Where’s Rory? (UPDATED)

So.  Next month my new book comes out and if you read here often enough you’re already familiar with Rory, the gloriously ecstatic and somewhat terrifying taxidermied road-kill raccoon who graces the cover.

furiously happy

When you read the book you’ll learn all about Rory, and also more about how my anxiety disorder makes it hard to leave the house at times.  These things seem unrelated but when my publisher first started making cardboard standees to send to book sellers I mentioned how nice it was that all of these cardboard raccoons were traveling so bravely around the world as my stand-in.

Next month I’ll start traveling for months (off and on) during my book tour but I already know from my first tour that I’m not really strong enough to see anything of the cities that I’ll travel to, except for the blanket fort I’ll make in my hotel room and the wonderful people who’ll come to bookstores to listen to me read.  It probably seems like a waste of travel to the average person but I know that I don’t have the physical or mental stamina to see the sites or landmarks.  And that’s a little sad, but it’s also sort of wonderful to finally acknowledge my limits and recognize them and to not push myself past them…to know that taking care of myself is more important than seeing the world.

But when I first saw the cardboard Rory raccoons being made I thought of the traveling gnome prank (the practice of stealing a garden gnome and sending postcards and pictures of the gnome traveling the world to the owner) and thought how lovely it would be if some of these Rorys could travel around the world and see all of the amazing things that so many of us never see.  And my publisher (who is strange enough to agree to put a dead raccoon on the cover of a book) agreed completely and sent me a lovely cardboard Rory.  I photographed him all around the house.

With my pets:

Ferris Mewler, Hunter S. Thomcat, Dorothy Barker and Rory.

With Beyoncé:

Knock knock, motherfucker.
Knock knock, motherfucker.

With James Garfield:


And even with the original Rory:


Then my friend Laura took Rory with her on a few weeks of travel.  He was with her at Blogher, and she texted me pictures of old friends with Rory as I sat at home and suddenly felt so much less lonely than I had before.

Do you know these people? You should.
Do you know these people? You should.

Then came pictures of him in New York.

If a dead raccoon can make it here he can make it anywhere. I'm paraphrasing.
If a dead raccoon can make it here he can make it anywhere. I’m paraphrasing.

And then he was jetted off to the beach.

No sunscreen needed.
No sunscreen needed.

And he joined in on a family vacation.

"High-five, Walt."
“High-five, Walt.”

And each time a picture would come in I’d feel like I was there.  And I’d share the picture with Hailey and Victor and we’d all laugh at the ridiculous wonder of a small raccoon seeing the world.  And Laura would tell me hysterical stories of people she’d met because they were so intrigued with this bizarre, ecstatic cardboard raccoon who was lounging on beach chairs, or riding on ferris wheels, or watching a Broadway play.

And it was lovely.

We haven’t even started and already I’m thrilled.  But let’s keep going.  Do you have someplace you think Rory needs to see?  Do you want to take him with you to see a landmark, share a photo of him and then pass him on to someone else who can photograph him in another new place?  The Eiffel Tower?  The world’s largest ball of twine?  Horseback riding?  Being hugged by sloths?  Balancing on the head of your great-grandmother?  Just leave me a comment (with your email so I can contact you) and I’ll send dozens of Rorys into the world so we can see what happens.

I’ll be updating this post with new pictures as they come in, and sharing them online using the #WheresRory hashtag.  I hope you’ll enjoy vicariously seeing the world through the eyes of a tiny, couch-surfing, furiously happy raccoon as much as I do.

PS. If you simply can’t wait for someone to mail you a Rory you can make one yourself.  Just click here, print the pdf, glue it on something stiff and cut it out.  BOOM.  You’re in business.  Or you can buy a hard-plastic photo-sculpture here.  You can share links and pictures in the comment section and I’ll update it as Rory travels.

PPS.  Thank you.  This is ridiculous and I know that but I also know that you people are magic with ridiculousness, and that instead of judging me you’re more likely to take this someplace I’d never imagine.  You are made of stardust.  Thank you.


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  1. I would take Rory to visit the Nittany Lion statue–the most famous thing in my town/paragon of Big Ten football madness at Penn State University–and I hate football.

  2. maine is full of lobsters fighting racoons. the latter could use some reinforcements.

  3. I would love to take Rory to my neighborhood hang out! Not exotic but he would have a great time. and he would make this introvert meet new people which is always a good thing.

  4. Rory needs to come to my cousin’s wedding in Quebec City later this month. Please? I don’t have a date, and Rory definitely needs to visit the Great White North.

  5. Rory: So this is it?
    Simone: What’s wrong with the couch?
    Rory: Nothing, I guess. But aren’t you sick of watching reruns of Charmed?
    Simone: Clearly, you don’t know what makes me furiously happy.

  6. I’m going to the Mediterranean in September. 🙂 Athens, Santorini, Crete, Rhodes, Istanbul, cruising on a giant yacht… I think it would be great fun to take along Rory!

  7. Rory needs to come enjoy the “fun” of teacher inservice week. :). And Florida.

  8. I think Rory needs to see Plymouth Ma – the Mayflower & Pilgrim Rock. Im just the person to take him there.

  9. I travel with Animal (of the mullet variety) and shoot him everywhere I go. I’d love to bring Roy along (all over Colorado, wherever my driving takes me is where I would bring Rory…he can be Animal’s traveling companion. Animal was getting lonely I think).

  10. Yes! Oh, please, please, please! I am getting together with about 20 of the women from the Saint James Garfield Facebook group next weekend (leaving on the 13th) and will be in Washington, DC. I would love to take him around with us and show him the sites and let you see how your crazy Christmas give-a-thon has turned into some wonderful, wonderful friendships.

  11. Rory needs to come to Baltimore to see Inner Harbor and other amazing sights!

  12. I will show him the town of Weiner, AR! Maybe even Goobertown, Possum Grape, Bald Knob, Toadsuck and Smackover! (We have a lot of towns with ridiculous names. I once lived in Frog Jump, TN.)

    We have no amazing sights to offer, unless he’s a fan of The Heifer Project. But Rory would be a most welcome guest in the Arkansas. I would probably force the priests to be photographed with him as well.

    Can I get him drunk as long as I don’t get him wet?

  13. Rory totally needs to drink Hurricanes and protect me from creepy graveyards and voodoo curses in New Orleans. He can even ride shotgun.

  14. Currently on a six month long road trip with my husband. I’ll be happy to take Rory along. We left our usual jackelope mascot at home this trip. Just not the same without something ridiculous to take pictures with… administrator@hauntedplaces.org

  15. Roy will be coming to our book club meeting next Tuesday. We are going to.play Cards Against Humanity.

  16. I work at a disco club… I think Rory needs to come and get his groove on. I would even make him a mini Afro and bellbottoms.

  17. This is adorable! I would take Rory to my favorite winery for Friday night music, my 30th birthday and our upcoming family vacation!

  18. As someone who worked in book marketing for many years, I can understand the value of crowd-sourced ridiculousness. Especially when it goes viral. Unless it’s an actual raccoon that goes viral, which conjures up images of rapid movements, biting, and spontaneous bouts of raccoon diarrhea.

  19. Oh I think he should come with me to my Connecticut granddaughter’s Labor Day (funny, my daughter did not enjoy the irony) 7th birthday party… We are all nuts on my side of her family tree, so I’m sure Rory would enjoy taking part in the shenanigans. Also, too, the mom (my kid) of the 7 year old almost turned herself inside out laughing at your last book.

  20. We are going on a Disney Cruise in January. Plus I can take him to the world’s largest basket.

  21. I’m hoping to print out Rory and take him around work (aka the solar system).

    That said, “glue it on something stiff”? Like, isn’t Rory a little stiff already? 😉

  22. I’m stupid. I shall happily take him to the Med… this time with an email address. 🙂

  23. I live within driving distance of the world’s largest ball of twine. No kidding. I’d love to make my 15-y.o. son take a short road trip with me before school starts in order to take Rory there. It would beat the hell out of facing my next major rewrite.

  24. Hi Jenny,
    My husband’s name is Rory and I would love Rory to meet Rory. Rory’s totally invited to come to our home town, Salmon Arm (yes that is the name I’m totally NOT making that up. I promise he will have a lot of fun. We have the hugest mountains here and I will take a picture of Rory on top of one of them looking at Salmon Arm. He will feel right at home because my Rory is very furry, just like yours ( but don’t tell him I told you that).

  25. I once lugged a 3 foot corporate trophy around town to photograph it in front of the Beer Can House, giant president heads, and a cop car (among other locales). Doing this with Rory will be even more fun! I am totally in.

  26. Oh! I’m volunteering at The Walker Stalker Convention (A Walking Dead themed convention, but there will also be actors from Lost! And Gremlins! And Breaking Bad!) in Boston in just a few weeks. It’ll be my first time in Boston, so Rory and I can explore together. And by “explore”, I mean pose with zombie cosplayers in a convention center. As one does.

  27. YES! I can be a bit of a hermit, but I promise to take Rory out & about in Vancouver, BC. At the very least, he will be photographed in my garden with roses, hummingbirds & Terriers!

  28. I may need Rory’s help when I get my knee scoped next week. I think he’d love the OR.

  29. I would take Rory to the USS Batfish! The only ww2 submarine in oklahoma. It’s in the middle of a wheat field. What? Texas has is the only place with weird crap?
    We also have a “medieval” cinder block castle.
    I’m sure there are some other interesting places we can take him!

  30. I’d love to take Rory with me to the Gold Coast and into the hinterland rainforest with me in September. Plus to just hang out by the pool drinking cocktails!

  31. Printer-less here as well (yay, vacation!), but would be happy to take him around Minnesota when we get home … not as cool as scaring a moose in Rocky Mountain National Park, but still kind of cool. Maybe?

  32. I would be happy to take him around Chatlottesville, VA. I would even take him to Monticello and UVA.

  33. Oh, Jenny. I can’t resist. Please allow me to take Rory on a winery tour here in Napa. In fact, Rory can meet some of Napa’s most fanciest people and then encourage Napa tourism (post-earthquake, no less; it’s almost its year anniversary!). Someday we’ll drink wine together here ourselves, but until you get that break…

  34. I’m something of a recluse myself, but I would take Rory to see the sights of my city. (Cincinnati)

  35. I’m fairly confident Rory needs to ride with my son in his play day (horseback riding). He loves showing new people the ropes.

  36. Relocating my household across several states – Rory would dig the chaos of traveling with a large rambunctious Labrador, an active 6 year old, and unimpressed cats. 😀 Think he’d be any good at packing the truck? No worries, he can supervise if not…

  37. Rory needs to come to Sydney, Australia. You need to come back too Jenny! It would be so fantastic for you to do a book tour here!

  38. This would be totally fun! Rory can drink bourbon with us in Kentucky!

  39. Oh I’m totally printing up my own Rory and he’s going to visit TO!! I’ll take him to see the TORONTO sign too! Stay tuned!

  40. I’d take Rory to Devil’s Tower. I bet he’d love the wide, open, emptiness of Wyoming….I sure do!

  41. I’m down to take Rory to the Biggest Ball of Twine in Minnesota, the giant spoon at the sculpture garden AND lots and lots of breweries and taprooms in Minneapolis-St Paul.

  42. Over the next few months I’m heading to Munich, Rome, NZ and Australia (summer Christmas!) and would LOVE to take Rory with me!

  43. This is such a great idea. I can take Rory exploring in Northeast Ohio! (I promise, there are lots of great things to see here!) 🙂

  44. Please send Rory to Maine, he needs to see Acadia national park and I’m just the person to show it to him 🙂

  45. I too have terrible anxiety but occasionally am able to travel and will be doing do in the next few months. I would love to take Rory with me, to Portland and LA, to a concert and Disneyland and some of my favorite places.

  46. He definitely needs to be our side kick for the last four weeks of summer. I see a seven year old and a bat cave in his future!!!

  47. My son gets a kick outta this Racoon, I know he would love to have one to take EVERYWHERE with him! 🙂 Besides, a day in the life of a 4-year-old would be a great experience for Rory! lol!
    E-Mail is chelsie.eighty8@hotmail.com

  48. Rory must come here and see the St. Louis Arch!! As well as all the other wonders here.

  49. I’ll see your giant metal chicken, and I’ll raise you a taxidermied Alaskan grizzly bear. Hell, I’m gonna go make my own Rory right now so he can immediately begin his Alaskan adventures!! Love and thanks from Chugiak, which is a half hour north of Anchorage (obviously).

  50. Oh please send Rory here to Louisiana! My husband and I just moved back to the USA after our expat adventures. We moved to small town Louisiana and are exploring as much as we can. It’s way more interesting than we thought it would be. Adjusting to life back in the USA is harder than I thought it would be and super lonely sometimes and I think having Rory would be a great help. Especially for me, hubby gets to go to work, I’m home alone and sometimes it’s hard to leave the house. I think a little friend could be just what I need. I promise to keep him safe from alligators. Although a swamp tour and gator farm are on the to-do list.

  51. I’m going on a cruise next month and I have been searching for a suitable sidekick (other than Mom of course). I think Rory shows the proper amount of enthusiasm needed for a Caribbean vacation, copious amounts of alcohol and awesome sidekickery shenanigans.

  52. Send Rory to Alaska and he can go halibut fishing! And possibly some hiking, but only with bear spray because the Bears will not be amused by an ecstatic raccoon. Trust me on this one.

  53. We are heading to Italy in September! I’m sure Rory would love to see the Coliseum, ride in a gondola, climb the Dolomites, eat pasta (ok, that could get messy). POMPEII! He’d be awesome in Pompeii! And Italians would be reassured that yes Americans are in fact insane.

  54. Omg, Rory needs to see the Rocky statue in Philly, and then whatever majestic sights I encounter as I travel to NYC for your book singing. And probably also the Liberty Bell. And maybe Sesame Place. I bet Rory would freak the Muppets right the hell out.

    Yes. This needs to happen.


  55. I think Rory needs to ride along to Mackinac City in mid-September, for a 25 mile ride on a recumbent trike Saturday the 20th, and pedaling across the Mackinac Bridge Sunday morning. You game, Rory??

  56. I’m going to Costa Rica at the end of September. I’d love to take him.

  57. I don’t have a colour printer, so I’d be rockin’ a mini-old timey Rory. But if you send him to me, I live in Victoria and am travelling to Vancouver in a couple of weeks. Then I get onboard the Disney Wonder and I’ll be at Juneau, Ketchikan, and Skagway.

    That’s a lot of places! And I can pose him near the Terry Fox statue too (in two cities no less!). Pick me pick me!!!

  58. I live in Portland,Oregon. I’m driving the van for a team of runners for Hood to Coast at the end of this month, and Rory needs to live it up on an almost 200 mile trip with smelly runners.

  59. Please, please, please send me one! I’m pretty sure my adventure to France won’t be complete without Rory!

  60. Jenny this is only just the BEST IDEA EVER. I’m printing a Rory and taking him to see Spamalot in Hackensack, where my art will also be on public display for the first time EVER. Art that you are pretty much directly responsible for, btw. Somebody remind me to tell Jenny the story someday. 🙂

  61. I’m not far from the Poconos. In addition to the beauty of Bushkill Falls and the Delaware Water Gap, I can take Rory on not one but two brewery tours complete with copious samples of craft beers. I promise you I won’t mind taking the time to go beer tasting with Rory. 🍺

  62. I love your work, and this seems like an awesome idea! Kudos to you for owning yourself and knowing what you DONT have to put yourself through, I would love a Rory and would totally send pix,
    Great idea, Rakhel

  63. Oh, my, I want a Rory! I’m going to Prague next month, and I’d say I could photograph him with me around Boston too, but somehow going out in Prague is so much less intimidating than going out in my own city, so that really wouldn’t happen–he can have pictures on my couch with Nigel, my giraffe, though.

  64. Rory needs to see the House on the Rock with me. And possibly my puggle

  65. Rory would love to see a lighthouse on the coast of Maine. I’ll even print pics out of him and bring them to you in Boston (Like I did with my BFF and our fake Jenny Lawson head.)

  66. I was just at the Gopher Hole Museum in Torrington, Alberta (http://gopherholemuseum.ca/) and I would go back just to bring Rory. What better place for Rory to go than a one-room school house converted into a museum with dozens of small dioramas depicting various scenes with the assistance of farmer-provided taxidermied gophers?

  67. I live in Los Angeles, so I have a plethora (note my use of s SAT word to make myself sound smart and important) of places I could take him. Except Griffith Park because I am originally from Florida and I do not do mountains because mountains do not come with guard rails and easy-to-ascend stairs. Personally, I see Rory hanging with Felicity Huffman’s and William H. Macy’s stars on the Walk of Fame, eating pie at Mel’s Diner and waiting in line to see an @midnight taping.

  68. I currently live in Saudi (on a work assignment). I would happily take Rory around the Middle East with me!

  69. Oooh send him to vienna! I’ll bring him on a roadtrip to the weird places i love here (including a super old haunted loiking farmhouse)
    also i could use him as an excuse for a trip to salzburg and i’ll get a picture of him in the rolling hills singing “the hiiilllllsss are aliiiiive, with the sound of rooooorrrryyyyy”

  70. I was sad to see you weren’t making a San Diego stop this time around (I was fortunate and privileged to host you at a B&N signing here when the first book came out in paperback), and would love to send you pictures of Rory enjoying sunny San Diego. Hiking Kwaay Paay and Cowles Mountain, checking out an SDSU Aztecs football game, visiting with relatives on campus at SDSU (TONS of raccoons!), sipping drinks on the beach. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the LA signing, but I’ll be there in spirit. Can’t wait for the new book!!! jonnyliterati@gmail.com

  71. We’ll see if Rory gets lucky at the casinos in Atlantic City next week!

  72. Rory needs to see Amish Country and Cedar Point in Ohio. I’m also traveling a shitton in the next few months and I want to scare the TSA with him in my bag, I may pair him with my screaming pumpkin that protects my camera gear. email is corey@coreyann.com 🙂

  73. I’m pretty certain that Rory needs to come to Seattle and visit with our bridge troll. I feel like he should also be worked in as a GISHWHES (https://gishwhes.com/) scavenger hunt item – because what kind of international scavenger hunt is complete without a taxidermied raccoon!

  74. I also rarely leave my house, so if Rory came here, he’d end up sitting on the couch with me. Not much of a vacation.

  75. Every raccoon should have the chance to have his picture taken with what is arguably Kentuckys favorite tourist spot, the famous “Florence Y’all” water tower. It used to be “Florence Mall” but apparently that wasn’t allowed so rather than paint over everything they just changed Mall to Y’all. Because that’s totally legit in Kentucky.

  76. I’m a belly dancer and I think Rory needs his picture taken with as many belly dancers as possible. I can make that happen.

  77. I travel for work constantly, especially this time of year. August-November is so stressful. It would be awesome to have Rory as my traveling companion! The crazy stuff I could show him!

  78. I think my sister needs a wedding planner… I nominate Rory! First stop… wedding dress shopping in California!

  79. Rory needs to see Allerton Park, the gem of East Central Illinois and meet the famous Sunsinger, and I am just the gal to take him there!! Please send me a Rory, I don’t have a printer and he and I will embark on a most amazing journey at Allerton Park just outside of Monticello, ILL My email is mfinson63@gmail.com

  80. I don’t know that I have anywhere Rory needs to see but I’m pretty positive I need Rory to help me explore my new home, 1600 miles away from…..everything. Also why are blanket forts so comforting? Someone should do a study on this. I’d make government grant funded forts all day long…for the greater good, of course

  81. I would love to take Rory with me on my travels to New Orleans this fall and of course Universal Studios & Disneyland early next year. Of course he will come with me when we see you in December.

  82. So I live in Berlin, one of the capitals of crazy, but in the good way crazy, like all of us here… Anyway. Berlin has lots of spots where I am sure people would join a spontaneous racoon party if I started one. So I’d love to have a cardboard wanderer to make mayhem here in good old Germany – what do you say?

  83. I’m visiting Toronto in 2 weeks with my sisters, daughter and nieces. We’d love Rory to accompany us to Castle Loma, the ROM, CN Tower, the Andy Warhol exhibit, the Pompeii exhibit…

  84. If you would like to send me a Rory I could show him around Madison Wisconsin. He would love the Capitol and State Street and the terrace at the university. And I promise to take them with me next time I go to Milwaukee to visit my family. I would definitely take them to the Safehouse, which is one of the awesome at places in the world. We can visit the spies and I promise we’ll visit Burt Reynolds in the ladies room. Yes that last sentence is true. Oh and he can definitely come with us to check out the Packer game this season. Warlockshevari@yahoo.com. And if that is an awesome enough for you I have friends in Japan who might be willing to take him for a tour.

  85. I think Rory should climb a Colorado 14er!! Talk about beautiful views for him to see…

  86. I’m heading to the Peach Music Festival in Scranton PA next week. I think the peach needs a Rory! He can jam out with us, join us in the water park, visit Dunder Mifflin and maybe even go zip lining with me!

  87. I’d like to take Rory to Seneca Falls, NY, birthplace of women’s rights and home to Women’s Rights National Historical Park. I think he needs a selfie with Elizabeth Cady Stanton. Also, he can stop by Taughannock Falls, the highest falls in the Northeast (33 feet taller than Niagra Falls!).

  88. Rory needs some astronaut training at the Space and Rocket Center. Send to me and I’ll hook him up!

  89. I travel for work sometimes. There’s talk of upcoming trips to San Francisco and maybe even Paris (I’m dubious, but still holding out hope). I also have a trip “planned” (dates aren’t locked in yet) to Chicago and then Harry Potter Land (that’s not what it’s really called) in Orlando for later in the year. Also Rory can just hang with me in Austin. I’ll take him to see a movie at the Paramount and we can go sunning at Barton Springs.

    Too bad Rory wasn’t with me sooner, or else I would have taken him to 9 cities in 8 countries as part of my European vacation earlier this summer. Anyone have a Delorean? We can make this happen.

  90. I’m going to the Peach Music festival in Scranton PA next week. I think Rory need to come. He can jam out with us, visit Dunder Mifflin and maybe even go zip lining with me!

  91. I live in a tiny town in Tennessee but will be traveling to a doll convention near Boston in October. Perhaps Rory needs to experience crazy doll collectors in large groups. 😀

  92. Ooh! Does Rory have any dates lined up to visit the largest mall in America! If not, I would love to show him The Mall of America in Minnesota! The Minnesota State Fair is coming up and he could come with and go down the big slide, ride on midway rides, and eat lots of food on a stick. Send him to me and I’ll show him a true mid-western good time, dontcha know!

  93. We’re going to Cedar Point at the end of this month and I would love to take Rory with us!

  94. Hook me up! I work at a newspaper and Rory can be my intern/visit the US Coast Guard Academy in New London, CT, and/or the spectacular (ahem) Block Island Ferry! Oh, and I can take him to Yale in New Haven! He looks quite bright, after all.

  95. This is a great idea!!!! I have a therapy cat named Raul and we could take Rory on our adventures when we go to schools and other kid related events. The cool tie in here would be that I can bring it with me when I go to some of the places that I volunteer at with Raul and Rory can be his friend.A lot of the kids I work with have self esteem issues, social anxiety, and a large variety or other things going on. Mostly all of them struggle with making friends and fitting in which is why they have visits with Raul because he gives them an in to a conversation and he helps make them feel important and worthwhile which is something a lot of them don’t get. I could tell the kids about Rory who is helping out his friend who is kind of shy in social situations (or relate it to their specific issue) and that Rory is going on adventures for her. I can talk all about how awesome you are and how people would love to know you but you struggle a little meeting people. Then the kids, Raul and I can take Rory around and practice introducing him to other people or even just get him and the other kids out there interacting or even just near groups of people and cool places around the school. So really it’s like a full circle because essentially you would be using your powers to help other kids just like you to feel more confident and secure in social situations. It’s a win all around!

  96. I live in Las Vegas, so Rory & I will have a grand time seeing all the sights. I promise not to let him gamble his life savings away, though. Also, I have a cat named Rory that needs his picture taken with a raccoon named Rory. He just doesn’t know it yet.

  97. I would love for Rory to go with me to Nashville in October. My sister and I are going to be in a choir that is performing on the Dove Awards (like the Grammys for Christian music). He might even get to meet some celebraties!

  98. I am SO going to take Rory to the World’s Largest Ball of Twine and maybe even the Garden of Eden – they are two of my most favorite places 🙂

  99. So fun, Jenny! I can’t think of anywhere interesting I’ll be anytime soon except a water park in a couple weeks but I don’t think cardboard Rory is waterproof. ? Maybe he needs a lifeproof case. 🙂

  100. Aww, man. I was disappointed not to see Buffalo, NY on your tour list. Meeting you might have given me the motivation to leap the fear hurdle of leaving the house. Maybe a visit from Rory could do the trick! He needs to see the Erie County Fair! 😀

  101. My husband and I live in the Green Bay, WI area and we’d love to take Rory to Lambeau Field!

  102. Oh please Rory me! I’ll show him around Boston on my bicycle, out to the outer Cape (including some fabulous dress up in PTown), and up to the top of a mountain in Vermont. Oh, and he can go for a ride on my motorcycle. He’ll scout everything out for you, and help me not feel so lonely when there are people surrounding me…city life is so not my thing, and Rory could totally help me! Please please please Rory me!

  103. i would love to take a silly smiley raccoon on all my work travel adventures!

  104. Rory needs to see the wonders of Wisconsin. And he needs a steady diet of cheese (and maybe beer) to keep him so furiously happy. I can provide all of these things in spades.

  105. I will take Rory rock climbing with me here in Colorado- It would work better if I had a stuffed version because sometimes I get scared and would like to squeeze a stuffed animal, but the cardboard version will do. im not sure how this will be explained to my husband who already complains I bring too much stuff…but I think after a day climbing with Rory he’ll see the light!

    Also! I live super close to the Denver bookstore you’ll be at, so if need be, I can show you appropriate places to hide to get away.

    Email is suzrocks.com@gmail.com

  106. Rory told me he wants to go to Oregan with me.

    Pretty please 🌲🍃💧

  107. Please let Rory visit Metropolis! I’ll take him to visit Superman, Lois Lane and the Bird Man of Alcatraz to start. It will be so much fun!

  108. Rory needs to come graduate college with me! It’s taken me 22 years to finally be able to do it, so he would probably have a good time!

  109. I’d love to take him with me on our upcoming travels – we’re going fishing in the Wind Rivers (Wyoming), then to Steamboat (Colorado), then taking a road trip from Portland to San Francisco down the 1. And while he’s home he can help stucco the house.


  110. I’m going on a trip to the UK next month. If Rory is lucky, he can fly the TARDIS with me at the Doctor Who Experience!

  111. I live in San Diego, but frequently travel to North Hollywood, downtown LA, and other fun/weird places in the distance between SD and LA. Plus, I’m about to take my first trip back to Texas after moving to California. I’ll be going to Dallas and my hometown nearby, and both of my plane rides have layovers. I’m doing exposure therapy for my anxiety, and having Rory along seems like a good way to help me step out of my comfort zone and experience some things I might choose to avoid (I don’t have severe social anxiety, just mild… although my anxiety in general is incredibly high, as well as my depression. I’m fighting, too, and you inspire me). E-mail me at beebutlermusic@gmail.com if you can!

  112. i live in London, UK – I could show him the sights here! Also I’m going to Hong Kong and Tokyo in November if you still want pictures then? I’m mail at stahl dot cx

  113. I would take Rory to see alligators and also to see ACORN Clinic (a non-profit clinic for dental and medical care in a rural area of North Central Florida)!

  114. I would love to show Rory the sights here in DC for you! So many monuments, neighborhoods, and randomly ridiculous things here in our strange nation’s capital.

    And I am so very much looking forward to your stop in DC at Politics and Prose (awesome local book store) 😀

  115. Yes please. Rory needs to ride the ferry and meet the orcas. thebewilderness @ yahoo.com

  116. I am SOOOO in! I will be going to a meeting of my Sweet Potato Queens chapter next week and he can be surrounded by rhinestones, tiaras, and other fabulousness! And then I will take him to see all the other not-too-terribly-exciting-but-otherwise-lovable sites in my area! What fun! Like Flat Stanley, only happier…and probably completely ok with being photographed in a bar.

  117. I wanted to take Rory to the World’s Largest Horseshoe Crab that was in my hometown, but it isn’t there anymore 🙁

  118. I think Rory needs to come to Scotland! Perhaps he would like to see Edinburgh Castle? Or try some whisky? It’s been known to make people furiously happy, maybe it’ll have the same effect on a raccoon!

  119. Already printed Rory so he can come camping with us in PA tomorrow. He can go kayaking, roast marshmallows, and come to Knoebels Amusement Park and try to get the brass ring on the antique carousel.

  120. I’d like to second Rory’s appearance at the Saint James Garfield gathering in Virginia next weekend. We’re having a dessert making contest – Rory can judge!

  121. I’m going on a cruise to Orlando and the Bahamas at the end of the month to celebrate my 40th birthday (which was yesterday). Something tells me Rory would love to go on a cruise ship!

    It’s just too bad your book comes out after our cruise is over or I’d bring your book with me to read on the ship.

  122. I’d be happy to take Rory around North Florida. Would he like to see a football game, visit a huge sinkhole, or maybe even go to school? I can show him the sights, then send him on his way. South Florida, Alabama, Atlanta, or maybe, just maybe, Hong Kong or England are all possibilities.

  123. I would love to show Rory around New Orleans and if he gets here before September 18th he can attend the DC wedding I’m going to! (jennacp@gmail.com)

  124. Do you want a photo of Rory with Maman, at National Gallery of Canada? (I can do biring stuff like Parliament here in Ottawa… We just got back from Roanake VA, if you want him “digitally” added to the world’s largest illuminated Star, I might be able to make it happen.

  125. I would love to take pics with Rory!! Please send me one! I’m a special ed teacher in high school and I’m sure my students would come up with something creative!!
    I want to take Rory on many adventures!!

  126. I’m in Japan and i think Rory needs experience conveyor belt sushi, and you know fabulous oceans, shrines, temples, and 2nd largest dance festival in the world Awa Odori!

  127. I would love to take Rory to my mother’s 80th bday family party and to work here in Minnesota! He would love it here amidst the lakes and he could also go to the State Fair and enjoy some food on a stick!

  128. This is exactly my kind of project. I once took a monkey puppet on vacation and photographed him through all sorts of shenanigans. I live in Los Angeles, there are soooo many landmarks, random attractions, and hidden weirdness that I might have enough pics for a book by the time I’m done. This project will also help distract my husband as he deals with the fallout of his mother’s death and his father’s asshattery. CassieSteger@gmail.com

  129. I live in Utah. We have 5 national parks. I think I could get Rory to one or two. I could also get him up in to the glorious Wasatch mountains and possible in to a left over Olympic skating ring! Or send him to school with my 14 year old!! If my two year old doesn’t gnaw on him first….

  130. Oh please, let me have a Rory. He would see Northeast Ohio in a new way. He would go to work with me at the Main Library in Akron, answer reference questions, and pose with the patrons. He’d love it. He would fit right in with whatever science display we will have that week.

    He would also help me entertain a grandchild while we babysit, go to the zoo, to a children’s amusement park, a movie, throw rocks in a creek, play in a cool playground, go bird watching, and finally get to go on vacation – possibly to New England in September. Then, because he will be all worn out, he will accompany me to a place in New York state for a quiet, restful retreat, and get to meet Fr. Jerome, who will probably give him some spiritual direction. There are other raccoons there, but I would be careful to keep him from meeting them up close.

    Oh, it would be such a fulfilling time for him. Consider me. Or, I will just be forced to use glue and scissors to make my own. And if you’ve ever seen me craft, you would know that it would not be pretty.

  131. Rory needs to see the Oregon Coast!
    I can take him to see a shipwreck. I can take him to the Astoria Column which is like the leaning tower of Pisa…only it’s not leaning. But it currently looks like it’s wearing a condom (long story). Oh…there’s even a strip club here (if he’s into that kinda thing.)
    Anyway…we’ll show Rory a good time.

  132. Oh! Pick me! 🙂
    I live in the San Francisco Bay area and would love to take Rory around! We regularly visit all kinds of places (urban to outdoors) and are planning a trip to Spain and Portugal. Come join us!

  133. Would love to take Rory with me to the Middle East on my next trip – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman and then on to Pakistan. They need him. I don’t think they have raccoons there? He may be the answer to world peace. At lease he’ll start a few conversations.

  134. I would LOVE a Rory to show off Madison, WI. We can get a beer together and have fried cheese curds! I also run a doggie daycare out of my home and mostly care for dogs with separation anxiety (I have anxiety myself) and I think the dogs would like to meet Rory too.

    You’re coming to Milwaukee for your tour and I’ll make the drive to be there. My friend and I actually took a travel gnome with us to Vegas and it was a total riot. We named him Gnorme Gimlee Shotsie.


  135. What a spectacular idea! We’d love to take Rory camping in VT with us. He might even be able to frolic with his own kind in the woods! Then we’d scamper over to the Saratoga race track for an afternoon. This sounds fun!

  136. I am certain Rory will be even furiouserly happy if he could come to Australia and cuddle a koala and handfeed a kangaroo!! (Who wouldn’t?!)

  137. Oh I would so love to take Rory to my hometown, Hastings, Nebraska. The Hastings Museum is two floors of taxidermist animals that would love to meet Rory, AND, best of all, Hastings is where Kool-Aid was invented! So the basement of the museum is a mini-Kool-Aid Museum. Rory must be photographed there.

  138. I’d love to take him with me to Central America, Singapore, and Australia when I go backpacking this fall and winter.

  139. I NEED Rory to visit me for my store manager’s conference in September. The last one I went around tying lobster claws to people’s doorknobs, using them to hold notebooks open, and one as a thoughtful cigarette holder in an outside ashtray, so this promises many shenanigans!! Did I mention I work for HomeGoods, birthplace of Beyoncé?

  140. I know the perfect sloth for Rory to hug at the Dallas Aquarium! Not to mention some great BBQ down the street that he would enjoy.

  141. I desperately want a Rory in London. I live in Camden, so I’ll take him to see all the local punk/goth pubs as well as the touristy bits !! debratrinidateathotmail.com

  142. While I firmly believe that Rory would greatly enjoy being photographed by my washing machine, I could ALSO take him to the weird Trappist monastery in Woodstock (added value of a virtually guaranteed contact high in town), and/or rock climbing in New Paltz. The world is his oyster. Unless he’s allergic to shellfish. Then anaphalactic shock seems unkind.

  143. I live in Salem, MA.
    I could find LOADS of interesting places for Rory to visit.
    Not to mention, the people watching is just awesome. He would enjoy it.

  144. I would love to take Rory to Crater Lake and Wildlife Images. Hopefully we could see past all the smoke from the forest fires we are having right now.

  145. we’re going to Hudson’s Bay in a couple of months to camera hunt polar bears. Rory needs to come with us as a protector.

  146. Maybe Rory would like to hang out with me for my neck surgery next Wednesday. We can recuperate by watching True Detective marathons. I’ll throw in some Deadwood if he would like to see some wild, wonderful woodland scenes.

  147. Jenny, my friend Scout and I washout on your last book tour to St. Louis and plan to see you again on your next tour. If you send me a Rory I will take pics of him all over the Lou and in Florida when I travel in a few months. Love you! Keep fighting the brave fight!

  148. My family is moving across country in the next few months (California to South Carolina) and we will most likely be driving during the final moving process. We love for you to send us Rory so he could join us on a literal cross-country adventure!

  149. I’d love to show Rory some of the sights around Central Florida and on my family’s ranch.
    Lisa guest in @yahoo.com

  150. I’d love to show Rory around New Orleans and North Carolina – to see the sites around the former and to weddings in the latter!

  151. I would love to take Rory to The Breakers, the Coast Guard station (assuming my husband lets me bring him on and doesn’t have me escorted off by security) and the Officers’ Club (with a lovely view of the Pell Bridge) in Newport, RI. (Let’s be honest…I’d totally photograph him with my dog, Shadow, too) My guest-room desk is ready and waiting!

  152. I’ve recently moved to San Francisco from Australia, so I’m exploring a new area and don’t really have any friends to do it with. So Rory would be welcome to come explore with me!

  153. Rory needs to see the Mothman in WV for sure, and the Pumpkin House, and the Cooper’s Rock overlook, and…he just needs to come to WV!

  154. Rory has to come see me in Monterey/Pacific Grove/Carmel! Just think of the trouble he could get into at the beaches, restaurants and wine tasting rooms! He will, of course, be sending wine and restaurant reviews as well — SO California!!! Not to mention visiting our bizarre and marvelous TJMaxx and Marshalls where he can adopt new 9and horrible) friends!

  155. PLEASE PLEASE someone take a printed Rory to the madness that is the republican debate! I’m pretty sure they’d nominate him on the spot.

    Failing that, I’ll help out the Saint James Garfield group and take some pdf-Rory pics near the DC landmarks!

  156. PS – I’m going to Vegas for a reunion with grad school friends in late October and would totally take Rory along. I cringe to imagine the kinds of shenanigans we’d all find ourselves creating.

  157. I think Rory should come and do some sightseeing with me in Edinburgh, Scotland 🙂

  158. Oh Wow! I need to have a Rory! My printer is not working or I’d make one myself. I’m not a world traveler, but we’re on a mission to see as much cool stuff in our state, Connecticut, as possible.
    I used to have alot of anxiety and occasionally still have episodes. My 18 year old son is still struggling to get his anxiety, depression and manic episodes under control. Your first book showed me that we are not so “weird” after all. As you know, it is easy to think no one understands what you are going through. I’ve followed your blog ever since.

    In any case, I promise if you send us a Rory we will treat him like part of the family. 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!


  159. My travel mascot is a small Curious George in a pilot costume that my husbad gave me a few years ago. He goes everywhere with us, on all adventures great and small. He sometimes travels with his Minion freind Dave, his girlfriend Penelope the tied dyed magnet hands and feet airport monkey and has also been known to hang out in lonely hotel rooms with small rubber Justice League figurines. I think a samll Rory would be a wonderful addition to our silly crew. Please send details to bswg73@gmail.com ☺☺

  160. Rory needs to hang out with my backyard chickens, and go to the drive-in with us on movie night, and sit in the covered wagon at the Oregon Trail Interpretive Center!

  161. I have had a ridiculously depressed last couple of days, no idea why… But if Rory comes to my house, things are bound to get better!

  162. I live on Oahu, in Hawaii, and I would LOVE to take Rory around. especially since he would help take my mind off my husband’s deployment and I’d get out of my upcoming funk. There’s tons for him to see here!

  163. Ooh pick me! Clearly he needs to see museums and Nats stadium and DC stuff. does he have his own instagram account?

  164. Oh, I would love to do this! Several years ago, we retaliated against my mother for leaving a flock of plastic flamingos on our lawn by stealing her lawn gnome and taking a variety of pictures of him on our trip to New Hampshire to see my in-laws for Thanksgiving. I put him back without her knowing, but then made a story book for her with the pictures and gave it to her for Christmas. She was amused and then horrified when she realized it was her gnome, and immediately ran to make sure we hadn’t injured him. I’m all about this awesome plan. My e-mail is salamanda76@gmail.com.

  165. I travel so much for work, having a Rory to take along and photograph would be the best! I promise to give him lots of vaguely inappropriate adventures and document it faithfully!

  166. Later this month I’m driving from Philadelphia to St. Paul to drop of my youngest at college. Then my husband and I embark on our Empty Nest Celebratory Tour. I think Rory would make a lovely addition to our trip (plus he might take some of the sting out of leaving my baby so far away from home).

  167. I would LOVE to photograph him doing all sorts of things in the SF Bay Area!!

  168. If I’m able to crawl out of my own blanket nest, Rory will be most welcome to tag along. I will take him to work and teach him the awesomeness that is Cartography. I’ll even make an online map of all his travels if you’d like, Jenny. ☺

  169. I’d love to have a Rory to take on several trips in New England. I’ll be cruising the Islands in Casco Bay (Maine) and I’ll also be going to several cemeteries and waterfalls (I promise not to send him over any waterfalls!)

  170. My traveling days are in the past (but I had a Rory-like Purple Armadillo that has been all over the world with me), and also I live in a small town that doesn’t have a lot going on. However, I could take a picture of Rory in front of our (very) locally famous bar, The Bloated Goat. It even has a picture of a cartoon bloated goat on the sign that would accentuate Rory’s slightly crazed furiously happy look.

  171. I would love to take Rory to the Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, AL so that you can experience a stop on your book tour! Plus, furiously happy raccoons and enormous rockets go together like….like….they just really, really go together, okay? Trust me on this one. And he can volunteer with me at the zoo. Runslothrun@yahoo.com

  172. I think Rory needs to take a visit to Silicon Valley. Google headquarters? Apple? SurveyMonkey? Yahoo? Stanford University? The list goes on. I’m in.

  173. I’m going to Disney World in September…Rory is begging (she called me) to go to a Halloween Party at Magic Kingdom and the opening day of the Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. If you want to see the kind of fun my inanimate traveling companions experience with me, please go to instagram @georgetownpolly. Account is private but I’ll approve the follow so you can see her escapades.

  174. Roy needs to come see two of Washington’s fairs.
    The state fair and The kitsap Fair and stampede!
    They are always a blast, I might be able to get him to Seattle as well 🙂

  175. I will gladly show Rory the Atlantic City lighthouse and Storybook Land here in NJ. I may very well print one and take him to cheer on family at the Quantico Triathlon and Marine Corps Marathon; he’d probably enjoy seeing some of Ohio when I visit later this year…So much fun to be had!

    (PS- glad billie lusk clarified it was a muppet Animal. I did wonder a little why a fish was being toted around…)

  176. I am 100% committed to showing Rory the sites of Seattle. The top of the Space Needle! The flying fish of Pike’s Place Market! The troll! The statue of Lenin! The beautiful downtown library! He can even go paddleboarding in Greenlake! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE SEND ME A RORY!

  177. Would love to show him some sites in Wisconsin! We are doing some college tours soon and he could come along, maybe the Waterpark or our State Fair 🙂

  178. I live on the OTHER side of San Angelo, but I would happily drive across town to WALL in order to traipse through your hometown cotton fields with Rory. We could also go to the school, and um…the convenience store.

  179. Real Rory is adorable. And not quite as deranged looking as book Rory.

    If you want to send me a cardboard Rory, I’ll bring him to Politics & Prose in Washington DC. Some writer named, um, I think, Jinny Larson will be there on October 12. I bet Rory would love to met her.

    Also, he and I can go to Chicago to visit my Big Kid and we can sit in Daley Plaza and wait for Keanu Reeves to appear and not get hit by the bus / car just like in Lake House. Also, he can enjoy much delicious food and exciting adventures.

  180. I’m planning this crazy long bike ride around central Iowa next month. It may not be exciting, but the trees will be turning and it’ll be a fun day. I’d love to take Rory with me!

  181. Roy needs to come to see two of Washington’s fairs. The State Fair and the Kitsap fair and stampede I might even be able to take him to Seattle that would be awesome!

  182. I’ll take Rory to New Orleans and make him drink those awful hurricanes at Pat O’s until he pukes! Then we’ll go for a nice brunch..

  183. I was really looking forward to meeting you in Denver. Now I feel like I’ll be causing you pain, and should reconsider going. {sad}

  184. I would love to take Rory on a sightseeing tour of Chicago! He can also attend my brother’s wedding, and join us for our trip to Long Beach!

  185. I already pre-ordered your book and would love to read it with Rory. He would enjoy San Diego so much!

  186. Raleigh NC is pretty awesome if you ask me. Today at work I coached one of my folks on how to catch a pregnant stray cat in a box…. (We sell software) I think Rory would fit in well with my team!

  187. I’m in New York right now on vacation, and I definitely could have used a blanket fort today during a bout of PTSD. I totally love the idea of Rory, I have a squirrel finger puppet that I take with me on my travels. Her name is Nell, for a dear friend who lost her battle with depression 2 yrs ago. I hope that somewhere she’s smiling and enjoying her namesakes trips.

  188. Oh pick me, pick me! I live in Iowa, but we could come up with some fun shenanigans for Rory.

  189. Oh it is ON. I’m making myself a Rory, and I am going to take him and my camera everywhere. I cannot have a taxidermied anything because my pets will eat their faces off, but Carboard Rory is as immortal as the internet.

  190. I just moved north of Philly, and need more encouragement to go out and explore Philly (instead of being overwhelmed by the move and new job and everything). If you send me a Rory I’ll take him with me.

  191. ahhh, I need to do this! This is so amazing! I am going to try to make a printout so I can take him with me everywhere I go (currently doing exposure therapy for agoraphobia, so maybe not that far, but will still be fun and extra incentive to leave the house).

  192. Sounds like Rory has some big adventures yet to come! If he meets a Magnaminously Joyous farm girl and needs a bachelor party weekend in my hometown of Las Vegas, I’d be happy to arrange it. Or, I can just show him around the sites and take some embarrassing pictures to send back with him if the wedding nuptials aren’t shotgun and fall through. dwillmon@ymail.com

  193. Jenny, I would love a Rory to take with us on adventures. But most of all I would love one to send to school with my daughter on her first day of 8th grade. We had to move to Houston from Arizona last year under very stressful circumstances, and her adjustment has been rough, though she has been very brave and keeping her chin up. She’s a big fan of yours and I know it would blow her mind to be able to take Rory on a wild ride through a typical day in middle school.
    And we are very grateful you are willing to leave your house so we can attend the reading in Houston!

  194. I’m going to print him out and take him to a family reunion this weekend. He can help offset the high anxiety I will have when meeting relatives I didn’t know I had for the first time. HE will be coming with me on vacation and possibly to a wedding. I hope my BIL won’t mind.

  195. I spend my summers going to as many Irish festivals in the US as I can get to. I’m heading to the Milwaukee Irish Fest in a little less than two weeks. Biggest 4-day Irish fest in the US. I know Rory would love taking pictures with leprechauns, fiddlers, Irish dancers, and various other fun people. I usually bring my little stuffed Rat from the comic “Pearls Before Swine” with me on road trips for fun pictures, but I’m sure Rat would love some company from Rory.

  196. I’m new to Texas and love to see the sites! I’d take him to the State Fair and to Sundance Squate to get his picture taken with the wings. And he can come Stand Up Paddleboarding with me! Kjkillian at gmail dot com

  197. I’d love to take Rory all around Ottawa! I think it would be a fun, exciting, and educational experience. Also probably unhealthy and very dangerous. (Except for the bits where Rory’s likely to join a D&D game.)

  198. I think Rory would love to visit the dinosaurs (and other strange creatures) at Yale. I would introduce him to my office fish and, if that went well, I could also take him to Mystic Aquarium and Seaport, an alpaca farm, to see the giant bug on the way to Boston. Maybe Rory could come 2ith me to Corning and blow some glass …

    Having Rory to share the sights would motivate me to go out more.


  199. We need somewhere where we can purchase these. And then we need to drown social media in #wheresrory tags. Tell us how we can do this thing.

  200. I’m going to Rome,Turkey and Greece in October. I think Rory needs to visit the Vatican and the Turkish Grand Bazaar, maybe kickback with some Ouzo on a Greek Island at sunset or see the world from the top of the temples at Meteora. I can always use a crafty raccoon as my travel companion.

  201. I think Rory needs to see the shores of Lake Michigan. And have a drink with me at the Bostwick Lane Inn. Happy places for me. xo

  202. “Glue it on something stiff.” Heh. I am twelve.

    But my husband might wanna hide the glue.

  203. I’m assuming hashtags are based on twitter? And for THAT I might make a twitter account. Just to watch Rory. Is it sad that I have NO idea how hashtags work? And no twitter or fb account?

    I also may need to print a rory.

  204. If Rory would like to see parts of Canada, I’d be happy to show him around Toronto, and a few other places when I travel for a wedding later this month. He could also come with me when I go down to New Jersey, and there’s lots of cool stuff to see there! alia.siegrist[at]gmail.com

  205. I’m going up the north shore (Lake Superior) in a couple weeks. I think he needs to hunt for agates, watch the big ships come in, go hiking by the falls, kayaking through the sea caves. He probably wants to make some s’mores, too.

  206. My best friend and I are leaving on a road trip to Montana on Friday. Not enough time, I think, for someone to mail Rorys to us for that trip, but I’ll print him out and he can come along.
    And who knows after that… Best Friend will be in the country for another month, I’m sure we can get some Rorys into some interesting places. And when Best Friend flies back to the UK… she can make him an international sensation!

  207. I’m pretty sure that Rory would really love to come to the beach with me and all five of my kids!! People already think we’re a spectacle with so many kids, so I should probably have a cardboard cut-out of a dead raccoon to add to the look.

  208. Jenny- love your site, accidentally discovered your 1st book @ the liberry & have been following ever since. When u stared talking more @ your disorder, it made it a little bit easier to deal w/ my own (paranoid schizophrenic). My wife & I will (hopefully) be reuniting this fall 2 celebrate our 13th anniversary; she will b traveling by RV to meet me God knows where& we’re gonna take it from there. We may never stop traveling w/ our 2 cats, Cinco de Meow-ow & Pancho Milla ( they’re Mexican cats; their favorite food is fish tacos). I would be more than happy 2 send you pics from all over the country. My wife would be ECSTATIC if u sent her 1 of these 2 start our trip. Jenean Zunk c/o Black Bear Campground 197 Wheeler Florida, NY 10921. Sorry this went on so long, but this is the 1st time I’ve ever done this. Keep on Rockin’ & Rollin!

  209. I would love to show Rory around the Coal Region of Pennsylvania. I could take some pictures with him in the town of Centralia, home of the United State’s worst underground fire. It’s also the town that Silent Hill was originally based on. There’s also a statue in my town of a man at the gallows that’s a can’t miss.

  210. We aren’t going anywhere exotic, but my kids could take Rory to the WWI museum, swimming at the community center, to the local petting zoo/farmstead, just all the places my kids have fun. Sometimes I even manage to make it out with them.

  211. I want to take Rory to Yosemite with me this month and then we can tour my hometown, New Orleans. Please send one to me!

  212. Rory needs to try Algerian Tacos. He needs to go to the beach in Malibu. He needs to meet my cats, Princess Farty Pants and Bitey-the-Destroyer. He needs to go shopping at Ikea! He needs to sit on the porch with my 83 year-old neighbor, Wally.

  213. My older daughter is starting her college visits this fall, which is causing a certain level of anxiety in our household. I would love it if Rory could come with Grace (who is, by the way, a huge fan of yours) to see some of these schools and maybe help her decide which ones to apply to.

    We live in Charlottesville, Virginia, which is the home of Monticello and the University of Virginia.


  214. Rory absolutely needs to see The Egg in Albany NY. And probably the Adirondacks, or at least the ski jumps at Lake Placid.

  215. So, I’m proud of you for recognizing your limits. I say this as a person who just canceled a trip to Canada because not enough spoons. I’m headed to England in 20 days, which probably isn’t enough time to get a Rory from you, so I printed one to take with me.

  216. Rory can come with me to my first day in college and sit in on the lectures. Then I won’t be so terrified to go back at 32 and you can have the first paralegal raccoon.

  217. If you ever come to Baton Rouge, LA, I’ll take you to a restaurant in a stip mall and only talk about the weather. (I’m probably lying about only talking about the weather)

  218. I can start Rory on a tour of various National Parks (with the park rangers)-just in time for the Centennial. His tour would start in South Dakota and build from there.

  219. I think Rory needs to visit Harry Potter World and/or possibly Gatorland. 🙂 maybe I can get a picture of him riding a gator!

  220. i will be in Ireland in 2 months! My friend that I am traveling with is bring along Mabel, The Malcontent Maple (tree), and she would probably appreciate the company of a furiously happy raccoon.

  221. I’d love to take Rory with us when we drop my daughter off for her freshman year of college. (Honesly we could use the help unpacking) And my younger daughter can take Rory to band camp and to work with her at the Waterpark. I could also take him to my Accounting classes that I’ll be teaching at the community college. We’ll keep him busy and occupied! debbysimonton@gmail.com

  222. Not just any canyon, THE GRANDEST OF CANYONS! Plus, as an added bonus, Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix, and Tucson. If he feels so inclined, and has his shots and papers, MEXICO!

  223. I would happily take Rory with me on a cruise to Alaska. I’m positive he would love to see some humpback whales and glaciers.

  224. Going on a family cruise in October, and I would adore sneaking Rory on with my stash of contraband alcohol. Provided he doesn’t drink all of “Mommy’s Medicine.”

  225. In this, the 60th anniversary of the demise of James Dean, I would be most honored to take Rory to JD’s final resting place. That is, as long as Rory doesn’t get freaked out by any fellow raccoon corpses that may be on the country road between Back Creek Friends Church – the site of the memorial service – and JD’s grave.

  226. Please send me Rory. I will take him to Michigan in September – Grand Rapids, to be exact. We arrive in Detroit, so maybe I’ll take Rory to Belle Isle or the Detroit Institute of Arts, where he will be right at home.

  227. I live in a city in Canada with a famous landmark & teach at a high school. Our students are going on two international trips this year, so Rory could hitch a ride with them. I also am part of a running club full of travellers! jen[dot]karpiuk[at]gmail[dot]com

  228. Holy macaronies this is ahhhmazing! I’m in Colorado right by The Royal Gorge Bridge which is a sight to behold. In a couple weeks, my husband and I will be doing the 1/4 mile walk across the bridge and I think Rory would love it. As long as he isn’t afraid of heights…

  229. I’m in St. Louis and I think Rory should definitely see the Arch.

  230. I would love to take Rory around Calgary AB along with my cocker spaniel Rory. Jaxs1971@ gmail.com

  231. Rory needs to come to my restaurant, The Flying Pie in Newberry, SC.Photographed either in the kitchen with the flying pies, or out with the customers, featuring the mural of the dancing vegetables posing as celebrities.

  232. If you send Rory to me he will get to visit the only covered bridge in Minnesota! Plus maybe some cows or sheep…

  233. Oh, I would love for Rory to visit Nebraska. It would be awesome to have a photo op with him at the Henry Doorly Zoo, at work, and everywhere else I go. 🙂

    geckyboz @ gmail dot com

  234. Can Rory hold my hand when I drop off my 1st born for his second year of college? You would think because it’s the 2nd year it would be easier…it’s not! Probably because I will go back to those long nights wondering if he’s eaten dinner or if he has a front row seat with the riots. Plus, I think Rory would like to meet the famous Cal Berkeley squirrels, they are quite nice and chubby.

  235. Rory needs a Caribbean cruise. I can only imagine the fun he’ll get into – formal night photos, hairy chest contest, and bingo! But the fun will continue when we get to port – maybe swimming with stingrays in Grand Cayman, visiting Scotchies for jerk chicken in Jamaica, and drinking a gallon-sized margarita in Cozumel. I can hear the ocean breezes calling his name now …

  236. I am going to Hersey and a couple concerts/shows soon that I hope he’ll enjoy. One is with my inlaws, who know I’m a bit strange and don’t typically bat an eye at things I do or say. I wonder if Rory would change that? But as much as I would LOVE you to send me a Rory, I am more than happy to make my own, since you said that’s ok. Maybe it’ll also make me explore some more, knowing I need to show him a fun time.Can’t wait for your next book!

  237. I’m a part of an amazing online mom group, and I would love to pass Rory around the world to all these awesome ladies! Some are in Scotland and Australia and India, even! Rory would totally fit right in!

  238. I would love to take Rory to Niagara Falls, all over Washington, D.C. and the metro DC area (that includes Baltimore, Hon.)

  239. Hobart, Tasmania, Australia – coz that’s the last place you’d expect to see a raccoon!

  240. I live in Oakland, and I’d love to take Rory to all the beautiful spots people don’t even know exist here. Plus I have a coconspirator who lives in Berkeley who’s a huge fan of yours and talked me into getting your book and the three of us would have a great time.

  241. Oh,I am SO printing out Rory to take to work with me here in the Santa Cruz Mountains. He will be able to visit with giant ancient Redwoods and perhaps we can take a picture outside of the Bigfoot Discovery Museum up the street (a real museum!).

  242. Rory needs to go to Vegas with us!
    We leave Friday, but we’re going at the end of the month, too.
    And at #VIMFP in October.
    No hookers & blow.

  243. I’m leaving in three weeks to backpack around Europe for two months by myself and I’m absolutely terrified (and happy. But terrified). Rory would be the most amazing travelling companion! We can chat over croissants and chocolate; climb a mile up the Alps, then turn around and go get some Swiss chocolate instead; beg the oracle of Delphi for a tiny hint about wtf we’re supposed to do with our lives, then eat some chocolate when we don’t like her answer; stay hidden together in our hotel room eating chocolate during the bullfights in Spain… It’ll be perfect.

  244. Okay. This is weird, but my College Buddy and I give each other “Challenges” for the coming year when we get together for our Annual GGW Weekends. She’s been working diligently on her challenges and this year, she challenged ME to clean-up my Harley and get back to riding – Dammit (Long-story – but I had health issues, several years ago, that made me “Lose my Nerve” and I haven’t been back on the bike since).

    Well, I have removed the piles of clean laundry from the handlebars and windscreen (it’s a very shiny, very expensive hanging-clothes-dryer!). But the bike is still dusty (in the spots that weren’t covered with laundry) and still hasn’t been backed-out of the garage.

    Yeah, so anywaaaaayyyy… If Rory were to come and visit me, I would have NO CHOICE but to dust and wax my bike, fire it up, and take Rory on a ride to a Genuine Biker Bar. Maybe buy him a beer (he is of legal drinking age, right?!). And then I could share photographic PROOF on the interwebs, and send a link to my College Bud as well. She would be So Very Proud of Me.

  245. I am friends with Jane West on Facebook. She is a travelling western doll that my sister had as a child. Now Jane travels everywhere with everyone and her pictures are amazing. Jane is a rootin tootin cowgirl.

    I am looking forward to seeing you in Milwaukee…

  246. Well I do love to explore the mountains, beaches and dark back alleys of Oregon. Along with loads of beer and wine! I’d love Rory to come with and I wouldn’t have to drink alone!

  247. I would love to introduce Rory to my part of Australia – I can take him to Hanging Rock, the cross at Mt Macedon, down a gold mine, on the big observation wheel in Melbourne, to our beaches and to introduce him to my animals (Whoosa Beastie, Princess Fluffypants, Boomblyguts)

  248. PICK ME!!!PICK ME!!! How ’bout on the back of a real Shetland pony…in Shetland!!!!

  249. I’d love a Rory! He and my human boyfriend Rory would be the best of pals.

  250. Oopsie! Forgot to mention my email address. imqtpi — at — gmail — dotcom

  251. I’ve always wanted to go to Hell (Michigan) so Rory and I could go on that adventure!

  252. I can’t believe you’re coming to Dayton, again! I have no idea how our little city makes the list, but bear with me while I tell the story….last time you were here, my daughter had just moved home with me after dealing with issues of depression, addiction, etc. She checked herself in to a center to be safe, and, once she got out, she moved to Dayton to get a fresh start. I introduced her to your blog and your book and she instantly found a connection. I brought her to your reading and bought her her own copy of the book for an autograph. It was a wonderful night. (At the same time we were at the reading, i had to duck out because my phone kept buzzing. Turns out her mother, my ex had a heart attack…..but she was OK. One more reason we’ll never forget that night) Anyhow, we would love to show Rory all of the ahem amazing sights you’ll miss in the Dayton metro. ….looking forward to seeing you again..Terry-sludged@aol.com

  253. OH! I am headed to Iceland in September (Rory on an Icelandic horse? Rory on a glacier? Rory with a giant icelandic waterfall? Rory in a hot springs?). As an added bonus – I live in Minneapolis. So I could also do Rory in snow. 😉

  254. Rory will see the southwest with me along with a little of Maine come December. And all around Flagstaff, AZ until then. And I’m planning a trip to the UK in a couple of years and I’d be happy to take him with me as well. Joyful!!!

  255. Rory can go to the Morikami Japanese gardens with me. He can also see my beautiful backyard garden and share a glass of wine with me. Or a picnic on the beach, which we often do here. Maybe even Nana’s pool and a gazillion fun restaurants in Ft. Lauderdale. I think Rory will like my pugs, too. I see future Besties there. Feel free to email me if you think Rory would like to be around my crazy family: marciakesterdoyle@yahoo.com

  256. If someone sends me a Rory I will not only create a twitter account or instagram or what the hell ever I need to show how well I treat him but I will show him all of Phoenix area and all vacations I go on from now until FOREVER.

  257. I can’t believe you’re coming to Dayton, again! I have no idea how our little city makes the list, but bear with me while I tell the story….last time you were here, my daughter had just moved home with me after dealing with issues of depression, addiction, etc. She checked herself in to a center to be safe, and, once she got out, she moved to Dayton to get a fresh start. I introduced her to your blog and your book and she instantly found a connection. I brought her to your reading and bought her her own copy of the book for an autograph. It was a wonderful night. (At the same time we were at the reading, i had to duck out because my phone kept buzzing. Turns out her mother, my ex had a heart attack…..but she was OK. One more reason we’ll never forget that night) Anyhow, we would love to show Rory all of the ahem amazing sights you’ll miss in the Dayton metro. ….looking forward to seeing you again..Terry-sludged@aol.com

  258. I’m a high school guidance counselor and I would take Rory to freshman orientation night. Because no one is more anxious – and more in need a furiously happy raccoon – than 300 incoming high school freshmen.

  259. Rory totally needs to come hang out with me in New Zealand. He’d get to see…well, mostly scenery. But I could take him to meet some hobbits too!

  260. We just moved to Eastern NC, New Bern specifically and we’ve been exploring and eating and would love to bring Rory along. Rory riding in a boat? Check. Maybe trying kayaking or paddle boarding. Crabbing and fishing? Visiting Tryon Palace. Rory and my 2 year old would have a blast.

  261. We are traveling to Hawaii in a few weeks and would love to bring Rory along! Think he can entertain my kids on the 11 hour flight while I’m curling myself into a ball…or as close as I can get to a ball with my seat belt on? mepourakis@yahoo.com

  262. Rory will be spending some time with us in South Korea! Got my printer all spooled up!

  263. I am going on a Mediterranean cruise in Sept and my room mate and I would love to escort Rory through Barcelona, Provence, Rome, take him to Pompeii, maybe a gondola ride in Venice then safely home. I am Pam peliason@sc.rr.com

  264. I would love a Rory. I will show him around Oklahoma, use him to diary our move to our dream house, and I will do some traveling for work & promise to take him there too. amyrebeccasteele@yahoo.com

  265. Yes!! Does Rory really get to come with all of us?! In San Diego he’ll be experiencing life with a 7 year old. Let the games begin!

  266. We’re leaving for a 6,000 mile road trip leaving Aug 21. We’re leaving Michigan, through Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, North and South Dakota, Wyoming and Montana – Yellowstone NP, Glacier NP, Mt Rushmore, the Badlands NP, Wind Cave NP and Teddy Roosevelt NP. We’re also going to see Buffalo jumps, one of three of the last real tepees, Noah’s Ark Waterpark and of course putt-putt. There will hopefully be bears.

  267. I live near Niagara Falls! I’d be happy to have him visit the honeymoon capital of the world (not really sure if that’s still a thing, but it’s the only claim to fame Niagara Falls still clings to). Maybe he’ll find love. Maybe he’ll try to survive going over in a barrel. He’ll probably meet a lot of confused Asian tourists–fun all around!

  268. I’m headed to west Texas near Sand Hills State Park and a really creepy ghost town. In the coming months I’ll be traveling to Carlsbad and Odessa too. I’ll gladly show Rory around and send in some pictures.

  269. PS Rory would make number 5 – me, husband, Isaac (12 tomorrow) and Fiona (10)

  270. Rory needs to come with me to Maine! My cabin in Maine is the only place I can go where my anxiety doesn’t cripple me. I love it there. Rory will have a blast. (And this will be therapeutic for me too!)

  271. I am so sorry that my parents and one of my best friends both just returned from a trip to Italy! I would have totally sent Flat Rory with them (we did it with Flat Stanley a few years ago for my niece’s project)!! However, since my parents travel all the time, and my Mom and I totally want to stalk you and be your friend (I’m kidding…kinda), they will be taking Flat Rory with them everywhere! Just an aside – Mom & I were both reading your first book on our respective Kindles during a drive from Miami to Orlando, and the other four people in the van were giving us strange looks as we were both snorking and laughing so hard we had snot coming out our noses! We live in Arlington, TX, and I can’t wait to meet you at the Dallas book tour stop!

  272. I think Rory would love to visit Sydney, take him to the top of centrepoint tower, Sydney opera house, the beach, on the harbour on our tiny boat, all over.

  273. Flat Stanley has nothing on #FlatRory I will try to get a picture with my real Texas chickens as soon as I find something stiff. nudge,nudge,wink,wink

  274. I’m spending the next nine months in Slovenia and Mexico, Rory is welcome to come along!

  275. I live in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa! I’d love to take him to our Parliament buildings (since you’re our president, he should see where the political magic happens) and various other touristy sights!

  276. Family reunion coming up and I can think of no better way to meet relatives I’ve never seen before than with Rory at my side.

  277. Send him to me in southern Ohio. He will have backdrops of KY and OH, and tour the local country side. Maybe a trip down the Ohio river. Or a ride up river via train. I need him!!!

  278. I have been reading and loving your blog for years Jenny. It’s the best blog on the internet, i SWEAR. i can’t count the number of shitty days when I was depressed that you’d make me snort tea out of my nose and for five minutes i’d have a break from holding the door shut against le sad. so yes PLEASE if you can send me Rory, in Delhi, India, I would LOVE to take him sightseeing and send you pictures. I’ve got a bunch of random travelling coming u too over the next 6-8 months.

  279. I would love to show Rory the good stuff in Baltimore, including a Ravens football game!

  280. I might be too late, but my first thought was that I’d love to take Rory to Seattle’s Sculpture Park, and take a picture next to the giant typewriter eraser rolling down the hill. Because what could be more random than a ridiculously exuberant raccoon next to a giant typewriter eraser?

  281. I would love to take Rory on a field trip of my travel over the next few months. We will have a ball. I promise to bring a scrapbook of his adventures to your reading in Atlanta in September. By the way, I’m totally skipping a work dinner to attend your reading. Seriously, who schedules a work event the same night you are in ATL???

  282. I’m in Orlando and I would love to take Rory sculling with me one morning. We go out on Lake Fairview at 6:30 am and row as the sun comes up. Rory would like the quietude and the birds. He might also see paw prints of his livelier brethren.

  283. I’d love to take Rory to Fertility, Blue Ball, Intercourse and Paradise! (All in Lancaster County, Pa)

  284. Horseback riding, DEFINITELY! I just got a beautiful filly who will be ridden for the fist time next week. And Rory will be there, right with her. Pics to follow!

  285. I’m going to the World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane in two weeks. I’d love to take him along and get pictures with authors and costumed weirdos. I’ll print my own Rory if he’s otherwise occupied then.

  286. I’m am probably waaaay at the end of the line here given the number of coments I haven’t had time to scroll through yet, but if Rory wants to travel down here to New Zealand, I’d be happy to take him sightseeing!

  287. Rory really needs to see the State Fair of Texas… Have a little Meet & Greet with Big Tex and Little Rory… A contrast of two overly happy people in fried food heaven. Maybe if he’s lucky, he will even get some killer Blue Bell ice cream. Really… Rory hasn’t lived (which is kind of a feat given that the real Rory is… you know… dead) until he’s see the fair in a state that claims that everything to have everything bigger.

  288. Rory should totally come hang out with our library dinosaur, Bernard III aka #bernardthetrex, and the awesome librarians. He might get to meet some live cats and hens, too. codson@anythinklibraries.org (although we’re all about the maker thing and can totally do this)

  289. I live in Minnesota, in a few months it will be necessary to make Raccoon jackets , I am on it. I could talk about all the great places here I could take him, but everyone only thinks of snow and cold and how crazy we are to live here, so why bother with the logistics.

  290. Send Rory to Milwaukee! He needs to visit the Bronze Fonz, among other things!!!

  291. Rory should visit the 40-foot-tall blue bear at Denver’s convention center with me. I think they’d be friends. They could bond over being oddball animals that make people happy.

  292. I think Rory would love to visit my small corner of the world in Wetumpka, AL. It’s hot as hades here currently so we could spend time at our local Poarch Creek Indian Casino. Or head into Montgomery and visit some pretty cool places like Hank Williams Sr’s grave site.

  293. I leave for London in 3 weeks. Rory definitely wants to go. Particularly as we head to the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff!

  294. It’s pretty important that I show Rory around our library. He can get to know friends that he’ll be hanging out with a lot in the bookstores and libraries. Winnie the pooh, Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Paddington Bear, Captain Underpants…I could go on forever….plus we have a larger than life dragon and dragonfly and that’s pretty awesome.

  295. Kotzebue Alaska Above the Arctic Circle. He can watch the Sunset over the Chukchi Sea and watch the Northern Lights

  296. Send him to Cleveland and I’ll take him to snuggle with the leg lamp at the Christmas Story House. And then we’ll go to some presidential tomb, the dam where Captain America was filmed, a crinkly Frank Ghery building, the mothereffing Rock Hall, to see his taxidermied animal friends at the West Side Market (foodstuffs! 100 years old!), and places that Drew Carey has obviously been. Oh, and of course! Of course! The world’s largest outdoor chandelier! If he hangs out through October, we can roll to Chicago on a Mega Bus to some design conference, and then have a Ferris Bueller’s Day Off adventure.

  297. The Adirondacks (upstate NY) needs a Rory! He wants to hike and bike and swim and play with our dogs. And visit an couple of Olympic sites (1932 and 1980 Olympics were here!).

  298. I’m definitely going to print out a Rory to take to Lake Michigan with me. People already think I’m a little off of center, so carrying around a cardboard raccoon shouldn’t come as that much of a shock. Also, my daughter, Whimzy (yes, that is her real name), is on this weird face kick for pictures, so I’m sure I can come up with some interesting pictures! Also, I totally already have my aunt and my best friend taking off work to come with me to see you in Milwaukee! It is going to be the highlight of my year <3

  299. My kids and I would love to take Rory on our family vacation to NC later this month! I can’t wait to see the looks we get running around with him 🙂

  300. I just started a new job very recently where I travel all over Missouri, Kansas & Illinois. I’m sure Rory would love to go along and see some of the unusual parts of those states and then I will have someone with me so the traveling won’t be so lonely! Email: joulez99@gmail.com

  301. Please send me a Rory ASAP. I’m heading to the hamptons next week and then he definitely need to come to work with me. We do very interesting things at my work.

  302. @ Judith #264
    I’m right there with you. My mind went to exactly the same place.

    I’m going to print myself a Rory. I’m in Boston and I can take him to Harvard, MIT, a ton of museums, the world’s largest air insulated van de graaf generator, and SO much more.

  303. He needs a pic with the worlds largest hockey stick in Duncan British Columbia Canada
    Maybe he can change some of the burned out fkng lightbulbs that seem to be evergray. Just saying.
    It’s either him or the gopher from Caddyshack.
    Laugh til you cry then laugh again
    All my thanks

  304. Me, Me! I can take him to visit Yale University, have lobster rolls by the seashore, maybe pick blueberries(cause they’re in season here) Maybe go kayaking or visit the zoo. Probably both. Sadly I left Scotland, but the postage to CT is cheaper! Bookgirl33@gmail.com

  305. my feline overlords and I would be delighted to introduce Rory to the DC area, Lepus the taxidermist jack elope, and our other favorite characters.

  306. It’s too hot right now to take Rory around to see the sights of Phoenix (and I mean that seriously – he could melt), but perhaps soon I’ll be doing some traveling and I’ll take a Rory with me. (We’re going to DisneyWorld and Canaveral and the Bahamas in a few months!)

    I’m @Wildrider51 on Twitter. (You actually follow me, but I never say anything pithy enough to be notable.)

  307. I live in the Washington DC area and would love to take Rory around to see everything. In fact my blue suv (unfortunately not the correct blue but I digress) I call Rory would love having the company. Now to try and find a printer.

  308. I live near New Orleans and could take him there sometime soon. And if it’s not too far in the future to qualify, I’ll be going to Iceland for two weeks in May of next year. I’d be thrilled to take Rory with us and have him explore the glaciers, geysers, volcanoes, cliffs, etc. Send me one (maybe you could sign his backside if it’s not too much trouble?) and he’ll have a great Viking adventure next year!

    Bethany Riggs

  309. i live in Hobart and I reckon the wee fella would love a trip here. I could take him to hang out at the Museum of Old and New Art, or to meet some Tasmanian devils, or to see an Antarctic icebreaker, or to the oldest theatre in Australia. Lots for Rory to do here 🙂

  310. I am leaving for Burning Man in a few weeks, I need to take Rory with me. I saw a clown chasing a unicorn at Burning Man so a raccoon should be fit right in.

  311. I love this idea! I camp a lot with a lot of wonderful wacky women and it would be fun to take Rory with us! On a recent camping trip this summer I even got one of the ladies hooked on your first book. We can’t wait for the release of the next one!

  312. I live in the shark bite capital of the world.. While I won’t promise a shark attack. I’ll do my best. Or at least some dolphins and manatees… Definitely willing to send roxy on after the shark attacking tho

  313. Denver has a giant blue bear that looks in to one of the windows at the convention center. I think him and Rory would make great friends.

  314. Oh, I hope I’m not too late! Please let me take Rory to Mars!! HI-SEAS (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog and Simulation, hi-seas.org) is my project, and I’d love to show Rory around.

  315. I think Rory would love Boston. Lots of historic places for him to see, like Paul Revere’s house or The Freedom Trail. Because I am pretty sure we fought the Revolutionary War to ensure the right to take photos of racoons without taxation. Something like that.

  316. I can’t wait to see where Rory goes. This idea is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you for being you. The world is a better place because you are in it!!

  317. I. LOVE. THIS. And because I live in Kansas (home to the world’s largest ball of twine), I am putting myself in charge of getting a picture of Rory with it. gretaperl@cox.net or I will print himout myself.

  318. Oh my goodness, Rory needs to come to the Midwest. Especially with Buckeye Football starting up??? Please please!

  319. I live just outside Atlanta!! I would take him for a ride on the Ferris wheel and all over downtown and to my art studio and then take him hiking at tallulah gorge- one of the prettiest places in Georgia! I’d also like to take Rory to a concert or maybe dueling pianos- his choice! 😉 what a fun idea! I hope I get to see you again in the book tour!!

  320. On a balloon to the edge of space. I think I have finally accepted the fact that I will never get into space but a dead raccoon might actually represent me far better than the long list of engineers and air force officers. What a picture it would make!

  321. I would love to take Rory with me on adventures! Into the Sierra Nevada backcountry, Death Valley, San Francisco, and various other fun locations! I’ve always wanted a cardboard raccoon to travel with. 😄

  322. I’m in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. I’m happy to take Rory around places and send him off round Australia or wherever.

  323. I’m leaving for Iceland on Sept 15th. Rory could come hang out in the land of ice and fire with me and my travel octopus!

  324. I had a stuffed skunk (Pepe Le Pew) that I traveled with all over France. So this is all kinds of up my alley.

    I’m going to Victoria next month! Would love to take Rory along for some international adventures!

    dreadpiratemegan (at) gmail.com

  325. Know what’s great? Visiting theme parks. Riding roller coasters.
    Know what’s greatER? Running theme parks. Climbing roller coasters. Maybe even cleaning the sludge pits left behind when water rides are emptied. Rory would be furiouslyhappy to experience all that and more and I would be just as furiouslyhappy to make that happen with him.

  326. Rory tweeted you some pics from Seattle 🙂 So glad he is getting to see the world 🙂

  327. I live in Spain and would be happy for Rory to share in our travels! A car stuffed with three kids, two French Bulldogs, the books I insist on bringing, and a very patient husband NEEDS a raccoon to make it complete.

  328. Not going to Burning Man this year, but will be in Croatia in a couple of weeks. I’ll print and take him with me.

  329. Yay! I just bought both of your books on Amazon. You are coming to my city, Huntsville, Alabama, sometime this fall! I will be there, but I am not a good cupcake maker – do you like cookies? I have loved your blog for a long time (Beyonce brought me here) and heard many wonderful things about the books. I am sure I will treasure them. I hope to see you this fall and get you to sign my books because I think you are awesome!

  330. I live in Portland and know that Rory would love it here. Also, I’m going on a couple month trip to Europe. We’ll visit the Eiffel Tower, Madrid, end of the world (the world could still be flat, science isn’t trustworthy),, Lisbon, and lots of wine (Xanax very likely too). He’ll be quite happy.

  331. Hi, Jenny. I’m Jenny. live in Syracuse, NY, and I’d love to take Rory to the Great New York State Fair at the end of August. I’ll bet that Rory would be Furiously Happy to see the butter sculpture, and the dairy cows. I’ll take pictures of him all over the Fair, being his glorious, Furiously Happy self. But not on a ride. I don’t go on rides anymore. I have Fibromyalgia, and just walking around the Fair with Rory is going to be painful. But I miss going to the Fair, and Rory will give me a reason to go again, even if it hurts. Because I can do it anyway, if I take it slow, and sit down a lot, and take care of myself. Rory will help me see the Fair again!

  332. Book tour – yea!! Wasn’t sure if you’d be able to make one. Looking forward to Seattle visit but seating is first come first seated – ugh. Means getting there early and talking. to. people. But to be in the same room with you, it will be worth it. But RORY! How did I not know his name? Tomorrow is arts and crafts time – I think the PDF needs a wee centurion outfit though, don’t you think? At least helmet and cape. I can so see him in a cape…

  333. If Rory gets tired of traveling, I’ll be stuck on my couch for two weeks. He can come and watch HGTV and the Food Network with me while I recover from surgery on my foot. It’s not a major surgery, I just get antsy after awhile. If he had had a free schedule a few weeks ago, he could have enjoyed a trip to DC and Niagara falls and my cousin’s wedding.

  334. Rory should meet my neighbors Stegosaurus. He likes to get dressed up for the holidays!

  335. Rory needs to come to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory, Canada. I will take him to see the giant mammoth sculptures, Robert Service’s cabin (where we will recite “The Cremation of Sam McGee”, and of course we will visit my favourite bookstore, which was recently featured on Buzzfeed. I’m sure we will have other northern adventures, depending on when he gets here. Do you think he’d like to ride a dogsled?

  336. I am going to New Zealand to visit my goddaughter and her family – Rory will love the airplane peanuts!

  337. Does Rory want to drive from Los Angeles to Seattle and back with me at the end of August? He does, doesn’t he? Yes, yes he does, the handsome boy! 😁

  338. I could take a photo of him in front of the abandon KFC in my stinky little town…. 🙂

  339. My kids and I are going to leave on a road trip the 9th (Sunday), we’re going to see some Little House on the Prairie sites and various other weird crap on the road. I don’t think there is enough time to mail me one, but I’ll gladly make my own and take him along. 🙂

  340. oh, maybe i’m too late. but if i could, i would take rory all over chicago and the suburbs for our lesser know attractions: the shit fountain, the leaning tower of piza ymca, the bahai temple. plus something made by frank lloyd wright. then there’s the regular attractions: the bean, the art institute, maybe navy pier (but that is just for tourists and no one who lives here actually goes there. maybe a trip to wisconsin where they really do have a lot of cheese.

  341. Ooooh! Like you, I’m a stick to a hotel kind of person when I travel & I make myself feel bad because I just want to go home when I should be enjoying the sights & I just can’t….So, while I can’t take Rory anywhere exotic I could take him to the gym & prove that being a racoon & cardboard doesn’t stop you from keeping fit…AND AND AND!! I could also photograph him with the Norfolk Hooge Poomah, which I know would be totally awesome and keep me in blogging material for the next 50 years! Thanks in advance…. acatcalledsalem@yahoo.co.uk (please feel free to totally stalk me now you have my email).

  342. Just an afterthought about the PDF Rory, print it, stick it on something stiff & cut it out. Woohoo!! Rory condoms!! Ok, not sure about the cut it out bit but we can work on it…

  343. I would love to take Rory all over the San Francisco Bay Area, which probably won’t surprise anyone here, because, well, it’s San Francisco. Also, the 17 year old man child I call my son is hilarious and will absolutely get behind these antics.

  344. I live in Amsterdam, I feel that Rory would fit right in (as long as he likes cycling). He can come on a boat trip around the canals and I’m sure I can find a windmill for him to see somewhere.

  345. I live in Southeast Minnesota, which sounds boring but is really the most beautiful place in the Midwest. I’m sure Rory wants to hang out in nature and spin yarn with me and my friends. (I swear I’m not a hippie, even though that probably makes it sounds like I am.) Also, I’m a librarian, and I work in a library that sorta looks like a church, and we’re going to have hundreds of crazy new first-year students in for a game night in a few weeks. That’s gotta be Rory’s bag, right?

  346. I could take Rory on a tour of Oxford colleges. He needs to see England, it’s where the words come from 🙂

  347. Too many comments to read before going out to work this morning, so I don’t know if anyone has already asked for this, but could we get a back view of Rory to print out? It seems as though he’s not actually taking the time to look at the sights. I’d like to take him to the zoo and introduce him to the animals rather than just having him posing in front of them.

  348. Oh, I can just see me stalking the local wildlife at home and introducing Rory to our noisy wombat. He’s just a couple of weeks too late to hang out on Wimbledon common with me and a small but furiously happy Orinoco Womble, but I’ll buy new printer ink and do my best for him.

  349. I live in Las Vegas and can think of 10 places off the top of my head that Rory would love to come and see. I can even invite him to come check out some amazing roller derby 😀 agburkemper@gmail.com

  350. I’d love to take Roy with me on the school bus on the first day of school! Also, I bet he’d love to come to the high school cross country races with me.

  351. Hello. My husband, Scott, and I are traveling to Spain in October and would love to take Rory along as our travel mate.

    It would be quite fitting as I was reading your first book three years ago while this same husband of mine was in the hospital having surgery. Your book kept me laughing and crying through that adventure — I even read parts outloud to him until he begged me to stop because laughing was making him hurt.

    Please send us a Rory so we can add some raccoon rambocousness to our trip.

  352. Hi! Love Love this!!!!! Yes, I have done this with a gnome for a friend for her Aunt who could not travel — the gnome went to LA, New Orleans, to Vegas (he even got a photo with “Elvis” at my brother’s wedding!) – to name a just a few of the places he went. I think Rory needs to go everywhere — but I live in AZ so I think he needs to go on a road trip to the Grand Canyon, and all the places in between with the scrapbook ladies (i.e. my friends!) I would love to get a Rory! He would fit in fine with five crazy women on a road trip! This would get us off our asses to plan the trip!!! OMG!! it would be the best!

  353. Well, if he’d like to come to Germany I’d gladly show him around Cologne. See the Dome and the river Rhine, that sort of thing…

  354. Rory is visiting a Dutch printer as we speak: waiting for him to come out and show him around! If he behaves he can come with us to Italy in September. I he does not behave he will still come with us to Italy in September 🙂

  355. Hey Jenny, I’m going to London in September to see Mr. Cumberbatch as Hamlet. I could try to introduce him to Rory at the stage door afterwards. No promises, but I will try. And at the very least I can show him around London…. and Frankfurt, when I come home. I am sooooo looking forward to your book. Cheers, Rike

  356. I would love to take him Zip lining in the Shenandoah Mountains and Hiking in VA, then I can give him a tour of Washington DC, and show him some battle fields!

  357. If you don’t mind sending Rory to Europe all on his own, I can show him the not-in-any-tourist-guide town I grew up in. Also, cows, probably.

  358. PSC 817 Box 3957
    FPO, AE 09622-0040
    I live in Naples, Italy and I would love to take him see mount Vesuvius!
    Also, I live on the military base so don’t write ‘italy’ on the package or it will never get here. Oh and shipping will cost the same as if you were mailing within the continental US bc it’s military; )

  359. I’m from Aberdeen Scotland UK. At the end of September I’m going on a canal holiday with my mum and dad. We are going on the Kenett and Avon canal and it’s going to be a lock fest!

    I would love to have a Rory to take with me on the trip. The train journey can be rather lonely. If I don’t get sent one in time I can always make my own. I love the idea of this as its wonderfully daft.

    My email addy is flubber2kool@gmail.com
    This was inspired by the little green fella so this tells you how mad I am.

    I hope you get lots of response cause you deserve it!

  360. I’m live in Aberdeen Scotland UK. At the and of September I’m travelling down to England for a holiday on the Kennet & Avon canal on a narrow boat with my parents. I’m looking forward to it and I think Rory would enjoy it to. Also the train journey to England ales ages so it would be great to have to the company.

    I would love a Rory but if I can’t get one in time I’ll print my own off. I think this is a wonderfully daft idea. I hope you get a big response. You deserve it.

    My email addy is flubber2kool@gmail.com

  361. I’m happy to show Rory around Vegas. There’s lots of trouble to be had here.

  362. Eh, another printerless on vacation here. Two days earlier and I could have taken Rory to Zurich..

  363. I have taken a can opener in the shape of a bird to Mexico-he read fear of flying in the airport and his name is Perico, did a whole flat Stanley excursion-we met pirates(I would add a photo if I knew how)! So I feel like I’m qualified to take Rory on an adventure. Please and thank you! You are a light in the dark and I would be happy to try and give some back.

  364. Ok, so it’ll be a while coming, but in October I’m going to Antarctica – does Rory want to meet some penguins? (my username at gmail)

  365. I think Rory needs to visit the City Dock in downtown Annapolis Maryland . How about Gettysburg PA. We could have a double photo shoot!

  366. I see Rory has many invitations to London (where I work) but not Surrey! I think I shall show him the wonders of Epsom & Sandown race courses, Guildford Cathedral, Leith Hill (Tallest point in surrey!) and even the Mayfield Lavender fields! Maybe if he’s well behaved I’ll take him to Kent too!

  367. Rory needs to come to Romania, The Land of Dracula (or Vlad Tepes aka The Impaler, the Voivode of Wallachia, as we Romanians always like to remind foreigners) – he’s toothy enough to make it big here . 🙂

  368. Awesome idea! I can’t wait to see pictures of others with Rory! If I’m still an office worker, I will make a print out and place it on my desk next to my monitor. I can’t wait for your book too!

  369. I have a farm. And miniature ponies. Rory wants to come ride the ponies in SC!!!

  370. In September, I’m going to be traveling to New Orleans for Southern Decadence (the South’s largest LGBT festival), Toronto for the film festival, and also rural Massachusetts and NYC. There’s so much for Rrory to see! Also, I live in Mammoth Lakes, CA, which is a lovely area in the Sierra Nevadas where Rory can frolic with his brethren and perhaps meet a bear!

  371. Hmmm. would you like some pics of Rory going on a tour of a particle accelerator in the UK?

  372. I live in Vicenza in Northern Italy and could take Rory to see Venice, Verona (Roreo and Juliet?), and all over this region. I am also battling the fear of getting out of my comfort zone and seeing things. I only get to live here for a short time and I’ve come a long way in convincing myself that I am ok and can go. It’s hard to talk about. Maybe Rory would help to give me the confidence to boldly go… By the way, we’re associated with the military so shipping isn’t any extra 🙂 My email is bellissimadarling@gmail.com

  373. The Minnesota State Fair! I’m sure all of these foreign countries people are traveling to are lovely (I’ve been to many of them, so I know they are), but you’ve never lived until you’ve been to the Minnesota State Fair, aka The Great Minnesota Get-Together!

    But I’m just going to make my own Rory. I hope no one minds if I put him in a Twins jersey. When in Rome, er, Minneapolis…

  374. Rory would LOVE toronto and Northern Ontario – it’s filled with so many of his cousins!

  375. My husband and I are going on The Rock Boat in January… (Www.therockboat.com) – it’s a music festival on a cruise ship. Rocky could hang out with a bunch of rock stars – I’m sure he’d have a blast.

    We travel a lot to go to concerts and have a few trips planned for the fall…We’d love to being Rocky with us!

  376. Barbara
    I’m a classical pianist and I’d love to take Rory to my next concert – he looks like he’s starving for some Rachmanninoff.

  377. Pretty sure Rory needs to hang out at the arch. With it being the gateway to the west and all. Plus, a Budweiser tour because I’ll need a beer after going to the top of the arch for the first time!

  378. I think Rory would enjoy northern Wisconsin and the great lakes! This is just a fantastic idea, I can’t wait to see the photos come in! With so much ugliness in the world today, it is so refreshing and fabulous to know that people are putting fun and laughter and magic back in.

  379. I believe that Rory is going to find himself on a hot air balloon ride in October

  380. I live in Sydney Australia, I could show him the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Opera house

  381. How about Venice, Italy
    I live in Venice and I am sure Rory would love it here!

  382. Rory needs to see St. Augustine, Florida. It’s the oldest city in the United States and is about to celebrate its 450th anniversary.

  383. I’m going to a super fancy wedding in Mallorca, Spain in September, and think that Rory needs to go! We can even get him a little top hat so he doesn’t feel under dressed.

  384. I’d love to take Rory to Ibiza with me, if he were to arrive in time (I go Sept 3rd) or else sight seeing around London, UK!

  385. please send Rory to Rome! I would take him through thousands of years. And drink some wine with him, too.
    Ps: you have seen the movie Amelie, right? Asking because of the traveling gnome meme… You would love that movie!

  386. I can offer Rory a holiday in England – he could come to watch Shakespeare in an outdoor theatre in Chester

  387. I am originally from WV and now live in Richmond, VA. I would love to take Rory to see how beautiful WV is, especially the New River Gorge Bridge, and also have him along as I explore my new city!

  388. I think Rory would LOVE to come to India for a month with me… Leaving Sept 1…. THEN I think he would like to travel across Canada when I get back. 🙂