Nap box will warp your kid/is awesome.

 I was waiting until I was inspired enough for a new post but then Ali and Greta got all demandy so I’m just going to write a bunch of random crap while I’m waiting for my drugs to kick in.  Feel free to skip it.

Stuff I’m thinking about today:

1.  My little sister has a tumor the size of an atomic fireball in her jaw which sounds…I dunno…delicious?  It’s probably not cancerous so we’ve decided to call him Mr. Lumpy.  But if he is cancerous we will call him Terrible John the Bastard King of Assholery.  Also, I’ll feel really guilty about telling her that it’s probably a silent twin that’s going to come alive and murder her in her sleep.  

2.  Have you seen this


 It’s some kind of a nap/TV/stool for kids and it’s the coolest damn thing ever.  I totally want one for Hailey but I want it to be the size of a refrigerator box so I can put her inside and sit on it.  ‘Cause “Mommy needs to blog, sweetie”.  But I mean, I’ll put air holes in it.  And a place for the catheter.  What am I, some kind of monster?

3.  This weekend I met up with Liv and Julie in a fancy french restaurant and somehow managed to yell “Vietnamese F-ck Table” in front of a baby.  Awesome.  But the good news is that we solved several issues worrying me about BlogHer.  See, I have a hearing problem and can’t hear anyplace there’s ambient noise so I try to read lips which doesn’t work at all at dark, loud cocktail parties.  This is why (true story) at the last BlogHer party I made my friend Laura stay in the bathroom with me throughout the entire party and why almost all of my pictures have toilets in them.


Anyway, I mentioned to Julie and Liv that I was really nervous that I wouldn’t be able to hear anyone at the BlogHer parties so we decided I should buy a child’s Indian Teepee and carry it around like a giant hat and people can come inside one at a time and talk to me.  Also I’ll bring my flashlight so I can read your lips.  Or maybe I’ll put some taplights on my boobs because that seems more sophisticated.  Oh and I might be wearing a veil too.

I’m pretty much going to be the coolest person there.

4.  Two words:  Franken-gina.  I guess that’s really one word.

5.  My spellcheck says “Assholery” isn’t a real word.  How totally pisstastic.

6.  BlogHer 08.  Are you going?  If not I think we need to put together some sort of virtual get-together.  Maybe everyone meet here at a certain time and we break the servers or something.

Comments of the day:  What is a BlogHer party, and should I be attending them? They sound pretty important. And, after all, I’m in the freaking JUNIOR LEAGUE, so it is just not a party without me there….ummm….except that there’s a reason my name is The Introvert, so I’d just be standing in the corner by the bar watching Jenny do the worm in the middle of the dance floor while the crowd shouts “Go Jenny! It’s your birthday!” ~The introvert

And my response: Okay people…BlogHer: It’s a conference that happens in July. You get there on Thursday and party. Friday you go to a few sessions and realize they are all kind of boring. Go get drunk with your friends. Saturday you go to the sessions that your friends or celebrities are speaking at and then you stalk them and give them love letters with pictures of them and your cat. Saturday night you tell everyone your deepest secrets and also accidentally flash some people. Sunday important stuff happens but you skip it to sleep in and then you go to the airport. Also there are cocktail parties. In a nutshell that’s it. And you should go. But if you can’t, I will still love you. Maybe even moreso because I will not have embarrassed myself in front of you. ~ me

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  1. You’ve got two entries in Urban Dictionary and now you want your own effing spell-check regognized language too?
    Gettin kinda greedy there aintcha Miss Pissy Pants?

    Hairy Weisenheimmer’s last blog post..One Good Chair

  2. Tinnitus?
    GEEZER Affliction.
    Tip: if you really don’t know what people are saying, don’t laugh. Ever.
    Better to be known as aloof rather than an asshole.

    GoingLikeSixty’s last blog post..My Six Word Memoir Meme

  3. No.

    (Did I just win your comment of the day contest?)

    Maggie, dammit’s last blog post..see Nothing here.

  4. I’m fairly sure it’s a real word. Let’s call William Safire. (No he’s not the by hook or crook, ftr.)

    Julie Pippert’s last blog post..Visual highlights of the weekend and BOOKS! A meme

  5. I wasn’t going to go but now that I am thinking about you being there… Nah, still not going. Would love to meet you. And you’d love to hang with me because I am totally the best at communicating with hard of hearing people. Grandma can’t hear a damned thing except me, which is pretty much the nicest thing I have to say about myself. I need a drink.

    clickmom’s last blog post..trashy

  6. I considered boycotting English when I found out that jizzerific isn’t a word. Fucking bullshit. Laura stirs my loins… that’s right Laura, you loin stirrer.

    furiousball’s last blog post..finding an excuse to wear baseball pants

  7. Look on the bright side, at least people will know who you are.

    Diana’s last blog post..Justifying Food Purchases – More Body Talk

  8. Yes, I am going to BlogHer. Maybe you could get one of those old fashioned horn thingies? (Aha! It’s called an Ear Trumpet!)

    foodmomiac’s last blog post..Foodmomiac’s Meatloaf

  9. I wanted to make out with that sink. I remember thinking I could slip it into my handbag. or, no, wait, that was Motherbumper who I tried to slip into my handbag.


  10. How does Laura manage to look that good with no luggage? Damn her.

    zchamu’s last blog post..As a beagle owner I can’t help but notice

  11. Judging from the Google searches that land people at my blog, I’m guessing my readers would enjoy that TV/seat for porn or other nefarious purposes.

    Law School Hot Mama’s last blog post..Law School: Not Designed for Single Parents

  12. I really hope you do come to BlogHer with the teepee. I’d totally get in there and talk to you.

  13. You are everywhere these days woman. I don’t know you exist and suddenly you are written about everywhere I go.


  14. It sounds like you need an Inverse Cone of Silence.

    Oh, and what is this about naming a cancerous lesion “Terrible John”? That is so totally down-putting to all the hard-working johns out there. I’m sure that Elliot Spitzer will want to have a word with you about this!


    Ed T.’s last blog post..MS-150: the finish

  15. Maybe you could get one of those old fashioned horn thingies?

    Oh Good god, that’s the last thing they need at BlogHer – a Horny Jenny!


    Ed T.’s last blog post..MS-150: the finish

  16. I’m not going to BlogHer, but I’ll totally meet you at Ninfa’s for a margarita somewhere.

    Hot damn Amazon just went up a notch after that template.

    Anglophile Football Fanatic’s last blog post..Where’s Mr. Roper?

  17. OMG. But, if it is cancer, she can just read your blog and then she’ll be fine, right? Right?

    And, I have a baby and he’s heard MUCH worse than Vietnamese F*ck-Table.

    AND, I’m not going to BlogHer because I’m pretty sure my husband would divorce me if I told him I was going to a CONFERNECE for BLOGGERS.

    AMomTwoBoys’s last blog post..Family Fun Day

  18. So you aren’t going? Or you just won’t hear shit while you’re there? Cause if the latter is the case you can bunk with me and this kid refusing to come out of my body. I get the sense that her recalcitrance now is a promise of hell to come.

    amanda’s last blog post..Through the years

  19. Ok seriously, come hear me speak, you will think I am brilliant because you won’t know what the crap I am blathering about.

    it’s a win win

    flutter’s last blog post..Because I am an idiot

  20. oh, you bitch. i will be all up in your teepee. the game is on.

  21. There are gonna be chicks at the BlogHer thing, right? Then I’ll totally be there – Look for the guy with the roofies and vodka.

    PS – Firefox says “roofies” isn’t a real word. pfffh… whatever… they are totally real. Right, baby? Baby?

  22. I’m going to BlogHer, baby! And you’d better have dinner with me again. I’ll write everything down for you.

    I mean if Amy Sedaris happened to say “Wow, Jenny, I really loved that letter you gave me last year,” I won’t even write down “Wow, Jenny, I really love it when strangers come up and lick my ears” just to fuck with you.

    I promise.

    Lawyer Mama’s last blog post..Us

  23. Oh Jenny. If I were going to blogher, I’d gladly pantomime for you. But really I’d mock you behind your teepee.

    As far as your sister and Terrible John the Bastard King of Assholery – maybe it is her twin, and they’ll find a tooth and some hair… creepy! Seriously, though, I hope it is ‘nothing’.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..Good Morning Sunshine!

  24. you need the cone of silence. contact agent 99, she’ll take care of you. agent 86 will just screw it up – again.

    Bob’s last blog post..Round Two

  25. Demandy. See…now when we get demandy, you give us Vietnamese fuck tables and assholery. Through in furiousball’s jizzerific and you’re a modern day Jane Austen. Admit it.

    Greta’s last blog post..Getting a Spray Tan

  26. I meant “throw in jizzerific”. “Through” jizzerific would just be weird. And messy. Geesh.

    Greta’s last blog post..Getting a Spray Tan

  27. Is Franken-gina something you get from sitting on that nap box? Because I still can’t decide if that’s a side effect or a fringe benefit.

    Mary’s last blog post..Children’s Tax Tips

  28. i am entirely too poor to go to blogher…but i really want to.

    then again, i’m too poor to come to houston and meet you…

    i hate my life

    and assholery is probably my new favorite word

    Biddy’s last blog post..DAMNITT!

  29. If Amy Winehouse can make fuckery a word, then you can make Assholery a word. that is all.

    Kimberlee’s last blog post..I love you. I love you not. I bring you. I bring you not.

  30. What is a BlogHer party, and should I be attending them? They sound pretty important. And, after all, I’m in the freaking JUNIOR LEAGUE, so it is just not a party without me there….ummm….except that there’s a reason my name is The Introvert, so I’d just be standing in the corner by the bar watching Jenny do the worm in the middle of the dance floor while the crowd shouts “Go Jenny! It’s your birthday!”

    dang it.

    The Introvert’s last blog letter to proactiv

  31. I’ll take down servers with you, anytime…just name the time/place. 😉 LOL
    Nothing else to say tonight, except I’m being craptastic lately. hah!

    The Pear Lady’s last blog post..The path to inspiration is a long road to travel

  32. I so want to go to BlogHer this year.

    I’m hoping to win the lottery, or just a giant pile of money to fall out of the sky.

    Damn those kids for growing up and needing money for tuition!

    Headless Mom’s last blog post..Just Curious…..Driving

  33. I make up my own words all of the time too.

    It is just fun. If I say it or write it; therefore, it is a word. Right.

    Beth from The Funny Farm’s last blog post..How To Be A Farm Diva

  34. “I’m pretty much going to be the coolest person there.”

    besides me, of course.

    dude, that tv/bench/brain melty thing is creepy. Creepy, dude. really. on so many levels…..but a good tool, I’ll have to admit. When I’m desperate I totally bust out PBS kids so I can do my blog thing. Neurons not developing, whaaat?

    Defiantmuse’s last blog post..Conversations of the past few days…

  35. I’d imagine that stool could also be for people who wanted to watch things in HD but couldn’t afford it.

    kirida’s last blog post..I need a hero

  36. Hope your sis is ok, because it’s way more fun to make fun of a rogue twin.

    I have the ambient hearing issue, too, and I pretty much always act like I can hear people. I kinda thought it was too much ear wax or something, but “hearing problem” is so much more professional.

    I am going to BlogHer (my first time!) but I think that it would be a little kitchy for me to show up with a teepee too. I need other ideas.

    To Think Is To Create’s last blog post..Best Shot Monday: Tiny Profile

  37. Try being Australian… nearly every freaking thing I write is pulled up by the bloody Yank spellchecker. Bastard.

    And biatch, seems we are reading the same blogs cause I was going to post about that nap/TV thingy. But I can’t now cause then I will be a wanna be. Suckage. Argh you stupid American spell checker arsehole… Suckage, argh and arsehole are legitimate words!

    I am going to go and watch my water go down the sink the right way now…

    Kelley’s last blog post..A bit of housekeeping. Or not. But a whole lotta blogrolling.

  38. OMG…..I totally remember that cool bathroom with the rocks at teh Thursday night shouting party.

    I’ll be at blogher again this year AND I’d like to meet you AND I’d like a nap stool. Maybe we can bring them to the party?

    Kimberly’s last blog post..In the Dirt

  39. That stool might also be good for sex, not just watching it.

    Jacki’s last blog post..Tickle Me Tuesday

  40. i think we were separated at birth and you left with all the smarts. DAMN YOU!

    the other

    pookie addams’s last blog post..practical advise #56

  41. I hope assholery is a word, because I use arseholier than thou all the time. It comforts me.
    I doubt I would go to BlogHer even if it were held in my city. All those cute people talking and wearing bras, and new shoes, the pressure!

    witchypoo’s last blog post..April 14 Puzzle

  42. I am totally going to be at BlogHer this year. (I am pretty sure.) And after the entertainment of sitting behind you and talking to you while you were stalking Amy Sedaris, I call dibs on watching your next stalking. can’t wait to see you again.

    Hey, will be in Houston several times between now and then, we totally need to meet up!

    Jenn’s last blog post..When the paper clip mocks you it is time for a break

  43. Jenny ~ I am all for a virtual Blog-Her get together. Will even help you put it toget-her. (teehee)

    Peace, Love & Light~

    True Light Tracey’s last blog post..The Bloggess is NO match for True Light Tracey

  44. Um, teepees rock. I went to a gallery opening which had a homemade teepee filled with soft, downy pillows. I wanted to move in, but it would have been trespassing/illegal/blah blah blah.

    I’m actually quite envious of your potential dabbling in teepee-ery.

    MsPrufrock’s last blog post..Music Monday: Beirut

  45. You need to get your blogger tepee to have porn, and possibly also include a refrigerator. Then all the ladies will be vying for a spot under it.

    That sounds all kinds of wrong.

    Noelle’s last blog post..It’s that sinister looking kid again

  46. Thinking good thoughts for your sister. Now atomic fireball tumors? RE: good mom/bad mom – I bet everyone would get together to lick that.

    anne nahm’s last blog post..How to get 400+ hits from Craigslist Over the Weekend

  47. ARGH. I am missing BlogHer again, this time for a damn kid. I’m grounded after July 1, since I am delivering on August 8. Bloody sucks.

    BlogHer ’09? Can I get a whoohoo?

    No? I didn’t think so.

    mrschicken’s last blog post..Pity Potty II – The Sequel

  48. about the hearing thing: go to an audiologist and get tested. I had the same problem and found I had a deficit. I got a pair of these

    they can be programmed for frequencies of human voice and while, they don’t completely correct, they help a lot. Plus you might find you have been missing many environmental noises. I use one of those radio remote doodads for television because it doesn’t help me with that but these things are great. really invisible and drop dead expensive, but worth it.

    pookie addams’s last blog post..practical advise #56

  49. If you use it in a sentence, it’s a word and spellcheck can suck it. Who is the “spellcheck” and what makes him think he’s Word God, anyway? Sounds like a bunch of pisstastic assholery to me…

    ps — I can’t hear when there is ambient noise either. I also read lips. This makes me very creepy because I rarely look people in the eyes.

    Jen O.’s last blog post..4:30 a.m.

  50. I don’t imagine I will be heading there. We are probably going to take off in our sailboat for a couple of weeks, and when I weigh the sailboat and lovely beaches against Blogher you can imagine which one wins.

    Maybe we can have a mini-Blogher here at the coast? It is really lovely here, and we have some amazing places to eat and party. How does margaritas at a Tiki bar overlooking the marina sound?

    jody’s last blog post..She rows

  51. Someone got mad when you yelled “Vietnamese Fork Table”? Perhaps since it was a FRENCH restaurant, you should have said “FRENCH Fork Table”…

    Sayre’s last blog post..For Jenny… with love

  52. I vote yes on the tepee teamed with the tap lights. I have that problem too so you might be able to market the whole thing.

    I’ll take 3 of the nap TV stools which will allow me to get a little more blogging completed.

    HRH’s last blog post..When minivans attack (part II)…

  53. I think taplights are the way to go. I mean, last year it was MBT stickers on the boobs…actual headlights seems the natural progression of things, right?

    BlogHer 08, yes.

    Kyla’s last blog post..Ahh, memories.

  54. Instead of a teepee, what about one of those 70’s bubble umbrellas? Then you can keep your sight lines open to grab waitresses to bring you drink refills. Hah! AM SMART!

    Velma’s last blog post..Woo Hoo!

  55. I hope your sister’s friend is Mr Lumpy. Either way, it’s still scary shit!

    Kelly’s last blog post..A Favorite Movie Clip

  56. I’m not going to Blogher. And I’m not rooming with you. And I’m not bringing my Nap/TV chair. And I’m a total liar.

  57. Oh Good god, that’s the last thing they need at BlogHer – a Horny Jenny!

    I mis-typed: that should have been “a Hornied Bloggess” instead.

    Question: does blockquoting myself count toward the points needed to be declared nuts?


    Ed T.’s last blog post..MS-150: the finish

  58. Damn, I’m not even sure what to respond to. Frankenjina? Porn? Headlight boobs? Invisible boxes you can have sex under? Air holes? Assholes? Horny Jenny? All of this equals horny Simply Jenn! Now I have to go on a hunt to find a man under the age of 60, who is not a complete bore, to jump. This is going to be a very hard task, considering I’m in academialand. Thanks a lot for the assholery.

    Simply Jenn’s last blog post..Fun Monday, photo style

  59. Wish I could go to BlogHer. But other stupid responsibilities are getting the way. Damn you adulthood!

    I somehow always manage to yell obscenities around young, impressionable children. Probably why I don’t have kids.

    Hope Mr. Lumpy doesn’t become Terrible John. And if he does, revolt and kick his assholery!

    Becky Mochaface’s last blog post..Tuesday Trivia: Board Games

  60. Yes, I’m going to BlogHer this year and I’m pretty sure that I’m going to throw another Cheeseburger Party, so I’m going to go ahead and invite you now, so that you can’t use “I didn’t know about it!” as an excuse not to show up.

    Suddenly, I can’t wait for July to get here already.

    Naked Jenny at BlogHer. AWESOME.

    Y’s last blog post..Not a Photographer

  61. Okay, that Nap Stool thing is evil. I still believe “TV is chewing gum for the eyes,” unless of course I’m the one watching TV. LOL! Also, I love the idea of the teepee hat and the taplights on your boobs. Fantastic!

    Shoegirl’s last blog post..skirt! Blog

  62. Seriously, did no one hear Ryan? He’s gonna have roofies! And vodka! I’m gonna be at his table. Drunk/stoned blogging LIVE.

    You know, if I was going. Sigh.

    markira’s last blog post..Dressed To Impress

  63. Be appreciative that you won’t be able to hear the shit I might spew. Really. You won’t be missing out on all that much. Or you can just smile and nod and sip a cocktail. Whatever.

    Heather B.’s last blog post..Clingy

  64. WTH is a BlogHer? Is it like a ButcHer? Someone who slaughters blogs? Why would anyone want to go to that?

    And how is that you and everyone you know glows? How do I get some of that?

    (My family lives in Houston, which is kind of how I found you in the first place, but that also means that I’ll never be back).

    Kylie’s last blog post..You’ve got questions…

  65. I wish I can get that stool for my students. Too cool!

    Chris’s last blog post..While We Make Love

  66. Yeah, but pisstastic is totally a real word.

    Now I want a teepee!

    Holly’s last blog post..So, great weather, huh?

  67. I LOVE your English today! “Demandy” and “Assholery” are my two new favorite words!

    Shades’s last blog post..Ooh…er… EEWWW!

  68. I still haven’t caught on to the BlogHer thing.

    Maria’s last blog post..Move Bitch!

  69. I’m in Italy, and pregnant. So no Blogher this year. Soon, though.

    You could get this hat for all your illumination needs:

    Tonya’s last blog post..The Downside of Child Labor

  70. My baby is only six weeks old and I’m already neglecting her because mommy really does need to blog. Glad to know I’m not alone.

    New Duck’s last blog post..Frizzle fried

  71. Markira: Beware of the vodka and roofies! That’s how I ended up married to him!

    The Introvert’s last blog letter to proactiv

  72. Assholery is totally a word. Spellcheck can eat a fat one.

    I hope that the blob is just Mr. Lumpy.

    That table is creepy…or maybe not…I can’t decide. I think I might be a flip flopper on that subject.

    I want to go to BlogHer, but I know that Hubby would die if I said, “I am going to be gone for a week. I am going to a conference for women who blog, to meet all of my internet “friends”” He already thinks I am crazy enough for blogging, going to a conference for it would surely have him locking me up at the funny farm.

    Faith’s last blog post..Five More

  73. 73
    The Original Lisa

    Yeah well I am related to you, so it will probably be a tiny leprechaun, and everyone will be like “WHAT?! I didn’t even know you could have a tiny leprechaun in your head!” And I’ll be all “I Knoooow, but my sister had a dog disease, so it’s all good.” And they’d be all “Duuuuude.”

    A teepee would just be crazy, but if you took one of those nap chairs and threw a sheet over it, that would be totally fine. Plus, that way you could finally watch the boxed set of Arrested Development that’s been sitting in front of your TV for the past year…oh wait, that’s me.

  74. Wait. *I* have the unopened box set of Arrested Development sitting in front of my tv! You are so my hermano. (Or whatever the female equivalent is.)

    Okay people…BlogHer: It’s a conference that happens in July. You get there on Thursday and party. Friday you go to a few sessions and realize they are all kind of boring. Go get drunk with your friends. Saturday you go to the sessions that your friends or celebrities are speaking at and then you stalk them and give them love letters with pictures of them and your cat. Saturday night you tell everyone your deepest secrets and also accidentally flash some people. Sunday important stuff happens but you skip it to sleep in and then you go to the airport. Also there are cocktail parties. In a nutshell that’s it. And you should go. But if you can’t, I will still love you. Maybe even moreso because I will not have embarrassed myself in front of you.

  75. If you’re walking around inside a teepee hat, and you get so mad steam comes out your ears, you can send smoke signals. Just saying.

    Candy’s last blog post..Just what the hell does magneto bold too even mean??

  76. a) THANK you. GAWD. FINALLY.

    b) Waaaaah, I wanna go to BlogHer.

    c) King John was an ineffective assmunch and militarily inept, but for some reason is not often associated with the Magna Carta. So at least there was that. He was also his father’s favorite child but not close to his mother, which is the OPPOSITE of what you look for in historically significant leaders (Lincoln, JFK, et al.)

    *the more you know*

    ali’s last blog post..A BLATANT CHALLENGE

  77. Clearly, you just need to bring a small chalkboard with you that you can hand to people so they can write out their message.

    Forget BlogHer – you should be going to TequilaCon!

    Avitable’s last blog post..Please don’t read this.

  78. YAY! I’m going! I’m also terrifically frightened because I don’t know ANYBODY! (hold me!)

    I can’t hear well in noisy social situations, either. We can stand together and yell in each other’s ears. Because that won’t be weird at all!

  79. I am going. I hadn’t considered the need for boob lights. This changes everything.

    Once I decided to go (and paid) it seemed like a bunch of people decided not to go. I tried not to take it personally, but then Debbie decided to become a political blogger, or quit or something, so then who the hell will I know. Thank god I can look for the lights and know it is you.

    nonlineargirl’s last blog post..Five Alive

  80. What are taplights? And why do they go on boobies? And what if I don’t have boobies? Do I put them on my junk?

    [sulking in my porn chair]

    Dad Gone Mad’s last blog post..The Sound of the Internet Screaming

  81. You know what else should be a word? Taplight-tastic. I haven’t decided whether it should be hyphenated like that, or just one big word: taplightastic. You should probably go to BlogHer and mediate a session on that.

    I am not going. Too far away, too much money. I’ll just have to get drunk, here, with people I already know. Assholery all around.

    janet’s last blog post..To Elyse, on a Spring Morning

  82. Sadly, I will not be going. My high school reunion is July 19th.

    Frankly, I’m surprised BlogHer hasn’t reschedule their little shin dig in light of this conflict.

    Miss Britt’s last blog post..In Which I Become The Envy Of The Blogosphere

  83. Fuckstick, woman…how do you even READ 80-something comments??

    Alas, I will not be attending BlogHer this year either. (BlogHer ’06 still kicks every other BlogHer’s ass, yo.) This time it’s because of some STUPID WEDDING that I have to go to….my groom would be pissed if I ditched him. Meh.

    Chase’s last blog post..Zoot Suit Riot

  84. Is it weird that I really want to be you right now?

    Victoria’s last blog post..E is for Elevators

  85. i would buy that tv. as for your being deaf, you could try this little dandy.

    piglet’s last blog post..the closest i’ll ever get to ira glass in person

  86. I so want to go to Blogher but I can’t this year because we are heading to Scandinavia shortly thereafter and that is where all my moneh is going. Maybe 2009? Wheeeee!!!!

    andrea’s last blog post..Twenty-Two

  87. I drop by every now and than to check what the hell your writing about. I still haven’t yet figured it out. but you stay at it, and i shall too!

    great post!

    Atif Khan’s last blog post..Billions of Entrepreneurs

  88. I am *not* going to BlogHer. I hardly know her.

    Spamboy’s last blog post..Goat Wars, Part 3

  89. am coming to blogher 08 (lookout beyatch, i got the microphone POWER) and will be happy to squeeze your girls in greeting.
    i like your recap of blogher. pretty accurate from my 06 attendance.
    but i had a boob-lovin baby on my hip so the flashing part was WAY not accidental.

    gwendomama’s last blog post..THERE IS NO ‘OUT OF THE WOODS’ in PARENTING

  90. […] verklempt to have snagged an invite to attend a pre-blogher party thrown by the cool kids and I spent the entire time I was there hiding in the bathroom wishing I’d brought more anti-anxiety pills.  Which is why this year I was shocked to […]

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