Hey. Do you need something?

Okay.  Next week we’re doing the  7th Annual James Garfield Miracle.  Every year I think it will be the last and every year the people who were helped in the past ask me if it’s going on again because they’re now back on their feet and they want a chance to give back and this year is no exception, so technically I blame you.  But in a good way.  (In case you’re new, the James Garfield Miracle is when we get together and help give toys, blankets, and books to homeless children or to children whose parents are seriously struggling during the holidays.  It’s done anonymously in this community without any sponsors and it is a great joy to watch.)  If you want to help someone, or if you’re unable to buy a toy for your kid this holiday then watch this blog next week and I’ll set it up with all the instructions then.  It is awesome and exhausting and THIS IS NOT THAT.

Today’s post is just a small way to say thank you to everyone here who has been so amazing and supportive.  Because of the sponsors on the sidebars we’re able to keep this blog going without losing money.  Because of the people who buy things using my affiliate links I’m able to give back that money during the James Garfield Miracle.  Because you’ve been so incredibly supportive with my writing I now have two #1 NYT bestsellers and can spend my time creating ridiculous things that somehow help others.  That’s pretty amazing and I am so incredibly lucky.

As a small ‘thank you’ I decided that it would be nice to give back in some way so I pulled out a stack of my books that I usually drop off at Little Free Libraries and I’m going to give them away to the first people who say that they really need one.  Maybe you haven’t been able to afford one of them yet, or maybe you know someone who needs one, or maybe you’re in a bad place and you just need a reminder that someone cares…whatever.  Just leave a comment (with an email address!) telling me if you want Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hard cover, Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on CD, Furiously Happy in hardcover, or Furiously Happy on CD.  If YOU ARE HERE was finished I’d give it away too but we have a couple more months before it’s done.  I’ll email you for your mailing address so make sure you check your email today.

Additionally, I know there are a lot of people during the holiday seasons who feel alone so I thought maybe I would set up an open thread on my Facebook page if any of you want to become friends or exchange info to send cards or to find someone struggling with similar things to have someone to talk to.  I have no idea if this is a good idea or not, but what the hell.  Click here if you want to find friends in the community.

And now, comments are open.  Let me know if you are in need of a book and be sure to specify which book and which format because it’s first-asked, first served.

Things to give away today. Dorothy Barker not included.
Things to give away today. Dorothy Barker not included.


UPDATED: Holy crap, that went fast.  I gave away the 35 copies I had and I’m going to check the closets to see if I have any more.  I think I have a box of Let’s Pretend copies somewhere if I can find them.  I left comments on all the comments that I could fill and I’ve already been told that some people are contacting others to pass on their copy or buy one for others.  I love you people so hard.  If I find more books and email you but someone else has bought it for you since I’ve written this then just let me know and I’ll move on to the next person.  Thank you for being you.

PS. I’m not sure how safe it is to have your email address in a comment so I’ll probably go back and delete them in a day or two so they don’t get used for spam or something.  Also, if you want to buy someone a copy but don’t want to ask for their physical address you can just confirm that the email works and then send them an electronic gift card.  I trust everyone in this community but I’m just throwing it out there just in case.

PS. Thank you.


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  1. I have all of your books. Can I please have your dog?? 🙂 Just kidding. Smooches to Dorothy Barker – pictures of her always make me smile!!

  2. Have LPTNH to a friend. She lost it. 🙁

    (You didn’t include an email. Hopefully you added another comment before I run out. 🙂 ~ Jenny)

  3. I could use a laugh, a smile, some reminders that things get better again. Furiously Happy please.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  4. I don’t need anything, but this whole post just made me feel better. It’s so sweet.

  5. Loaned LPTNH to a friend 2 years ago. She lost it. 🙁

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  6. Does this work if I don’t live in Texas? I’d love a copy of Furiously Happy.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  7. Lets Pretend This Never Happened, on CD? I would appreciate it so much.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  8. I would really love a hard copy of Furiously Happy. I’m struggling to find a job after getting laid off and trying to fight off some scary depression and anxiety. My email is aubreypetty@gmail.com

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  9. I keep recommending Furiously Happy to a friend who keeps forgetting to read it, so I’m pretty sure I’m just going to whack her upside the head with it soon. However, if you change your mind about giving away a Dorothy Barker… say, if you get sick of her lack of enthusiasm for dressing up or something… I mean, I’d take her off your hands, no problem.

  10. I thought, OH!! I WANT DOROTHY!! Then I saw that “not included” comment. Oh well…I have 3 already. 😀

  11. You make me smile on days I didn’t think I could. Thank you for your honesty, your humor, and most of all–for “getting it”. The world needs more people like you..and definitely more pets. 😉

  12. yes. i do. i am enmeshed in horrible family stuff – crazy inlaws on the one hand, and a maybe very sick sister (she hasn’t yet had a biopsy, just a horrible ct scan). i feel weepy just typing this.

    (Done. I’ll send you a Furiously Happy CD set. Sending love. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  13. Oooooo…my sister could really use a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hardcover. She has struggled so much over the past two years with anxiety, depression, losing her job and then her two beloved cats that were her support. Thank you!

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  14. I know of several people who would benefit from having one of your books. I have walked through depression and am currently in a really good place. I’d like to shine a ray of light for someone else. Thanks!

    (Done. I’ll send you a Furiously Happy CD set that you can pass around. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  15. Also, I’m so happy that you’re doing the James Garfield Christmas again. That was the only way I was able to give my son a Christmas. I just had a $700 car repair and I’ve been filled with such dread. I haven’t seen my son for 5 days because I’ve been working 16 hr days.

  16. I could really use a “pick me up” book

    (Done. I’ll send you a Furiously Happy CD set. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  17. You helped me through some dark times, I feel like I should be giving you something instead.

  18. I would love furiously happy.

    (Done. Sending you the CD set. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  19. I would LOVE a Let’s Pretend hard copy. My husband and I just separated; my mom is starting chemotherapy next week for lung cancer…and basically I could use a really good laugh.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  20. I would love “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” in hardcover. I have “Furiously Happy” already and will be purchasing your new one. Thank you for more smiles than I can count.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  21. I would love a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!! I bought a copy when it first came out and borrowed it to a friend before I read it…never got it back so I have been missing out

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  22. I would love Let’s Pretend It Never Happened in hardcover! I have friends who would love it. Brian@brianpmann.com is my email address.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  23. jenny, i think that somehow we are long lost sisters or something because i totally get the weirdness. i would love love love a copy of furiously happy in hardcover. much love!

  24. I realized I didn’t specify which book. That’s because it doesn’t matter. Either title, either format. Not picky over here. Thanks!

    (Got it. Check your email soon. ~ Jenny)

  25. Caca. Forgot to say I’d like the hardback format. Sorry for double posting.

    (Got it. Check your email soon. ~ Jenny)

  26. You are a light, Jenny. I find myself in short supply of happiness lately, so if you have an extra copy of “Furiously Happy” – either format – I would love it.

    (I still have some in CD format. Check your email in a bit. ~ Jenny)

  27. Just standing here smiling shyly at those who are requesting books, because even though I’m not one of you this year, I know I could be someday, and I just want you to know that I’m awkwardly side-hugging each and every one of you.

  28. I would be deliriously happy to receive a copy of Furiously Happy …life hasn’t been much fun this year and all my “extra” pennies have been put aside for my daughter’s birthday and Christmas presents.

    (Just gave away my last hard copy. I’ll send you an audio copy. ~ Jenny)

  29. I would love either of your books in hardback. Sitting next to my mom today who is recovering from a brain aneurysm. She is off the vent and breathing on her own but it is a long road ahead.

    (And that’s my last print copy I have. {Unless I find more in a closet.} Sending you a copy of Let’s Pretend. ~ Jenny)

  30. Having a hard time smiling these days. A copy of either book on cd would be amazing to listen to in the pick up line waiting for the kids after school.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  31. I would love a hard cover copy of Furiously Happy, because I haven’t had the money to spare for it yet. Your books and blog have really helped me cope in some way with my PTSD and panic attacks and I’m very grateful I picked up Furiously Happy when I did.

    (Found an extra one. Check your email in a minute. ~ Jenny)

  32. I have the books, but just wanted to say Thank You for writing them! I am looking forward to getting your coloring book too. If, though, you were to happen to just say “Hi Emily!” in your comments, though, that would be a lovely offset to a rough couple of weeks, though. 😉

    (Hi Emily! ~ Jenny)

  33. Furiously Happy in hardcover would make me so…furiously happy. But really, it would. 🙂

  34. It has been a terrible, terrible year. I could seriously use a laugh. Furiously Happy on CD would be wonderful, if possible

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  35. I need Lets Pretend This Never Happened in hardcover. I come to your blog when I need a light, a reminder that depression lies and that I’m okay. That’s why I am here right now via FB. Thank you for being here.

  36. I already have your books but I would love a hardcopy copy of Furiously Happy to hand out when someone is feeling blue and in need of a pick me up <3
    More people need to know the awesomeness of you and your books!

  37. I love you, Jenny. These gifts are going to bring happiness to a weary world. <3

  38. Let’s pretend this never happened book.

    You are amazing, and an Inspiration. My friend introduced me to you while she was reading “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”, she LOVED it and insisted I read it because apparently you remind her of me! I’ve been following your blogs for awhile now and definitely see it.. Thanks for all you do!

  39. Oh Jenny, I have a friend who has had a truly shit year and I think reading one of your books would be like finding a delicious, untainted parmesan crisp on the top of a big krap salad. I’m sure she would be delighted to read either of your kickass books. You decide. xo

  40. I have the books, but just wanted to say Thank You for writing them! I am looking forward to getting your coloring book too. If, though, you were to happen to just say “Hi Emily!” in your comments, that would be a lovely offset to a rough couple of weeks! 🙂

    (Hi Emily! ~ Jenny)

  41. I loved Let’s Pretend This Never Happened!! I would super love a copy of FURIOUSLY HAPPY, especially since it has been a rough couple months.

  42. You are so incredibly lovely! I already have your books and they’ve helped me more than I can express. I hope whoever receives these gorgeous copies finds the same relief, solidarity and hilarity. (I hope those are the words I mean, brain is not cooperating today).xx

  43. I would love to read either book, I’ve been short on laughs recently and now my 12 year old daughter was diagnosed with anxiety (just like me!) Thank you!

  44. I would really like Lets Pretend this never Happened! I got to borrow it from a friend once to read it, but I haven’t been able to pick up my own copy. I hadn’t laughed that hard at a book since…well actually ever.

  45. Let’s try this one again with an email address: I would love a hard cover copy of Furiously Happy, because I haven’t had the money to spare for it yet. Your books and blog have really helped me cope in some way with my PTSD and panic attacks and I’m very grateful I picked up Furiously Happy when I did. vining234@gmail.com

  46. I would really love to have Furiously Happy in hardback. I can’t climb out of this pit I fell in and it would be so incredible to have your book. I’d have something to look forward to. My email is mgudgel2 at the gmail.

  47. I would love either format of Furiously Happy. I am desperate for some happiness right now.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  48. I had Furiously Happy in hardcover, but one of my grandkids spilled chocolate milk on it. I found out far too late to salvage it Now I can’t repurchase it. I would love another copy. 😐 tonikwaiser@gmail.com.

  49. Read both your books and laughed till I cried!! I have a friend who could use either book to help her in her depression!! Cannot wait for the new book to color.

  50. I have both books so I’d take either cd. Or both. Or none. I plan to pass them on once I’m done so whatever you can part with, please!

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  51. I might be too late, but I could really use a hard copy of Furiously Happy. This year has been really slim for us so I haven’t had a chance to buy one yet. Thank you for being inspiring, Jenny. You’re amazing.😃 Oh right….loriliann@gmail.com☺️

  52. Shaping up to be a tricky December. Staying optimistic is the plan and seriously, things like the James Garfield Miracle make it easier each time I see folks being generous and nice to each other. When giving helps people who aren’t directly being given to then its pretty darn awesome.

    Would LOVE a copy of Furiously Happy on CD, Jenny, if you still have any by the time I hit the post comment button on this!

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  53. May I have Furiously Happy on CD? I’m not doing ok, and I could use to hear how others do/cope/etc.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  54. Furiously Happy on CD would be amazing for those times when I’m so low I can’t even deal with talking to other people.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  55. I’d love Furiously Happy in any form. I borrowed it from my library and kept shoving it in my husband’s face yelling, “SEE! IT ISN’T JUST ME!” You helped me and it’d be nice to use it for daily affirmations that I’m OK-ish. Let’s Pretend… is great too, but Furiously Happy was my praise-song for the weirdly-wired brain.

    (Done. Check your email in the next hour. ~ Jenny)

  56. LPTNH if you have one left. It’s been a bit tight without steady work lately and I would love to give it to a friend of mine who has done so much for me.

    (I have an audio copy left. Check your email soon. ~ Jenny)

  57. I would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy in hardcover. I borrowed it from the library but of course had to give it back.

  58. I have a friend I’ve been intending to buy a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened for. I just introduced her to your blog recently, and she says your humor has helped her through some difficult times. It’s on my Christmas list for her. Thanks as always, Jenny. Your heart and humor get me through the rough patches.

    (I have an audio copy left. Check your email. ~ Jenny)

  59. i don’t need either book (i was fortunate enough to have purchased them when they came out), but i just wanted to say thanks for being wonderful.

  60. I too, have both books but absolutely love your generosity. It warmed my heart! And the name Dorothy Barker ( I assume a play on Dorothy Parker’s name) makes me laugh. It’s a good day! thanks

  61. I’d absolutely love Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hardcover… will even loan to my mom when I’m done reading (again) so it’s a two-fer. Eliz.hipp@gmail.com

  62. If possible I’d love a copy of lets pretend this never happened. I lost my worn out paper back copy on the bus and am not able to replace it.

  63. If possible I’d love a copy of lets pretend this never happened. I lost my worn out paper back copy on the bus and am not able to replace it.

  64. I was able to get your last book thanks to this community. I would love Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hard cover 🙂

  65. I’ve given away my copy of Furiously Hapy, !but I’ve never read “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” and I’d like to fix that. I can offer you numerous photographs of toy dinosaurs acting out various scenes asa show of gratitude. they’re from Dinovember, the most wonderful time of year when toy dinosaurs come to life. My 3 year old loves what the dinosaurs do at night)

  66. I am fortunate to have hard copies of both books and have pre-ordered the next one! You have really gotten me through some dark times, and I can’t express how much I appreciate that. I have used Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on my AP reading list and recommended it and Furiously Happy to so many others. Thank you!

  67. I have both books. The first one I bought; the second was gifted…by you! Thank you again! And thank you for spreading the joy and humor to others. ❤️

  68. You are so awesome! I love that you are doing this.
    It’s been a difficult year and I could use a good laugh, cause I’m sick of crying.
    If you still have Furiously Happy, I would really enjoy a copy, or just a mental hug.
    Thank you.

  69. I would love Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on CD. My mother recently died, and a friend gave me Furiously Happy, and it’s just been such a huge help.

    Even if you don’t have any left, thank you for being out there.

  70. I would be enthusiastically thrilled to receive either book in hardcover. I listened to the audio version of Furiously the happy during the entire drive from California to Idaho last Christmas holidays, after visiting with family for a few days. It made the drive SO much more bearable and I enjoyed having you along for the trip! (Ha! You didn’t even know you made that trip, did you?) Anyway, if I’m lucky enough to make it for one of the giveaways, either copy in hardback would be superb. Thank you.

  71. I would love either book in hardcover format but would love Lets Pretend this Never Happened the most. . I borrowed them from the library and they helped me get through some really difficult times. I would like to thank you for sharing yourself through the blog and the books.

  72. My sister is having a hard time right now. I’d love to be able to give her Let’s Pretend This Never Happened as it helped me laugh when I thought I couldn’t. I’ve read it but I don’t own a copy and with Christmas coming it’s a bit hard to make extra purchases.. She read my copy of Furiously Happy and loved it, I think your first book would put a smile on her face also.

  73. Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on CD or Hardcover. You are wonderful, everyone here is!

  74. I have both your books and have given them out to friends as gifts many times. Thank you for your work.
    My circus sends out themed post cards out for free to anyone who wants some snail mail. If anyone would like one please feel free to Join Our Mailing list at cirquedesbetes.com (we only send the one post card so don’t expect spam in any way)
    <3 Eve

  75. I would love to get Furiously Happy on CD. I read the book and felt like I’d found a long lost friend. I’d love to get the CD version so my husband could listen to it. He is always so supportive.

  76. My daughter is in need of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on CD. She has had the day from…, which is part of the week from… which is of course part of the year that must not be named. KJPG at AOL dot COM Gracias.

  77. I’d love to have a copy of Furiously Happy. I don’ t have it yet, and this year has been the saddest, most bummer year in my life–and I am a perpetual optimist. Not this year. I just want it to end so I can stop crying. ( I don’t own the other book either, yet, so either one would be good.) hulemarj@isu.edu

  78. And my g-d, thank you for the James Garfield Miracle. I … this year has been awful, and I’m not sure what we’d do and I’m already crying writing this. Why are you, and this community so wonderful?

  79. My cousin is going through a horrible time right now. Her dad (my mom’s big brother) died 2 yrs ago, followed soon after by her mom (after getting really abusive to my sweet Cousin in that last year after losing her husband) and now Cousin’s husband has decided he doesn’t love her and wants a divorce. She’s feeling lost and alone and dealing with fibromyalgia and other health & depression stuff. She’s totally a Bloggess kind of person and it’s possible she’s already read both your books, but I know it would make her thrilled beyond belief to get a prezzie from you and I’m at a loss for how to support her (me being in CA and her in TX). I think a real hardcover book would be her fave, but any of them would be amazing =)

  80. I would love Let’s pretend this never happened. Either CD or Book would be wonderful.

  81. My 15yo just finished a 5-week program at a partial hospitalization program (day treatment) program for teens with mental illness and has now started at a new school. When start to question my abilities as a parent, I think of you, and I know there is hope. Thank you!

  82. I’ve got all your books, too, and have given them to others as well. But you’re a good soul, Jenny, for this and all you do.

  83. I don’t need anything, I just came to say that this is one of my favorite things you do every year.

    To quote “The Grand Budapest Hotel”
    “You see, there are still faint glimmers of civilization left in this barbaric slaughterhouse that was once known as humanity.”

    Thank you <3
    also, give Dorothy Barker extra snuggles

  84. I would love a copy of the furiously happy book to give to my parents. It helped me to come out to them recently about my own issues and I think it would help explain some things better than I can. Thanks for writing a great book.

  85. Haven’t been able to read either of your books, and would love either. But this blog helps me all the time. Bad time of year for me, but thank you for your humor!! It helps!

  86. I’d love a CD copy (or book copy) of Let’s Pretend. I’m about to head on a road trip to a new life, post-bad marriage, and would love to put it on as I drive me, my boxes and my dog from Austin to New Lifetown, USA! Trick is, I’m leavin town the 17th of this month. If this can happen, I’d love it! <3

  87. “Furiously Happy” (hardcover) would be greatly appreciated as I have borrowed it from my local library way too many times ! I don’t like denying others.

  88. Your blog makes me smile but I’m sure someone else needs the freebies more than me!

  89. Are you going to do another calendar this year? Please, please, PLEASE say “yes!!”

  90. P.S. I have all your books in hardback and audio, too. Thank you. You’re amazing. The highlight of my year was meeting you in July. IDK how many days I went, shit, the world sucks… but I met Jenny Lawson, so it doesn’t ALL suck. Say “hi” to the Knitted Knaughties for me, and wrangle them together once for old time’s sake.

  91. I would like a copy of Furiously Happy on CD, I’m having trouble reading at the minute, so the kindle copy I have has remained unread. If someone else needs one more, though, I’m pleased to let them have it.

  92. I don’t need anything, I just wasn’t to say thank you for being you, and sharing your gloriousness with the world. I just ordered a signed copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened from Book People for my best friend for Christmas, and I am so excited to give it to her!

  93. I’m with Colleen (way back there in the comments) I would be delighted (again, loved the other book give-away) to order and pay for a copy of one of the books to someone as a Christmas gift. 🙂 I have hardcover copies of each book and could (so!) relate to what was written. It would be good to be part of giving that to someone else. So if you missed out on the last give-a-book msg or tweet to me @ShellWatTheHell (yes I’m irreverent). If there’s more than one, I’ll do a random pick. I’d love to buy for more but have to admit to having a few unexpected repair bills right now (ugh!) so budget this Xmas is a little tighter. :-/ All the best to you Jenny @thebloggess for your ongoing thoughtfulness to the ‘tribe’.

  94. I have yet to be able to afford either of your books. I would love Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hardcover! Or Furiously Happy. Either one would be awesome. Thank you, Jenny!

  95. My wife has been having a terrible year she had back surgery in April that didn’t help and she just got out of a psychiatric hospital for severe depression .They want her to try ECT because the meds aren’t really helping but she is afraid to do it.I don’t have a preference but if I could get a copy of either of your books I think that reading them to her would help and let her know she is not alone

  96. Let’s pretend this never happens cd please. It’s been a real hell of a year.

  97. I just have to say, that I love that you udo this every year. I don’t have any extra money, or I would contribute. I’m lucky enough to have your books, and had a friend pre-purchase “if you are here,” so I know how amazing it is to have someone give one of your books as a gift. Thanks for all you do, for those who need help!!

  98. Jenny,
    I have recently been lent your books in audio format. They have slowly become a part of my healing process. I listen to you and your writing and it makes me feel just a little less alone. “Furiously Happy,” is one of those books that I would love to have in hard copy format so that I can refer back to it when I need to remember how to get through some not so great times in life. Thank you so much for existing. You’ve changed everything.

  99. I would be so very grateful if you would share your Furiously Happy book with me. Thank you for being rad. You and your work help me out a bunch.

  100. I love you Jenny. You are a force for good in the Universe and an inspiration to us all. You go girl!

  101. this is a kind offer. if possible, Furiously Happy for a friend who big time needs a pick-me-up. thank you. I had a library copy…have not laughed so hard for a long time.

  102. I need Furiously Happy. Please, oh, please, oh please, oh please. Pretty please. With sugar and kisses and fist bumps on top.

  103. I would like to give you a hug 😊 I have both of your books in hardcover, however I never got my signed bookplate for Furiously Happy. If you have any of those floating around I’d love to have one! If you don’t it’s ok. Perhaps you’ll do a book signing in CT one day ❤

  104. I don’t need either, I have them both.. but I would love a sticker with an autograph or something to put in them. You are the absolute best. <3

  105. this is so so so nice of you to do. i would very much love a copy of Furiously Happy… my closest friend in the world passed away 10 days ago and i’m having a hell of a time trying to find my new normal.

  106. What a wonderful idea! If there is a Let’s Pretend still available, I’d love to give it to my sister. She struggles with anxiety (as do I) and I’m hoping it might help her as it helped me. jerry.brianne@gmail.com

  107. I’d love Let’s a pretend This Never Happened. I actually have a copy already, but I have a dear friend who has been having a tough time that can use it. I already gave her Furiously Happy.

  108. Man, you are awesome (and so is that picture of Dorothy Barker). It seems everyday that I’m feeling down, I tune into you and you are doing something funny or generous or just shows that I’m not the only one going through this stuff. It’s bad a bad couple of weeks, and I’m really grateful that I found your blog. I’ve been wanting to read one of your books and this reminded just how much I need to do that. Thank you for all you do.

  109. I would absolutely love a hard backed copy of furiously happy. I have 5 boys, 1 of whom is autistic. I don’t really get anything for me, like ever. Let’s pretend this never happened gave me my first laughs after my 4th son died.

  110. I would adore either book in hardcover if there are any left, because this has been a super crappy year and my husband has been out of work for months with no job on the horizon. Long time reader, first time commenter, and I love your writing!! You always make me smile when I badly need it. Also, why does auto correct think commenters is a word, but not commenter? erinalison@gmail.com

  111. Think I’m a little late, but my daughter’s best friend would love a copy of Furiously Happy after hearing my daughter gush (yes, kids do that) about how much she loves hers.

  112. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy in hardback if you have some left. Sorry for a duplicate comment. I thought my email entered in that field would show up, but apparently not – mistyfritz@gmail.com

  113. I would love Lets Pretend It Never Happened on CD. I would love an uplift this time of year. THANK YOU!

  114. I would love the audio of Furiously Happy! I turn 60 next year and have read self help books for years….1st one I ever cried listening to was this. You understand and I am not alone!
    Thank you

  115. I’ve been on the wait list at the library for months for Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. I’m reading them backward. I read Furiously Happy first and laughed so hard I cried in places, and in other places I felt I found a kindred spirit. 🙂 c.tracy36@gmail.com

  116. I’d love LPTNH in hard cover. Furiously Happy really helped my niece (so much she stole my copy and gave me another one for my birthday), I’d love her to have both. Ravenhwk21@gmail.com

  117. I would love to read Furiously Happy in hardcover pretty pleasssseee. I couldn’t put down Lets Pretend and I just cant wait to read the next book! Jessivasquez1234@gmail.com -Jenny if you see this thank you for the laughs!

  118. I would love hardcover of either book. I read ones friends let me borrow, but have been unable to afford either on my own. Thank you!!


  119. I would really love and appreciate if you could give a copy of any edition of any book to my sister. She graduated university this year and is having a tough time finding a job. She suffers from anxiety and depression and is finding it tough, specially when the student loan looming. To make matters worse, she just got dumped. I just wish to make her smile this Christmas.
    Thank you for all that you do Jenny. We Love you

  120. Furiously Happy on CD.

    Audio books are weirdly therapeutic for angry driving. At least, I swear less when I’m listening to a book.

  121. PS Your dog is super awesome to pose like that for you. I used to bribe my dog with French fries.

  122. Omg, I really want to get my mom a copy of LPTNH and I wanted to do the CD version, but it’s crazy expensive! (Really, I want to do both books, but only LPTNH is expensive) I’d love a copy, if you have one to spare. I have both books physically & on Audible for myself, but my mom can’t do post-90s technology & her eyesight is starting to make traditional books really difficult. So yeah, if you have one of those available, I know she’d love it. <3

  123. I’d love either! I was just thinking I’d but one for a hostess gift for the hubs work party. His boss’ wide introduced me to your greatness! Seriously enjoy reading your work. 😉

  124. If this is still on offer–this is not for me, but for my best friend. She has had a hard year that has included losing multiple family members, being furloughed from her job for months now, and battling depression. At the same time, she has been there for me through the deaths of both of my grandmothers, driving my spouse and me grom missouri to Indiana multiple times (due to my spouse having a brain tumor and myself dealing with severe recurring migraines). She is a superstar, and I know she would love any of your CDs. Thank you. Jendgates@gmail.com

  125. A friend of mine is going through a really rough patch right now and I think that Furiously Happy on CD would really help. She’s mostly alone in NM and facing surgery soon.

  126. This week is the fifth anniversary of my little brother’s death, and yesterday would have been his 35th birthday. Obviously, I could use some happy right now. Furiously Happy in hardcover would rock my day! <3 melbrewster@gmail.com

  127. Jesus, Jenny. Just as I thought I couldn’t like you more, you go and do this.

    I actually just Amazon Prime’d BOTH of your books to my best friend today. She’s going through a rough time, mentally, and just found out her father is having open heart surgery Wednesday. I knew your books would give her something to smile about and to also feel like she’s not alone.

    Thanks for always giving back, making us feel great, and helping us realize no one is perfect.

    You’re the shit.

  128. would absolutely adore LPTNH in either format! I’ve been rationing Furiously Happy for bad days because I don’t want to run out! amymarie325@gmail.com Even if I don’t get one, a quick thank you for doing this. It’s made my day better.

  129. I would truly love your dog. JK (but not). This is so generous of you. I appreciate your blog (which I stumbled across quite by accident, and now stalk on a daily basis) and I love your writing. I would love a CD of Furiously Happy (unless you rethink the idea of giving Dorothy Barker away – but no she looks too comfortable on that pile of books to want to go anywhere) so I can just hit play and get happy! mlconnolly@yahoo.com

  130. Furiously Happy in CD. Only one I don’t have. Been doing a little better this year, except of course for that whole election thing, and want to keep going forward. You know, for a change!! Thanks!

  131. Your continued compassion and concern for those less fortunate during these trying times it truly touching, Jenny. Don’t get me wrong: I LOVE your vulgar posts and books, etc…it’s what made me a fan in the first place. But you’ve got a big heart. You even inspired me to start my own blog, though I’m sure it won’t be nearly as great as yours. Happy holidays!!

  132. I loaned my signed copy of Let’s Pretend this Never Happened to my MIL and she bent the fuck out of it…. I am super upset about it. If it’s still possible, I would love a new new hard cover copy. samanthafeibel@gmail.com

  133. I don’t need a book, but would love a pic of Ferris Mewler to go with the one of Dorothy Barker. They make me happy!

  134. I have purchased both of your books and enjoyed them immensely. I lent Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to a friend who really needed it and I never had the heart to ask for it back. I think it is a book I will read over and over again when I need a laugh or are just in a dark place and I want her to have it for those times. If you would send me a hard copy of this book I’d reread it again on those tough days too!

  135. I’m sure I’ve missed the boat on this, but if you have any more audio copies of Furiously Happy I’d be honored to have one. Hubs and I have called off Christmas this year and we’re only just hanging on. It would be nice to have something we can share.

  136. Let’s pretend this never happened. Because I’m in a hole right now and could use a little help getting back out.

    Don’t judge the email, it sounded okay until it was all smooshed together like that.

  137. You are so kind and you’ve helped me (and so many others) out in so many ways, even just by building and nurturing this wonderful community. Heck, I’ve even made some virtual friends from this community!

    I hate to ask, especially as you helped me out before with Furiously Happy… and you likely are out of copies, but in case you’re not, I’d love Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in any format, even a copy for my Kobo (actually, that’s my preferred format). It’s on my to-buy list, but I just haven’t been able to get there, you know?

    I recently donated a bunch of hand-made scarves that I knitted in the last month to a local “eatery & exchange”. They have a clothes-line up where they pin hats, gloves, scarves, etc. Anyone who comes in and needs such a thing can just take from the clothes line, no questions asked. They also have a bin of buttons (like old clothing buttons) and if you’re having a meal or just stopping by, you can buy a button for $1 and put it in the “donation bin”. Then, those in need, can use those buttons as currency to buy a meal.

    It’s absolutely wonderful.

    I knit to help keep depression and anxiety at bay.

    And I give the knitting up to help brighten others’ lives.

    Unfortunately, it means I’ve spent a lot on yarn (basically, I’ve allocated a most/if not all of my “entertainment funds” to knitting supplies) and don’t really have the funds to buy books/music right now. LOL!!! Not that you needed to know that… heck, I’m still working my way through Furiously Happy! But, anyway, if you still have any LPTNH kicking around, I’d love to snag a copy — and I’ll promise if I’m lucky enough, the next scarf will be knit and donated in your honour! Hahaha.

    Okay, or, give the book to someone else because now I’m feeling guilty for chiming in because, well, I already was gifted Furiously Happy, and I haven’t been very “here” in the community lately (just mostly on Twitter) because life is insane right now. Like I said, it’s on my to-buy list… whenever I get there. 🙂 Either way, I wanted to say that this is such a sweet thing you’re doing, Jenny. (I’m actually hoping to be in a position in a bit more than a year from now where I might be able to actually pay it forward and buy a book for someone who needs/wants it. I just have to get my loans paid off.)

    Sending light and love to you and anyone else who needs it. 🙂 <3

  138. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy in hardcover. Happiness is in short supply.

  139. It would mean the world to me if I could get a Furiously happy on hc. I don’t know if I got a chance on getting book, I live outside the US.

    Furiously happy was the first book I read written by you, and every time I feel like crap, I think about it, because it makes me Furiously happy… And because sometimes a lot of awkward stuff happened to you and I’m glad that it’s not me.

    Cheers from Perú!

    My email just in case: ella.zegarra@hotmail.com

  140. You are an amazing person! I first listened to your book on a road trip with a friend and since I have not been able to stop thinking about it! I was diagnosed with MS two years ago and since my life and anxiety has been turned upside down while we find our new normal. I would love your audio book to listen to on the days I am stuck in bed but due to symptoms. I keep trying to buy it but due to my limited social security income I have not been able to yet. Regardless if I am able to get a book or audio book I just want to thank you for helping me not feel alone!

  141. Furiously happy in Hardcover would be awesome! I have a signed book plate and no book to put it in. I have been holding onto it just hoping I could get the book.


  142. Omg im sure I’m way too late but I could totally use let’s pretend this never happened as a hardcover. I’m a grad student getting my doctorate in psych and between the stress, stories that I hear, and overall anxiety about everything, laughs are ALWAYS needed. Love your blog and your books as your writing always makes me feel better! Thanks for being the awesomeness that you are!

  143. I’ve played around with writing a book/story about my own weird happenstances in life (chased and attacked by a duck, tree fell on my head, rental car towed in a foreign country, etc). I have been stalking your blog/social for a while now and it makes me really want to try it. I would love “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened” in hard cover. 🙂 rachel_waddill@yahoo.com

  144. Either Furiously Happy or Let’s Pretend on hardcover would make me furiously happy, not pretending. Thank you!! Merry Christmas to you and yours!

  145. I would love to hear your voice reading any of your books — either Let’s Pretend This Never Happened or Furiously Happy on CD. Whatever you have left. I’m not picky. I’m having a tough time (just had to cancel a big trip we planned back in August because my body and my brain are trying to kill me right now) and your voice makes me happy. When I’m feeling better, I’ll be sure to pass it on! 🙂

  146. I just recently found you, and would love to have a copy of Furiously Happy, but then again I realize maybe others need it more. I could always borrow it from the library or buy it at one point. But I think it’s great you are doing this – thanks!

  147. Merry Christmas Jenny and Dorothy Barker, I have a copy of furiously happy but would love a copy of let’s pretend this never happened. Thank you for all you do.

  148. I already have digital copies of both books, which I re-read whenever I’m bookless. I’m hoping you have cds of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened left. My fiance can’t finish a book but has enjoyed listening to Furiously Happy. I’m the only one working and it’s part time. I feel awful asking because I know there are people who need it more but I can’t resist you, Jenny. You are magic. siberiantigereye@hotmail.com

  149. P.S. I’m sure I’m too late, but it made me feel good to ask — normally, I won’t ask for anything for myself — ever!

  150. Somehow, I managed to not post the comment I was trying to post :O So trying this again, LOL

    I cannot say enough good things about you. You are like all the good, awesome things EVER rolled up into one big, ginormous awesome… but more awesome than that! I am lucky enough to own both of your books 😀 However, I have a friend who should have a copy of your Furiously Happy. (She’s mah other she-roh!) Times are tough for her. For various reasons. (Though, she manages to battle through, mosly all on her own!) And the book would do her a world of good. Shoot, just having someone do something nice for her would do her a world of good.

    So if you have an extra hardback or cd of Furiously Happy that you could send to her, I would be eternally grateful. My email address is shannon721@att.net.

  151. I don’t need a copy of either, but I wanted you to know that my daughter and I read Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to each other (we traded off reading) when she was in a particularly dark place and we both laughed until we cried. It was wonderful to cry happy instead of crying in pain. Thank you.

  152. I would love to give either of your audio cds to my brother. He has MS and the lesions on his brain have affected his eye sight so he cannot read a whole lot anymore. My email is violetfay@gmail.com

    Jenny you are so incredibly awesome and daily you remind me there is still good in this world, thank you!

  153. Holy crap. That went fast. I gave away the 30 I have on-hand. (I commented on your comment if you should check your email.) I know a few people are already reaching out to others to give them a copy and I want to hug all of you. I’m going to check my closets and see if I have any other extras. I think I have a box of Let’s Pretend in hardcover somewhere… If I email you and someone else has already contacted you to send you a copy just let me know and I’ll go to the next person.

    I love you guys.

  154. You’re the BEST!!!! I don’t need a book (I have them both and love ’em!) Just want you to know you touch lives in the best ways!!!! THANK YOU!!!

  155. Somehow, I managed to not post the comment I was trying to post :O So trying this again, LOL

    I cannot say enough good things about you. You are like all the good, awesome things EVER rolled up into one big, ginormous awesome… but more awesome than that! I am lucky enough to own both of your books 😀 However, I have a friend who should have a copy of your Furiously Happy. (She’s mah other she-roh!) Times are tough for her. For various reasons. (Though, she manages to battle through, mosly all on her own!) And the book would do her a world of good. Shoot, just having someone do something nice for her would do her a world of good.

    So if you have an extra hardback or cd of Furiously Happy that you could send to her, I would be eternally grateful. My email address is shannon721@att.net.

  156. If you still have any copies of Furiously Happy, I need one! Preferably hard copy (book smell makes me happy), but CD will work too. Thank you!

  157. Any Furiously Happy left in any format? Suz2@aol.com
    I have a signed LPTNH from a friend… she said it was my voice on her head when she read it :/

  158. I would love to have either. A surprise, if you will.
    I bought Furiously Happy for my mother last year and she loved it.
    I’m also still waiting to gather the funds to have your words tattooed on my arm, but kids have to eat. 😊

  159. So then I managed to post a comment twice. sigh Sometimes I shouldn’t be allowed on the internets 😐 Sorry!

  160. I have had Furiously Happy on my wishlist for a while! Would be much appreciated.

  161. This is awesome! I have my own copies, and actually just bought a copy of Furiously Happy for my therapist to loan out (she’s who suggested I read it). (o:

  162. Furiously Happy in hardcover to read and then pass on to my introvert teenage son.

  163. I have both of your wonderful books and I just wanted to say thank you for sharing yourself with all of us. I have recommended them numerous times and you have new fans. I wish you and your family the best holiday season ever! Hang in there and keep on writing.

  164. If you have any left, I would love to give Let’s Pretend This Never Happened (or truthfully, Furiously Happy as well, so basically, either of them…) to my 14 yr old daughter. She was very recently prescribed medication for depression and anxiety, and I want her to know that she’s not alone.

  165. Jenny u r the nicest lady in the world! I don’t need n e books someone anonymously bought me both last JGM. I left a comment a couple weeks ago about my son and some problems I was having with my in laws n u n another nice person responded and helped me thru a rough week. I just want to thank u for being u and giving us all hope for the future.

  166. I’d love a copy.of lets pretend this never happened! I was lent to me a few years ago and changed the way i view and deal with my depression. I bought furiously, but wouldnlove the forst one, especially knowing its from you!! Love, and happy holidays!

  167. I scored a copy of Furiously Happy for myself when I was dropping off books at one of our local little free libraries! It had a note in it with 5 names listed under it of who all the book had been passed to!! When I am done, I will add my name and put it in another little free library!! <3 its great and made me feel so connected!

    (I love this so much. ~ Jenny)

  168. Depression/mental illnesses are just part of the deal for me and my extended family. I’m also a shrink. I have/love your books and recommend them to clients (do I get a kickback for marketing?). If only everyone could laugh and be okay with being who they are.

  169. I’d love to give Furiously Happy on CD to a friend of mine who’s fighting a constant battle with anxiety and depression

  170. HEY!! Jenny, my wife is a huge fan of your work and i have been wanting to giver her a gift of one of your books in hard cover, unfortunately haven’t been able to buy it for her due to money being short and not having enough to get a hard cover book. if you help me out give her a book i would be eternally grateful and will pay it forward in every way that i can.

  171. I would like a copy of “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened.” I pre-ordered it when it first came out, even got a signed card, but I loaned it to a friend who then gave it to her mom (in Texas) without asking if it was OK to loan my book to someone halfway across the country, then said friend stopped talking to me and moved entirely across the country. And while the loss of friendship is always sad, I miss the book a helluva lot more than her…

  172. I’m in fb jail can’t post to groups til the 11th. Me and my kid are homeless with 3 elder dogs in pinellas county FL. Sure could use some help and friendly encouragement

  173. I’m in fb jail can’t post to groups til the 11th. Me and my kid are homeless with 3 elder dogs in pinellas county FL. Sure could use some help and friendly encouragement

    (Sending you love and light. ~ Jenny)

  174. I don’t need a book – I have both of yours. And I’m just barely back on my feet again, so I can’t participate, but I want to give you major kudos for taking on this mammoth task again. I would imagine it’s completely overwhelming, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

  175. Furiously happy! I love your books! I love you and this community you built! I have 3 severely mentally ill kids and I have bipolar disorder. You’re blog keeps me going most days! Love you all


  176. Please, Let’s pretend this never happened in hard cover. I read Furiously Happy first because I couldn’t find Let’s pretend this never happened in English…but I’m in Brazil…but if you give me your book I can pay for the shipping


    Pretty please with sugar on top 🙂

  177. I gave away all my copies of both. Now I am bereft. Furiously Happy would make me happy. I have a disease that gives me chronic pain and depression and anxiety, and reading your words gives me hope and never fails to make me laugh and cry (but in the good way.. I’m looking at a fourth surgery (they cannot seem top cure this shit, so it’s all a crapshoot) and could use a decent book to read whule I’m hopped up on drugs in the hospital. Absolutely lerve your work!


  178. Ugh, I thought WordPress would automatically have a link to my email. I was wrong. So if you can find me again (I was comment #96) and you still have anything, my email is seejaneclick@gmail.com
    And if you don’t have anything left, thank you anyway. You are an awesome person who constantly brings laughter to my life.

  179. Would love either Furiously Happy or Let’s Pretend this Never Happened in hardcover…for some reason this year has been more difficult than the last three since my 17-year-old son died after fighting childhood cancer for almost six years. I’m trying. My other kids are trying (just to get through the moments)…not sure about my husband…he’s still in a lot of denial. Thank you for reaching out in this tangible way.

  180. Furiously Happy in hardcover please. I listened to the audiobook when I had a free trial to audible.com and cried listening to all the things I never knew how to say.

  181. I’m probably too late to the party, but I lent my signed copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened to someone who I thought would really benefit from reading it – and it never made it back to me. If you still have extras (hardback or audio) that would be greatly appreciated! I really loved meeting you in Toronto on your first tour and am sad I don’t have that book anymore! h

  182. Are you sure I cant have Dorothy ? <3 Just kidding ! I would love the audio copies if you have any left. Unless you had any books done in large print! I just cant handle small print anymore (damn old age) Thanks so much !

  183. All I want is for you to read the awesome book I sent you in August! In case you mislaid it, it’s called 44 Years in Darkness. People are saying it’s a fabulous read, and I really think you’ll agree.

    (I’m reading it right now. Fascinating and poignant. Good job. ~ Jenny)

  184. Jenny, you are so amazingly generous, you make me furiously happy. I have a couple of copies of Let’s Pretend…and I’d be willing to give one away. If you can hook me up with some who wants one I’ll get it out.
    On a personal note, I was recently diagnosed with a neuro endocrine tumor, and will begin prep work for radiation therapy next week and start treatment in Jan. If any members of the tribe can send some good vibes my way, I’d appreciate them. In order to avoid a stalker, I don’t do Facebook, but you can contact me on Twitter @Physicsmom1. Jen, I hope the book recipient is on Twitter so we can work out details there.
    I think I’m finally getting some of the Christmas spirit!

  185. I like you. I loved reading your books and I’m thrilled that there isn’t disconnect between you and what you put out there…you seriously make me happy! Thank you!

  186. The way you help people through your writing is amazing. The way you help people through your actions is spectacular. Proud to be a reader and purchaser of your books.

  187. I’m glad and sad at the same time that all the books went so fast. I’d love a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I’ve been having a difficult time and could use a pick me up.

  188. I’m glad and sad at the same time that all the books went so fast. I’d love a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I’ve been having a difficult time and could use a pick me up.

    Sorry I wasn’t logged in.

  189. Re my comment above (#133) I had someone tweet to me re the book I offered. No others in last 1.5 hours so I’ll give the book to Binda 🙂

  190. Let’s Pretend in either format. My signed book was stolen but the memory of meeting you is forever safe in my brain box! 🙂

  191. Jenny, out of your own struggle with darkness, you generate a light that is a guiding star for so many. I have both books in all formats and give it to several people each year. Your books are like instant Prozac! I am looking forward to being a donor for the James Garfield Miracle.

  192. My sister already gifted me your “Let’s Pretend …” and I know you’ve already given away the ones you had on hand, but if you have a Furiously Happy hardcover, I could really use it. My Mom and I had a parting of the ways in 2011 and as each year passes, I lose more and more hope that we will ever reconcile. Having a your perspective on how to be Furiously Happy would really help me get by … even if it has nothing to do with being Furiously Happy.

  193. I don’t know if I said that right. I meant reading your writing makes me take action on things. It gives me courage. It makes me feel okay about who I am- even the shitty parts. Your words let me sink into who I am and let go of trying to fulfill expectations of who others tell me to be. ALL of this reduces my severe and lifelong anxiety. What an incredible gift.

  194. I had a lot of down (depression joke slightly intended) time in the hospital and I’m pretty sure I read Furiously happy back to back to back to back…….it helped more than you’ll ever know. If you’ve an extra Let’s Pretend kicking around I’d love one forever 🙂 annej879@yahoo.ca

  195. I think this is an awesome way to bring out the best in all of us…funds are really tight right now and I owe thousands in medical bills and student loans, but offering to buy books for two of you really made my Christmas. It was a reminder that we all have ups and downs and that little things can truly help.

  196. I was a part of a book exchange this year in which I was asked to send someone a copy of my favorite book. I sent them two, one of which was “Let’s Pretend This Never Happened”. Hoping it brings some light too their life like it did mine.

  197. Jenny, reading your blog, twitter, instagram and Furiously Happy always gives me the laughs and piece of mind I need when I’m overwhelmed with work and just life in general. I recommend your work to everyone I know and a copy of Lets Pretend This Never Happened would make my year!!! fregin_87@hotmail.com

  198. I already have a copy of your books & have given 4 of them as gifts to other people. 😀

  199. Anonymous #106 I’ve got the books you’re looking for! I was looking for someone to pass them on to. An email will come soon. 🙂

  200. My dad has read furiously happy and it helped him so much this past year. He has a chronic mystery illness and he loses hope. He could use Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in hardcover.

  201. Let’s Pretend might have saved my life this summer as I learned how to single parent and be alone for the first time in over 10 years. I love you and am so glad you are here when I need you so much

  202. I would really really love a hardcover or audio version of any of your books for my sister. When I told her about parts of your book, she was certain you had stolen all her best ideas (such as kitten mittens). Think of her as you in an alternate universe (a crazy lesbian living on disability in Canada version of a universe).

  203. I would really really love a hardcover or audio version of any of your books for my sister. When I told her about parts of your book, she was certain you had stolen all her best ideas (such as kitten mittens). Think of her as you in an alternate universe (a crazy lesbian living on disability in Canada version of a universe).

    Forgot my address last time: diana@woodradios.com

  204. Jenny
    You make me laugh so hard, I would like to have a sheet of your artwork so I can sit snd color it and relax from all of this holiday stress…..jen

  205. I would be greatly appreciative for either printed book. I’ve bought them for family in the past as gifts, but never got around to spending the $ on myself, and things have been brutal this year (if anyone knows ultra-cheap movers or low-physical-stress part time jobs in Chicagoland for someone with an MA in rhetoric and experience editing and tech writing, feel free to email me!)
    Much love and kittens,

  206. I have an extra copy of Furiously Happy. I’d gladly send it to someone who needs it! These books have gotten me (and are still getting me) through some rough times and I’d love to pass one on. Message me on twitter @ashnicolethomas or via email ashleynicolealexander@gmail.com and I promise to get it to you!

  207. I don’t need a thing right now. But I wanted to let you know that if you find yourself in Minneapolis, I have a Little Free Library in the shape of a TARDIS that you must visit! (and a guest bed if you need) Jen Pierce

  208. I have a dog, a cat, and four ponies. And the knowledge that I am not the only crazy person in the room. That’s all I need. Some friends and I have found three families in our area who are struggling to survive. We will do what we can to brighten their holidays. Thank you for being part of the solution also.

  209. A copy of either book if still possible, for a friend and kindred spirit who has had an incredibly rough year (even tougher than mine, which is saying something) would be truly appreciated. Thank you for this kind gesture, and for just being you 🙂


  210. Hey there! I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be able to give a hardcover copy of Let’s Pretend to my sister who is having a hard time right now. Her depression is really kicking her in the butt lately. I’m hoping you could find some more copies.
    As a side note I do love reading your blog and borrowed Furiously Happy from a friend before and just adored it from start to finish.

  211. Hey, It’s my first time posting, but it’s the middle of finals week during my second year of college and everything is going to hell in a hand-basket. The only thing that has kept me going this semester has been listening to Furiously Happy on repeat on Audible. Every time that I need to explain how I’m feeling to my friends, I end up rifling through and trying to find audio bits from the book to play at them, but It takes too long, and they don’t really appreciate me chasing them around campus playing an audio book at them. I just always find myself wishing that I had my own hard copy of the book, so that I could highlight and annotate it and share it with my friends, but I’m a broke college student, and the school library doesn’t even have a copy, so this is me commenting my life and hoping that something can help bring joy back into my life. If anyone could,I’d love a copy of Furiously Happy. Ledeyorivera@email.wm.edu

  212. Just send me a hug and tell me that I can do this thing called life…

    (You can do this. I promise. ~ Jenny)

  213. I have your books and can’t wait for the next one! I just wanted to thank you and tell you how awesome you are for this yearly James Garfield event. It would not have been much Christmas the last couple of years without you and your incredible readers being so generous, my grandson still rereads the Diary of a Wimpy Kids books again and again. Have a simply wonderful Christmas !

  214. It’s been SEVEN years?? This whole timey wimey thing gets away from me.

    I can’t wait for next week, I have never needed the James Garfield magic like I do this year. Let’s glitter cannon this Christmas with peace, cheer and goodwill for all

  215. Ha, I’m always late to the party but that’s not surprising. Usually I stay in my apt with my two girls, Levvie and Lokie (cat/kitty) however my SIL had a second back surgery and daughter had her seizures but at least it was at the hospital and had SEVERAL nurses as witnesses this time so they finally believe her. Anyway they can’t drive so I have to be out and about these days. Stressful but I have to deal with it. Furiously Happy if you find anymore in your closet, if not I’ll get it eventually. Thank you for being you. You and your followers have pulled me out of the darkness more times than I can remember.

  216. A very dear, beloved friend is recently home from a long, arduous month in a psychiatric hospital following a suicide attempt. She is so brave and fighting so hard. Any gift from you would mean so much.

  217. Jenny, is it possible for those of us who want to spread some love to buy another case or box or set or goddammit what’s the word– you know thingamajigger– of these books for distribution for those who want them? Or can we contribute to postage or something? Cuz I’m game.

    (That’s so crazy sweet, but the postage is insane because books are so heavy. Even book media rate makes it cheaper to just buy through a bookstore. ~ Jenny)

  218. I have your books. I like that you let your dog on the counter. Thanks for acknowledging that there are some of us that do not have a Merry Christmas. Being alone sucks. You seem like a very nice person. Thank you.

  219. I would love to have a copy of your books, especially a physical copy… I’ve never quite had the money spare to buy them though, especially since shipping to NZ is so expensive 🙁


  220. Furiously Happy would be amazing.

    I so love your books, Jenny. They have helped me through some of the hardest moments of my life, and I would love, LOVE to be able to share them with my family.


    Thank you so much!

  221. I came too late to get a book copy for someone, but I have given copies away before, so, I’ll wait until the James Garfield Miracle begins and I can give something there. 🙂

    Happy Season and all it means to everyone, whatever it means.

  222. My wonderful Bloggess– if you have a hardcover of Furiously Happy, I’d like one. Not for me (I preordered that business) but my best friend and I just “broke up” and I think she’s going through some tough times and your book would help her realize she’s not alone. Email is eninnemann@gmail.com

  223. Hello!

    I would absolutely love to get a copy of ether of your books on CD!
    My partner recently lost his job and we had to move into my parent’s basement. We both suffer from depression and anxiety and are struggeling right now. Plus my partner has Cystic Fibrosis and spends weeks at a time in the hospital getting treatment. Your books, which we borrowed from a friend originally to listen to, puts a huge smile on both of our faces.


    Good luck on your next book!

  224. I missed it! I totally could use a copy of Furiously Happy. I too am nuts and wonder how to make it work and sometimes flounder here.

  225. I would love a copy of Furiously Happy in hardback if you still have one. My wife suffers from severe anxiety and reading your blog has been a tremendous help for me in being her lifeline. Thank you, and best wishes to you and all you do!

    E-mail: matthew.reed@gfs.com

  226. I have both of your books and have bought several copies for friends. However, an autographed photo of Ferris Mewler would rock. 😉

  227. Both your books are on my wish list this year, but not sure if I will get either. My husband just lost his job, and I had back surgery last week. I’m also probably losing my job while I’m out recovering, but the doctor wants me out of work because of my bipolar anyway, so yay? Anyway. What I wanted to say is thak you. Your blog has gotten me through a lot of things, and I continue to come here for that glimmer of light and the sense of community.

  228. I read your new comment and understand that the copies have flown away, however, if you find a copy of Furiously Happy (perhaps under a different animal) I would so greatly appreciate it. I spend more time in the hospital than I care to think about and have dreams of grandeur where I am wealthy enough to leave my favorite books in the rooms where I stay. I hope that people will find as much comfort in your words as I do, Thank you for being the awesomeness that is you!

  229. I would love Furiously Happy! A lovely fellow reader here actually bought and sent me a signed copy, but it was stolen along with most of my clothes and other personal things when I was robbed in March. Thanks for doing this, Jenny!

  230. If you end up with another Let’s Pretend, I could use it. I read my daughter’s and would like to share it with my mother. My 34 y/o daughter has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and my almost 80 y/o mother has to have additional testing because of an abnormal mammogram. We need a lot of laughter in our lives right now. Thank you for everything you do. I’m looking forward to next week because I have a grand-niece who’s children won’t have much of a Christmas (if any) without your followers generous help as they have lots of medical problems and are all under the age of 4. I’m so over 2016, it’s not even funny any more.

  231. If one gets found and makes it down this far, great. I haven’t read either. Can never buy for myself because I feel guilty.

  232. I would love a copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened….I have special someone I’d love to give it too. <3 <3 P.S. LOVE the community idea. <3 <3

  233. How can you be even more giving and wonderful?! Thank you for sharing part of you with us….and in so doing helping us not feel so alone. You’re the bees knees…id love a hard copy of Lets Pretend- but I’m a fan for life regardless. Happy Holidays!

  234. Because I am in Yurop I NEVER manage to come here before 400 comments are posted, so no book for me (I have e-books, just not autographed) but I just wanted to say this:
    “(In case you’re new, the James Garfield Miracle is when we get together and help give toys, blankets, and books to homeless children or to children whose parents are seriously struggling during the holidays.”

    My brain 1) skipped one line and 2) did a small replacement, so it became:
    “(In case you’re new, the James Garfield Miracle is when we get together and help strangling during the holidays.”

    It didn’t surprise me at all. Because let’s face it. You’d totally write that. Although it would probably be stabbing.

  235. My Dad bought me Furiously Happy for Christmas last year and I can honestly.say that it is the best present he has ever bought me. I followed it up with Let’s Pretend on the Kindle and now have a shortcut to your blog on the home screen of my phone. You, and this community of bonkers people, are my lifeline at a time when I am so desperately in need of one. Thank you so so much. Sending love to each and everyone of you crazy people xxxx

  236. If anyone has a spare copy of Furiously Happy I could really use a good book. My fiance had open heart surgery earlier this year and had a really hard and long recovery, when he finally seemed to be making progress and started working again (more from financial need not because he was really that read), he got pneumonia and ended up back in the hospital and on temporary disability leave from his work. This has not been a good year for us and I’m constantly physically and emotionally exhausted being his caregiver. I knew that I’d be his caregiver someday, but I thought that was 20 years in the future…not heart failure at just 43 years of age. 🙁
    please feel free to email me at heatherwanderer@yahoo.com with “thebloggess book” as the subject so if it gets swallowed by the spam filter I can still get it back. I’d take a used and tattered well loved copy, I’m not picky at all, I do have the first book, but do not have Furiously Happy.
    Please and thank you if anyone reads this far down in the comments.

  237. Your generosity brings a tear to me eye. (saying this in thick Scottish accent in memory of my Grandfather, which means you now are now reading it in same accent).

    I just want to comment to all reading to remember your local animal rescues this time of year, and all year round. They need all the help we can give them as well.



  238. Hi Jenny. I saw this post yesterday and figured I didn’t need anything. I already have your books and was having a relatively good day. Then later on, my husband and I get some biopsy results back for our dog Mollie. The lump we had removed is a very aggressive form of cancer and she only has a couple months left. Chemo wouldn’t really help extend it, so we don’t want to put her through that. Anywho, now that my heart is broken, I was curious if you could do something for me. If I send you my copy of Furiously Happy (with a prepaid envelope to ship back and all that), would you sign it? Thank you.

    (I’m so sorry. Send an email to jenny@thebloggess.com and I’ll send you a signed bookplate. ~ Jenny)

  239. I left sunny CA to spend holidays with my Dad back in IL. Veteran’s Day + Thanksgiving and 1st week of December (St. NICK’S Day 12/6.). 4 days after I arrived, my beloved Yorkie died at age 16. My pet-sitter texted me. So.Sad I wasn’t There 😢🐶…I traveled here with my kitten 5 mos. Old. 4 days before I return to CA, She’s GONE. 🐱 she flew 5 hours on the plane with me 💔
    My Dad opened the door, she was NOT secured in the bedroom and she got out, is lost now. Since Saturday. Sunday, we had a snowstorm, freezing temps, 8 inches of wet snow. I am shattered. My 2 fur-babies gone in 3 weeks. I feel devastated and utterly ALONE. The kitten sleeps with me, helps me with my anxiety and Chronic Pain. I have to leave with the empty cat carrier and fly on Thurs. I can’t eat/sleep or function. Have cried until my eyes swelled shut. My heart hurts. I have to forgive Dad, it was an accident. but She was my baby and had NEVER BEEN OUTSIDE EVER. I do not believe she survived the exposure. And she’s irreplaceable. I searched for last 3 days/nights, put Tuna outside & everything. Worst trip Ever and I can’t take it. Please HELP Me-
    PLEASE Pray for them. Love you, Debra

    (I’m sending all the prayers. Cats are incredibly resilient and good at finding places to hold up or homes to invade so she might still be safe. Sending love and prayers that you’ll find her. ~ Jenny)

  240. I don’t need a copy of either one…but I really hope that people get what they want and what they need this holiday season. <3

  241. I live in Ohio only a few miles away from the James Garfield house and they give really great tours. How did you come up with this name for the fund?

    (It’s named after a taxidermied boar. He’s very smiley. ~ Jenny)

  242. I know this is probably much too late, but if there is any chance, I’d love a copy of Furiously Happy in book form. And even if not, I thought I’d just say that as a person with multiple mental illnesses (wow that is scary to say online), living in a foreign country, trying to complete a college degree, discovering you and your writing makes me cry and gives me happiness (I was going to try to meld those two words together but “cry and happy” is “crappy”, and that’s the exact opposite of what I mean). So thank you Jenny, you make me furiously happy! ~Aimee (email, just in case is aimee.keithan@gmail.com)

  243. I’m so excited for the JGCM! I look forward to it every year (also, Booksgiving). The anticipation is better than Christmas Eve when I was little!!

  244. I think this is a great idea! I am happy to buy my own copy of Furiously Happy (I listened to the audiobook the first time) but would really really really love to get it signed – is there any way I can do that?

  245. I don’t need a book, but just wanted to say I’m so glad you’re doing the James Garfield Miracle again. I try to donate to Project Night Night every year because you introduced it to me! Thank you Jenny! <3

  246. Rats, I missed it! Really wanted Furiously Happy on CD. I have a young friend in a suicide treatment program right now, and her mama would love it. “My” copy is/was from the library, so I was hoping for one to give to her. Thanks anyway Jenny! So love this and looking forward to JG Miracle!

  247. Such an amazing thing you’re doing, Jenny! I already have both books, CANNOT wait for your new one 🙂

  248. I already own both, but I think this is an awesome idea, and why am I not surprised you thought of it?

  249. I have all of your books and have purchased several for friends. We love your blog and creativeness. Hugs to Dorothy Barker from Raylan the Wonderdog here in GA

  250. i have a friend who needs lets pretend OR furiously happy either one to let her know shes not alone here in texas. i bought some last year to pass out but im short this year! arthur.angie@gmail.com

  251. Jenny, you are so wonderful. As the parent of an anxious/depressed child,your books are a guide to know how to be supportive and that it gets better. Thanks for being our Sherman. I have audio and physical copies.

  252. I won’t say I don’t need one of your books. I ALWAYS NEEEEEED one of your books, but I have them in print and audio. I just wanted to say “thank you” for being there for me and all the rest of us. Let me know if I can possibly by a copy of one of your books for someone else here. I’d love to share!!! maggibeattie@gmail.com

  253. I could really use a hardcover of Let’s pretend, my local library doesn’t have it. I’m in Sweden though so maybe it’s a bit too far to ship…
    Thank you all for restoring my faith in humanity!


  254. I whole heartedly really need Let’s pretend this never happened in hardcover to make my blue days a little brighter. I have the audio version but I would like to give the book a hug ever now and then to remind myself I’m not the only one fighting this mind battle.

  255. They are both so amazingly funny, but Furiously Happy changed my life! Kind of. Ok maybe not changed my life, but it did change my perspective on life a little! I only have the digital books and I would love to have either one to let friends borrow. Because I have friends who need to have their perspective tweaked too! Bonus if you doodle or lick it… 😉 Hahaha! khuff55@rocketmail.com

  256. Ahhhhhhh!!! I forgot my email address! So I’m reposting. Sorry, this is not deja vu….or is it?

    I whole heartedly really need Let’s pretend this never happened in hardcover to make my blue days a little brighter. I have the audio version but I would like to give the book a hug ever now and then to remind myself I’m not the only one fighting this mind battle.


  257. Jenny, I love you. Whenever I need a pick-me-up, your community/tribe/people inspire me to keep trying! Big hugs to anyone who needs or wants one!

  258. Why stop at James Garfield? I also nominate Hunter S Tomcat for sainthood! Perhaps Mr. Noodles as well 😂

  259. i would love a copy of Lets Pretend but don’t feel safe leaving an open email address online. Sadness……

  260. I know this is late, and that you probably don’t have anymore copies, but I would love an ebook copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened if anyone would be willing to donate a copy. Thank you for hosting this giveaway. My email is readsanyandevery@gmail.com


  262. I would seriously love a copy of LPTNH! You’re such an amazing soul. It will be going to someone who really needs it. I already got him Furiously Happy. What a great thing you’re doing! jflassen65@gmail.com {{{HUGS}}}

  263. I’m pretty sure you are all out but I was JUST telling someone about the metal chicken.

    I would love a copy of Furiously Happy (preferable Hardcover but i’m not picky).


    I have Let’s pretend this never happened – this was probably one of the best presents I ever received from my ex.

  264. If I could bare to part with my copy of Furiously Happy I would totally pass it on to someone here, because it’s freaking fantastic and I want everyone to know that. But selfishly I know that it has gotten me through a very rough patch and I may need it again in the future.
    I love that you do these giveaways, and I love that the community always comes together to give away more. This blog is a place where miracles happen and I am very, very glad that my friend posted a link to your blog a few months back so that I could find you.

  265. I am a little late seeing your post so, I’d like Furiously Happy on CD is you have one left. I doubt you do but, if you do….that would be nice! Thank you & Merry Christmas to you! I love reading your blog!!

  266. I’m sure I am too late but if I could get a copy of Furiously Happy or Let’s Pretend This Never Happened on CD I would be so happy. When I listened to Furiously Happy from the library I laughed and cried and it made me feel normal in my craziness. I’m not alone. Your voice makes the long commute I have every day so much better! (emilylaura@gmail.com)

  267. Thanks for being here. I don’t need a copy of either book, as I already own them and have read each one (twice). I pre-ordered “Furiously” so it arrived from Amazon on September 23, 2015, or maybe the 24th. I had expected it to amuse me through rehab for a knee replacement that August, but it became even more important to me because my older daughter died the afternoon of the 22nd, and in the blur that followed from Tuesday to the memorial on Saturday, family everywhere, tens of decisions to make, it was a very comforting thing to sit some, by myself, and read and, yes, laugh. Out loud. Even at that worst of worst times, you gave me the chance to relieve some of that awful stress by chuckling at your family’s antics. So here it is a year+ later approaching the holidays (also her birthdate is 12/11/81) and I continue to work out my grief, kind of wrapping it up in in little packages to toss away. Not all of it; sometimes I want to feel the grief, like when you bite your lip and then worry it for a week until it finally, eventually, heals in spite of you.
    I pre-ordered your next book, so that will be a comfort. It’s just that I am still so sad. I have a therapist I see every month, and I can talk to my husband and younger daughter, but they are still raw themselves, and the grandchildren are too young to talk to, so sometimes I just need to sit still and chip away at the two ton stone that sits on my chest. My late mother always said “this too shall pass” and she buried 2 children, so she would know, but everyone’s pain is their pain, and sometimes it hurts so very much, well, I don’t know what….. I hope you don’t mind my imposition, and I thank you for listening.

  268. kpdsayle: thank you for writing, my heart hurts for you. You go on and keep writing about your pain and we will keep reading and maybe by doing that we can carry some of the hurt for you. BIG SQUEEZE.

  269. I don’t need anything, I just wanted to comment and say that you are so unbelievably sweet and I adore the community you have created here. You and Humans of New York are the only comment boxes I enjoy reading! Happy holidays everyone xx

  270. I have your books in epub format and my husband has Let’s Pretend This Never Happened in audio book format but he hasn’t heard/read Furiously Happy. He can live without it but I just wanted to say that you are a good person, a good soul and I am so grateful that I found you. Merry Christmas, sweetie.

  271. Hi Jenny! I would love a hared copy of Furiously Happy to give to my mom for Christmas. She is doing okay but lives in a small cottage on Cape Cod with two of my very grown (50’s) sibs and could sure use a laugh and a boost. Would be much appreciated. I have followed your blog for years, it’s the only one I can stand on a regular basis. You’re faboo. Now I’m off to attempt another Tuesday SEXNIGHT!!!! with the hubs. Not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Tonight is taco night and we’ll combine them since we’re really really busy . . oh, wait. . .

  272. This was sweet of you! You are really a great person Jenny whether it’s helping people in the weirdest ways or spreading joy to those who are less fortunate. 🙂

  273. Aw, this is really sweet of you Jenny. I am actually going to be giving your books as gifts this Christmas to some people who I think could really use a perk-me-up. This has been a really hard and anxiety-filled year for me, and your books have been a big help. I wish there were some way I could return the favor. 😛

  274. You are such an amazing person! I have read your books and passed them on to my mom, and now my daughters. Thank you again, Jenny for just being you! <3

  275. I would love, love an autographed copy of Lets pretend this never happened! After reading your book I made a Beyoncé necklace on zazzle with the words Knock Knock on it! It became our mantra at work, we’d pass each other and be like ” knock knock” and add the Mother F$&@$& silently in out heads! We’re teachers and well some days it’s like that! Hey it gets us through the tough times!


  276. If still available, I’d love a HC of Let’s Pretend for my daughter. She’s been having a really hard time and I think reading about your amazing craziness will give her a much needed laugh and help her see that she’s just as “normal” as everyone else. 😊

  277. I am finally in a position financially where I can be the Great Auntie I’ve always known I am, so I’m not sure if I’m quite ready for James Garfield’s Annual Holiday Miracle (as either giver or receiver), but I am suddenly inspired to create a Little Free Library of my own in my Little Very Friendly Apartment Building (just met two of my neighbors tonight, plus their cat, Lady Patches). We’ve only been here a couple months so far, and it’s hard to be more than passing-friendly, even in North Hollyweird. But I think a Little Free Library may lend itself to actually MEETING people in the building, maybe? 37 units: whaddya think?

  278. Well, @OwnLessDoMore (comment 34, I think?), I WAS reading through all of the comments so I could see how Furiously Happily Jenny was giving away books and CD sets, but I got stopped by your comment that You Are Not One Of Us. WhatTheWhat? Ya-Hunh, you are So one of us! I know this because there’s a whole #BloggessTribe on Twitter, and I’m pretty sure we follow each other because of this awesome amazing woman and her clan! No awkward side-hugs! All heart-to-heart hugs! You’re gettin’ one – I hope you’re ready for it! 😀

  279. Ohmygod, am I too late? I want a hardcover copy of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I’m from the Philippines, and I’ve never seen any of your books in the bookstores here. 🙁 My email is preqin.ara@gmail.com. Thanks a lot! You’re the best.

  280. Ah heck, I just found your blog yesterday and I LOVE it! I read through and had to try really hard not to fall out of my computer chair from laughing so much. I would absolutely LOVE to read your book, “Furiously Happy”. I know I’m not one of the first commenters, but in case all of the others just didn’t want this book, I DO!. LOL. And I wanted you to know I love your blog and it’s in my reader now so I will see your posts every day.
    Hope you have a great day!

  281. I’m coming extremely late to the party but that’s okay. I work for a library that has both of your books. Because I made sure the library purchased them.

  282. Furiously Happy in hardcover would be so great. I’m probably too late, though! ginnykeast (at) gmail (dot) come

  283. Any chance you might put together a blog post of really funny books to keep us all laughing through the holidays? I (like most here probably ) have already laughed hysterically through your books and need some suggestions for other things to read this holiday season / winter. Nothing serious, just really funny (I’m talking koalas with chlamydia funny). Thanks!

  284. I just found out about my Christmas bonus at work and came straight over here to see if you were doing the James Garfield Miracle again this year. Last year was my first time participating and I’ve been hoping I could do it again this year.

  285. Jenny, I am blessed to have both hard and soft cover of your books. Soft for traveling reading and lending, hardcover for home. I love them both so hard. You are an amazing woman and I absolutely adore you and your family. You give me so much joy. I would love to have a hard cover of Let’s Pretend This Never Happened. I have a friend that I think needs to read it very much and it would make a great Christmas present for her. I was informed yesterday that I have been layed off as of December 23, so Merry Christmas to me. Just to have you respond to a comment of mine would be Christmas enough for me. I also struggle with lactose intolerance and right now I just want to shove my face into a hot fudge sundae. This is a screwy all scary world, but you make it so much less scary. God bless you for being you.

  286. I am so very late to the party. I actually have both books as audiobooks and Furiously Happy in hardcover. It would be a joy to have LPTNH in a hardcover as well to complete the set!! gunderson15@gmail.com
    Happy Holiday and thank you for being awesome!

  287. My name is Christina and I’m a mom to 4 kids, 2 of them are special needs autistic.We have helped a family back when the first Christmas miracle happened on the wonderful Bloggess page.I loved the feeling of being able to make a child smile.However since both of my children have been diagnosed with autism we have hit financial hard times and my kids will not be getting anything this year.I am in here in hopes that maybe someone would be able to help put a smile on my children’s faces for christmas.I will provide proof of diagnosis as well as send pictures to whoever can help and anything else that is needed.I am praying for a miracle.My girls are age 7,3 and 2 and my son is 5.You can email me to get info christinapena1642@gmail.com
    We also have a PayPal which is paypal.me/Christina Segundo

    God bless

    (Tons of stuff coming your way! ~ Jenny)

  288. I would like to send you a Christmas card to thank you for how much help you have been. I don’t have the Facebook’s, so not sure if you shared your address before. PS I in Texas too. Melissa

  289. My anxiety makes all social media, even FB, much too upsetting for me. Would somebody please post this on FB for me…

    I spent HOURS making a little video offering to send anyone a personalized card photo for free or a handwritten greeting card for $1. Louise the Python and her mom are elderly and very ill but would love to write and send a card to anyone who wants one. Details on the youtube video.


    Or if that link does not work go to Youtube and search
    Louise the Python Jenny the Bloggess

    email is louisepython at gee mail dot com

    We have all Jenny’s books and audio CDs and wish for nothing but cheery comments on youtube and a way to feel useful and needed for a day.

  290. I look forward to your instructions next week. I have been continually struggling with a lot myself, but giving back to others is what keeps me putting one foot in front of the other. I think that’s why I’m a teacher and tutor… It feels good to give back when I want to just give up. You and this community help me so much Jenny… You’re all a part of the reason I’m still here.

  291. As much as I would love a book.we need a furnace instead. We live in Indiana and its getting colder we cannot afford to buy a furnace and someone 6 years ago stole ours. If anyone could help would be awesome!

  292. As much as I would love a book.we need a furnace instead. We live in Indiana and its getting colder we cannot afford to buy a furnace and someone 6 years ago stole ours. If anyone could help would be awesome!

  293. I’m not asking for anything. I just want to remind you how awesome you are. Thank you for being you.

  294. This post right here is what we need to remember when the world seems to have lost its illumination. Tons of light shooting out of every orifice here. Awesomeness.

  295. Dang it. I’ve been checking every day on here and FB that our internet is actually working and kiddo is capable of giving me 3 seconds to look at something without trying to look at it with me, but I missed this. But maybe this will be the year that “Furiously Happy” will be picked off my book wishlist for Christmas or birthday, and I won’t feel like I’m still stuck missing out and have to go back to re-reading “Let’s Pretend” until my husband gives me funny looks and asks if there’s anything I haven’t had a chance to warn him about. In any event, you are AWESOME for doing this (among many other reasons), as usual. And I had better not miss the James Garfield post! I was just linking a friend to last year’s post, yesterday, after she posted a photo of a nativity set with a warthog in it. And I just typed that wartgod, at first, which is kind of perfect, or almost perfect, since you’re still vying for James Garfield’s sainthood..

  296. I am so in awe of you! You are so freaking quirky cool! I would be uber ecstatic for any book or CD! But would prefer Furiously Happy in hard cover, but would ❤️ Love, love, love any book or CD (since I do not have any of them and absolutely have no $ to purchase any since I take care of my boyfriend with a seizure disorder and haven’t figured out a way to get paid for it)!
    Thanks bunches!

  297. I love your books but I have to admit that Let’s Pretend is the funniest book I have ever read, bar none.

  298. @Santa Elf I am sorry if I offended you by hoping for a few more toys foy my children, I truly did not mean to. It is a lie to say I did not acknowledge you as I have publicly thanked all of my santas and will post pictures at Christmas, which is how thank yous work over there. I am deeply appreciative and thankful. To anyone I have hurt or offended by dreaming big (for a feww more then 5 things) I am sorry, I just wanted my children to feel th Magic, they have been through a lot and apparently I got carried andd needed a public calling out. I hope everyone has a Wonderful Christmas and a prosperous new year, and I hope all the children are blessed beyond measure.

  299. I have the book furiously happy. I really enjoyed reading it. Unfortunately, I live in Portugal and I can´t read the “Let´s Pretend That Never Happened” because it was not translated here. My english is so bad but I would love to receive a simple email. Any word would fill my day with happy thoughts…Thank you Jenny.

  300. I see you have given them away, so I plan to buy as many as I can afford to give to my patients. I am a psychotherapist
    In Austin, and I recommend your books to my clients constantly. I would very much like to write a book called “Depression Is A Liar.”

  301. Hi Jenny, a friend of mine has been struggling with her mental health these last few months. She’s a huge fan and has all of your books and even your audiobook. I was wondering if instead of sending a book, maybe you could send her a letter or email? It would mean the world to her. I’ll leave my email of you’d like more information. Thank you for being your awesome self

    (How about I leave the message here? Dear sweet girl. It’s going to be okay. It might not feel like it now but it will. Keep breathing. Keep fighting. Remember that depression lies and that hope and laughter are coming. I promise. Hugs, Jenny)

  302. If you come across a hard copy of Let’s Pretend, furiously happy or you are here, I would love a copy. Life is hard right now and, unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for extras. I have a very cute, very sweet gal who wears footie pajamas and comes first. I and trying very hard, but sometimes my best doesn’t quite get the ends close enough to tie. If you do not have extras, no worries! I like to think that things will get better and I will be able to afford my own. My goal is to have them all and get them signed. Thank you so much for what you do… when my days are hard, I check your blog. You don’t know me, but we have been struggling together for around 5 years. I cannot tell you how many times you have saved me and I will never be able to thank you enough.

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