Let me be frank.

This week I spoke at frank in Florida and it was lovely.  Click here to see the glorious magnificence of my hotel room.  I highly recommend checking out all of the speeches but if you have 30 minutes and want to see mine you can check it out here.  You have to fast-forward to the end to see it.  It’s at the 1 hour 14 minute mark.

PS. I corrected Matt who credited @crappytaxidermy but it actually was @craptaxidermy so ignore me.  And I’m sure I fucked up other stuff too.  The usual.

poorprofessor higgins

PPS.  Unrelated, but this dress debate is killing me.  You’ve seen this, right?


I saw this CLEARLY WHITE AND GOLD dress this morning and everyone else I know is saying it’s clearly black and blue so I ask Victor and he said it was black and blue as well and that’s when I decided this was a big practical joke on me.  You win.  Lot of trouble to go through to make me think I’m losing my mind, y’all.

PPS.  WHAT THE FUCKETY FUCK.  I just looked at it again and now it’s black and blue and I can’t understand how I ever thought it was gold and white.  What sort of wizardry is this?

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  1. It’s obviously the devil’s work and all about the lighting. White gold then blue gold. Haven’t gotten to black blue yet but am going to keep staring at it just in case.

  2. I clearly see white & gold as well, but everyone else around me sees black & blue. I can’t wrap my head around it!

  3. Okay in YOUR pic it looks light blue and gold,but the pic I saw yesterday looked black and blue to me. And it’s funny b/c I was convinced my family was playing a prank on me too.

  4. It’s doing the same to me – I watched a news story about it this morning. While the reporter interviewed someone on the street, I saw the dress change from blue & black to white & gold. I have no explanation for this witchcraft, therefore the dress must be burned at the stake.

  5. I see gold and, if I mentally colour-correct for what I perceive to be shade, white. If I don’t colour-correct, light blue. I don’t know how someone could see black though!
    The way I see the overexposure, it would make the colours of the dress look darker than they really are, because it is in shade…….. which would explain why I see white and gold, because in the picture it actually looks dark-white (a.k.a. light blue), and dark gold. I’m very curious how black can turn into gold….. unless the light is very directly hitting it, but from the picture it looks to be shining behind the dress. I can acknowledge my eyes are making corrections for what I perceive as shadows, but I still can’t see how something black could ever look that gold. Right now I still kinda think that dress image is fake…… either that or the original image was Photoshopped!

  6. In some pictures, it looks white and gold, and in others blue and black. I’ve even seen some where it’s a lighter blue and black, and it’s basically all in the exposure of a picture. So more light is one way and less is another.

  7. the dress thing? I always see white/gold. (In the comparison pictures, the ‘original’ one just looks like it’s in a darker room to me). But it’s actually blue/black. I just don’t see it.

    Article on it here that explains it with SCIENCE:


    …which also fuelled my “everything within human experience is subjective” 5 yr long argument with the boyfriend. Which concluded amicably this morning with me saying “your argument is fallacious” and him responding with “your argument is fellatio.”

    (it wasn’t. he was being optimistic)

  8. I clearly see this dress as white and gold. Yes, the white has a slight blue tinge to it (like snow does in certain lighting), but it’s unmistakably white to me. And that’s definitely gold … it sure as hell isn’t black. Not even CLOSE.

    That dress is made of illusion and sorcery!!!

    Interestingly enough, though the dress is supposed to actually BE blue and black (and not just a light blue, but a deep royal blue), MOST people saw it as white and gold, so you’re not alone, Jenny!!!

    Either that, or we all drank the Kool-aid.

  9. I can see where you’re getting the gold, but that’s black, kids. I don’t understand how the blue isn’t totally freakin’ obvious. The real question is: no matter what color it is, would you wear it? I’m going with a huge, resounding “No”.

  10. I see the dress in this photo as light blue and a greenish gold. So much of color perception in a photograph depends on the particular monitor/display one is viewing photo on, anyway. How is it that this has turned into such a thing? Though, on the other hand, I’m happy to have a distraction from the relentlessly frigid temperatures & rising snow banks in my part of the country.

  11. I think this is the Internet equivalent of Australia’s drop bears. It’s clearly gold and white, but a lot of people are getting together to insist it’s blue and black just to mess with the rest of us. And they won’t admit it’s a joke.

  12. Satan’s dress. Or Stan’s dress, if you want to believe my autocorrect.

    Stan is the root of all evil. And color changing evening wear.

  13. I’m comparing it to the black-and-white clothing behind it to the left, and that’s how I see black…although in isolation it looks more bronze-y to me. I haven’t seen a picture yet where the dress looks white. Light blue, yes, but never white. ~mk

  14. You were in the town I live in and I missed it??????????????????? How did I not hear about this sooner? Stupid college of journalism needs to advertise their events better.

  15. Me too, dear Bloggess. Me too. When I looked a second time this morning it was white and gold again. Now it’s back to black and blue. My brain is clearly broken.

  16. Dude. That dress CHANGED COLOR WHILE I WAS READING ABOUT IT. I saw the gold and white dress, scrolled down to read about all the ridiculous people who saw blue and black, then scrolled back up and saw blue and black. So now I’m doubting everything I’ve ever known to be true.

  17. I see blue and what I would consider brown but I guess gold if the choice is only the four colors. I have tried to ignore this but it seems to be a big topic that you can’t get away from. The same reason I know more way than I want to about Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, and that ilk.

  18. It changed colors for me too. I’ve decided that this is a sign… I’m Divergent and must go into hiding immediately.

  19. looks at picture
    It’s white and gold.
    reads comments
    scrolls back up
    It’s black and blue!
    It’s clearly voodo!
    (scrolls back up to check again)
    Great. Now it’s light-blue and dirty-gold…

  20. I understand that the photoshop breakdown shows how the blue is rendered with half white in the pixellation, and that the black is rendered with half gold in the pixellation … but I still don’t understand why it changes for just me sometimes.

    What blew MY mind was seeing the original dress, which isn’t even the pale blue I sometimes see — it’s stark royal blue. http://www.romanoriginals.co.uk/invt/70931?colour=Royal-Blue


  21. There’s a very scientific reason why different people see colors differently. It’s all about light and how our eyes perceive it and crap. Think about all the different types of color blindness. A friend of mine is Green color blind and I’m like dude, what color do you think the grass is?!?! He says grey. It blows my mind but everyone needs to get over this damn dress.

  22. your interview made me laugh and cry. i thought it was pretty amazing. i love your candor and incredibly generous heart. and you look beautiful!

  23. The dress is white and gold. WHITE AND GOLD! I can’t live in a world where it’s actually blue and black and yet my brain sees only white and gold. And I don’t want to hear the science behind it because what the hell good is it if I can still only see white and gold. It’s like I have color blindness but not. Also, I think Google is fucking with us all and is randomly switching out the photo and it’s only a matter of time until I catch it just right and see the blue and black dress. I’m on to you, Google. Watch your back.

  24. I have looked at that damn dress picture multiple times now, and have seen the following:
    1. It’s white and gold. Duh.
    2. Wait, it’s lavender and brown.
    3. Oh crap — wait. It’s blue and gold.
    4. Everyone says it’s really blue and black. Maybe I should pretend I see that too.
    5. You know what? I am just too darn old and tired to deal with viral/social media/whatever-the-hell stuff.
    6. Hmmm….maybe I should look again. Yep: it’s white and gold. Duh.

  25. “1 in a 1,000 adds up on the internet.”

    I fucking love that! It reminds me of one of my favorite sayings in the world which is, “The more personal you think something is, the more universal it is.”

    The internet is helping a lot more people realize the truth in this saying.

    Congratulations on continually using your personality to help us weirdos feel like they’re not alone… and making a living for yourself while doing so. Wishing you long dong silver success… er… I mean, may your success be long lived. Yeah. That’s what I meant.


  27. Also I just realized I was actually and literally hiding in the bathroom when you posted this. No joke. I forgot we both did that. Bathrooms are nice places and I’m glad they exist everywhere. Thanks for always telling us your mental illness story. You give us power. And sorry for the spam.

  28. We don’t see as much colour as actually exists. If you know more words for colours you will be able to see more colours. This actually shows up in ancient writings. They didn’t have a name for the colour blue, so descriptions of the sea usually describe it as the colour of wine, which, no it isn’t. Human brains ignore most colour as unimportant unless we give it a name. So the things you see are often a different colour than you think and sometimes our brains just paint in the colours we expect rather than the real ones.

  29. It’s obviously white and gold.

    The thing I don’t get is why you’re breastfeeding a chimp, or whatever that is, in the photo above.

  30. It’s not blue/black or white/gold or even a dress, for that matter. It’s a government conspiracy to keep us all distracted from what’s really going on today. I’m waiting for an alien invasion or something. 🙂

    (Just kidding – it’s clearly blue and black. Although I would never imagine that it’s the same dress as the advertised Royal Blue color.)

  31. I saw this dress in another article today and thought it was white and gold too, and they showed how they could filter it to look either white or blue, and explained its actually blue irl.

    Then I saw your picture and thought, oh this is another version of the picture where it is clearly blue.

    And theeeen my brain exploded because I realise they are PROBABLY THE SAME PICTURE and I am seeing what I expect to see after having read that article.

    I do not like these pictures.

  32. Earlier today, when someone first showed me the dress, I clearly saw it as white and gold. A white with a blueish tint, sure, but it was clearly white. Then I started clicking on some of the articles explaining why we see it differently, went to get a drink, and when I came back to my computer, I saw it as black and gold. Sometimes the black seems so faded as to be brownish, but I can’t seem to change my perception back. I’m also pretty sure it’s sorcery.

  33. What the fuck!!! The first time I looked at your site it was clearly white and gold, then I came back to check new comments and it is CLEARLY blue and black!!! I even checked to make sure you hadn’t replaced the picture! What the ever living fuck is happening… -_-

  34. It is white and gold, and everyone who says differently obviously has to make an appointment with their eye doctor immediately! Blue and black, indeed…pfffttt.

  35. At this point, I’m pretty sure that dress isn’t even THERE, because I saw it as BOTH and then I had to just turn off the internet and walk away.

    Love your interview!

  36. I give up on the dress. However, I loved your frank talk. I am now going to start writing on my arm too. Maybe it’ll make some days easier.

  37. P.S. I should add, from your interview- I hide in the bathroom just to get away from people at ANY function. Including the gym. so, yeah

  38. I have always seen white and gold. Always, until a few minutes ago. I turned around to do something and when I turned back it was blue and black! And then I blinked and it was back to white and gold! What the heck!

  39. The actual dress is blue and black though when I saw it I said coneflower and my daughter didn’t know what color that was..its blue btw….Besides that I decided to share todays best news stories….what color is this dress? Llamas loose in Arizona…..Goat licks dog…and where to live incase of a zombie outbreak…..I find these all amusing and yet sad that they made national news!

  40. I sincerely think this whole dress thing is a practical joke and am calling BS.
    Won’t even look at it. So there!

  41. Luci, I totally laughed out loud at your conversation with your husband. Of course those of us with minds in the gutter think of fellatio when the word fallacious is used. Maybe next time go with erroneous.

    As for the dress, it is white and gold. I’ve looked at it over and over and seen the articles. I’ve seen the actual blue and black dress picture and I can’t figure out how they can be pictures of the same dress. TGIF!

  42. All day yesterday I was “it’s white and gold. Is this blue-and-black crowd some conspiracy of trolls, like those annoying ‘I like it on the door’ games on facebook where we all write where we put our purse!?”

    Then I got home and saw it AGAIN and it was SO TOTALLY blue and black. I laughed and showed my husband saying “someone photoshopped it to actually BE blue and black. Take that, stupid internet tricksters”. He looked at me like I had 3 heads and said “That’s white. And Gold. What is wrong with you?” The entire bedrock of trust in our marriage nearly fell apart for 15 minutes as we each wondered if the other was secretely in on the joke.

    What a crazy collective experience for us all to learn about color this week.

  43. So I had heard about this but hadn’t seen the actual picture until this post, and it was clearly white and gold. I did not close my browser but went to something else for a while and then clicked back over without even thinking and the dress was blue and black. I’ve been refreshing it every so often now for hours, thinking maybe you’re “changing” the image to mess with us, but it has remained blue and black.

  44. The exact same bullshit happened to me – I saw it as white and gold (maybe a slightly bluish white, like periwinkle or some shit), and then after seeing it 6 or 7 times that way suddenly BAM it becam blue and black and I can’t go back. WITCHCRAFT.

  45. It’s funny. Now that I know what is up. I see the blue and black, but the first time, I also saw the white and gold. As a photographer however, I also saw the horrible lighting, and once I knew, I understood. Which is more than I can say about most things on the internet, which I still don’t understand.

  46. Thanks for being our tribal leader! I know it must be a huge weight on your shoulders, but because of you there are thousands of us who have been connected and no longer feel alone. I always know that on a bad day I can come to your blog and be surrounded by folks who are dealing with problems just like mine. Side note: I’m jealous that you got to hang out with a stuffed bobcat friend!

  47. It is a prettier dress when it is white and gold, Therefore; it will remain white and gold in my eyes, that is, until I see it as black and blue again.

  48. I see gold and ivory. How would you like to live with someone who says it is red and blue? And, don’t confuse me with that science crap.

  49. Damn thing did the same thing to me. If I look at the edge of the picture as its loading, I can kinda see the white/gold again for a split second and then it fades to blue. Dammit, brain.

  50. Tilt your monitor up and down (or simply move your head up and down) and you can see it both ways. It’s just a function of the light refraction. (Sorry to burst your angst-bubble.)

    As a side note, here is some content you could use in your greeting card line: http://www.smbc-comics.com/?id=3652#comic. Juanita would look good on the front.

  51. Thank you so much for not being the only freak who saw it both ways. I seriously thought I had a stroke when I saw it blue once and now all I can see is white.

    Do you also smell pickles like all the time?

  52. I see white and gold. I got on my laptop and tilted the screen waaaay back and finally saw the bright blue. But then the gold and white came back. I read it has something to do with the background color, the lighting and the cones in my retina. Cones? What does ice cream have to do with it?

  53. Perception changes based on previous experience (top down processing), supposedly. In reality, the dress is most likely white and gold, the photo taken with a camera phone in poor directional lighting. This causes the dress to appear to take on cooler tones in the picture because of shadowing.

    (The dress is actually midnight blue and black. Insane. ~ Jenny)

  54. I think all interviews should take place in bathroom stalls. Just my two cents.

    Also, I have tried and tried to see a white dress, but cannot. I know the “trick” is to get your mind to think that’s shadowy white, but… there’s clearly a light behind the photographer shining on it (in addition to the blinding light in the background of the picture), made apparently by shadows made by the shoulder wrap thingy, so… blergh. As David Duchovy said, “I WANT TO BELIEVE™.”

  55. The Frank interview was so good. I really liked the breast feeding bobcat part. You do not look like you are pretending to be good up there. Also the dress has been white and gold every time I have looked at it.

  56. The Frank interview was awesome. I work in a school district and I think all the high school students should get to see this. And, the dress is gold and white.

  57. Relax, it’s just the angle of light reflection. Colors change dependent upon that. Gloss level of color can change our perception of it, too. Or it’s voodoo; whichever you prefer. 🙂

  58. It is CLEARLY White and gold. It’s in a shadow.
    You accomplished one of my biggest fears and desires! I would love to speak at a conference, but it scares the peewaddin out of me. I would have to envision Neil Patrick Harris in his underwear. Not so hard to do anymore….

  59. What kind of light shines on a black surface, and makes it look gold?
    Besides, it looks like it’s in shadow, not in bright light……
    IF we’re to believe that the actual dress is blue and black, I’m convinced someone washed this one in bleach.

  60. You and I must have ambidextrous vision (we can make that a thing:)). I saw blue and black–and now see both–white & gold, as well as blue & black. I am sure this means we are here to do something special. And not just sit on sofa tonight eating pizza and drinking wine:).

  61. omg already with the damn dress. I saw orange and white at first, then a pic of the black and blue, then I couldn’t un-see the black and blue. This is some screwy stuff. I like to think those that never saw the orange and white do not have “the gift” The gift of what, I’m not sure, but I feel I am in the special category.

  62. To anyone who can see the black – please, I beg you for my sanity – tell me how the top golden colour can look black to you….. I’m curious 🙂 🙂

  63. The same thing happened to me. It was white and gold before, and then I clicked on a link where it looked blue and black–and then the photo I’d originally looked at had become blue and black, too.

  64. Yesterday I CLEARLY saw a white and yellow dress, even when looking at the picture on different sites. I was sure it was a huge joke, all those pranksters claiming it was black & blue! Then later in the day my hubby asked about it (after it was mentioned on the news) so I pulled it up to show him – and it was just as black and blue as anything could be. It just freaked me the hell out.

  65. I can’t take the dress anymore. It was all my students could talk about/debate today because they cannot breath without Twitter. One kid kept screaming, “This is so stupid!! Looking at this dress just shows how stupid you and the Internet are!!!” Another student tried to talk science to him about cones and rods and eye strain but he was not having it. I see gold and white which upset yet another child. FYI: most of my students are 1 year away from a being “legal adults.” Good luck, world.

  66. I’m mad about the dress thing. Scientists have time to trick our minds with stupid retina games, but no one can figure out how to make my Greatest Idea Ever work: “Chardonnaisins” and “Cabernaisins” — raisin-like alcoholic gummies you drop into water for instant wine. C’mon, SCIENCE.

  67. Ok Jenny, you are officially magical. I have been seeing a white and gold dress for 2 days, but then you told me that the color changed for you. So, I changed the angle of my lap top screen. Voila! Black and blue! Now, no matter how my screen is angled, it is black and blue.

  68. I have seen nothing but white and gold. I’ve stared at it from every angle and with different lighting in the room, and I cannot see even a hint of black or blue. To me, it’s bright white and gold!

  69. If we talk about the dress in the picture it’s blue-gray and brown and depending what your brain thinks is the actual lightning of the scene it gets interpreted either way. If you’ve learned some painting it’s not that weird. The weird thing is the confusion it makes with people’s brains but then again the picture is overexposed and probably has some automatic color balance so it screws the actual colors of the dress. My camera was able to make blue-pink sunset completely orange so, well..
    My brain interprets it as something white-ish in a blue shadow/strong overcast but mind it’s been mostly overcast for MONTHS here. Depending on a screen I look at it at or if I scroll it down fast I can also see it as blue/dark brown. However I look at it it’s quite ugly.

  70. It’s clearly sky blue and muted gold. It could only be mistaken for white and gold if you thought it was taken indoors, during the daytime, in a shadowy part of the store, with no flash. So that you thought the blue was shadowed white. But under no circumstances can I understand how anyone sees it as black and blue.

    Regardless, it’s hideous.

  71. OH MY GOD. It keeps changing colors. I was reading the article I scrolled back up to see the original picture and that’s when it started changing . Freaked me out at first XD

  72. This morning it was gold and baby blue now its black and medium blue my eyeballs and brain are conspiring to convince me that I’m insane!

  73. I can not get my brain to see it as any color other than gold and white (and poorly illuminated). I read somewhere that looking at someone wearing blue can suggest blue and make you see the black and blue dress. I just got home from nine hours in a building full of people wearing blue (I work at a Walmart) and that damn dress is just as white and gold as it ever was.

  74. I am baffled. My coworker showed it to me this morning and I was all, “People be crazy. Why is this a thing? It’s a white dress with gold lace. So, some people are color blind. No biggie.” Now I see your blog and you are showing a completely different dress. It’s soo blue! But, but, I trust you! I know you wouldn’t fuck with me, right?

    Than you, Luci, for the link to the Wired article. It still doesn’t make sense to me, but I can rest easier knowing they’ve got it figured out. They’re wicked smart. Also funny & good writers. That’s why I subscribe to Wired. They can figure batshit crazy science out for me. Yay Science!

  75. I saw white and gold at first – now I see blue and darker gold. I read the article explaining the science of this and I’m no less confused.

  76. I love how all these comments are about that damn dress that matters NOT AT ALL, lol.

    I also love that it is incredibly evident that you live with hope. Great job at Frank. I didn’t really have the 30 minutes, but I watched it anyway 😛

  77. Wired have an article where it’s all explained. The dress, I mean. They don’t explain your frank interview. I think.

  78. I have lost my fucking mind! I saw the dress as white and gold, and not five minutes later it was blue and black…I don’t know what is going on!!!! I am watching Jimmiy Falon with two men who insist that the dress is white and gold…which is what I originally saw…and now I don’t know what is happening…dear god…I need therapy…

  79. I watched your frank interview and had tears in my eyes – from laughter as well as being touched by the beautiful sentiment behind your words!
    You are a beautiful person Jenny, my only real hope for my life is that i’m lucky enough to be able to surround myself with people like yourself 🙂

  80. I first saw navy and black. Now all I see is white and gold. This has to be some sort of early April Fools Day prank!!!

  81. I saw white gold until I watched the video explaining how it tricks the mind. then i saw blue black. now of course when I see it the stupid thing changes colors. I’m over this dress. ugh

  82. I was convinced it was an elaborate hoax when my husband said he saw white/gold whereas I saw blue/black.

    In the end, there are two questions: 1) what colour do you think the dress is? and 2) what colours do you actually see? (since is are no pure white or pure black in the dress-part of the photo). The black/blue group will say the “black” looks like a mucky dark brown. They white/gold group will say the “white” is tinted blue.

    Colour perception isn’t passive – we perceive colour based on context. The white/gold group unconsciously assume the dress is in shadow (blue light). The blue/black group assume that the photo is overexposed in orange light. I’m in the latter group. However, I can see white/gold when the same photo has white/gold dresses either side. Looking back at the single dress, it then awesomely shifts from “white”/gold to blue/”black”.

    Here’s the best explanation so far (written after the Wired article): http://www.theguardian.com/science/head-quarters/2015/feb/27/the-dress-blue-black-white-gold-vision-psychology-colour-constancy

    In short, we’re all actually freakishly amazing, because we’re unconsciously colour-correcting according to the colour temperature of the light source.

    high five

  83. WHOA. I was a hardcore white gold see-er until I read the link you provided. I’m on my kindle, which is semi-relevant. After reading the story, I was still convince the blue/blackers were lying or having a mass-hallucination.

    BUT! As I quickly scrolled the page up to get to my navigation bar, the dress flew by on the screen…and I saw black/blue. Holy shit. Now I can make my brain see it as white/gold, black/blue, and brown/blue.

    So, thank you Bloggess. Your post broke something in my brain (fixed the broken thing in my brain?), and I now go both ways. You’re powerful.

    PS I just saw this happened to commenter #30, too!

  84. Be thing I ever did was find this blog, buy your book and know who you are. You are such an inspiration above everything else. They say the most successful people are those who aren’t focused on the outcome of fame or money but on being authentic and making something better. If I accomplish even a fraction of that in my blogging quest, I’ll die happy 🙂

  85. When I’m drunk I see it black and blue; when sober, gold and white. How can the range of my “blue” cone cells increase with alcohol? It has no sense, whatsoever.

  86. Crap. It was TOTALLY gold and white, and has been. But then, on your page (vs. my feedly reader), IT FINALLY CHANGED TO BLACK & BLUE. I think it’s a fake picture, it’s a conspiracy.

  87. I call shenanigans. The kardashians are taking over the media while everyone’s debating this dumb dress.
    meow meow meow

  88. I’m with Elizabeth on both counts (except to me, it looks like a baby wallaby).

  89. To my artist’s mind this is white and gold. And if you take pixels of colour and look at them on a cooour palette – they are a blueish white and gold. You’d have to colour-correct the pic to get blue and black. Some people’s minds seem to do automatic colour-correction. Mine doesn’t. 😛

    The only conclusion I have is that I don’t seem to be good at visual puzzles, or maybe too good? I see what I see.

  90. Everyone I know sees the dress as black and blue, but I just see white and gold. I had people at work consoling me because I can’t see properly, apparently? It’s like that spinning lady. She’s always going clockwise, not counterclockwise!

  91. If I scroll the picture so that I am only looking at the colors above he waist it is white and gold, but if I only look at the picture from the waist down I see blue and black. I suspect it has something to do with the backgrounds for the two halves of the dress. So my theory is now that the blue/blackers are looking at the dress from the bottom up and white/golders are looking at the dress from the top down.

  92. No pretending needed, you do it.
    There isn’t anything you could say that would make me back away….ok. I might have to have a time out in the bathroom, but I would be back.
    You should have a standing ovation (as well as a Pulitzer) every day.

  93. I’m with you on the dress, Jenny! The first million times I saw it on Facebook I saw white and gold. Then later in the same damn day I went back to the very first picture I saw of it, and I’ll be damned, it was blue and black! Wtf!

  94. I have looked at this many times and only seen the gold/white version. Then, I squinted slowly at the picture and it changed colour as I was looking at it! ‘Tis sorcery!!!!!!!!!!!! Kill it with fire!!!!!!

  95. Inspirational YouTube Clip! Thanks for posting it. This is the first time that I have HEARD you speak. Loved it! You are genuine……T:)

  96. I’ve been back to tgat stupid, yes stupid dress 10 times and can’t see bl/blk. I am blind in one eye though so I wonder if that matters.

  97. If people took photos in better lighting, we’d all have been saved the burden of looking at that butt-ugly dress over and over again.

  98. If you’re uncomfortable being called the leader… would mascot be better? In the sense of to represent a group with a common identity? 🙂

  99. The science of the dress thing reminds me of years ago when my then 4 year old stated that there are no mammals that are green. This led to lots of research which resulted in discovering there is a sloth which is partly green but that is only because moss grows on it. This then led to my husband finding another article that says that green birds are not really green but somethingy something about the light and ultimately nothing is green. And now whenever my husband backs up something he says with “scientific research” I generally retort “Yeah, yeah, and nothing is green.”

  100. @laura…light blue and gold is the first step to blue and black and once you get to blue and black you will NEVER be able to see it any other way ever again!!!

  101. My nephew and I got into a debate the other night while watching the news about this stupid dress. Naturally I thought he was just being facetious and saying it looked black & blue because I said it was white & gold. We argued about it a while then switched to something more important, like what’s for dinner?

  102. So wait. All this dress drama involves just one photo? I thought there where 2 photos floating around. One where it looked blue and black, and one where ti looked white and gold. I thought people were arguing over which photo showed the best representation. But no. People are going to battle over one photo?

  103. I saw blue and black with some gold highlights in the black, but the Today Show did a segment on this and showed the dress on someone and then all the hosts clearly saw blue and black.

  104. When I looked at it on your side via my laptop, it was blue & black for me for the very first time. I looked at it on my cell phone via your site because I thought you might have switched pictures, but it’s white & tan on my cell phone. So it has little to do with the dress, and everything to do with what you view it on.

  105. I’m so glad I finally got to watch this. Thanks for being you, you are pretty great at it.

  106. I don’t understand the dress thing. I have seen two pictures, I think, one white/gold and one blue/black. But seriously, I’m not sure if I’m seeing two different pictures so I see different colors or one picture and I’m going insane.

  107. Well played, Jenny. Every other photo I’ve seen of that dress, it’s clearly been white and gold. I come here and now it’s black and blue. And that’s why I love you.

  108. Most people will color-correct for the shade automatically and see white and gold. If you look at a white section of screen for a second and look at it again it will seem blue and black. I think the lace is actually brown on a very light blue dress

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