I weep for America and for the world in general. And for aliens. Please tell me if I’ve left anyone out.

Some actual comments from this video of a “ghost” looking out from behind a wall that Youtube thinks I want to see:

omg i am on? a computer


i think corner’s are scary cause you don’t know what is at the other side

if that happend to me i would throw a rock at it

shit!!! i probably thought i was drunk lol!!

wtf that actually looks real. BUT tell me one thing. why the fuck are all ghosts in black and white. i dont understand. i mean the ghosts would have updated their cameras by now, right? probably because life is colorful while death is nothing but blackness and emptiness… ?

is that the ghost head that runs?


its obviously someone pushing a brick out the wall from inside and painting a face on it…

Oh, that makes perfect since! People die in churches all the god damn time! Idiot.

Hey has anybody seen this weird video from a guy in England who reckons everybody has disappeared. Can anyone tell me if its? real or not. I live in England and I’m getting freaked out!

Honestly, I don’t even have a response for this. 


Clarification:  The video is not baffling.  The video is a fake.  Although I had to watch it 5 times to figure out how they did it.  10 points for Gryffindor!

PS.  I’m working 12 hour days and I’m on a lot of medication.  That’s probably pretty obvious.

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  1. You gotta honor this irrefutable, AIRTIGHT ghost logic: Ghosts still shoot movies in black & white “probably because life is colorful while death is nothing but blackness and emptiness.”

  2. Why do you assume it is a fake? Have you never seen a real ghost head? Ghost heads are so scary, they even freak out the other ghosts that still have their bodies!

  3. Well, now I feel totally justified in writing in the self review portion of my Performance Review at work that after I end prostitution, world hunger and war then I’d take a crack at half the shit that is posted on YouTube. These people need help.

    I also said that I’d buy all the kittens and babies from The Outback to save them from flea-ridden dingos. And went on to say that any of their employees that didn’t answer this question the same way should probably be fired.

    But since I write the questions for the performance review I knew the answers so while that gave me a leg up, it should also make my review mean more that I can think up such deep and awesome questions with which to judge their employees by.

    And then? I’m going to have shitted myself and hope for a raise.

    Would you like me to send you a copy of my review? I’ll even add illustrations but they will just be stick dingos and that’s not much fun.

    Betsey’s last blog post..80’s Street Wear Ain’t For Sissies

  4. im with the dude who thought it was jesus playing hide and seek. jesus would
    totally play hide and seek.

  5. The title of that video had me thinking of something entirely different, and much more exciting…

  6. I didn’t laugh at the post–you must be having an off night to have to sink so low for material–however, I laughed like hell at your commenters’ comments!

    If you can believe this, I actually promote your blog to anyone who will listen based upon the esprit de corps that you have with your commenters and that they have with one another. It’s a thing of beauty.

    Come to think of it, if America can replicate what y’all have going, the health and well-being of the country is a given!

    La Framéricaine’s last blog post..Worth Going To La Boulangerie For…

  7. The comments made me laugh until tears came out of my eyes and I peed a little on myself. There’s nothing better than idiots.

    Christie’s last blog post..To do….

  8. So, I recently watched a YouTube video of a baby playing with a snake. A few comments down, I found this gem:

    “You are a snake.
    You are dangrous. You should not be playing with a baby.
    You are a snake.”

    Despite what I may have wanted, the phrase “You are a snake,” has now been irreversibly integrated into my life.

    jb’s last blog post..Losing a Whole Year, Gaining Something Else

  9. Wow, is it just me or does that thing not even look believable? Okay, the first time I saw it it did, but when the camera rounds the corner it totally gives the “ghost” enough time to hide around the other side of the corner.

    Physics aside, who runs AT a ghost?

    la_florecita’s last blog post..Ode to a Civic

  10. “its either a ghost or the worlds fastest runner” – Yes, those are the only two explanations that make any sense. It must be one of those. Facedesk. Just wow.

  11. I weep for the rest of the world that Americans assume it’s all about them. As usual.

  12. Touché. It was very egocentric of me to assume that America has cornered the market on dumb-asses. Obviously at least one of them is from Europe. Changing my title immediately.

  13. Yeah, if you slow it down between :05 and :08 you can see it.

    “this is real i seen this on the news and the guys were on a talk show”

    “The question is; When the person recorded this footage – he actually saw the ghost with his natural eyes? Or did it show-up only during playback. From the footage it sure looks like he did see it with his natural eyes, cause he was going after it.”

    ..because he would totally just randomly run around this corner and then film it for no reason.

    Dawn’s last blog post..Saturday fun, with lots of pictures of my dog that you may or may not want to see

  14. I’m with somegirl. The easiest way to recreate this would be to get the girl to peek out, then she ducks down and crawls under the camera’s line of sight as the guy walks up to the wall and then she hides on the side where he was. Or possibly it was Jesus.

  15. Sigh. The fact that you can hear the “ghost” scrambling around on his or her hands and knees to get out of the frame kind of ruins the effect, eh?

  16. Ninja ghosts. If that doesn’t make you shitted your pants then nothing will.
    PS It’s 6am in Houston but lunchtime in Yerp 😉

  17. You know what would be right up your alley oh Bloggess Goddess (Hey, that Rhymes, someone give me a cookie)?

    Drunk History on http://www.vbs.tv They get people sloshed and they tell their version of an occurance in history and then it’s acted out. Appearantly Ben Franklin bought prostitute children!

    Trista’s last blog post..Somehow I Doubt Our Relation

  18. You Tube comments make me weep for civilization. LOL

    And WTF did you have to send me there?! I was linking through all the related links … ghosts freak me the fuck out. And I have no one to protect me.

    I suppose I could give them the baby if they come after me.

    sam {temptingmama}’s last blog post..And The Winner Is –

  19. I had to watch it twice to see how they did it… clever… I am going to do it at home with my wife and put it on youtube. Pants will be shitted.

  20. Throwing a rock at a ghost? Don’t you know about ghosts? They’re ETHEREAL you half-wit! Plus, what if it was Sammy Davis Junior’s ghost and he couldn’t see the rock coming because it was from the side where his glass eye was. It would pass right through him and he would never even know. Duh.

    Kurt’s last blog post..Magic Goat Powers Unleashed!

  21. Wanna share meds? I could help with some of your work as long as there is no fisting involved. Or kitten genitals.

  22. There is a new comment that cracked me up

    “the title of this video is misleading”

    Get it?! Ghost Head? ha hahahahha

    Melanie’s last blog post..Milk

  23. an actual comment i overheard on the bus this morning (we had a bunch of freezing rain overnight):

    “i think it’s dumb that there’s so much ice.”

    so, turns out there’s plenty of half-wittedness IRL. at least on youtube you can scroll past it.

    highway’s last blog post..Friday Top Box Office Picks

  24. did you know that Argentina is the largest (by size) Spanish speaking country in the world, and third most populous after Mexico and Spain respectively, plus 4th largest country in the Americas, after Canada, USA and Brazil.

    fo shizzle

    furiousBall’s last blog post..Je me sens mieux

  25. I didn’t get the one with the Maid dusting and everything. Seemed like a ploy just to get us to listen to her.

    I never wanted to watch that. You forced me to!

  26. Dude was right, though. Corners *are* scary. That’s why we all need mirrors. And guns. Though maybe not guns. Or rocks. Because wouldn’t both weapons just go, like, right through the ghost?

    chirky’s last blog post..Keepin’ It Fresh

  27. The comments on youtube are the absolute bottom of the barrel of the commenting world. Not brilliant like this comment I’m leaving for you right now.

    Holmes’s last blog post..365 # 144: Emily

  28. You’re never going to be able to top the urban dictionary “fisting” entry next to the Obama “Yes We Did” ad, so why don’t you just give up now?

    And please don’t share your meds with my husband, I can’t handle two of you.


  29. While funny, let’s not lose sight that one commenter was totally right. We DO NOT know what is around a corner. That’s why my house is round. Ain’t no sneakin’ up on me body-less bitches!

    Law-Talking Guy’s last blog post..Movies

  30. User comments on media sites are proof that humanity has barely evolved since the days when we were all just toilet paper stuck to God’s shoe as he walked out of the bathroom.

  31. That YouTube comments are the bottom of the barrel has been previously observed, most entertainingly in this video (itself on YouTube). http://tinyurl.com/afvcu2

    It’s a guy making entertaining verbal commentary on a difficult video game as he plays it, and at one point he says things like “this is worse than anything … this is worse than … than … YouTube comments.”

    YouTube comments are in fact so bad that they are used as a point of reference for other bad things to be compared to.

  32. my favorite youtube video comment has always been:

    “do you think the jonas brothers think about each other, you know, sexually? i mean, they must have to, right?”

  33. Hey Jenny…lets just say the pic was one of those “let me get the shot from THIS angle” and it leaves NOTHING to the imagination between man and woman. There were no birds or bees to help explain the pic if my kids were to see it.

    sheila’s last blog post..ALRIGHT…..WHO THA F….?

  34. Wow, I saw that video and was all “Chuck, is that you?? Wait come back – Wanna play tranny legos??

  35. This is why I think Bill Engvall is brilliant ~ because stupid people really should have to wear signs.

    And 12 hour days suck… You need to take the dog to work and make sure he’s wearing his booze-collar.

    Aria’z Ink’s last blog post..Kiddie Crack

  36. I left a comment last night but it’s not here. Now I can’t remember what I said. Something about why I quit teaching. Those kids who left *ghost* comments may be messing with your site. Or maybe ghosts are messing with it. Woooo.

    betaphi’s last blog post..Super Son

  37. Sorry to hear about your feet. I’m going to the dentist on Monday, maybe I can pick up something for you. They love to give me prescriptions. I had some work done last year and they’re all, “Here’s a pain killer prescription” and I’m, “Naw, I don’t need anything that strong” and they’re, “Hey take it anyway, you never know.” I swear, they’d give me vicodin for a teeth cleaning if I asked for it.

    Steve’s last blog post..Edited for Content

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