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This is where you should begin. Unless you aren’t going to Blogher this year. Then just ignore me.

If you’ve read this blog for more than a year then you can probably guess what this is all about.  Follow the breadcrumbs, y’all…

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It’s like the party before the party in Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil except no one gets shot.

If you’re not going to Blogher then just skip this post. If you are going to Blogher then, yes. Everyone else feels like vomiting too. We’re all terrified and I will be hiding in the bathroom most of the time and if you think I’m kidding you need only look as far as other people’s pictures of me from previous years, which were pretty much all inside the toilet. But in spite of the anxiety and insanity and weirdness we will all come because we know we will hate ourselves more if we are missing out on the fun than if we are there pretending to have fun while secretly terrified that we will be left alone for more than a minute. Except for the night before Blogher, which is actually quite awesome because it’s the night of The People’s Party (so named because it’s given for everyone…not just the “cool” bloggers. In fact, you don’t even have to be going to Blogher to come. Everyone is welcome. This means you too, dudes.) and since it’s the night before Blogher starts, people are still tired and jetlagged but too wound up to sleep and that’s why you come down to our party at the hotel and drink and mingle and sit on the bathroom sink for four hours straight if you are me. And it is awesome. And officially time to RSVP, bitches.  Click the button, sil vous plait:


PS.  I’m scared too and that is totally normal.  Come find me and I will hug you.  I promise.   I’ll be the one who smells like xanax.

PPS.  Free booze while it lasts.  Which is not long considering how much we drink so we need more sponsors.  If you wanna be one, click the above button for more info.

PPPS.  This party is hosted by me, and the amazing women behind Green Mom ReviewIzzyMom, Motherbumper , Mrs. Fussypants , Playgroups Are No Place For Children , and Velveteen Mind.  None of us makes a dime off of it.  This is just for fun.  And also for free booze.  But mostly for the fun free booze.

PPPPS.  When I mentioned Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil I was talking about the book and not the movie, which was shit comparatively.

Free-booze-while-it-lasts sponsored by:







Comment of the day: Seeing the Sprout logo on the same website where I read about kitten mittens, clown porn, and banging weird looking guys just gave me an aneurysm. ~ Deb


Party like it’s 10 years ago (teaser #6)

Oh wait…no.  This one:

PS.  This post will not make sense to you at all unless you start here first and follow the breadcrumbs. And even then it probably won’t make much sense.  Unless you’ve been  reading me for over a year and then you’ll be all “Oh, I remember this.  Jenny drinking in the men’s bathroom and acting inappropriately in front of famous people.  Didn’t that end badly?”.  And yes.  Yes, it did.  More tomorrow.

PS.  I apologize to my amazing blogger cohosts for posting a completely inappropriate Prince badge in front of the one that was assigned to me but it’s much better than the one I was going to use, which is this picture of the most bad-ass tattoo in the history of the world

Honestly, that’s pretty much the best tattoo ever.  Especially when you’re sitting naked on the exam table and the doctor is all “We think you have colon cancer but I need to really get up in there to check”.  And your legs are all “IT’S TIME TO PARTY” and you’re all “Shut up, legs!”  Awesome.  You know what else is awesome?  When you’re supposed to write a two sentence teaser about a party and you end up blogging about colon cancer.  It’s like a gift.

Comment of the day: “Game: Blouses.” ~ WineWonkette

I’m a tease (one of 6 technically)


Confused?  That’s because you’ve probably mistakenly come to the last place first.  You should really start at the first place first.  I’m surprised you didn’t know that.

Note for the confused:  If you are even remotely thinking of coming to the BlogHer conference this year then you need to go here right now and follow the path back here.  If you aren’t coming then you can just skip this whole post and pretend it’s just some drunken, raunchy come-on.  Much like the sort of thing that happens at BlogHer.  Which is precisely why you need to come.

More (and probably far less esoteric) party details to follow…

Comment of the day:  I’m going to have been so starved for vodka by the time this party hits that I may just be shrieking BEST PARTY EVER on a continuous hight-pitched loop, but you’ll just have to forgive me for that.  ~ Her Bad Mother