(Possibly) haunted dolls needing a good home.

I get a lot of weird mail at Nowhere Bookshop so the team always opens it when it arrives because you never know if something is going to spoil, expire or explode before I come in and with this most recent box they got as far as uncovering possibly human hair before screaming lightly, resealing the box and telling me come get what they hoped was a doll as soon as possible before the curse escaped the box.

I opened the box and pulled out the doll and she made a creaky, sighing noise that made everyone shudder lightly. The team was divided between “She should live at the bar and hand out horror books” and “Take her away immediately before she eats our soft tissue.” Then I was like, “Oh, look…she has teeth” and they pushed me out the door.

I put the box in the back but buckled the doll into the passenger seat because I’ve seen enough movies to know the murderer is always lurking in the backseat, and it was sort of nice to have the company except that she made a disconcerting noise every time I braked too hard and when I stopped at the drive-thru the cashier was like, “Oh, what a sweet…um…oh” and then she left quickly, probably because her shift ended and not because the dolls eyes had rolled back in her head with a strange clicking noise.

When I got home my car’s dash blinked with a warning light telling me to “CHECK THE BACKSEAT” and I was like, “Yeah, nice try but I put the haunted doll in the front seat because I’m not an idiot.” But turns out I am an idiot because, reader, THE BOX WAS NOT EMPTY.

It was filled with all sorts of surprises, including this baby doll who stared at me in exactly the same way I was staring at her.

“like a mirror”

It was at this point that I realized that both dolls were way denser than they should be and I suspected it was because they were all filled up with children’s souls but turns out that both of them have antique voice boxes in their bellies. “THEY CAN TALK” I whispered to Victor who backed out of the room just as quickly as he had entered while making the sign of the cross. I couldn’t get them to talk because I guess they want to take their terrible secrets to the grave or are waiting until nighttime to start screaming. I also pulled bits of broken glass from the box that was presumably once a porcelain creamer but which I can only assume the dolls were using as make-shift weapons. Also included was a doll made of wooden balls, and an old candle which Victor suggested (from the other room) using to set the whole box on fire, which seemed a little over-the-top.

At the bottom of the box was a lovely letter from a woman who assured me she was not some kind of unabomber (exactly what a unabomber would say) and that these were the dolls of her great-grandmother who was born in 1894 and that “The dolls are absolutely not creepy and there’s NO EVIDENCE WHATSOEVER that they’re plotting anything nefarious” (exactly what a unabomber possessed by a bunch of haunted dolls would say).

But then I looked at them with kinder eyes and did a little makeover on the biggest doll (who is marked with an “M” – probably for massacre) and felt she looked much nicer.

Victor disagreed and insisted that he could not sleep until they were all gone. So now (with the permission of my fantastic friend who is absolutely not a unabomber) I need to find a good home for these lovelies. Preferably someone with connections to a doll hospital, or an old priest with a fountain of holy water.

In lieu of comments please feel free to submit bids or otherwise convince me that you would make a good mother to these antique wayward dolls. I would put them on ebay but (true story) they have a rule against selling haunted stuff so these dolls have been banned. In the event anyone is willing to risk their eternal soul, all profits will go to donating (less likely to come alive at night) toys to children this holiday season.

Happy early Christmas, y’all.

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  1. I’d love them, but I’d honestly take their heads off to make my creepy throws for the Krewe of Boo parade (in which I ride – creepy doll heads are my signature throw) in NOLA. Good luck! They are all delightfully creepy and definitely haunted.

  2. Wow, those are incredibly awesome! I truly love the one made of wooden balls, but yeah – I’ve read enough horror to know that it will swallow your soul without even batting an eye.

  3. My husband collects creepy dolls, including his babies Inky (Incubus) and Sucky (Succubus) who are just old cracked heads, and Daniel, who lives in a teacup and has a screw coming out of the top of his head. I feel like he’d love your dolls. Plus he doesn’t believe in ghosts so that could be really fun.

  4. My daughter has a haunted doll. It lives in my basement. It contains the spirit of a little boy named “Peebo.” I’m pretty sure that the kid died because is name was “Peebo.” Anyway, Peebo has been wrecking havoc on my home. Not long after he came home, my middle child became very ill and has been hospitalized five times already. I have asked the girl-child to tell Peebo to chill the eff out.

    It turns out, middle kid has Crohn’s disease, so not an evil spirit at all, but my instep has been bugging me for weeks now, and I blame Peebo. I wonder if he is lonely. A friend might be nice. They can cover each other with ichor, or whatever spirit-siblings do in lieu of slap fights.

  5. I wrote a book on haunted objects called Haunted Stuff—nothing phases me anymore, lol. I’d be happy to have them join the family. Freaking out my husband is just a bonus.

  6. I so needed to laugh until I cried today. Please thank the haunted dolls. And you.

  7. Are they porcelain? If not, they might be made of flammable materials that were common at the time . There are lots of doll groups online, you also might check with a museum about them. Anyway, keep them away from open flame. NO CANDLES!!

  8. I’m gonna need these dolls because I’m terrified of dolls but I love haunted stuff so this will totally cure the doll stuff if they are indeed haunted. Even if they aren’t I will love them and hug them and keep them safe because their from YOUUUUUUUUU!

  9. How wonderfully generous of you (as always), but in the interest of marital harmony I can’t go back on my promise to my husband that Susie, ,my mom’s creepy childhood doll who during my childhood had numerous eye surgeries in my dad’s workshop due to her eyes rolling up in back of her head and staying that way – which possibly validates my mom telling me “Don’t you dare roll your eyes at me like that, they’ll freeze that way”.. But I digress, where was I?? Oh yes – in a moment of weakness I promised my husband that Susie would forever remain an only child because she needed to be outnumbered to ensure the safety of the household.

  10. I seriously love these as they remind me of the ones I had as a kid given by my late grandmother who collected dolls. I have no idea what they are worth, though. I just want them for my office as I collect weird and wonderful things. I did show them to my 5 year old son, and his response (before I even gave context) was “No. Don’t buy them. They will seriously disturb me if they are in this house.”

    Apparently kindergarten has made him quite opinionated.

  11. I’d love to be their mommy!! I collect creepy dolls. Please consider me.

  12. I have never seen anything like the ball one! Can we get a close-up photo of that one, please?

    Thank you!


  13. I don’t know if my message got lost but I’d LOOOVE to adopt these lil demon spawn. I can pay for shipping and everything. I already have a creepy doll I named DieAnna.

  14. My house is perfect for these babies. I live in Texas. I have creepier dolls that I DO NOT JUDGE. I lost my job, so I can’t pay. But, I worked in autopsy pathology for 11yrs and then as a medical researcher. Please, please!

  15. Unfortunately I have recently come into possession of a couple of very creepy dolls that have haunted me my entire life from a shelf in my grandparent’s home. Perhaps instead you would like me to send them to you so you could provide your new dears with some friends…not an army…just… playmates. Yeah.

  16. That first one is an absolutely gorgeous antique doll! I did work on a similar one a few years ago and loved her so much I hated to send her back to her owner. I hope this one finds someone to love her… it’ll probably help put the haunting to rest too!

  17. These lovely creatures of our nightmares would be delightful additions to my collection of little doll people. In trade for the dolls, I am willing to do the “prank” of your wish and post on my fund raising page for my Amerian Foundation Suicide Prevention Walk site to help raise money for this year’s Out Of The Darkness Walk.

    Prank may include shaving my head, cooking my hair green, tattooing an opossum on my leg; the list goes on and on.

    Think of this opportunity you have at your fingertips. And that it could become creepy dolls’ faces on my fingertips.

  18. Maybe they sent them because of your book rec of A Council of Dolls?

    I don’t like haunted stuff. I’m sure they are neat but not for me. 🤣

  19. Aww, they don’t look haunted to me. The one you dressed in red looks like she would be wonderful to hug. 😊

  20. My bid is four sacrificial catnip-mice. I’m not sure where the dolls would live — on a bookcase seems right, but I don’t want them in the ones in my bedroom because anything that looks like it’s looking at me creeps me out and it just seems impolite to blindfold the dolls because I’ll never remember to take them off before I go do something, and I’m pretty sure my family will forbid them living in the living room bookcases. Nevertheless, I bid four sacrificial catnip-mice for the potentially-haunted dolls

  21. I have a haunted doll that was featured on an episode of MBMBaM and I was once gifted a creepy doll mobile by Jen from Epbot/Cake Wrecks so I feel like I have some street (online? does the information superhighway count as a street?) cred when it comes to haunted dolls coming from internet celebrities. I would love to be chosen as the caretaker of these sweet, sweet dolls and whatever tormented souls might be inside.

  22. Imma say thanks but no thanks. Good wishes to whomever chooses to be haunted.

  23. I’m pretty sure those are really valuable dolls. Please don’t destroy them. Contact the United Federation of Doll Clubs to find a local club or expert who can help you find someone who will treasure them so their souls can be at peace.

  24. These remind me of my Mothers dolls that were her Moms. They look the same. No creepy dolls needed here thanks. I don’t think they are haunted just really tired and need to be buried but not in a Viking funeral or such the Victor suggests. Imagine what the neighbours would say!!

  25. They are lovely. I would offer to take them, but once people know you have creepy dolls everyone gives you one for Christmas and your birthday. I once had a boyfriend whose grandmother warned me about that. Of course for her it was cutsie tea kettles. She told me that she said she liked tea once and then no one could resist giving her a cute kettle.

  26. My 17 year old daughter immediately raised her hand and volunteered us to take them on.. She is into all sorts of spooky things, including dolls with teeth.

    Unfortunately, I can’t bid anything because I just lost my job and am trying desperately to find a new one (with little luck).. 😮‍💨

    A miracle, a remote job, (or unabomber package of haunted dolls) is requested. 🖤

  27. They are lovely! I’m not funny or clever like you, so I don’t have a witty story to tell to convince you to let them come live with me, just the desire to care for these dolls and enjoy them the way their original little girl loved and cared for them. I hope they end up in a wonderful loving home where they are fully appreciated and cared for.

  28. I can’t tell you how much these dolls want to live at my house, with my other probably not haunted dolls. My husband will LOVE them (he will not) But my other doll can’t be intimidated by their stares because she doesn’t have a face.

  29. They are definitely haunted. I cackled through most of this post until I choked on bits of my scrambled-eggs-for-dinner. They knew I was laughing at them through laughing at your writings. They tried to kill me right through the interwebs. SPOOKY THINGS NEED TO GO AWAY!

  30. I feel these would make excellent Christmas tree ornaments for an unsuspecting family.

    However, we are already in possession of a ‘Zombie Cinderella’ – made out of painted glass and cracked in half – who has already indicated her unwillingness to share her tree space with any other demonic entities…

    Best of luck Jenny!

  31. Oh how beautiful! And probably quite valuable. Some little girl loved and adored those baby dolls. And her great granddaughter gave them to you, which was really sweet. I hope she’s not offended that you don’t want to keep her great grandma’s baby dolls. I just gave my niece my mother’s 1946 Madame Alexander babydoll who was one of the very first baby dolls you could have drink from a bottle and wet herself. My mother adored her, and gave her to me when I was a little girl. My niece was thrilled to have her grandmother’s precious babydoll, even though her eyes roll back in her head and she smells of ancient spoiled milk, and the rubber bands/string that held her head and arms and legs together is crumbling. I hope those previously much loved dollies will go to a good home and to someone who will love them.
    I once bought a fashion doll at a thrift store that my friends and I later decided was haunted, and we donated her right back to the thrift store because she creeped us out. So you have my sympathies. I could not have that thing in my home, and when you have the feeling that something isn’t quite right, it’s best to give it away.

  32. I would love to buy them but can’t really afford to do that right now. If you do decide to give them away they would have a good home here with my headless, one-armed doll, a headless wooden doll, and another possibly haunted doll (complete with head) that my husband traded a taxidermied deer head for. I would not take the heads off of these dolls of course – that’s just asking for trouble.

  33. I wish I could share a photo here! Perhaps I’ll email a pic!

    If these dolls would like some company, I have a crew of dolls and heads that wander the house during October, scaring the shit out of my family. Murder Baby, the Count, Veronica, and the Tween are my creepy little family.

  34. I would like to be considered! My Grandma, who basically raised me, collected dolls but I was only able to get two from her large collection. Her whole collection was left to rot in a garage before I could get to them- long story. Also, I’m a ghost hunter (since 2001) and a member of a traveling paranormal museum. I have a haunted office where I could talk to them and get their advice on important matters. I am happy to donate what you feel is appropriate!

  35. Need another weird thing or two? Two of my most recent thrifting purchases are a ceramic hand statue giving the finger and chapter book titled “The Beverly Hillbillies the Saga of Wildcat Creek”

  36. I have a creepy baby doll shrine in my kitchen. It includes a haunted talking doll with a clown face that found in the bushes down by the railroad tracks here in New Orleans. I would give them such a great home with their other haunted friends. I wish I could leave a picture of the shrine.

  37. I love both of the dolls. I own a version of the larger doll. She is a Ma Ma Doll. That is what their voice boxes used to say. Mine is minus her toes and fingertips. She was much loved in a former life. The smaller of the two shown is a Bye Low Baby. Both of them need to be restored. They are in great condition for their age. I would love to own them.

  38. Keep them for Halloween. Victor will love it!


  39. I love them 😍😍😍😍 if they want to come live at my house with my other haunted dolls (one of them has 3 faces), they’d be super loved.

  40. The photo of the big dolly strapped into the front seat made me laugh and reminded me of the time my husband and I picked up his father from the crematorium.

    It was a day of loaded emotions of course, and to compensate for that I sat quietly in the car as my husband gently buckled the heavily filled urn carefully into the back seat. I told him I could hold him, but my husband insisted that his urn be strapped into the backseat. I hoped for no speed bumps, as I had horrifying visions of vacuuming his father off the floor of his shitty Ford Focus, all while apologizing and doing the sign of the cross.

    On the way back to his mother’s house my husband stoically drove and I allowed the music on the radio to occupy the somber space between us.

    All of a sudden I had the most horrible case of hunger hit me. I chirped that I had an (inconvenient, insensitive, and untimely) case of being instantly ravenously hangry.

    My husband replied we could have left overs at his mother’s, and weirdly all of a sudden I cried. Perhaps I broke a little from feeling so deeply for my husband’s pain, and tried to be strong for him? Perhaps I cried because his mother hated me and we had flown up and already spent a few days with her at her house during Thanksgiving, which was awkward and sad as it was?

    My weirdly timed tears immediately needed something comforting and familiar. All of a sudden I saw a chipotle sign and felt relief (and shame) in asking to get a quick bite.

    I’ll never forget my husband looking at the urn after we parked and saying with delicacy in his voice while Russ was still strapped into the back seat, “thanks for watching the car for us, dad.” 😂.

    We broke into hysterical laughter, and thus ate overfilled burritos in Russ’ honor.

  41. The yellow pinafore and burgundy velvet dolls are absolutely NOT haunted. They’re so sweet and remind me of my Mother’s dolls. Like many of us, we may be old and outdated, but not haunted. I hope someone gives them a loving home!

  42. I have two soul vessels already, and am trying to make my collection bigger! My husband is nearly 20 years is thoroughly creeped out, and Iove it and can’t stop!!!

  43. I have a number of dolls, but none of the dolls (which has human heads anyway) has teeth – so now this is intriguing.
    Please consider me as a candidate as well.

  44. 20 years ago my niece received a new, life-size, not-quite-but-also-too-realistic looking baby doll from her aunt when she was 3. It had such a creepy stare and age-indeterminate face that Gabi and her mom banned it from the house and named it Creechy Doll (“creepy/creature”). It spent its days haunting their sandbox. No doubt did some hauntings at night.

  45. I call shenanigans on eBay having a no haunted objects rule. MBMBAM has a recurring Haunted Doll Watch bit of haunted doll listings on eBay!!!

    I hope your little spirit friends find a new home and you and Victor stay safe in the meantime 😮

  46. Um- they need to be donated to that spooky museum in Seattle. Years ago- before the poopoo hit the fan we went on a ghost tour in Seattle (we live in the surrounding area). Spooked in Seattle? It had a fledgling museum back at it’s headquarters. One that had ALL sorts of creepy stuff. INcluding a case of HAUNTED dolls. I went with my husband. He’s very science-y, nerd-y logic, blah blah blah- but the man FREAKED OUT and told me the doll moved. He’s NOT one to do this. I think he was tired, as we just got back from the ghost tour. I don’t believe in ghosts. But it freaked ME out because again- he’s not the freaker outter. I AM. I was not freaked out because of a creepy arse looking doll. I think it might because the Museum of Death now? I don’t know it was housed in an area called the “Seattle Underground” which to me smelt like tuberculosis and mold and spider ass and bat taints. But I digress. Anyhow with the plague a few years ago and current construction I have no idea what’s what or where.

  47. My 2 haunted babies are in need of a sister. The girl in the red dress is perfect!

  48. I was sent here by people who know me well…. Omg my first haunted doll, her name is Viola. I got her from sarah cee in wil Wheaton’s discord group. She’s more than 100 years old, has no eyes and probably has human hair. I did a full unboxing and my twins who were 7 at the time gasped and backed up in horror and my 10 year old said “WHAT IS THAT!!?” I hugged viola in delight. She lives in my room because my girls hate her.

    Her sister, coincidentally named Jenny, is smaller and quieter but she lives in my office. She has eyes so she can watch.

    I can send photos as proof, I just don’t know how to do it here.

    Oh. I also decorate for Halloween every year and put a collection of antique doll heads on a fence. In my front yard. I’m that house. I have a skeleton on the front porch year round. His name is Matt Damon.

    I promise I won’t behead the dolls for the fence. I’m desperately excited that they talk.

  49. I was sent here by people who know me well…. Omg my first haunted doll, her name is Viola. I got her from sarah cee in wil Wheaton’s discord group. She’s more than 100 years old, has no eyes and probably has human hair. I did a full unboxing and my twins who were 7 at the time gasped and backed up in horror and my 10 year old said “WHAT IS THAT!!?” I hugged viola in delight. She lives in my room because my girls hate her.

    Her sister, coincidentally named Jenny, is smaller and quieter but she lives in my office. She has eyes so she can watch.

    I can send photos as proof, I just don’t know how to do it here.

    Oh. I also decorate for Halloween every year and put a collection of antique doll heads on a fence. In my front yard. I’m that house. I have a skeleton on the front porch year round. His name is Matt Damon.

    I promise I won’t behead the dolls for the fence. I’m desperately excited that they talk. So, I am offering a home and bid to give them spectacular names and a loving home.

  50. I don’t know why, but I absolutely adore the one made of wooden balls?? Its little face reminds me of that old timey silent move Man in the Moon. ☺️ (I don’t know anything about the history of moth balls–and now that’s a topic to research–but I wonder if he could have been employed in that regard somehow? Little round dude, fighting off moths. (ง’̀-‘́)ง)

    Also, PLEASE make something with a witty Jenny quote and that picture of the second doll. Heck, I might just print it out, write “mood” on it, and tape it to my office door. 😆

  51. I always assume that there is a ghost in my car because randomly when I turn it off it will tell me to check the backseat. Even though the back doors haven’t been opened in over a week. How much do ghosts weigh?

  52. It is a little disconcerting to see that doll redressed in what looks like the Christmas dress that my mom made for me when I was little. It really does look like the dress, it’s just missing the apron.

  53. Honestly? I would love them! I’m a doll collector and my friends and i could probably date the dolls. I think the little one is a by lo baby doll. I have a big By-lo and they are sweet dolls.
    I THINK the big doll is from the 1920s or 30s. The little wooden one might be hand made but i know I’ve seen that style before.
    All the dolls would get some TLC around here and a nice live vibing with other dolls!

  54. I would love one of these dolls. Even though my fiancé disagrees. I think our house could use a ghost. We recently added a kitten to our family, and our other 2 cats aren’t happy about it. I’m willing to see if ghosts make good catsitters to watch them while we are at work.

    My bid would be an excessive amount of pictures of the doll(s) with our cats.

  55. Or (hear me out), we start then a page of their own where they can be sent from reader to reader and post their travel adventures— like a flat Stanley or roaming gnome, but with more nightmares.

  56. This is quite tempting. My great grandmother and great great aunt were born right around 1894, so it would be like having family! Of course haunted creepy family. We have a creepy haunted rocker in the basement (from prior home owners) so they could sit there. But I think the terrible dreams wouldn’t be worth it.

  57. They would have a very nice home her next to my mother’s 70 year old, 4 foot tall Kewpie doll. Plus, I have a Princess Elizabeth and a Shirley Temple doll that my husband makes me face the wall at night. I could have them form a circle at night… maybe add a Ouija board? I’m sure that would make Tommy feel so much more comfortable.
    After reading Furiously Happy, Tom bought me a skunk pelt that I added plastic eyes to, so he gets me.

  58. Good choice, putting her in a red dress. The blood won’t show.

    How much do I want these dolls? So much that I’m about to set my phone on fire so they can’t track me through it. Might also pack up the cats and flee the country, just to be sure.

  59. They remind me of two dolls I had as a child.
    You say the eyes made a clicking noise? That could mean that they are constructed similarly to those my dolls had, so please tell the lucky(?) one who gets them to handle them really, really carefully.
    I, being a young child, played with my dolls quite unconcernedly, and one day the eyes of one doll came loose and fell into her head, leaving me to stare into two dark, empty sockets.
    Even now I shudder when I think of this moment.
    RIP, poor Tina. I loved you very much until the day I learned to be deathly afraid of you.

  60. I need a bunch of baby dolls. Or just their heads.
    I have a small dead weeping something tree. In the front. I wanna hanf dolls from it and freak out the neighborhood.

    We’ve no HOA! 🤣

  61. No, no, NO!
    If you want to irrevocably disturb an impressionable and unsuspecting teenager sit them down and have them watch Jan Svankmajer’s “Jabberwocky”.


    If they can survive that, then everything else is “Child’s Play”.

    (Disclaimer – this comment is on a post about scary dolls, which are scary, so if you are freaked out by this video, as you rightly should be, then don’t blame me. You have been warned)

  62. My utterly mad son would love them and give them the very best life, but I have a rule in my house against necromancy, and he already made a haunted figure/doll/sculpture thing named Mr Caldwell who has to stay in a box full of salt…

  63. Have you looked any of them up for their value? Dolls that old could be worth something. Maybe take them to the haunted version of Antiques Road Show? I think they are lovely.

  64. I would love to buy one to send to my friend in New York as a housewarming gift because she is terrified of dolls and I’m a terrible person. I won’t though. The last time I played a doll related prank on her it resulted in an elongated, blood curdling scream that went on for a really long time. And that doll was barely haunted.

  65. I can tell you that my collection of other beautiful (eye of the beholder, right?) babies would be thrilled to have them as pals- these two are from the 30’s, or thereabouts, so who knows who is in there? How fabulous! Think of the adventures! The Beyonce’s they might have seen! I do love these dolls, and their stories- here’s hoping they get to act them out for me 😁

  66. I love these and would be glad to have them (I think they just want to be loved) but I am actively trying to DEclutter my house. Sorry. I hope they find a good home with some other haunted toys.

  67. Man, I WISH I could compete for those dolls, because I love creepy old dolls, especially with TEETH!
    However, I do wish the lucky, LUCKY, recipient congratulations, even though I’m incredibly jealous

  68. I will send any one of these to Utah and pay a blood relative to hang it in my sister’s car @ Halloween. Before I do this, it will be strapped to the BACK of my motorcycle and given a tour of the hill country. As always photographic evidence will be provided and also, I will give you some coin of the realm for your charities.

  69. I will absolutely give these haunted/not haunted dolls a home and even pick them up from the shop. I am in there a few times a month!

  70. I’m the blood relatives Dave is referring too and I’d be more then happy to take these sweet babies. They’d also go for a ride on my motorcycle through the mountains of UT. Then yes I would be giddy to put them in his sisters (my moms) car. But I’d go even farther and put them in my son in laws truck. Lmfao. Yes I will have pictures as well.

  71. I am the son in law Brandi is referring to and I will also take them on a tour of the valley in Utah dragging them by a rope.

  72. I have a doll passed to me from my grandmother, so it was made sometime in the first decade or so of the 1900’s. It looks shockingly similar to the largest doll here, except Becky (my haunted doll from Gramma) has painted black hair instead of human-ish hair. The not-working-so-well-anymore voicebox freaks everyone out. That plus the, you know – teeth. She’s lived on my bedroom bookshelf for over a decade now, and just a couple months ago my youngest child was ‘nice’ enough to send me an anonymous care package with a haunted clown doll named Rippy. Becky and Rippy now share the bookshelf and I know they would love to have some company, because the only thing stopping them from overtaking the house is their lack of numbers. Plus, I keep the sharp knives up high. What a wonderful box of dolls – would be nice if a museum steps up for them.

  73. I actually run a haunted curios (mostly dolls) online shop (yes, really!) and might be interested in them.

  74. I used to have a creepy porcelain doll head brooch with fake succulents growing out of the top of its head and from out of one eye socket. The other eye was a blue doll eye with eyelashes. After I wore it, I would place it in a drawer of collectible brooches face up. Every time I opened the drawer, the brooch would be flipped over facing down. I was convinced it was haunted… until I caught my daughter turning it over as she said it had creepy eyes and freaked her out, she would turn it over so it couldn’t see her. Needless to say, creepy doll brooch was rehomed and no, I can’t take these gorgeous dolls.

  75. I worked at eBay when the infamous “ghost in a jar” was sold. We all had tee shirts made that said, “I bid on ghost in a jar and all I got was this stupid shirt.”

    Ahh, the early 2000s

  76. Any chance she’s a Thomas Edison doll? They were made with a mini-phonograph inside. She looks like one–they have teeth, too!

  77. I don’t feel like my offer has garnered your approval. In addition to the above, I could be ordained in the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster and perform a highly suspect exorcism before strapping the formerly haunted doll to the back of the motorcycle.

  78. Send them to Pixi Travers-Stovel – you’ll find her as the crap goth on YouTube. She’s an awesome weird amazing person who also happens to have lost her wonderful 11 year old son Kori recently (2 failed heart transplants). Words fail to describe how amazing a person and mother she is, and she’s also aware of the weird and wonderful world of mental illnesses. She loves dolls like these the way you love taxidermied creatures.

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