copy of your new book to read & then put next to the signed copy I have of “Let’s Pretend.” Since I’m lucky if I can plan dinner for tonight, I can’t promise I’ll make it out to the DC Book Signing, but in the meantime I put together a Pinterest swag shop so all my friends can see I want the new book and pre-order it, or, anything else from the board!!! https://www.pinterest.com/asoulm8/need-me-some-bloggess-swag/

  298. Yay for Milwaukee! I’ll bring you a Doctor Who present and you can totally sign my baby if you want to 🙂

  299. YAY You! @ Changing Hands!! It’s like my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one year long party. Take my money, please take a penis faced photo with me!!!

  300. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!!!!! I don’t want you to have to sign my kindle. 🙂 Ahhhh I’m so excited that you’re coming to Chicago!!! Can’t wait for your new book and to meet you!!!! BEST news of the day!!!!!!

  301. Jenny! I’d definitely like one of your new books. I have a couch and FOUR cats (at your service, unless it’s taxidermy service and then their mom objects). Former bookseller and I personally led many people to your book, extolling praises for it!

  302. And why isn’t Kooralbyn, Queensland, Australia on that list???

    Bloody hell, woman, you know we got weird shit down under that will keep you entertained for weeks on end!

    I would LOVE a signed copy of your new book!

  303. 9/29 in Atlanta. I’ll drive an hour and a half from this little town I live in because I love you.

  304. Signed copy!! Awesome!! (I don’t have the first one, so I’m lame, but that also means maybe awesome signed book now??) Either way, yay!!!

  305. my couch is your couch. I never share, but totally will with you. I have lots of kids so they can fetch things all night for us. Like if we drop the remote and stuff. It happens. They can make ice tea, popcorn and toaster grilled cheesesus and that’s all you really need out if life. Oh and I have fibro wicked bad…we can play spin the pain killers and whine to each since no one else listens to me anymore….

    Love you and what you do! Would love to get a book. I have a daughter whose 7….so we need to start learning her now, the right way. It takes the Blogess and a Mommy to raise a girl. The boys will take some work….

    Ps….I’m in Cow-Hampshire, but super close to Boston! See you there!

  306. Woohooooo! I will see you in Los Angeles!
    I not only have a cat, i have a guest room, live close to the location of your event, and will wait on you hand and foot, be your personal slave while you’re here. Or ignore you and let you and the cat hide under the bed together, whatever works.
    I’d love an autographed copy of your book. Taxidermied shit, not so much. If you bring taxidermied shit, you might have to leave it in the car or the dog might eat it. She ate a can opener yesterday. She’s like that.

  307. I think you should stop in Palm Springs on your from LA to Tempe. Take a spa day!

  308. Bravo! Love that the world will see more of you soon:). Up close and personal. And of all the things you think you need, the tater tots are really the only essential. Just sayin. We all know that:).

  309. HELL YES I’m COMING TO SEE YOU when you get to Huntsville and also I’d love a signed book. I mean, I can sign my own copy and pretend I’m you, but it’s just not the same.

  310. Nashville!!!! I may have to make the 3 hour drive up from Memphis 🙂

  311. You didn’t come near the Philly area last time. Please say you’ll come this time.

  312. You’re coming to Toronto?!? I’m there. With tater tots or badgers or whatever you need. Just let me know 🙂

  313. I want to see you but you aren’t coming to New Orleans! You’d fit in so well here!

  314. I cannot wait to read your new book. YAY!!! I don’t have cats but I have dogs and blankets you are welcome to snuggle with 🙂 Thanks for being you Jenny!

  315. SQUEE!!!! You’re coming to St. Louis!!!! And I’m comiing to see you!!!!!

  316. We can supply the tater tots here in Austin! There’s a Sonic just down the road from Bookpeople!

  317. I wish you were coming to Little Rock! I have cats–lots of cats–and there are always tater tots in the freezer.

  318. Thank goodness you posted this. It’s about a month after the kids are back in school and I’ll certainly need a reason to get out of the house and away from homework and reading Olivia the Pig for the 9000 time.
    I’ll see you on September 23rd–I’ll bring the wine, or tequila, whatever you want.

  319. I’d love a signed copy of your old book. I no longer have a copy of it. It is my favorite book of all time, and I force everyone I know to read it.

  320. I have a massive couch. No cats, but I do have three adorable stupid dogs, two fluffy bunnies, one sassy guinea pig, and three weird ass parrots.
    Does that work?
    I would love an autographed new book, even if I’m not picked, I will see you in San Francisco!

  321. Woo hoo early Christmas present, see you in Tempe in December!

  322. Can’t wait to celebrate Columbus Day with you in DC!

    P.S. I would love a signed copy of your book.

  323. I’d love to come to see you, but unfortunately the Atlantic Ocean is in between me and all the cities mentioned in your book tour. But if you do end up just south of the Scottish/English border, I’d be happy to evict my teenage daughter from the sofa for you. Sadly we don’t have any cats, but one of my daughters is called Cat if that helps?
    Also, I would love an autographed copy of Furiously Happy.

  324. I’m in the burbs of DC. I have sofas, beds, cats and a greyhound that acts like a cat!! I have a 4 bedroom house all to myself so you can have peace n quiet and a rest if you need it! I also have clonapin and/or alcohol.

  325. Well, since I live in Austin and LOVE Bookpeople, I guess I have no excuse for NOT coming to see you in September! 😉

    If I had known you liked hedgehogs, I could have given you the two I had…started getting horrible allergies to them and couldn’t keep them anymore! =(

  326. Also I have lots of doctor who and a British husband. You have my permission to make him say weird things with a funny accent.

  327. Can’t wait to see you in Minneapolis! I’ll create a distraction and you can run and hide in the bathroom. I’ll have someone smuggle wine and kittens in there before you arrive.


  328. I’d love a copy of your new book. Asked for and received your first book for Christmas that year. I don’t have cats, but my kids are two of the snuggliest snugglers who ever snuggled, so they might work.

  329. You’re getting more awesome all the time! I have your first book, which is wonderfully hilarious, and have pre-ordered a copy of your second one. I can’t wait to read it! I’m sure it will be at least as good as your first. Getting a signed copy would fill one of the top slots in my bucket list! Another thing that would fill one just above it would be if you’d come to some nice small city near Detroit (there are LOTS of them) so your lots of fans in this area, including me, could finally get to meet you!!!

  330. SO exciting!! I already have your Toronto date in my calendar 🙂

  331. I would like an autographed new book but I will be at Half Price in Dallas.
    Wait I have to tell you: when I mistype Dallas as Fallas, I giggle every time. Am I 12??

  332. I might brave ATL traffic, especially if I have a signed copy of your first book that will need a buddy on the shelf. My books are on the buddy system.

  333. I am so going to try and make your signing in Minneapolis if my anxiety lets me out of the house. I will bring you a cat to help you sign those books. I would love a book but really I just want to meet you!

  334. I just entered “will be graced with Jenny’s presence” on Oct. 3rd in my calendar!! Can’t wait! I would totally love a signed copy of your new book! Please, oh, please! For the love of God, PLEASE!!

  335. Road trip!! See you in the fall. Feel free to send me a signed copy of your first book. My copy is e-version

  336. Denver in November!! We have a spare bedroom in the country an hour north of there if you’d like to decompress.

  337. Yay! My daughter and I get to see you at the bitter end… when you are so tired of traveling and being away 😉 and we will make sure the line is just a little bit longer!

    My girlie (and I) would be honored to win a signed copy of either book. Thank you for connecting with so many random strangers.

  338. So excited for the new book! I don’t have cats anymore but I’m pretty sure my kid is my cat reincarnate. They are remarkably similar. Yay for Toronto visit!

  339. Emotional roller coaster achieved. My inner monologue just went like this: YAY! Book tour! Where at? checks cities NYC – I LIVE THERE! She’s coming to my city! When?! checks dates 10/15… CRAP. I’ll be on vacation – and with the friend who got me reading you at all, in fact. A signed book would make up for my utter disappointment at not being able to see you. Okay, not really – no substitute for the real thing, but it’d still be lovely!

  340. I can’t wait to read your new book!! Come to Albuquerque or Santa Fe and you can sleep on my couch with my cats. 🙂

  341. Ooh! I would truly love your current book! I am going to be the master of my issues and come see you when you come to Seattle! Exclamation points!!!

  342. Oh, I will definitely be there to see you in Tempe and would LOVE a copy of your new book! Re-reading your first for the gazillionth time right now. Well, not right now, obviously. While I have many, many talents, reading and typing simultaneously aren’t among them. I should probably work on that.

  343. You seem to have forgotten to post the date and time for your Philadelphia appearance, which I KNOW you’ll be making, RIGHT??

  344. Awwww man, no Salt Lake City? But we’re right on the drive between Denver and Seattle! Even if it were in SLC I’d still have to drive about an hour and a half to get there, but it’s better than the almost 9 hours to Denver. I’ll just have to console myself by hunting for vintage taxidermy in every antique store in town.

  345. On your last tour, I asked to make your portrait, and you said yes, and then I chickened out and didn’t even come say hello in the signing line after the reading. I will do better in St. Louis in November.

    What would be really cool would be if I could do photos for everyone. I wonder if you or Left Bank would be up for that? There could be props, or silly hats, or something.

    (Weirder things have happened in those lines. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  346. Woo! So glad you are coming to Minneapolis. Your blog and book (books, as I am sure the new one will be great) make me so HAPPY. I really do love you, but just as friends.

  347. I’ll see you in Dallas with a slew of my girlfriends 🙂 Would love a signed copy of either book! New one pre-ordered and I can’t wait!

  348. I’m not moving to Dayton, but I will come to see you 🙂

  349. One Canadian stop? But we love you on the west coast too! We want to see you in Vancouver! And in case you didn’t see the map, Vancouver is a VERY LONG WAY from Toronto!
    I’ll buy your book. I’ll donate to charities. I’ll find you an extremely sassy Canadian stuffed animal for your collection that Victor will despise. Anything, if you’ll just come here please!

  350. I’m gonna do my absolute best to be able to see you in Boston.

  351. OMG you are coming to NASHVILLE!!! Greatest morning EVER! I have a couch and tater tots. And you have inspired me to look into a bag of hedgehogs. This.is.freaking.fabulous!!!!

  352. like a grilled cheese sandwich gone cold my comment comes in around the 400 mark – but Like That Sandwich…still edible? You be the judge.

  353. I have already pre-ordered your book. As soon as I’m done commenting here I am going to convince my boyfriend that for an early Christmas present we need to go to Denver in November… I was recently there for some testing and doctor crap so it would be cool to be able to actually enjoy it! Although while I was there I did get to finally meet a fellow Lawsbian. We have been friends online for three years now and she was the first Lawsbian I got to meet. It was exciting! hugs

  354. I will be there for Boston! No promises on bringing a cat but there is a 100% chance there will be cat hair tagging along with me. Would love an autographed book! <3

  355. Thank you so much for making my days suck less everyday! I would love an autographed copy of your book, either one would be fine with me! I am still in process of reading the second book but the first one left me in stitches everyday. I read it three times!

  356. Furiously Happy indeed! You’re coming almost to my town, so definitely count me in on this one.

    I’d love a signed copy of your new book. It would keep the signed copy of your first book company on my bookshelf.

    Is it December yet???

  357. I used to live in Dayton and am not surprised that you’re going to Books & Co., as it’s a great bookstore with wonderful employees. I’m really hoping you come somewhere close to the Sunshine State (aka FL) during the winter portion of your tour. I have a couch, a blanket, 2 cats and a dog. If that won’t work for you, I’d love to have one of your signed books. Either is fine. Failing that, I’ll buy them unautographed if I have to do so. (sad trombone is sad) 🙁

  358. Jenny! I’m so excited you’re coming back to Boston. You’re most welcome to stay in my kickass guest room (it’s a whole floor) close to Porter Square Books. Lotsa privacy & peace & quiet. Or not — whatever works for you.We’re ridiculously catless now, but we’ll be all catted up by October.

  359. Damn it! Toronto gets to have all the Canadian bragging rights! After spending some time in Toronto in October, you might decide next time spring in VANCOUVER, BC is the way to go! 😛
    Depending on the exchange rate, I might see if I can make it to the Seattle signing.
    I can’t wait to get the new book!!
    All the best.

  360. Looking forward to seeing you in Boston! (Well, Cambridge, but the only people who claim to be from Cambridge are the M.I.T. undergrads.)

  361. Yes! I saw you last time in Phoenix and your signed book is one of my favorite things. Your writing has saved me many nights, made me feel less alone. I’ve been in China teaching English for the past 8 months and I’ve been missing so many cool concerts and events. But I’ll be back for this! I’ll definitely be in Tempe!

  362. OHHHHH!!!! You should totally come to Fargo, ND on your way to Minneapolis. I WANT to meet you so bad. I had to miss you the last time you came to Minneapolis with your 1st book, because my coworker called dibs and I had to stay and work. 🙁 She did get you to sign my book and a Juanita baby card for me since I was pregnant at the time. It is one of my treasured possessions because it’s from her who is an awesome friend and it’s signed by you! If you can’t come to Fargo to visit me then, a signed copy of your second book would have to do. 😉

  363. I have TWO sofas and one cat. But my neighbors have two more, and I’m sure we can borrow them. Come to Madison, WI! It’s sort of halfway between Chicago and Milwuakee? We can pretend. Keep rockin’ your awesome!

  364. I am in for St. Louis . . . and plan to convince a couple other people to come along!!

  365. To add to the many comments of LOVE…I and my son cannot wait to see you!!!

    On the last book tour, I met you…OK…I ran (quietly) out of the house on one of those “I-need-to-get-out-of-the-house-before-I-kill-all-of-you-crumb-makers-sort-of-days” to go see you…my teenage son then found your (signed) book and was like…”HEY…YOU MET JENNY WITHOUT ME???” So I have promised in a blood oath that he can come with me this time.

    We will see you and I hope this tour is easier on you…or you have learned the right combo of meds. BUT since we are each other’s tribe….we understand completely.
    Love and HUGS!!!
    Sarah aka The Queen

  366. I cannot offer you cats, couches or hedgehogs but I can tell you that when you are in DC you can get really excellent pizza at Comet Ping Pong about 4 doors down the street from Politics and Prose. I’ll even bring some to you at the book store if you’re too tired/rushed/otherwise engaged.

  367. Hoping to see you again in Toronto!!!! Only this time, I have a kid sooooooo… 2 hour road trips into another country aren’t as easy as they used to be!!! 😛

  368. I live just under 30 minutes from your Dallas signing location. You’re welcome to stay here. You’ll recognize the house cause there’s a Beyonce by the front door 🙂

  369. I live just under 30 minutes from the Dallas signing location. You’re welcome to stay here. You’ll recognize the house from the Beyonce near the front door. 🙂

  370. I’m so excited you are coming to MInneapolis! I’m also super thrilled to see your new book. You are super great!

  371. I was so excited because I’m within driving distance of Chicago Milwaukee and St. Louis but can’t make any of those dates because of work! 😒 I’ll have to settle for an autographed copy. Would love it!!

  372. I really hope I can make it to Boston to see you this time around. If you decide to come to Western Mass (Northampton, specifically), I have a sofa and two cats and I’m sure I can procure some tater tots between now and October.

  373. Apparently I was wrong and the “second book” I was reading was not yours. – Yes I am cheating with another blogger. 🙂 Sorry for the confusion! I will be more faithful in the future.

  374. I’m totally there- San Francisco. Wishing you were going further in tho to the suburbs east of the city. If you come in a day early my book group would love to have you. We have already decided to read it in the fall 🙂

  375. Oh my gosh! I live a couple hours from St. Louis, MO but I am going to take what will likely be my depressed ass (getting darker earlier blues and all) to have you sign a book for me! I just want to see you in person! If I don’t faint. Oh God, what if I faint….

  376. I will request off work now. Can’t miss this. Also I would love said copy of new book.

  377. BEST DAY EVER!!! September 25 in Houston! I’m putting in for a day of vacation now. And I definitely have a guest room and plenty of the cats for you!!

  378. You’re coming to DC!!!!! Would you sign both my books? Do you want me to bring you a few kittens? I totally know a girl…

  379. Urgghhhhh Why is Toronto so far (A serious 6 hours away, much to my dismay)? Can you write a third book and come to montreal for that specific tour? ;D

  380. BTW, that badger/evil raccoon’s teeth look super creepy. It looks like it wants to bite me. BUT. If I had a signed copy of Furiously Happy, I could easily smack it away from my tender ankles and toes.

  381. Yay! I will try to get over my anxiety about crowds and go to the San Francisco one 🙂 Although I’m having a baby in August, depends on when in fall the tour is!

  382. See you in Seattle! I would love a signed copy of your new book, but I will also happily buy it!

  383. I’m going to move to Portland to come see you. Okay, maybe I’m interviewing for a job there today, but mostly it’s for you. Trust me. Also, I have access to top of the line snuggling cats.

  384. You should totally have picked Columbus over Dayton!! I can’t wait to read your new book. I loved the last one so much!

  385. FYI – now I want tater tots. I assure you, I will be there. And the room will be filled with so much furious happiness you won’t know what to do. I can’t wait. CALI never looked so good on you!

  386. Please, please consider coming to Tucson! You’ll already be in Tempe and we’re very close. You can stay on my couch.

  387. I have a sofa and 3 cats, but your coming no where near me ::pout:: outer is being my Kindle to you to sign!

    Love you and thanks for the good word now alms them

  388. Yay! (Happy dance) So exited that I’ll be able to see you up close and personal. I’ll be the fan that can’t talk or will only talk in non-sequiturs that make sense to no one, ever, not even me. Sorry for the creepiness in advance. 🙂

  389. Yay Seattle! I live on an island, have a comfy couch, and a sweet old dog whose favorite hobby is napping! I don’t have cats, but there is a handsome gray one who likes to sit on the fence, letting his boy bits hang down for all to admire. So looking forward to reading your new book!

  390. No one comes to Iowa. It’s bad enough to have to live here, but none of the good people come to visit us either.

  391. Crap, The closest you’ll be is on a Wednesday at night, and a three hour drive one way. I’m going to have to figure out how to pull this one off. I smell a wacky scheme coming up.

  392. I’ve got your sofabed and cats ready for your stay in Dayton! I even have a (much smaller and plainer than yours) metal rooster to greet you.

  393. I’m SO HAPPY that you are coming not only to Boston, but you will be at one of my favorite bookstores. See you in October!!

  394. You should come to Savannah, Ga, OR Jacksonville, FL, OR Charleston, SC. Any of these that aren’t Atlanta, I just can’t do Atlanta. I know of so many people who’d love to come that can’t make it to Atlanta.

    BUT, I’ve already ordered your book and I’m impatiently waiting for September to get here by re-reading your first one, it’s still just as hilarious as the first time around!

  395. I think you should send me a signed copy of your new book in September. Because that’s when my birthday is. And if Flourish in Progress can send me a gift from the USA to Australia, than so can you. 😛

  396. Please make me Furiously Happy! I’m a Kentuckian, and there was a study recently measuring happiness by state and we didn’t fare well. Please send raccoons.

  397. I have a sofa! You can use it but only temporarily. I’m going to need it back. I use it for reading.

  398. I’ll be there! But how do you sign an e-book?

    (I’ve signed more than a few metal backs of e-readers. Bring a sharpie. ~ Jenny)

  399. Ok, I’m going to drive to Dallas to see you. It’s only 350 miles. Also, please come to San Angelo again! I need to get your dad to sign my book!!!

  400. I’ll make the long haul to see you but you better sign my book ho <3

  401. I’m so excited that you’re coming to visit! I’ll have to bake you a cake. It might be covered in cat hair, though. The last time I tried to bake a cake, my cat decided that the top of a very warm cake that was cooling on the counter would be the perfect place to take a nap.

    Maybe tea and crumpets instead of cake. Hmm.

    I’ll definitely be coming to see you, and bringing a good friend of mine as well. We’ve both pre-ordered copies of the new book, but another copy is always welcome! I look forward to seeing you soon(ish)!

  402. Gonna make the drive to Dayton if I can, it’s only 2 hours. Hopefully I’ll be bringing a couple of people with me. So glad you’re coming to more than Chicago in my neck of the woods.

  403. I just want to add that I know where some hedgehogs are in the Savannah area. I could possibly finagle a field trip for them, but we’d have to call them guinea pigs, because hedgehogs are illegal in Georgia. 🙂

  404. Corte Madera!! I can do that. It’s a great bookstore. And I have 3 couches, lots of blankets, and a cat who loves me insanely but might hide unless you stay for a while. I do have a guest room and I’ll fix the oven by then so there’s tater tots…he’s worth the wait (the cat that is).

  405. Hooray! Even if you don’t make it to the Chicago burbs (like last time) I will figure out a way to get your new book! And have you sign it. Won’t let delayed trains keep me back, too.

  406. Oh! The closest to me you’ll be is DC. And while I absolutely love you, that’s still 5 hours away and a load of miserable traffic. But I’d graciously welcome a signed copy of the new book. Plus, if you come further south in VA (like VA Beach or Norfolk) you are more than welcome to come lay on my couch with my crazy cat and some pretty adorable preschool girls.

  407. I must have the new book! It will go so well on the shelf with your first one!! And I already have Nov. 4th blocked on my calendar.

  408. Yay! I’m so happy you’re coming to Atlanta. Putting it on my calendar right now.

  409. I’ll be at the Austin event, and I’d love a signed book. But oh my Jen, what a grueling schedule! You will definitely need a bag of hedgehogs.

  410. I’m furiously happy that you’re coming to San Fran this winter!!! I haven’t gotten my hands on your new book yet 🙁 But Let’s Pretend This Never Happened is still the funniest thing I have ever read – I can’t wait!!!

  411. Oh my goodness, I’ll be permanently living in Houston by the time you come around for your signing tour. This might need to happen! I put it on my calendar. I’ve never gotten a book signed. But for you? I might.

  412. You totally need to come to New Orleans! I have 3 cats, 3 dogs, 1 fish & 1 African Dwarf Frog plus there’s a taxidermist by my house! Would love a copy of FURIOUSLY HAPPY!

  413. You’re not coming to Utah? I live in Utah. But, my daughter lives in Portland. Maybe this is the excuse I need to visit my daughter. But, November. Just to warn you, it rains in Portland in November. But, if I come to Portland in November to see you, I could bring my daughter’s two dogs to your signing, or better yet, invite you to visit her home, which happens to be a sailboat on the Columbia River. We could have grown-up beverages and chips and salsa. This is sounding better all the time. But, better not bring any taxidermied stuff, the dogs will think you have brought them treats! And, to answer your question, I would love either book signed.

  414. Oh, gosh, I am already moving at the end of May. I can’t afford to move again so will have to just hope for a signed copy of new book, or old book, or one of my 3 cats, or the couch – you decide. I don’t want to be high maintenance. 🙂

  415. Currently accepting blood signatures. And offering a bed for the two-day layover between DC and NY. Wait, no. Sofa. I meant sofa.

  416. I would LOVE a signed book, but if I don’t get picked now I’ll just have to have you sign one in Denver. I’m so excited that you’ll be coming so close to me! 🙂

  417. Ahh Dallas, so close yet so far for a person who gets panic attacks on the freeway !

  418. I would love a copy of your first book. If I am chosen, I promise to take care of it and not use it as a coaster or to squish bugs. Thanks, Jenny! I will see ya in Atlanta!

  419. I’d love to get a signed copy of your new book, but considering you don’t come anywhere near me, (no one good ever comes to Pennsylvania), I’ll have to settle for hoping I win the free one to be sent in September or buying a book and forging your signature in it, which wouldn’t be pretty.

  420. I’d love a copy of the new book!!! Also, I’m going to a petting zoo this weekend that has an appointment-only “hedgehog experience”. So excited!

  421. Saw you in Dayton last time. It’s on my calendar for this year already. It’s at the bookstore that wouldn’t let you swear… (I have a spare couch and two cats, but I don’t live close-by.) I have two copies of you past book already signed, BTW. Looking way forward to the new one.

  422. You’re coming to Seattle but not the Costco you were at before?!? We need a reunion so you can read to us again in front of the tire center. 🙂

  423. I would love a book. Unfortunately you aren’t coming very close to me but if you end up coming through Iowa I have couches, 3 cats, a dog that thinks she is a cat, and multiple children that would happily entertain you with any type of living room theatre performance you desire.

  424. I’m really looking forward to the book – I have re-read your first book so many times, it would fall apart if it weren’t digital. But that means I get to laugh with you (and cry with you) again and again.
    Will you sign my Kindle if I bring it?

  425. I would love to have a signed copy of either of your books! I missed getting the original, but as soon as I saw you have the new one coming out, I said to myself, “I WILL get a signed copy this time!” Even if I’m not chosen, I’ll be watching for book plates or whatever you decide to do this time. I’m also looking at your DC date and hoping that I might be able to make it, or better yet, that a Richmond date will be added!!!

  426. Sooooo happy you’re coming to Dayton!! It’s so thoughtful of you to give enough of an advanced warning to allow me to properly bedazzle something appropriate for the occasion! I pre-ordered the kindle version on Amazon, but now I must get a hardcopy!

  427. I’m so down. I’d be happy with you signing the library copy I checked out. I’m sure they’d be fine with it too. I’d prefer the old copy because when I see you in Tempe, I’ll have you sign your new copy!

  428. I would love to have something you touched. Like a creepy fan girl. Wow, I’m creepy! Please come to Saint John, New Brunswick Canada, we’re close-ish to Boston but soooo much better! We have Reversing Falls. Google them. They’re badass. They don’t follow the rules!

  429. There is no Oklahoma on this tour! and we have tigernadoes here! I realize you set the tour before the tigernado, but now you know about them. How can you resist? Maybe we can arrange a special fall tornado with tigers in your honor.