UPDATED: By the time you read this I will be addicted to Meth

So yesterday I left my doctor a teary message begging her for something stronger than the rheumatoid arthritis meds that are not working for me at all and I happened to mention that I read a study about medicinal marijuana helping and then right after that my pharmacy called and said they had “something” for me.  They weren’t specific so I assumed it was probably pot, but when I got there they gave me pills and I was like “They make it in pills now?”  Then the pharmacist looked at me weird but then I remembered that smoking causes cancer and so they probably had to convert it to pills so it wouldn’t break their hippocratic oath.  But then I opened the bag and apparently I over-stated my symptoms because MY DOCTOR PRESCRIBED ME METH. 

Y’all, I don’t even know how to take meth.  I tried to look it up online but I got distracted by this list of meth nicknames, one of which is “pootananny”.  Honestly, I’m doing a drug called “Pootananny”?  I’m embarrassed for meth now.

UPDATED:  I tried snorting it and the pill got stuck up my nose so instead I tried to cook it with a lighter but the spoon melted and now it smells awful in here.  Also I realize that I probably shouldn’t have used a plastic spoon but I didn’t want my kid accidentally eating with a used meth spoon later.  Because I’m responsible.

UPDATED part 2:  Okay, I tried it again using a real spoon but the pootananny still wouldn’t melt so I added a little butter and then it totally dissolved.  It tasted terrible and also I don’t feel high at all.

UPDATED part 3:  Fuck.  I think I’m immune to meth.

UPDATED part 4:  Crap.  I just read the instructions and apparently I’m supposed to take 7 meth pills today!  I’m totally going to need more butter.  I’d drive to the store to get it but I’m not sure if you’re supposed to drive on meth.  I guess I could ask my neighbor if I could borrow a cup of butter but she knows I don’t cook and she’d probably assume I was using it for illegal drugs so then I’d show her my prescription and be all “No, it’s totally legal” and her husband would be all “Who was that, honey?” and she’d be like “Oh, it was the neighbor showing me her prescription meth” and then they’d both think I was bragging and would never invite me over because I’m a show-off.  They are very simple people and all they have in their medicine cabinet is off-brand aspirin.  I think they’re Amish.

UPDATED part 5:  Okay, I’ve taken 3 pills and all I feel is guilty for eating so much butter.  I went to Taco Cabana and told some high school kids I would be willing to trade some pootananny for weed and they just looked at me funny.  Then I got back home and looked up pootananny again and apparently it means “vagina”.  I’m totally going to get arrested.

Comment of the day: And NOW I have that Ice Cube song stuck in my head, the one where he says he killed the pootananny. I’m pretty sure he’s not talking about meth, though. ~ Andrea’s Sweet Life

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  1. Yeah, Texans hear you need weed, and they just assume you meant Meth. That’s one of the hazards of your chosen state.

    Miss Grace’s last blog post..Yuck.

  2. And what alternative universe did I wander into where you don’t have any comments yet? What the FUCK internet? You’re letting Jenny down.

    Miss Grace’s last blog post..Yuck.

  3. A responsible doctor would’ve given a demonstration on how to take meth before prescribing it to a patient. Health care really is going down the tubes.

    Kelly’s last blog post..Feeling sheepish

  4. Pootenanny? My mind jumped to ‘hootenanny’, which, if you put them together would be a heck of a party. And you could be all ‘come to my pootennay hootenanny!’ on the invitations. Bring your goat.

    (Hope the meth kicks in soon for you – it’s awful being in pain all the time.)

    Vic’s last blog post..Next thing you know I’ll be punching Oprah

  5. As someone who is taking vicodin for kidney stones (urgent surgery means wait three weeks for our beloved medical institution) I am howling in laughter over your meth encounter. I haven’t considered alternative delivery strategies for the vicodin yet, but there has so be some glamor since Dr. House takes it all the time and he gets a tv show on Fox!

  6. “I didn’t want my kid accidentally eating with a used meth spoon later. Because I’m responsible.

    Seriously? I just wet my pants.

    Peggy’s last blog post..REBELLION

  7. You’re getting the hard shit? And all you had to do was whine on the phone?

    Also, what about that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter Spray? I use that on my toast, it could work on the meth too.

    jessie’s last blog post..Soundboard

  8. Meth infused butter? I think I smell an amazing idea for a new Bakery. =D Make sure you send me the first batch of Meth Muffins. lol

    Aaron’s last blog post..Rebuilding

  9. Don’t you wish you found that list while you were trying to name your puppy? There are some really good ones in there.

  10. I wonder if it would help my carpal tunnel? Maybe you could put a few pills in My Vagina’s barrel and send him to me? I promise to send him back with a kitten in return.

    Lisa Walsh’s last blog post..Karate 101

  11. I looked up methylprednisolone and it’s not even real meth. It’s just some lame-ass steroid. Even worse, the side effects include weight gain, glaucoma, osteoporosis and psychosis. Real meth would never make you gain weight.

    Steve’s last blog post..RoboStroller

  12. I don’t know whether to be scared or honored that I can actually follow this post and your line of thinking. (i don’t always)

    You CRACK me up. Now help put me back together please. Send meth.

    Rhea’s last blog post..Loving Play

  13. And, just so you know, I totally had to go look up that medicine on WebMD. Because I’m curious like that.

    Please keep it at room temp. lol

    Rhea’s last blog post..Loving Play

  14. I so miss Taco Cabana. They have places here in Seattle that sell “Mexican food” but it all tastes like crap. Tell you what, you get me some real Mexican food and I’ll see what I can do about your feet.

  15. My wife and daughter just came into my office wanting to watch my seizure. They were disappointed to find out I was just laughing hysterically. Shit, Jenny, you really really need to write a book.

    Bennie’s last blog post..

  16. Oh btw, since I’m already showing signs of early onset glaucoma I’m totally begging for that Mary Jane prescription. Maybe if we lived somewhere other than the south we might get it. It still doesn’t hurt to try.

    Bennie’s last blog post..

  17. BTW II, my mom is still telling her friends about this funny chick in Texas who wants to name her dog “My Vagina.” It seems it’s great cocktail party conversation here in Gritville, SC.

    Bennie’s last blog post..

  18. That dose pak may be worse than meth. It could make you focused and more productive on the short term. Who wants that? Plus there’s a good chance you’re going to eat everything perceived as edible in sight. Enjoy the ride.

  19. I totally had to take that fake buttermeth one time. It turned me into a ravening bitch. I mean, more so, you know? On a positive note, I didn’t gain wait, but on the down side–I didn’t even get high from it, just really bitchy. I hope the buttermeth helps you.

    Jenni’s last blog post..Sunday Superbowl Suppers: Saturday Edition

  20. Yeah, all that butter just can’t be good for you…maybe low fat margarine or a nice olive oil…

    (seriously? Coffee came out my nose. Thanks)

    Sticky’s last blog post..Random Friday

  21. Umm, so you should have named your puppy Pootenanny, then, I guess? The ‘vagina-in-disguise’ thing so that only your meth dealers would know when you were running up and down the street yelling out “POOOOTENANNY!!!” and then your neighbors would think you were chasing your dog but you’d really be looking for a dark alley to get your meth fix.

    Cause a responsible citizen doesn’t let the neighbors know when a drug deal is being sought, it makes the property values go down.

    Pam’s last blog post..She could have been so much more….

  22. Um…side effects include weight gain,hair growth on the face, growth retardation in children,psychic disturbances and even psychotic behavior…um….does this mean your next blog post will be about your new daily shaving routine, the kid down the block who got all retarded short all of the sudden, and the new personality you’ve developed? 🙂 I want some!

    JFletch’s last blog post..Let’s Play Catch Up

  23. I really just cant stop laughing. and i am in a library trying survive until my internet is restored. I need to leave. HAHA

    Karen’s last blog post..Anonymity

  24. Aren’t pharmacists supposed to show you how to use stuff and answer all you questions? Maybe they were out of butter? Or they are conscientious objectors who protest supplying legal meth by not informing about the proper use procedures? You can only blame Bush for the latter. It’s nice to still be able to use that guy as a blame fall guy, isn’t it.

    annie’s last blog post..Have You Joined the Snuggie Cult Yet?

  25. The “meth” the pharmacist gave you is the special kind of meth that especially helps RA. It will make you high when you take all seven pills. Enjoy (probably not with butter, though); watch those munchies.

    The Mother’s last blog post..Command Performances!

  26. What’s really whack about this meth is that it’s a taper, huh? Where like, they get you all high on 7 pills the first day and then 6 the next, 5 the next and eventually you have none.

    NO Pootenanny.

    It’s like you get prescribed drugs and rehab all at once, which is a total buzzkill.

    Overflowing Brain’s last blog post..Whales

  27. Well, if you get arrested, maybe you’ll finally be able to find some marijuana. Or some real meth. ‘Cause you can always find drugs in prison.

  28. You should try unsalted butter. Or maybe Pam cooking spray. You know there is only 2 calories per spray in that. And if this meth med helps you become psychic, could you so kindly send me tonight’s lottery number. By 7:50 PM Pacific Standard Time. Thanks a bunch. However, if you become psychotic, then I really live on the East Coast, not the West. Actually, I live in a bubble…under the sea…down by the boardwalk. See what meth can do to your thinking and writing skills?!

    So Not Mom-a-licious’s last blog post..Sick Kid? This Remedy might be for You!

  29. This form of meth is better than the street shit.. you can gain weight, get hungry, and be pissed off! But it helps the rheumatism.. good luck my friend (I called you my friend but I’m pretty sure we haven’t decided that yet.. but I mean I’m pretty effing cool so it’s only a matter of time before we are BFF’s.. cause like I have the rheumatism too and I’m pretty f*cking cool.. so really yeah I’ll be waiting on that BFF invite).

  30. Being that I live in the Meth capital of the Us, let me give you a tip…

    Do not try the plastic spoon/butter thing on your pootananny.

    You’ll want to trust me on this one.

  31. Dude, you totally went for the pootananny over the albino poo and buff stick? The taco guys would have totally taken you up if you had offered them some buff stick for your tacos, I mean scooby snax (do you think that comes in fun bags?). They’d be crank whore jamied! I’d call you a rude name, but it seems that would mean meth too….

  32. I just read that outloud to my husband because it was so funny, he needed to know why I was sitting at my computer hackling (okay, the truth is he loves your blog and I knew he’d want to hear it immediately) … and then I was like, “Crap should I have read this outloud in front of my 2 year old?” I can only imagine the new vocabulary words he just learned!

    Jen E @ mommablogsalot’s last blog post..A Time For Change

  33. Maybe this will make you feel better.

    The root “rheuma” means “flowing evil humors.” So a rheumatologist is someone who studies flowing evil humors, someone with rheumatoid arthritis has inflammation of the joints caused by flowing evil humors.

    Sometimes the universe makes complete sense.

  34. I hate to out myself as an obvious former/current drug abuser with this comment, but you’re supposed to inject the butter-meth mixture.*

    If necessary, you can modify an oral syringe using super glue and a toothpick, but I can personally recommend you don’t let it get that bad.

    * Out on the streets with all the narcs, we call it BM to keep it on the down-low.

    LiteralDan’s last blog post..My ridiculous rhinestone bow ’tis of thee

  35. Where I come from they call heroin butter. I’m so forwarding this post to my little brother.

    Jo’s last blog post..

  36. I think it’s time to channel your energy into some positive activism. Check out Texans for Medical Marijuana. I loved their home page text, which begins:

    Dear Medical Marijuana Supporter,

    When Texans for Medical Marijuana closed in 2007, there was much sadness and concern in our state over the welfare of patients and the hopes of protecting them and allowing access to the medicine they need. To fill these very big shoes, a new organization has formed called the Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care.

    Jenny, you just need to tell your doctor you need more compassionate care. I’ll bet she hooks you up pronto. Either that, or come visit us in the Pacific NW. I would SO put you up at our house!

    Holly Forrest’s last blog post..The Sam Adams Musical and New Friends

  37. “Do not stop using methylprednisolone suddenly, or you could have unpleasant withdrawal symptoms.” from yahoo health

    No dip shit

  38. I have nothing funny to add, just helpful hint. The prescription meth you are on will probably prevent you from sleeping well while you’re taking it. Hunh, so it IS like the real thing!

  39. Have your teeth started falling out yet, because that’s what happened to m er, that’s what happened this one time in a TV show I was watching once about people taking meth and all.

    Kathi D’s last blog post..Mamma Mia! OMG!

  40. OMG! I was laughing so hard my husband had to read it just to make sure I wasn’t laughing at him about something.

  41. You are a freaking riot. I wish I could be 1/4 as funny as you – seriously. If you run out of meth, let me know and I’ll ship some Ritalin. That stuff is great with butter, sugar and chocolate syrup…. and chips, pepperoni pizza and diet coke. In fact, not much that doesn’t taste great with a little Ritalin.

    **Disclaimer** – I just realized, I wouldn’t actually send you Ritalin because I need it, it would be wrong not to mention ILLEGAL – and I’m sure there are a shit load of things that I could get busted on for doing it. Not to mention, Jesus wouldn’t really approve. So I guess that means – good luck on cooking your junk.

    Gretchen’s last blog post..I’m not popular. or cool. or exciting.

  42. PS – I seriously hate that I’m jealous of your meth. I have a raging ear infection and it really could use meth of its own. and an antibiotic and ear drops – but I’d settle for a good package of methylprednisolone to get rid of this inflammation.

  43. The butter will act as lube for pootenanny dryness as well! Or other things.. not that I know.

    P.S.. I think that’s part of why it’s called a pooter as well.

  44. Hilarity aside (because this post had me laughing out loud at my computer at 3 in the morning, leaving Husband to wonder WTF I’m up to) I have Lupus. So I kind of feel your pain. Literally. 🙁

    Haven’t been prescribed meth yet though. I’m totally saying, “Pootananny plz” to my Rheum next time I see her.

    Chloe’s last blog post..Oh shit! Oh god! Oh no!

  45. I first read you’re post title as “addicted to Math” and I kinda freaked out for 30 seconds because I didn’t understand how that would happen and a part of me didn’t want to read your post just to fight the addiction. Then I read it again and was relieved to see you actually said “meth”

    I just really hate math.

  46. Good news, side effects include growing facial hair and psychic disturbances. Looks like you can finally get that circus job you’ve always wanted.

  47. Don’t get too excited. I’ve been taking asspirin for ages and still am not getting much ass.

  48. Personally, I’d crush up the meth pills and roll them up like a doobie and smoke ’em. You’ll get much higher that way, I think

  49. Weird and crocheted tofu burgers as it sounds, I find that lavendar oil on a wheat bag straight from the microwave helps ease joints.
    Feel better hon. If only those kids had known what you were offering

  50. I am totally gonna get fired if I keep on reading your blog. I snort and laugh and snicker so much, they’re gonna have to replace my ergo chair with something plastic covered so my pee won’t soak into the seats anymore. My cubicle’s really starting to smell. I blame you.

    Mama Dawg’s last blog post..Who Would You Do?

  51. You realize how funny you are? Seriously, I have to wait until I’m alone in the office and there’s no one to hear all the continuous (L)aughing (O)ut (L)oud while I’m reading a post.

    that girl’s last blog post..I’m with the band..

  52. Hey, you still need some, uh, medical marijuana? Call Michael Phelps, I hear he’s got some. And bonus, it’ll make you a really good swimmer!

  53. Personally I prefer to comment after the 100th commenter because then people are less likely to notice me and I’m slightly less self-conscious about what I’m going to say.

    Only slightly though.

  54. Yeah Jenny. This is the same crap they give me when I get poison ivy. Every summer. By osmosis I guess. No buzz at all. I do get all macho and manly for a while though, so there’s that to look forward to.

    David’s last blog post..Be in the moment

  55. Shit, I’m like way past comment #100. This is so not even gonna get read. So it probably doesn’t even matter what I say here…hmmm

    Weed should be prescribed to simply keep your sanity.

    What kind of bees make milk? Boo-bees

    They call me Scrappy!

    Ok, I’m all out, not feeling witty enough to take full advantage.

    Brandy’s last blog post..Crap!

  56. Oh dear god. I am so worried about you and your meth addiction and your ankle with an ankle and your early-onset old lady diseases that I am not sure if I should be leaving you this comment or dialing 9-1-1. Plus, I am so late getting here. Who knows what kind of state you’re actually in now? Oh dear god. I know. I already said that. But, you know…OH DEAR GOD.

    Lesley’s last blog post..This Is Not A Political Blog…But His Name Looks Like "Boner" So, You Know, What Do You People Want From Me??

  57. If you’re truely immune to meth, you could totally challenge your enimies in a “meth-off” and then point and laugh when they OD and you’re still ok (provided “ok” means inhaling the noxious fumes from burning plastic spoons and butter). Anyone else craving butter right now?

    carolinemichelle’s last blog post..Realizations, with a touch of dyslexia

  58. Ok. I confess, I read this entire post thinking, “She’s so fucking weird.” Until I got to this part, “Then I got back home and looked up pootananny again and apparently it means “vagina”. I’m totally going to get arrested.” and laughed so loud that now all the dogs in my neighborhood are barking.

    Kat’s last blog post..The Best Commercial Ever

  59. My husband said to tell you that if you use this (his was for poison ivy) and then go to a Robert Earl Keen concert, you MAY lose your ability to walk thereby leaving your pregnant, country-bumpkin wife feeling helpless in the middle of a big city.

    Good times.

  60. Since you have not posted a new entry in, like, forever, I sure hope you are working on that book!!!

  61. “I didn’t want my kid accidentally eating with a used meth spoon later. Because I’m responsible.”

    Can I get this shit on a T-shirt yet or what? You have got to write that book!

  62. F’ing hilarious!

    Also your comments are funny as all hell! And I read them all!!!

    Somebody I know found a joint in their dressy clutch that they haven’t used in 6yrs………..would you like it?

  63. OH! I didn’t think anyone out there was wittier, smarter and all around more entertaining than me! Well, there still isn’t, but DAMN I laughed at every single post until my eyes were crossed and couldn’t read anymore!

  64. I’ve taken that meth before. I’ve cut it with coffee, and it helped my autoimmune issues, but made me a little nuts.

    Up in the middle of the night baking and crazy nuts.

    Be careful, sweet Bloggess.

    Lisa Milton’s last blog post..fibs I tell myself

  65. pootananny? ahhhh, so that’s where all the hollywood husbands get their future wives

  66. I’m going to bte that you weren’t at the Taco Cabana on Westheimer and Montrose; ’cause the kids there probably would have said “Okay, sure” and they probably would have assumed that “pootenany” means “hamsters.” And they would probably still trade you weed for hamsters. That has been my experience with that particular Taco C. Well, sort of.

    MButterfly’s last blog post..List-o-mania: Weird Injuries and Alternate Monikers

  67. THANK-YOU.

    Just found out yesterday that my husband has been laid off so life has been very doom and gloom in the household today… but then I read this entry and I’m still laughing.

    I don’t even know you, but you have no idea how much I needed you today… Thanks.

  68. You’re silly, just having meth in the name doesn’t make it meth. The type of meth that destroys lives is Methamphetamine, and you will only find this clinically in Desoxyn. This is a very potent chemical almost exclusively found in treatment of patients deep into chronic narcolepsy to force them awake, and is very rarely RARELY used in the most extreme cases of ADHD, but this is only as a last resort, and even if every other option is exhausted they will still be very reluctant to prescribe it.

    It’s not methamphetamine, don’t worry about it. dumb.

  69. Also, it’s a pill. You eat it, dumb shit. Crushing and snorting pills is only for junkies who want to feel the full effect instantaneously, as opposed to being released over time as is done in clinical doses.

  70. This is hysterical. You do know that some of your readers take you seriously, don’t you? You should be making money off of this blog.


  72. Mr. Anonymous (3 posts up) SO doesn’t get it! Maybe he needs to take some meth or some pot. Or maybe he’s just not getting enough pootenanny. Probably all of the above. Hey, Anonymous, she has rheumatiod arthritis, for cryin’ out loud! How do you honestly expect her to blog without cookin’ up some crank? Amazing how uncompassionate some people can be! Narcolepsy and severe ADHD–right! You need STRONG drugs for that stuff.

  73. Great blog and I love the other blogs (most of them unrelated but just as irreverent) by many of the people who commented on this. If you actually have a doctor hooking you up with prescription crystal meth, by all means give him a plug and let’s party!

  74. Has no one yet pointed out that Methylprednisolone, is not “meth”. Meth, the street drug is short term for methAMPHETAMINE.

    Methyl itself is just some sort of molecule attached to certain drugs molecule to make it have a different effect, but methyl itself is not METH and will not get you high or have any recreational value at all lmao. The only time “meth” will get you high is when it is attached to an AMPHETAMINE, which is the drug that already gets you high, the methyl attachment to the molecule just makes it recreate different, stronger. Although I’m sure the original blogger new this, but a lot of the comments seem completely obvious.

  75. Hmm.. I just checked Alexa and two of my top search terms are actually related to YOU.

    The Bloggess Tshirts was at 15.64% and ‘plese stand by for a demonstration on relevance’ was 2.69%

  76. Oh my gosh this made me laugh so hard I cried and fell down the couch. The picture of you sniffing the pill and it just goes *fump* and is stuck LOL!!!

  77. I was on that Meth a few months ago after a port placement surgery for my Cancer treatment. Must confess I never thought of mixing it with butter. Maybe if I had my scar would have healed better … or better yet, I wouldn’t care about my scar! LOL

  78. I love saving up your articles and readig several at a time, over and over again, so I can get some.good laughing time in. Thanks, Jenny!! 🙂

  79. You used a plastic spoon to cook your meth because you are reponsible…… That is undeniably the most retarded, dip shit thing I have ever heard. With common sense like that your title should read I’ll probably be dead by the time you read this. You are a complete moron and I feel very sorry for your child to have to be raised by such an ignorant person. Poor kid got stuck with a mom who cooks drugs up in plastic spoons and wonders why the house smells. Bitch it isn’t the drugs that smell that bad…..Your burning plastic their Einstein. Amazes me how stupid people can be and unfortunate children can be with the parents they have to raise them. Do us all a favor and kill yourself now please.

    You’re making my head hurt. ~Jenny

  80. Oh yea and Methylprednisolone is not Methaamphetamine.Methylprednisolone is a steroid type drug. Methamphetamine is a stimulant amphetamine. You are so fuckin stupid it amazes me. And you have the nerve to say like Mother Theresa but better. Kill yourself please. Then you can say your like Mother Theresa cause youll both be dead.

  81. You have to be borderline retarded to honestly think Methylprednisolone is Methamphetamine, just because it contains the Methyl isomer. To top it all off, the first thing you do apon your hilariously idiotic ‘discovery’ is try and snort this ‘meth’? People like you are the reason we as a species have not reached our fullest potential, and should be euthanized.

    (Um…this post is satire. I’m not sure how you missed that. ~ Jenny)

  82. This was forwarded to me just as I took my own ‘meth’ (methotrexate) today. Thanks. Now I think I have one lodged in my sinus.

  83. i’m not sure how idiocracy can advocate euthanasia for satire but not for people who misspell “upon.” here’s actually why our species isn’t reaching its fullest potential: judgment. and i say this as a judgy mcjudgerson myself.

  84. Wow some of these commenters must be very new here. How many ways can you say CLUELESS?

    It’s called humor, you morons. Get on the bandwagon, or go crawl back under your rock now.

  85. Ah, misunderstandings. The other day I was with my child at an admissions event for his future school. The director said he lived ~~~ REI. I heard “IN”. Incredulous, I said very loudly, “You live IN REI????” Apparently, he said “NEAR”. But he had a sense of humor about it. Fortunately, so did my child who is used to me doing shit like that.

  86. I think that the level of troll assholery has certainly increased in the last couple years. Back in the day (2009), people just called other people silly or dumb when they didn’t catch the satire.

  87. I especially like that one unpleasant specimen linked his business URL to his comment, yet has the hide to attack other people’s intelligence.

  88. I don’t always read the comments, but this time they’re so… um… entertaining. How is it that anyone can read your blog and not get that it’s satire and meant to be humorous?

    Of course, it is amusing that they rant and rave about your “stupidity” with multiple misspellings, grammar and punctuation errors, and rant all the while about how dumb YOU are, while waving a big ol’ “I Need A Clue” flag.

    I guess it really does take all kinds. Never change, Jenny! We love you! (And we know it’s supposed to be funny.)

  89. Truth1: Don’t link to your work website when writing disgusting things on the internet
    Truth2: You, sir, are an asshole.


  90. Probly a little late but just so you know it’s not meth. Methylprednisolone is a steroid for all kinds of shit. Including inflammatory purposes (your RA). If you look it up the active ingredients put into methylprednisolone doesn’t include amphetamines (actually meth which happens to be in peoples ADD and ADHD medicines. However depending on your dosage you can get high on it if you wanted to. It just could be bad for your immune system and depending on how much you take you could throw up and or shit blood and also become sick.


  92. You might possibly be the stupidest person I’ve ever seen.
    Pot does not cause any type of cancer whatsoever
    What you were thinking of was methamphetamine you fucking idiot
    You tried to snort it
    You tried to cook it
    You are the most persistent fucktard I’ve ever seen

    (Oh, bless your heart. Thank you for crowning me the stupidist person ever, but I’m humble enough to know when I’ve been beaten. ~ Jenny)

  93. Methylprednisolone isn’t even in the amphetamine family…… It’s not meth, not even close. Sorry, just felt like it needed to be thrown out there; unless everyone already gathered that much, then I guess the joke’s on me. lol

  94. U have got 2 be kidding! Bahahaha! This shit gave me a great laugh! Methylpredisone is NOT METH! It’s a steroid and might give u a little energy. Jeez! I have to show this shit 2 my husband and thanks 4 the laughs!

  95. You’re an idiot. This is a steroid used to treat a number of ailments includes inflammatory issues (i.e. Arthritis). The term “meth”, that is a common street drug, is short for methamphetamine, not methylprednisolone

  96. You were prescribed a corticosteroid by a licensed medical professional. Dont be fucking retarded.

  97. For those who don’t get this, try reading her problem with Diet Dr. Pepper.

    I am still confused about the butter part since the pills are supposed to be taken PO (per oral) not PR or per pootananny.

  98. Omg is every body serious? Wow! Whole pills in your nose, melting plastic spoons, and eating a shit ton on butter? It’s a steroid for asthma n shit! Hahahaha I’m dying! METH isn’t what you look for, the word AMPHETAMINE is the key word to use. But for the sake of God’s natural selection pattern, eat, smoke, and snort up, champ!

  99. I’m sorry I don’t know how old this is I just stumbled across it add s get the need to comment. if anybody caught this, I apologize. I didn’t read all the comments. Methylprednisone is honestly not meth, sooo you’re safe. Please understand by me commenting I am not trying to be mean it is simply trying to educate some. adderall is the closest thing adoctor can prescribe even relatively close to methamphetamine.Methylprednisolone It is simply a Stroud with a methylated kind of a precursor to the drug in the form of a steroids is a cortical steroids.Methylprednisolone is used to treat conditions such as arthritis, blood disorders, severe allergic reactions, certain cancers, eye conditions, skin/kidney/intestinal/lung diseases, and immune system disorders. it’s just hit the the precursor. Please understand I’m not in no way shape or form making fun or, Trying to be little anyone I’m just simply trying to set it straight so nobody gets the wrong idea or gets hurt. . I’m in no way shape or form a doctor or a professional of any kind either but I know I’m on it for sciatica pain and it helps usually by the end of tyre blister pack . Also I saw a comment saying that met has no which Rawls not if used once but if use for days or using adderall is also the meth with the purest form of met the doctor can prescribe that can cause serious every wires your nervous system your brain AM it’s used to treat ADHD so someone who can’t pay attention will pay attention more because the alertness will change their their way of perception but again I’m not poking fun I’m not trying to be Mr. Smarty pants I’m just trying to make sure every believes understanding that met the prenda zone is simply a corticosteroid used to help with pain cancer skin diseases of the allergies logic reaction just to name a few hope you’ll have a good day and I didn’t mean to bust in on the blog pretty cool that you took the time to put any effort into it though most people don’t even try anymore so hats off to you

  100. Hey ASSHOLE drug addict. It’s not street Meth. Wow you are ready too far gone. You’ll probably end up in some government sponsored drug program sucking up tax payer money.

  101. I grew up in a country community in rural Mississippi where in the little black community down the road and up the hill lived a boy called Pootenanny and his cousin, PooPoo. I can’t say why, but they told us those names when we met them. Pootenanny beat me up and took my sling shot, and then my brother beat him up and got in trouble. But it turned out okay, we got over it.

  102. BTW, I think you’re pretty cool. Ignore all the publicans here who want to take your kid away. Their lives are probly boring.

  103. I’m dead asfk you really used butter and a plastic spoon cuz you’re “responsible” but not taking the pill like a pill haha im dead i could see where it hit tho x)

  104. My mom is sick (and was given the same prescription) and you’ve made both of us cackle!! I know this post is from while ago but she says thank you for making us laugh while she’s ill.

  105. I may be 13 years late but this was what I needed on day 1 of methylprednisolone. Thanks 🙂

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