I can’t tell if this happened because I have a medical issue or because I’m just really lazy.

Yesterday I went to pick up my meds and while I was there I handed the pharmacist my prescription for my ADD medication and she was like “Sorry, I can’t fill this one.  We can only fill prescriptions within 21 days of them being written” and I guess I can understand that but I’ve been walking around with this prescription for a month because I’m not really focused enough to remember to refill my meds if I’m out of my ADD meds and the pharmacist was like, “Yes, but you’ll still have to get a new one” and that sucks because first of all, the fact that I’m making my meds last long enough that my next prescription expired proves that I’m not abusing them or selling them on the street, so if anything I should be rewarded by getting more drugs.  Plus, now I have to make an appointment to see my shrink to get another prescription and I’ll have to tell her I kept getting too distracted to fill the prescription that I insisted that I needed because my ADD was making me too distracted.

But technically she already knows I’m irresponsible and have ADD so really it’ll probably just make her happier that she’s doing an excellent job diagnosing me.

Although she’s not really doing that great if she actually expected that I was going to fill my prescription myself within a normal time limit.  I suspect it’s a test and I failed it.  Or she did.  Maybe we did as a team.  I’m not good at evaluating right now because I’m low on ADD meds.

Someone please make an appointment for me with my shrink.  And remind me to get her to call in my meds this time.  And then take me to the pharmacist to get my meds before they call me with that ” YOUR PRESCRIPTION HAS BEEN READY FOR WEEKS AND IF YOU DON’T PICK IT UP SOON WE’LL RESTOCK IT.  YOU ARE WASTING OUR TIME” message.  And then bring me a cheesecake.  And take me to the post office.  And make me drink more water.

Jesus.  I need a babysitter.  For me.

I blame the meds.  Or lack thereof.

PS.  I don’t have a graphic to go with this post so instead I’ll show you the business cards I made for myself.

furiouslyhappycards2Please note that I forgot to put my name on them or a website or even what FURIOUSLY HAPPY is.  I think it’s pretty obvious I made them without the benefit of drugs.  Or possibly it seems more obvious that I am on drugs if I made business cards with Rory’s taxidermied raccoon face on them.  Depends on the kind of drugs, I guess.  But!  You can do this with them:


They would come in much more handy if I ever left the house long enough to give out business cards, but at least I have some now, so…you know…baby steps.


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  1. I’m not sure if I should laugh because it’s funny or cry because it’s sad.

  2. you should give out those awesome business cars to those who buy your book 🙂

  3. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE put the Rory template on your website. I want to print out my own taxidermied smiling face. I mean, I know that goes without saying.

  4. My pharmacy has an auto-refill program so I just get helpful reminders that I have meds to pick up. Well, except for the “controlled substance” ones that I need to physically drop off, in which case, never mind.

  5. That’s like trying to find your glasses but you can’t see anything because your glasses are lost – I feel your medication issue!

  6. i hope you give the cards away as bookmarks for people who buy the book using a special link that you have someone else set up because you can’t even remember to buy your meds. lord knows i would buy the book with the special card before i buy the book with just a book.

  7. I don’t know what I’d do if my doctors didn’t call in my prescriptions. I have enough trouble remembering to pick them up: luckily CVS auto calls me to remind me.

    And I love, love, LOVE your business cards! Mail a chunk out to various people across the country & we’ll pass them out for you!

  8. Do you think Rory’s face would be appropriate if the look I’m going for is, “You made fun of my panic disorder: Prepare to meet Jesus”? A lot of said look is dependent on what I do with my eyes, but I feel like the toothy raccoon mouth would really help bring it together.

  9. What? That’s you in those pics? I didn’t recognize you. The Rory “disguise” is that good. Bravo.

  10. on a serious note, that has always pissed me off about meds. they SHOULD give you extra if you make them last long enough for the prescription to expire. or something to show you are doing a good job.maybe a toaster/

  11. Most medical offices can now send prescriptions electronically, and some pharmacies will even deliver. I would think that both of these things, with their Wonder Twin powers combined, would be awesome for people with ADD and related stuffs.

  12. Thing is, if they’re typical ADD meds, they’re a schedule 2, so you have to take in an original script to get them. Drug laws are fun. #sarcasm

    Yes, I know too much. The joy of having attended pharmacy school. 🙂

  13. My last post on Bipolar Me (bipolarjan.wordpress.com) was called Crazy Pills, and I never did figure out if I was crazy for taking the pills, or crazy for needing the pills, or crazy despite taking the pills, or the pills were crazy because they have stupid names, or the pills were crazy because they came with too many instructions (or too many side effects) or what. But when my friends and I get together, we say, “Let’s do some drugs!” And you’re welcome to join us.

  14. The meds deal reminds me of mornings when I’m so sleepy I fail at making coffee.

  15. I wish my figgin shrink would just call in all my meds, but VA makes you have a paper RX for Schedule II so I guess I’ll just go without my ADD meds. THANKS A LOT, VA.

  16. Love it! Want one! Actually 3 or more since my kids will definitely steal them from me. I can picture them now. They already act like raccoons, now they can look like them too. Perfect!

  17. Yup. I’ve misplaced my ADD meds ‘scrip before and had to have an office visit to get another. I think this was punishment for HAVING ADD. It’s always fun to be treated like junkies since we take sched. 2 meds. On the bright side, I live in Colorado, so I can legally buy pot, which gives me crippling anxiety and paranoia. GREAT.

  18. I kind of think Rory speaks for you. Or yells. He looks like he’s yelling.

    I have the same problem with meds. I need the doc to call them in. Then I need constant reminders to pick them up. Basically, I need full time care most of the time, only I’m really good at hiding it.

  19. Unfortunately, most ADD meds are controlled substances so they can’t be called in. Ditto for why the script has to be filled within 21 days (in Texas anyway – federal law allows 6 months, so WTF Texas?).

  20. This is clearly a brilliant plan to get your book to the top of the Google search. Person gets a card, obviously needs to know why that raccoon is sooo happy, Googles it, sees the link to your book clicks it, thus improving your Google rank. In no time you’ll be at the top of the list. Clearly an awesome marketing campaign.

  21. My OCD/Anxiety/Depression meds (YEP all three, the doctor said it was like they were made for me) make me wAaaay to blasé and chilled out about ordering new ones. So I kept forgetting. And now the doctor sends the prescription straight to the pharmacy and I just have to wonder in and ask for it whenever I’ve run out… YAY ENGLAND!

  22. I clearly want one of those cards and then do you think you could make some that would make me look like a Unicorn? That would be amazing!

  23. About the ADD meds….I have the same problem. NJ has a 30 day expiration period on controlled substances and a paper prescription is needed (can’t be phoned in). It’s like a catch 22 with ADD symptoms and anxiety vs. getting our butts out the door to fill the prescription. AND, my pharmacy is out of my med at least 50% of the time. Or should I say, my former pharmacy.

  24. Yep, just realized I need a refill on my lorazepam (anxiety). Well, I can’t check the little box on thee website for CVS for that one. I have to call. Well, I have anxiety-I CAN’T PICK UP THE PHONE TO TALK TO PEOPLE! So, then I called, thinking I would leave a voice mail in the middle of the night. But, NO! They tell me to hold for the next operator. Why do they have operators at 12:30 am? I DON’T WANT TO TALK TO ANYBODY! So, I get up today, and take one of my last two pills so I can get calm enough to call for a refill, but I don’t know if I can actually go pick up the prescription, take it to the CVS, and then go pick it up. So I start crying, and my husband says he’ll take the empty bottle and go by and tell them I can’t deal with it because I’m having a panic attack. Hope that works. Because my youngest child graduates this weekend, and my other daughter moves to New York for her first job (she graduated last weekendd), and this will be my second weekend in a row with my ex-husband (who is getting servved with papers over child support Monday) and his pregnant wife…so, yeah, need that refill.

  25. We should all get your cards and post our FuriouslyHappy faces to support your book.

    The ADD time limit thing is some antiquated BS that keeps some bureaucrat in a cushy corner office, I bet. Worse is having to give your drivers license to buy cold medicine and having to swear that you aren’t going to make meth with the 2 ounces of sudafed you are allowed to buy every month.

  26. Been there, done that on not dropping of prescriptions in a timely manner. And it’s always the ones I need to take a physical copy of the Rx, which means things like calling for and then going to an appointment, when my brain can’t handle either the phone or dragging myself out of bed.

  27. “the fact that I’m making my meds last long enough that my next prescription expired proves that I’m not abusing them or selling them on the street, so if anything I should be rewarded by getting more drugs.” <= THIS. This was my argument to my old doctor when I was taking Xanax. God, I miss Xanax.

    On a serious note, ever think about doing mail prescriptions? My dad takes a ton of meds and he gets them all through mail and it makes his life so much easier.

    That business card is great. Only thing that could make it better would be if it was scratch-and-sniff. I’m not sure what flavor/smell it would be, but I would love (be afraid?) to find out!

  28. Throws hat in ring to become your official babysitter, although I’d prefer the title Lady in Waiting.

  29. I once had a counselor, (a firm, ripe young thing, fairly dripping with condesencion, )tell me that my humor was a coping mechanism to both disarm people and keep them from seeing the “real me”. So I looked her dead inthe eye and said. Bang!

  30. I did the same thing yesterday–but they filled it!! Bwahaha. Maybe my pharmacist has ADHD too? Mine last longer than a month, too, because I forget to take them, and then it’s too late in the day to take them because if I do, I’ll be up until 2 a.m. However, I can really get a lot of work done then.

  31. If I gave you my address would you send me a business card? Because then neither of us would have to leave the house!

  32. You can get an automatic refill set to your prescriptions at some pharmacies so that each time they are up for refill they will be ready …of course you have to remember to go and pick them up…never mind…started out as a good idea and then showed itself to have a key flaw.

  33. I’m currently buried under dishes and laundry (not literally, silly) and need someone to prod me on my butt to get things done. But reading your posts is more fun.

  34. So I guess it’s not the kind of meds you can get to be mailed to you from some pharmacy that’ll do that. Your shrink should call in the script, but that’s only half your problem.

  35. I once had a counselor, (a firm, ripe young thing, fairly dripping with condesenscion,), tell me that my humor was a coping mechanism to both disarm people and keep them from seeing the “real me”. So I looked her dead in the eye and said. Bang!

  36. My favorite ADD joke:

    Q. How many people with ADD does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A. Wanna ride bikes?

  37. If you flashed your business cards in front of your face to the pharmacist, you might just get those meds…..just sayin’. Those are awesome.

  38. ADHD is a major force of nature in our household as well. Enough that I have an ADHD tag for my blog. Which your post just reminded me of. So I went to check it and discovered that I almost always forget to use it. Which is why most of my ADHD stories are under other tags, like CLUSTERFUCK and MISADVENTURE and SAVANT IDIOT and FUNNY IN HINDSIGHT. You can see how this is all related, right? [sigh]

  39. Just hand to people say “you know what to do” and walk away. That way they assume that they are the dumb one in the situation.

    Also, I meant to type that comment over an hour ago but the dryer buzzed and when I walked into the bathroom (where the dryer is) I had to pee and when I washed my hands afterward I noticed a dry crusty patch of skin on my chin so I freaked out thinking that I got too much sun or some sort of face amoeba at the river this weekend and now I probably have face plague. Then I realized that it wasn’t face plague but instead was milk left over from breakfast. But, with my plague scare I had to look at ferret videos to calm down, which reminded me of the raccoon and that I needed to make this comment to you. Did I mention I also have ADD?

  40. Oooh yes, who wouldn’t want that card. It’s like an admission ticket to a secret society! that isn’t so secret… You should totally give them to random people or on the book tour or rent a biplane and make it rain rory business cards on random cities dreamy sigh

  41. You should just be able to call your shrink and ask her to phone in a new prescription to the pharmacy. That way you don’t need to go back in. I mean, she should know you need them, right? Unless you want to go back in. I don’t have any trouble getting my Prozac refilled without going in, but insulin? Every time.

  42. That’s store policy or Texas law, but it really sounds more like BS. This comes from a pharmacist licensed in CA and I can tell you we fill older than 21 day scripts all the time. Perfectly legal here.

  43. Howling:). I have had loooong drawn-out conversations with my pharmacist about how filling a prescription within the month is some form of sadomasochism. She disagreed. I think she’s current on her ADHD meds though:).

  44. Wow! It is Texas law and it used to be shorter according to what I saw. WTF Texas?

  45. it’s ok that you’re not doing great without your ADD drugs as long as you hug your cat today. Cuz it’s National Hug Your Cat Day. I tried to hug mine but she was all, WTF woman? Did I say you could touch me right now. Luckily all I got for my trouble was fur all over my face. So, I call it a win. Hug your Cat, and call the doctor. Baby steps

  46. will you please bring Rory to your book signing. I would like to get a selfie please

  47. Step 1: Find out the fax number of the pharmacy where you want to have the prescription filled.
    Step 2: Call your shrink’s office. Explain that the pharmacy insists on the prescription being reissued and give them the fax number where they can send the reissued prescription. (You probably won’t need an appointment.)
    Step 3: If your pharmacy doesn’t already have a feature where they call you to let you know your prescription is ready, call them and ask them to let you know when it is ready for pickup.
    Step 4: Pick a date when you’re likely to have the time to go to the pharmacy and when the prescription would reasonably be ready to be picked up and put reminders on your phone so that it will remind you when you are likely to be able to immediately act upon it.

    Good luck.

  48. My GP now (finally, after a year) faxes my prescriptions through to the local pharmacy, which is good because I used to lose the pieces of paper they’d give me and then it’d take weeks to get another appointment. One month I even managed to get a doctor to phone me, write the prescription and send it over so I didn’t need to make an appointment to say “hi, I have run out of meds, please give me more of the same meds k thanx bye”, but apparently they shouldn’t have done that and I have to go in every two months to prove I’m still alive and not requesting prescriptions from beyond the grave.

  49. I want one of those business cards so bad! I will hold it up each time my kids try to talk back to me. :D. I forsee fun times ahead! Please tell me you’re mailing them out to commenters! Lol

  50. Controlled substance rx can’t be called in to the pharmacy. Has to be a written rx. Which sucks because I totally see your point. Also, I need a smiling face postcard!

  51. I’m so bad at remembering to fill/pick up my prescriptions, I have to have the prescriptions sent to my house.

  52. If your prescription is anything like my husband’s, your doctor can’t phone it in – you need a written/typed paper prescription.

    But, and I know this because I forget to fill his prescription in time ALL THE DAMN TIME (clearly I am the one who needs the pills), you can call your doctor and ask her to write a new prescription without having to be seen. Just explain what happened and ask for a new scrip. At least this works for us – then I just have to swing by the dr’s office, pick up the new scrip, and take it immediately to the pharmacy.

  53. Seems like eternity … can’t wait to get your new book …

  54. Awesome business cards! Anybody in the know will know it’s yours!! BTW, I, too, have a terrible time remembering all the questions I need to ask my doctor when I have an appointment. My solution was to get a small notebook that’s dedicated just for doctor appointments. As I think of a question, I jot it down in the notebook (and I have to keep it in the same place so I can find it each time). Remembering to take it with me was another issue, but I sorta resolved that by putting a reminder note in my phone calendar and setting an alert to go off a couple of hours before the appointment. Maybe that’ll work for you?

  55. This happens to my husband EVERY MONTH! And then he forgets to make the appointment…and so on and so on

  56. It’s a vicious circle without the meds! It’s a test and you both failed. ha ha ha! I loved this post and laughed out loud at the cards. Good point…. no one knows what the even mean but they are fun so who cares? 🙂 Thank you for making me smile and laugh!

  57. I think the business card is a brilliant marketing plan. someone finds a card, and thinks how can I be furiously happy and then they’ll look up #furiouslyhappy and find you. And then it’s like the treasure at the end of a scavenger hunt because they’ll find the book, but perhaps they don’t like starting at the 2nd book, so they buy the 1st and Ta-Da 2 sales have been made from one card.

  58. I’m coming out to San Antonio in 3 weeks, Can I apply for the job? Also I need to put in my 2 week notice because I am only staying about 2 weeks. But I could be an amazing employee in the 2 weeks I am there! You don’t even have to pay my ins and social security! Also if you ever go to Huebner Road, would you go to The Heights and find my mama and give her one of your cards for me? Thanks! so appreciate it!

  59. The receptionist at my doctor’s office is like, “Yes, Ms. ____.” Because after all these years, they KNOW I have lost the damn things somewhere and I am in a panic because I don’t have my meds!!! I just run by the office, pick up the RX, and go straight to the pharmacy to wait for 30 minutes. It is nerve wrecking, but it is nice to know they are ready to help. The online is great but there are those special meds that only a paper RX work for.

    My husband can’t understand WHY for Gosh Sake’s if this is a truly necessary medication (which we all agree it is) then WHY don’t I remember to get it filled on time every single month. Ummm…hello…Mental Illness.

    Plus, by the end of every month, I usually convince myself that I don’t really need those stupid drugs anyway. It’s a vicious cycle and dance that goes on every 30 days, and I am sure our tribe can relate to these feelings of “meds or no meds”.

  60. I’m guessing advice is that last thing you need, because obviously anyone who can come up with such an excellent business card is certainly 100% awesome. But here’s what we did when our son was taking Adderol: we got it from our GP (they are a million times easier to get hold of than a psychiatrist). We were able to call her front desk a couple of days in advance, they’d get her to sign the hard compy of the monthly script, and then we’d just go in and pick it up. Any dealings we ever have with psychiatrists are totally frought with pain in the ass stuff. And we have plenty, because my husband also has depression, anxiety, and ADD. So we’re always looking for a work-around.
    Amy at http://www.momgoeson.wordpress.com

  61. I resisted taking meds for my depression/anxiety for a really long time, mostly out of fear of side effects. Ultimately, I decided that side effects might not be so relevant if I couldn’t get out of bed (depression) or leave the house (anxiety). So I gave in, and now I have two prescriptions: one to keep the brain chemicals in balance (yay!) and one to keep the high blood pressure the first one causes from making my head explode (see? I was right about the side effects). I had them both at one pharmacy, but then I got pissed off about the lines at that pharmacy and transferred one to a different pharmacy. Of course, however, I forgot to transfer the other one and I keep forgetting every damn month. So now I just show up randomly at one pharmacy or the other and it’s always the wrong one and I get annoyed and swear I will fix the problem but then I see a pretty nail polish near the counter and get distracted and the cycle continues. Maybe I should chat with my shrink about ADHD. Or get one of your business cards so I can hold it up when I realize I am at the wrong pharmacy AGAIN and am feeling profoundly stupid…

  62. How does one aquire one of your business cards, because I would have it on me at all times. Then I would be forced to explain why I have a half raccoon face, thus promoting your 2nd book, so really, you don’t even need your name on them, you just need to hand them out to people who understand!

  63. I’ve been having a bad couple of weeks and while I’ve been uncharacteristically productive I’ve also been doubting that I can ever function normally in the world then I read your blog and am reminded I don’t HAVE to function “normally” (whatever that is) to make a dent in the universe.

    Also, please bring raccoon faced business cards to Dallas when you come. Or I’ll have to make my own version. Which might happen anyway, because… INSPIRATION

  64. This happens to me more frequently than I would like to admit (although not with ADD drugs). I’d make your appointment for you if I could! Maybe if you tie a string around your finger.

  65. Don’t get me started. ADD meds are controlled meds so you can’t have the doc call them in, or send them in electronically, or do mail order, or auto-refill, or anything slightly convenient, you must physically carry the paper Rx to the pharmacy every month. The nurses at my son’s doctor’s office treat me like a drug dealer all the time – “Why didn’t you schedule a med check after 6 months?”. Uh, because my son only takes his meds on school days so we didn’t need any for a while . . . Aaargh. If I was selling them, don’t you think I’d be totally on top of it every month?

  66. I saw an Instagram of Hannah Hart holding one of those up to her face. It made me so happy! Two of my favorite people are connected to each other!

  67. Yes. All of this yes. Being an adult is hard. Getting any rx on time is a really big deal in my book.

  68. Mail the doc’s office a note and a stamped address envelope for them to MAIL you the paper scrip.

    Then send a husband to drop off scrip and pick up pills so you can cower at home.

    If Victor is busy, get on okcupid and recruit some more husbands. DUH!

    if that’s not feasible, then go on craigslist and post under a new and different email an ad for an assistant / aide / chauffeur / companion / guard who will get you places and carry the goat so people will be too distracted to notice you and you can wear a burqa and hide. I have two guards, they get $20 an hour and I don’t have to have nightmares for a week out of dread of going out and facing people. Make the guard applicants prove they are hermits before you meet them. And have someone else screen the replies because you will get the hate and the shaming by the truckload.

  69. Target has recently solved my Rx woes. Whilst filling my prescription yesterday the phone was like, “Hey, we can do this automatically for you and text you when it’s done. That sounds like the best solution you, irresponsible weirdo.” (Or something to that effect.) And then the phone said they can also contact my psych if I need a renewal and THEN fill it and text me.

    Whoa Target. You must be REALLY sick of people like us. (Also, thanks.)

  70. I’ve wasted way too much money on business cards because I forgot to include important information, so you’re totally not alone! And your therapist should have called your prescription in, not give it to you knowing that you’d probably be too distracted to fill it. Not your fault! It’s her fault, or Victors, up to you who you want to blame….

  71. God, I hate getting my meds so much. My doctor refuses to give me more than 3 months at a time. So I always end up going to see her to get renewals which my employers of course love, who doesn’t want an employee constantly going to the doctor? But then after several years of this my doctor says “oh just get the pharmacy to fax me in a request” and I think “yay, problem FINALLY solved” but when I ask the pharmacy they say “yeeeeaaahhh, it’s on file that this doctor doesn’t actually DO fax requests” so I go back to my doctor all “wtf, lady?” and she says “oh yeah, I don’t do it for everyone but I’ll do it for you, just tell them to fax it in anyway” so yay, that finally works except that each time there’s someone new working at the pharmacy I just wanna cry because I have to explain all this shit again and they give me the most doubtful looks and I’m all “is Sherri here? Sherri knows, just go find Sherri” and man, some pharmacy employees can be quite insensitive and it’s like “you KNOW I’m on antidepressants and in danger of running out and that’s terrifying to someone like me so COULD YOU BE LESS OF AN ASS???”

    Looks like it’s “vent about getting meds” today! Thanks, Jenny, for hosting it.

  72. Oh I soooo understand! My ADHD is mild enough that I can live without the meds, though I’m much more functional with them. I keep forgetting to pick up my prescription from the doctors office, and am now trying to use my meds only as needed until I can get to the doctor to pick up the paper, but being mostly off them means….I keep forgetting to go. headdesk. How lovely, isn’t it?

  73. Try Express scrips, the doc sends them the scrip and they mail you the meds. Then all you have to remember is to take them!

  74. I don’t know what state you live in, But in Utah you have 30 days. Also ADD mess can’t be called in you need a hard copy.

  75. No, no, a business card is a small paper with your contact information. What you have there is called a costume mask. Also give me one please. Or print it on one of those face masks like they wear in Japan and I will buy it.

  76. It seems a bit harsh to only give you 21 days to re-fill your prescription. I wonder if the pharmacy could give you a reminder call next time? That’s happened to me before but that was when I forgot to pick up a new prescription. Hopefully if you call your doc’s office they can re-send it without you having to go in for a new appointment.

    I love the cards! I say leave the address and info off of it. Let people wonder what it means. It adds to the intrigue. 🙂

  77. I desperately want one of your business cards. Crazy raccoon face = automatically less crippling anxiety and depression. Also, I want your book. I know how pre-orders work, really, I do…but why does it have to take so long!?!

  78. I once drove back and forth from the Doctor’s office to the pharmacy three times to fill a prescription for ADD medication. Luckily it wasn’t for me or it might have taken a full week.

  79. i went to the pharmacy to refill a prescription, and was informed that my new insurance only covers 1 pill daily, and I take 3. Like I chose to be this crazy.

  80. i really really want a business card. When you come to huntsville can I have one?

  81. can you, like, send me those cards? or just enough to make myself look like a raccoon… and maybe my cats. just one for them, they can share. (they really can’t though, they’re dicks.)

  82. I work in a pharmacy. If you’d like, you can transfer your prescriptions to us: we accept prescriptions whenever you remember to bring them (within reason), and we only give you the PICK UP NOOOOOOOW call once they have gathered a thick layer of dust (and we remember to do it).
    Unfortunately, you’ll need to remember to buy a plane ticket when you need/remember to pick them up, as we only deliver in town.

    Also, I kinda like that your cards have no explanation, it’s like a treasure hunt!

  83. I need ADD meds but I keep forgetting to make an appointment with my psychiatrist. And, I NEED one of those cards! Brilliant!

  84. Regarding the ADD meds thing…yeah…ummmm…you need a wife to fix that. My darling husband has ADD and I am his person for all things medicinal. I remember it all for him – because if he doesn’t have his meds bad things happen. Trust me. I have more reminders on my phone for his shit than I do for my own…it’s ridiculous.

    Serious bit of advice: we use the mail-order pharmacy option through our insurance – they allow a 90-day supply – saves some stress. You still have to get a written prescription, but you mail it in and then 3 months’ worth of pills show up in your mailbox…it’s nice.

    As for the Rory cards…LOVE!!!!!!!!

  85. I Must Have One!! I really really really want a Rory faced happy grin

  86. Jeez, that sounds overly complicated, especially actually having to get an appointment with your psychiatrist to get a new script. I can just mail mine (or call, but I have a slight phobia with phone calls) when I run out of meds (that she has previously prescribed, of course).

  87. I haven’t read the comments (this time) but I’m pretty sure we all want one of those cards. We could turn it into a real “Alice’s Restaurant”-type movement if we all posted Rory-faced pictures.

    Not that you need encouraging…

  88. If I were there, I would do all of your chores for you! I am definitely better at remembering to do other people’s chores, not so much my own.

    I do understand the drug thing. I am on anti-depressants and I make sure that I take each new refill straight to the pharmacy right away so that they can put them on file. To remember to actually take my meds (and to keep from becoming a raging bitch!), I keep them all in one of those daily pill dispensers and fill up the empty spots almost obsessively. The renewing of the prescription however, always seems to sneak up on me.

  89. Lol, This is me with my ADD meds! My ADD medicine can’t be called in or faxed, they need a hard copy because it it classified as amphetamines. My doctors office started mailing the hard copy directly to the pharmacy because I would never remember to pick up the hard copy let alone bring it to be filled.

    Also I have to mark off if I took it because I can never remember if I took it or just thought about taking it and got distracted by something shiny. 😉

  90. This post reminded me to call the pharmacy to refill my sleeping pills. Now I’ve just got to write a big ass note to myself to actually go pick them up tomorrow otherwise I’ll be a really cranky sleepless woman all weekend.

  91. I’m a pharmacist in NY state and I NEED a Rory card to use when I have to tell people that their RXs are too old to fill! Please remember that the pharmacy really wants to get you your meds! The pharmacy only makes money (or maybe even just breaks even!) when an RX is actually filled. Pharmacists are stuck enforcing old laws. I’m throwing the hot potato: contact your legislators! NY was able to update CII laws so many ADD drugs can be prescribed electronically. No more written RX to hand over!

  92. Make the pharmacy call the doc office to authorize the prescription. That is their job.
    Also, have a self-inking stamp made with your web address or whatever you want on the card made and use it to add info to the cards. Although, as is; they are full of win.
    I pre-ordered the book, first time I have pre-ordered anything.

  93. I’m so glad you keep writing.
    I’m still battling depression and your blog is like a magic wand/ drug high.
    Please keep writing, even if you feel like you have nothing to say, even if you feel like it isn’t good enough.
    I wish I had your email address so I could write long love letters to you.


  94. Now I want to bump into you in the pharmacy so I can congratulate you on going in to get your meds (and or remind you that that’s why you’re there), and get a business card (or remind you that you left them home). CAUSE I WANT TO BE A HAPPY RACCOON!!

  95. I feel your pain sister and Yeah…the one damn med, I really really need CALLED IN…is the ONLY ONE I have to have the paper copy, because…drug dealing. and Yes. I too have the script date runneth over because I DON’T abuse it…yet the punishment is NO Drugs…they are busy giving them out willy nilly to the early finishers. and if you didn’t live in texas…we could tag team with that baby sitter, because that is precisely what would work for me. I feel ya. And shit…who need the name and number on the card…if they don’t know who you are just by looking at the card, I say…fuck em. night night.

  96. I need one of those cards… and cheesecake… and water.
    I also need to call my doc and get a fresh Rx for my meds, but that takes too much work… until I am desperate and almost out. You are not alone.

  97. Love it!… The business cards, love the cards… Not the lack of prescription drugs. Oh you know what I mean.

  98. I love your blog! It came recommended to me by the surgery scheduler at my urologist’s office, who as it turns out is bipolar and loves satire, like me. Thanks for providing me with my daily amusement. 🙂 Hope you’ll visit my blog at bpnurse.com sometime as well

  99. So if you go straight from the doc to the pharmacy with the RX, then wait for it so you don’t forget doesn’t that make you look like a druggie? Someone needs to figure out what they are trying to accomplish with controlled substance rules.

  100. I had an appointment with my therapist this week. She’s integral to my sanity, and helps me cope with ADD, among other things. She has two offices, and I’ve only been to one. At my last appointment, we scheduled my next appointment for a time when she was at the other location. She told me, when we made the appointment, that she might be able to move it to my “normal” location. She told me she would text me and let me know. She told me, the day of the appointment, which location I should go to. She had moved it to my “normal” spot, in order to make it easier for me. She told me the address, even though I’ve been going there for three fucking years. Did I go there? No. I went to the new place. The place I’ve never been. Not only that, but I was late and sent her a text saying, “Uh, I’m here and the door is locked.” To which she replied, “Where are you? I texted you to come to this office.” Yes, my ADD is so bad that I skipped over the middle part of a three sentence text. She finally called me, and I said, “How do you feel about a phone session?” Since I was half an hour away. I wanted to be able to focus, so I kept my car parked in the lot of the (wrong) clinic where I was. I tried to sit in my car for the whole hour, but I can’t talk on the phone without pacing. So there I was, pacing up and down a mental health clinic’s parking lot, crying and talking too much. It was not one of my finer moments.

  101. Aaah best idea ever, totally love it 🙂 Cant wait for your new book to arrive!!! Lots of love all the way from South Africa!

  102. I love the cards!
    21 days from when they write the prescription sounds terrible. I get a whole year, here in Australia.

  103. I’ll be your personal nurse and remind you to fill your meds if you give me one of those Awesome cards. I’ll show up at the pharmacy wearing it.

  104. The cards are really a good idea! I wish I have the cards so that I can make myself laugh randomly whenever I feel the hibbie jibbies (panic attacks) coming.

  105. One of my son’s ADHD meds is a controlled substance, so they can’t call in a prescription. We have to go pick it up every time, and the doctor’s office actually charges us $15 to write a prescription when it’s not an appointment day. And of course they can’t write a prescription in advance during the appointment. WTH?!

  106. I want a box of those cards so I can put them in random places. I wander around to a lot of random places even though I don’t have ADD myself. What I have is a compulsion to wander around and look at stuff, which is annoying to a lot of shopkeepers because I rarely buy anything. But are they business cards if they just have a hashtag? Shouldn’t business cards have contact information?

    Wait, the hashtag will lead back to your Twitter feed which will lead people here. It’s a test. And I’ve failed by not having a Twitter account. Or won by already being here.

  107. The Depression equivalent is when you’re sunk into such a state of apathy you can’t do anything at all, and everything seems pointless. So, your therapist gives you loads of difficult and really flaky-sounding homework to do between appointments…. As Allie Brosh said, “A fundamental part of the plan is missing and it’s not going to work.” There’s a lot of this kind of problem in mental health care, and it took me a solid 8 years to find a therapist who gets that.
    Megan Premo- if you ask me, both you and your therapist are kind of awesome for salvaging an appointment disaster like that!

  108. If I remind you to refill your meds will you send me a business card?

  109. I don’t know how things work in the US but can’t you go to a different pharmacist? One that doesn’t mind the date? Just wondering.

    I want one of those cards so baaaaaaaaad.

  110. I had the same problem – expired ADD meds scrip. And when I expressed frustration because i was completely out, the pharmacist started freaking out, claiming that I shouldn’t be out of them because I had filled the last scrip recently enough to still have some. She was wrong, but I was so distracted and unfocused I didn’t realize it until I was back at the shrink’s office. I think for controlled substances the pharmacy should call and bug you too, just like they do with other meds. But then I guess technically they would be a pusher. Anyway, all that to say I feel your pain.

  111. Just FYI, it’s totally acceptable to have a babysitter for yourself as an adult, you just call them a personal assistant. #adulting

  112. Keep a bunch of those cards in each purse and every time you leave the house – say, for the pharmacy – distribute the cards liberally. Tuck them into magazines in the checkout aisle or under a pack of gum. Some will discover the cards with delight. Others will be befuddled. Either way, win!

  113. Move to California. We’ll give you six months to fill your ADD meds. After you drop off your prescription we’ll call you 3 times in 13 days to remind you to pick it up. And then when you come in on the 14th day we’ll sigh, go to the computer and start the whole process over. Also, you can remind your ADD pharmacist to take her meds when she gets distracted by….Squirrel!

    Oh, and bring water, the word is that you have plenty.

  114. I let my xanax script expire once. I was so proud that I had cut down and then I NEEDED it and couldn’t get it refilled. I feel your pain.

  115. Someone probably already said this, but often if you call Drs office and ask nurse to talk to Dr, Dr will call in a prescription without an appointment. Pharmacy reminders are good or you can setup Google calendar (or have Victor on Somebody do that) to send you multiple reminders in your email about prescriptions, appointments and more.

  116. I would like to order 500 of those cards please. I will leave them in random places to make people happy.

    Also, my doctor sends my scripts directly to my pharmacy on her computer. I think your shrink is messing with you.

  117. If you took your meds regularly you would be drinking more water to wash them down, two birds one stone and all ;D Also, the back of that card is f’n brilliant (even with the extra space between to and disguise on the front – sorry, don’t hate me too much, I make a mad cheesecake).

  118. My doctors send the prescription in via computer, except in emergencies such as “being in too much pain to sleep unless I get a strong painkiller.” In those cases they call it in. Could your psychiatrist call the pharmacy and order the prescription?

  119. I hate to tell you this but ADD meds are usually C2’s so they can’t be called in. Though you could probably have the Dr. mail the scrip to the pharmacy for you.

  120. Your business card is THE BEST EVER! On so may levels, I just won’t even start

  121. I have got to get some of those cards. Best business cards ever! You don’t even need the other info on them, anyone who is even vaguely familiar with your work will know they are yours :-).

  122. Wait. Aren’t ADD meds Schedule 3? The pharmacy could’ve called the doc right then and there for the Rx. But maybe things are different in Texas.

  123. I love your business cards! You’re ADD makes you very creative.

    My ADD only allows me to remember to read your blog once a week…which means I get a good half hour of entertainment! But I do remember to pick up ALL three of my kids each day! I should get kudos for that, right?

  124. My son’s doctor can’t call in his Adderall. I’ve fallen victim to the “this scripts too old” mistake. Didn’t know. Didn’t matter one whit. His other meds are not submitted via computer–again, still not an option for the controlled drug. But he’s optimistic it will change. In the meantime, it’s frustrating.

  125. I feel your pain. I have to manage the entire household’s life, prescriptions, dr’s appts, bowel movements, sleep patterns, acne breakouts, cat hairball vomit occurrences… I’m sure I forgot something…

  126. Do… looks-around-anxiously Do you have… jerk-check tiny ninjas spring on me or something?!? Duck-checks-desk

  127. i just retired after 37 years of delivering mail. You should never have to go to the post office. I always told my customers, “I’m already going to the post office, it’d be crazy for both of us to go.”

  128. I understand there have to be controls but I also understand that it doesn’t make sense to make sick (possibly/probably contagious) people walk through a pharmacy to the counter in the back to pick up antibiotics or whatever or to make people with ADD/anxiety walk through a pharmacy (loaded with other people and shiny things) to pick up their meds. Check out any local news station’s internet site and you’ll see mug shots of multiple people who look like they couldn’t find their way out of their home yet figure out how to manufacture or buy meth.

  129. The whole ADD therapy model always feels shaky to me. Like the self-reporting: have you been forgetting things? do you sometimes make inappropriate remarks? How would I know? and the meds-have you been taking them? Yes, definitely. What was the question?Is it interfering with your functioning at work or at home? I work with very polite people who wouldn’t tell me, and no one pays attention to me at home, anyway, or they would tell me that I have been forgetting things…I don’t know the answer but I wish there was some sane-sounding way to say “I need adult supervision”. Oooh, I wonder what I would call that person? My minder? my mind? my re-mind? ANd why are professors the only ones who get to be called “absent-minded” and it means a cute thing? I digress

  130. Given the circumstances, I bet you could just call your Doc and have him call in a new scrip.

  131. can you set your prescription up for auto renew? I do that with my birth control because I’m terrible at remembering to do it myself.

  132. I totally need a babysitter for myself as well. I need tissues because I’m a little weepy, and btw my ADD meds are out of stock! So color me overwhelmed.
    I think the only alternative is cheesecake and enough peace and quiet to read until it is time to sleep. Tomorrow is another day.

  133. My pharmacy will mail my meds to me since I gave them my debit card number to charge them to each month. I just have to take in the prescription, and call in if I don”t fill it right away. (I tend to do that in the middle of the night, because they have an automated thingy on their phone where I can put in the prescription number if I have refills still available.) Get your doctor to call in the prescription and then get the pharmacy to mail your pills to you.

  134. Put me on the list of people that need one of those cards! In fact, I’d love a whole bunch to pass out to my friends, family, and coworkers. Because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by raccoon smiles?!?

  135. I know your pain. Add in the recent news that one version wasn’t working right and chaos! I have to go in tomorrow to get them to refill the prescription. And others. And get a lecture. And except the add mess, they electronically send the rest. Of course those cant be correct because they don’t know how to use tech and they won’t let me do it for them. Tech is my life, my career… It is torture to watch someone who years after getting this system still have no idea even though it is used multiple times a day.

  136. I told my friend he should make business cards because he is constantly going on dates with new people and getting annoyed at always having to give directions to his house. I think I might have implied he was a male prostitute, but that’s okay.

  137. Please send business card ASAP. Starting grad school, need to have one for lower half of face on first day.

  138. Do you give out business cards when you buy stuff in your store? I got a chance to wear my ‘James Madison’ nectie the other day and my wife said that she is not taking me anywhere formal ever again, it WORKED! I saw a link entitled “Taxidermied mouse chess set’ and thought of you, is that weird at all? Here it is, http://imgur.com/tOKxaIZ

  139. I think the business cards are genius just the way they are. Just enough information to be intriguing. People will type that hashtag into Twitter and then go one of two ways:
    1 – they’ll discover a whole world of awesome weirdness and feel like they’ve finally found their way home.
    2 – they’ll be driven insane by what they see and try to claw their eyes out to avoid ever being exposed to it again.
    I think we all know which group of people we like better.

  140. I think pharmacists are having too much fun with the power they’ve accidentally been granted by new DEA laws. Plus, if you RX is for ‘the good shit,’ it can’t be called in. You have to have prescription in hand. This is one of the many reasons drugs should be legal and the ADD meds should be sold next to the cleaning supplies.

  141. Don’t feel bad. My doctor has gotten used to the pharmacy sending a fax authorization cause I forget to ask her to write a refill while I’m there OR I have to change my appointment and I would have had enough meds until my appointment, but since I changed it, now I’ve run out. Plus the pharmacy always calls me that its written for 90 days and do I really want to fill it for 90 day and do I know how much that will cost? Yes I know. Ugh.

  142. I babysit my husband & his ADHD meds, there’s no way he’d be capable of getting them on his own. I have my Google calendar email me on the 15th of each month to go pick up his meds. Now if I could just get him to remember to go to his appointments…..

  143. So get the meds issue!! One I have seems to have a window of 15 minutes. If I get it too soon, it is, well, too soon. And if I wait until I am close to running out, it is too late. I am convinced that the 15 minute window shifts and I am not privy to its current location.

  144. Love, love, love the “business” cards. Now I think I need a half racoon face semi-business card.

  145. This is me with the ADD meds as well! Also, jointly cannot make coffee in the mornings without first having had coffee! So no meds + no coffee leaves me overwhelmed with life most mornings!

  146. I hope Texas finally let you have your meds! Oh God, that sounds really mean now that I write it out but I swear, it was supposed to be a nice, “yay!” line. As soon as I started reading about the about the ADD drugs at the pharmacy, I was like, “yep, it has to be a paper copy only” but I didn’t know that Texas’ law has a much stricter window than federal law (my sister is a student pharmacist, my SIL is a real pharmacist, and I worked at my local pharmacy in high school and college. Schedule II drug laws are insane).

    My anxiety issues have been getting worse so my regular doctor and I were both like, “you know, having an actual psychiatrist/psychologist on hand might not be a bad thing” but all of them involve calling them on the phone (when I’m at work so I have to keep leaving my desk to make or take phone calls b/c my office is all cubicles), leaving messages, having to actually talk about my anxiety which always makes me cry….and a lot of my anxiety is “social/talking on the phone/people watching me do things”-related. Plus the whole crying thing. So I don’t really get how any of that is helpful because it seems like it’s designed to just make my anxiety worse. WTF.

  147. Being the wife of and the mother of people with ADD, I totally understand your predicament.

  148. Yes! One of those cards should come with every book. I want one for when I’m in the car. I’m going to hold it up to my face as I pass little kids.

  149. I want a card too! And I’m totally volunteering to be your baby-sitter raises hand.

  150. Mine sends it back to stock after a week, but I’ve been twice within 5 days and they’ve sent it back to stock anyway. Also I just tried to refill a prescription and they won’t let me do it till 2 days before mine runs out. Good thing I’m not going to be out of town.
    Maybe when the doctor calls it in they can also check the option to mail it to you? If they have that option? Looks like people already suggested it.

  151. If I send you an SASE, will you send me one? I want only one because more than that would be selfish…and possibly an indication of multiple personalities, which we don’t have. I mean, which I don’t have. I, as in, we are singular. Or just royal. Yes, we’ll go with royal. We are royal.

    Anyway, my I, pretty please? We thank you.

  152. I did this, then I lost the prescription for the meds because my ADD made me lose track of where I placed it. I think it’s on a pair of pants somewhere…

  153. Thanks for the reminder to pick up my daughter’s ADHD meds. And I want one of those business cards when come to get my book signed in September. 🙂

  154. sweet jeezuz I can relate to this! I take like 9 million pills a day…..or slightly less 😉
    And some months, coordinating refills and making appts for checkups to get re-approved for pills (cuz apparently, my Spina Bifida is gonna suddenly go away and I won’t need the pills anymore!) is enough to make me crazier than the antidepressants/anti anxiety pills already say I am!

  155. Is there any way super fans who are also super painfully awkward and socially regressive could get a couple of those fab cards?

  156. What I have learned from being on ADD meds as an adult:
    So your shrink probably can’t call the prescription in because it’s a controlled substance, which is why they give you the paper perscriptions in the first place. When you go to your shrink, ask for 3 months worth of paper prescriptions for your meds, each dated one month after the previous one. Then, when you go to the pharmacy give all 3 paper perscriptions to the pharmacist and they will scan them in and keep them on file. Then, you can schedule the refill for each month, because they know that you are allowed to have the next one. That way, you’ll actually get the “Your drugs have been ready for weeks!” phone call! 🙂

  157. Apparently there are only certain manufacturers that make truly equivalent generics of Conserta, which I found out after a week of trying to get my insurance to approve it and then a second failed pharmacy attempt to fill it. I also appreciate the irony of having to get shit done to get the drugs to supposedly help you get shit done. :-/

  158. & I love forgetting to GO to the appointment I finally remembered to make with the ADD doc. You’d think ADD docs have a dozen no-shows DAILY. That’s what I say to myself to ease the guilt of standing up the ADD doc again. “She HAS to get this ALL the time…”

    Thank you for making me feel less like a freak.

  159. I’m now in a 6 month desert of chaos of no ADD meds because:
    I forgot to get my med records when I changed insurance;
    I lost my new health insurance card and keep forgetting to call to get another one;
    My new Primary Care Doctor won’t believe me, despite the dozens of old prescriptions I showed her, that I am not a flagrant drug abusing speed freak, and thus, won’t write me a new prescription, yet tries to convince me that Wellbutrin will do the trick;
    Wellburtrin does not do the trick
    I can’t make an appointment with another doctor because they want to see the aforementioned health insurance card;
    I am afraid of using the telephone to call the old doctor, insurance company, new doctor and prospective doctor because I’m pretty sure I will someday recover a memory of a giant phone assaulting me somehow; or I can’t focus enough to even contemplate making that many phone calls and the horrible hold music that will eat through my brain like that worm in Wrath of Khan;
    I’ve gained 40 lbs since going off of Adderall and secretly enjoy rubbing my new buddha belly.

    So, I feel you. Not in the “rubbing my new buddha belly” way, but in the “will SCoTUS please legalize throttling the FDA with our bare hands” way.

  160. People do not actually believe any of this utter nonsense, do they? Clearly we are reading passages from a novel. And not a very good one.

  161. I find this because I googled “i won’t call the front desk for tissues because then i’d have to put pants on”.
    I often deal with the same scenario with my ADD meds. I’m always on business trips, so it’s an even smaller window of time that I have to attempt remembering to get them.

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