Part 3: Dear William Shatner: You mocked me once. NEVER DO IT AGAIN.

William Shatner is mocking all of us.  Okay, maybe not all of us but certainly me.  I honestly thought we were done with this whole William Shatner debacle and I was moving on with my life and I was actually working on a new blog post that was so good it would probably have cured cancer but then I totally lost my train of thought and accidentally deleted it when it was pointed out to me that WILLIAM SHATNER WAS MOCKING ME ON TWITTER.

Subtle, Bill.  Very subtle.

Subtle, Bill. Very subtle.

Conclusion?  William Shatner wants you to have cancer.

And I know most of you are thinking “Wow.  I have no idea what she’s talking about.  Like, even less than normal” and that’s because you haven’t been keeping up.  Long story short: I invited William Shatner to dinner so he could save my marriage, he didn’t respond, I went to send him a link about how much I love him, WILLIAM SHATNER BLOCKED ME, Gawker called me an interesting psycho, MSNBC covered the feud, thousands of people made me laugh hysterically as they rallied around the completely ludicrous cause of getting William Shatner to unblock me on twitter.  And it was good.  Until William Shatner purposely mocked me with aggression. I mean, I know you can’t really see the aggression because it’s in writing but if there was an aggressive font I’m pretty sure he’d be using it here.

And I was going to just tweet a link to Bill’s taunt rather than write a whole post except this is what I get when I click on that tweet:

I'm not going to beg, William Shatner.

I'm not going to *beg* you, William Shatner.

But I forgive him.  Because he is William Shatner.  But you know who I love more than William Shatner?  Grimace.  He was the only McDonald’s character that I felt like I could really hang out with.  And do you know who I love even more than Grimace?  All the amazing people who took it upon themselves to create an entire army of twitterers bent soley on getting William Shatner to unblock me by revealing William Shatners deepest, darkest (and possibly untruest) secrets.  Because it’s exactly that sort of dedication to a cause that is both futile, un-winnable and altogether ridiculous that is the very thing that makes me believe in the power of humanity to not take themselves so fucking seriously.  And so now I’m going to share just a few of my favorite William Shatner related tweets from the last 24 hours.  I should add here for legal purposes that probably more than 10% of these are just rumors and not based on actual fact.  And also that William Shatner is still invited to my house for dinner but now I’m not paying for the hooker and he has to bring the beer.



william 15

william 16

william 17

william 18


william 20

william 21

william 22

william 23

william 24

william 25

Comment of the day: I really don’t know how much more you can be expected to take. I hope Bill Clinton gets involved. And soon. ~ Marinka

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  1. I don’t know if I can choose between you and the Shat, yo. This is really hard for me. Maybe if YOU made footy jammies with your face on them, I could decide. You know, level the playing field.
    .-= Mr Lady´s last blog ..My Parents Went To LA And All I Got Was This Stupid Blog Post =-.

  2. William Shatner screwed the pooch.
    .-= flutter´s last blog ..I can roar =-.

  3. Oh, Shat. How can you do this to the Bloggess? Don’t you know what happens when you arouse her wrath? She sets an army of Wolverines on you. Or, you know, an army of twitterers who shout Wolverine. Whatever.
    .-= Theo´s last blog ..Umm, hello cough and sore throat. Could you do me a favor and bugger off so I don’t feel sick?… =-.

  4. The Bloggess left out my witty and supportive tweet. *sigh* I’ll just have to come up with another one.

  5. The next thing you know, you will be getting a bouquet of wilted roses and a card saying “To my number 1 fan, I hope these roses brighten your day. Love, Shatner”. What a douche.
    .-= Scientific Housewife´s last blog ..How To Make Fabric Wall Art =-.

  6. I see a poem in the future about The Bloggess on the Late show….

    There was a woman from Texas
    That I was stupid enough to mess with…

  7. The Shat spreads disinformation about Obamacare. He also organized all the Teabaggers. At least, those are rumors I might have heard. Or started. Or something.

    .-= Ed T.´s last blog ..Was she searching for “Highway to Hell”? =-.

  8. did you notice the “journalist” at MSNBC called you an “the anonymous “Bloggess”” even though they knew where you work?
    .-= SEO Hack´s last blog ..Twelpforce? Best Buy, You Really DO Want Me To Hate You. =-.

  9. Shatner taught Alanis Morissette what irony is.

  10. “There once was a man called The Shat,
    Whom with The Bloggess got into a spat.
    When her follow he did block,
    Her armies did clean his clock,
    Then he set his Tweets to private mode – that dumb brat!”


    .-= Ed T.´s last blog ..Was she searching for “Highway to Hell”? =-.

  11. 11

    William Shatner told Leonard Nimoy to sing.

  12. I really don’t know how much more you can be expected to take. I hope Bill Clinton gets involved. And soon.
    .-= Marinka´s last blog ..Pom Poms =-.

  13. We can totally get Stephen Colbert on this. I know it. I can feel it in my bones. This is right up his alley. Kirk vs. Colbert: A battle for the twitterverse. #unblockthebloggess and #GetStephen. He’s Neo now. “The One.” The oracle told me over a spoon bending session. I get to be Morpheus. I called it. DM @mayopie on twitter for your codename.. I sent Stephen a phone this morning via Fed Ex. The agents are close. Oh, and it would be the coolest thing in the world if #unblockthebloggess became an actual trending topic. Why it hasn’t yet, I have no idea (William Shatner, likely.) I’ve never made a trending topic before. Somebody fix that please. Thanks.
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  14. Ed.T, have you also heard that Shatner rapes wolverines? Really. Google it.
    .-= Deontologist´s last blog ..MUST READ: The Save Darfur coalition’s vital statistics =-.

  15. Yeah. He broke my TV this morning too. He’s the reason we had to eat dinner in front of my yoga DVDs. He must die!
    .-= screamish´s last blog ..pregnant pauses =-.

  16. actually i was kidding. but he IS a little sensitive. i suspect its all due to his PR minions screening naughty keywords. BILL BILL get some PR kids with a sense of humour!
    .-= screamish´s last blog ..pregnant pauses =-.

  17. I know, I’ll invite you over for dinner and then I’ll twitter William to invite him over for dinner the same night but I won’t tell him you’re coming and then he’ll show up and won’t he be surprised when you’re there instead of the hooker I promised him and then he’ll fall in love with you and marry you and then I can live in the guest house on the Shat estate and we’ll all be best friends and everything.
    P.S. Your husband can come too.
    .-= CatLadyLarew´s last blog ..I Win! I Win! =-.

  18. Um, my hysterical tweet “William Shatner is the past tense of Shit-ner” did not make this list (unless I missed it, shut up, I’m stupid…? See, I ended it with a “?” — I’m so stupid I’m not even sure if I’m stupid!) and now I’m thinking about blocking you too.

  19. You would be stupid *not* to block me.

    Actually there were a TON of awesome tweets that I wanted to include and the post started getting so long that I thought the computer was going to crash and so I just kind of grabbed a big handful of awesome all willy-nilly and in the rush some awesomeness spilled out of my fingers. You were some of that awesomeness. You were like that little bit of beer we pour out for our homies before we drink ourselves. Except I don’t do that because all my dead friends liked cocktails and people get mad when you pour your margarita on the floor. This comment confused me. Just know that I love you whether you block me or not. That’s what makes me better than William Shatner.

  20. JESUS. I sure hope you’re blowing half those people. (And certianly not Shatner.)
    .-= Joey´s last blog ..Rhineland (Heartland) by BeirutGoing to my happy place. Hope… =-.

  21. I am the last one in that list! HELL. YES. If I weren’t in any of those tweets that you put up, I’d kill myself and #blamewilliamshatner in my suicide note.

    I wouldn’t actually kill myself, but I probably would have sent you lots of hate mail. But not really.

    … William Shatner made me do it.

  22. Wouldn’t it be super awesome if William Shatner made you famous by mocking you and blocking you?
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..Re-train Your Brain (you are what you think!) =-.

  23. Is William Shatner the “Bill” who stabbed Victor with a fishing gaffe? Figures. He also gave Hailey smallpox.
    .-= Mr Farty´s last blog ..We Are A Grandmother =-.

  24. You are my #1 favorite psycho of all time!
    .-= zenmomma´s last blog ..Moving On =-.

  25. I would totally join in the “spreading rumors about Shatner on Twitter” thing but if I say something bad about the Shat (even facetiously) I’ll be excommunicated by my fellow Trekkies. Well actually the Picard people won’t mind but I try not to take sides there either (okay well Picard is just plain better but other than that I’m neutral).
    .-= The Great Joe Bivins´s last blog ..PITCHER: You’ve Got Unpopular Blog! =-.

  26. Now I kinda feel sorry for William Shatner. I mean he’s old and maybe the whole blocking thing was some kind of creeping dementia and he is reading all this #’s now and thinking, “WTF?”
    .-= annie´s last blog ..Family Matters =-.

  27. As you wish . . . . . . . . . . William Shatner is the dread pirate Roberts!
    .-= Ellie´s last blog ..Things I want to do with my parents =-.

  28. Princess Bride. Great movie! Unless you weren’t referencing the Princess Bride. But you are a badass, so you probably did.

  29. I was *totally* quoting Princess Bride.

  30. I don’t know if hiding tweets at individual tweet URLs from accounts that have you blocked is intentional on the part of Twitter, but it can be worked around. Personally, I think making it appear as though someone has a protected account when they really don’t is a bug in and of itself, as it is misleading and confuses both new users, and old users who were around before the changes went into effect some months ago.

    Anyway, enough about that. I will say my opinion of William Shatner has gone down a notch since he felt like stooping *this* low. I say, let him do Priceline commercials until he croaks and we can all have a “good riddance” party.
    .-= Shawn K. Quinn´s last blog ..An unusual case of generosity =-.

  31. Sorry I don’t see this as a Steven Colbert thing…I see this more of an Ellen calling Jenny and Shatner and asking them on her show to resolve their differences. I see Jenny showing up in her blonde wig and Ellen offering to adopt her because she reminds her a little bit of her first Anne Heche…then Jenny gets all ‘Oh no you didn’t Anne Heche me…’ then a new Twitter event takes place with people demanding Ellen apologize to Jenny… then Shatner gets all ginned up because Ellen stole his Jenny thunder and it just gets really ugly from there when Shatner starts to feel a little stabby…

    TheBloggess is like a friggen MUSE for people to really reach deep into their own insanity and write this sort of stuff…

  32. Not that I think TheBloggess is insane…well not in a bad way…

  33. William Shatner still thinks he’s “the shit”. Nope, he’s “the Shat” and nobody wants to be that especially after it’s aged a while.

  34. Stephen Colbert’s Twitter Acct is @StephenAtHome We’ll be coordinating a mass tweet sometime in the next 3-5 days, but we need to build, people. #unblockthebloggess and #GetStephen. Remember, He’s “The One,” but we have to extract him from the Matrix. I took the pills, though. I thought they were something else. The mirror thing was the fucking coolest, so it was probably better than what I thought it was. Does anyone know a different way to extract someone from the Matrix? I have Excedrin. dm @mayopie for details and a post coming at . Remember, I called Morpheus first. I already shaved my head so I’m not giving it up.
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  35. And Morpheus has some yard work to do and a couple of other chores, maybe grab some Mexican. So if I don’t get back to you right away, it doesn’t mean that Agents have me. Most likely.
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  36. Holy Shatner, you’re amazing. Even if you are unfortunately wearing The Red Shirt; sorry.
    .-= stephanie (bad mom)´s last blog ..fill ‘er in =-.

  37. This post amused me greatly from the get-go with the Princess Bride reference. You are obviously full of win. 🙂
    .-= Heather´s last blog ..On Music =-.

  38. Cedarflame- Stephen Colbert is a twitter maniac and has a treadmill named after him on the space station. I think that makes him a Captain. Captain Kirk vs. Captain Colbert? He’d eat it up. This made MSNBC, and it’s dominating Twitter. It’s straight up his alley for both it’s comedic value and subject matter. And there is no one fucking funnier than this woman, and she should be on his show. It could make for a brilliant show with Shatner unblocking a dear fan, getting huge positive press and Colbert being the Hero. It’s an opportunity for both of them and a comedic goldmine. #GetStephen #unblockthebloggess
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  39. I would also like to add that Princess Bride is the most awesome movie ever made, and we do have an Inigo Montoya and a Princess Buttercup in the bloggess army. We desperatetely need a Man in Black. Dread Pirate Roberts will also be acceptable. I’ll leave now. Sorry.
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  40. Hey Jen, did you see the update @PaulCamuso (one of the only nine people Shatner follows, and what is up with that cuz one of the people he follows is himself). Anyway, I don’t think they get you. Or this.
    .-= annie´s last blog ..Family Matters =-.

  41. Holy, no shit you were on MSNBC over @williamshatner, Batman! You so famous:P
    .-= Nap Warden´s last blog ..Roar of The Little Man =-.

  42. And Cedarflame? Ellen would also be awesome. I didn’t mean to sound harsh, I haven’t slept much in the last couple of days because that’s when William Shatner attacks you in your dreams. Like Freddy Krueger. But he has two razor gloves. And a plaid sweater. #unblockthebloggess
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..Oh, I’ll leave you alone =-.

  43. Fuck William Shatner.
    .-= BHJ´s last blog ..Swinging With Bums =-.

  44. When my husband made me watch the Star Trek EVERYTHING…I just didn’t “get it”. Now I know why. Unblock the Bloggess, you Shat head!
    .-= Martie´s last blog ..Umm, Wow, Where’d This Sex Tape Come From?… =-.

  45. Wow Jenny, you’ve started a revolution. You’re totally my hero.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..The Show Must Go On: Preparing For Senior Year =-.

  46. And if that comment seemed sarcastic it wasn’t supposed to be. I’m totally serious. You really are my hero.
    .-= Sarah´s last blog ..The Show Must Go On: Preparing For Senior Year =-.

  47. William Shattner is the reason America does not have universal healthcare and Canada does.

  48. 48

    William Shatner made me have a dream that scorpions were trying to eat frogs and lizards while Curt Smith and Roland Orzabal from Tears for Fears were having a party at my house and someone was in the backyard slaughtering a whole cow for a cookout and then bears showed up and I couldn’t figure out how to clean the aquarium. Or it was the valium. Could be both, since I have to take valium because of William Shatner.

  49. Mayopie…I did not take offense…I think TheBloggess should be on all the networks….THE TODAY show with THEBLOGGESS…and all you people standing in the windows holding signs and waving them while she sat there talking with her blonde wig just wearing a sheet …who wouldn’t tune in to that????? In fact…I say give her a REALITY SHOW!!!

  50. I think you single-handedly started a revolution; William Shatner jokes will be the new Chuck Norris jokes. Go Jenny.
    .-= MissAnthropy´s last blog ..Happy Hellacious-Terribly painful-Horrendous-Yet Somehow Joyful Day of my Birth to me =-.

  51. I never felt too strongly either was about Bill. But this has made up my mind. Asshole.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can do. You know, from here. I’m too lazy to get up today.
    .-= Jelly´s last blog ..My holiday – The good, the bad, and the embarrassing. =-.

  52. Commander Shater! Perhaps you are not aware of The Bloggess’ power? Wake up!

    You are no longer Denny Crain! You are no longer commander of the Starship Enterprise. In fact, Kahn came back to kick your butt but you were in hiding.

    Pssst. Can you book me a really cheap room in Vegas this weekend?
    .-= greg cryns´s last blog ..How to Change the […] in WordPress’ the_excerpt Hook =-.

  53. Ok, I’ve added a brief post with some details if you’re interested in joining the cause. We have a ton of participation so far. I don’t think it will be too long for the national media takes notice but we have to be persistent. I know it almost gets old, but we have to remember that the bloggess is a fan, as am I, and she was blocked for being awesome. It probably wasn’t even him, and if he plays this right, it could be nothing but a publicity circus that he benefits from the most. At the end of this, he’ll be thanking her and she’ll get to fucking meet William Shatner. And so will Victor. And then he will pick up empty pizza boxes. And that, my friends, is the big picture.
    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..#unblockthebloggess =-.

  54. Wow, a compliment on MSNBC? You’re totally famous now:)
    .-= Nancy´s last blog ..…And the Winner Is…. =-.

  55. Aw. I love you and your unsolicited Princess Bride references.

  56. MayoPie,

    Note that the following comment is not meant to be patronizing in any way, it’s just that I know a bit about grassroots advocacy-type stuff and I figured I’d put my two cents in to help your cause. You may already know all of this, but I figured I’d point it out in case you did not.

    If you’re serious about getting this on the Colbert Report, which I agree would be hilarious, then you should note two things:

    1. Don’t be too obsessed with a mass tweet all at one time. While mass tweeting is a great idea, some interpret a set time as a “deadline,” which can be problematic because some may forget to tweet at the approved time, be busy at the chosen time, etc. That’s not to say that you can’t or shouldn’t try to get everyone to tweet at one time, but just make sure that, when you encourage people to tweet at a given time, you also make it clear that it’s okay if they miss the deadline and tweet at a later time. Emphasize that you want a large number of tweets at a certain time, but don’t make it a steadfast rule or you could lose tweeters. It would be fun to crash twitter, but not if it costs you in the overall number of tweets.

    2. Massive tweeting is great, but for the story to get picked up, most media outlets wanna know that a story has strong support from more than just one community. I’d suggest you encourage your most dedicated readers to send an email to the Report *in addition to* (i.e. *not* instead of) tweeting. This will also give those not on twitter a way to voice their support. The Report’s webmaster is at It would be even better if you could find the media contact for the show.

    Essentially, the idea is to strongly *suggest* that as many people as possible tweet at a certain time, without shooting yourself in the foot by over-constraining supporters. Like I said, avoid this by encouraging people to tweet even if it’s after the massive tweet campaign and by providing alternative ways of contacting the Report. Fewer constraints can help get more people involved in any advocacy campaign. (And yes, that’s what this is. Advocacy = engaging in a behavior – often on behalf of others – to try to evoke another behavior from someone else. Welcome to my world, MayoPie! It’s nice here, huh?)

    Good luck with this. I’m glad you’re getting so much support!
    .-= Deontologist´s last blog ..MUST READ: The Save Darfur coalition’s vital statistics =-.

  57. Wow, now I’m really glad I’m not on twitter. First, my head would explode trying to read all of this stuff. Second, I went through the popularity contest that is high school once and I do not want to do it again. Third, I’ve never liked William Shatner, and this is waaaaay too much of him for my taste!

    I hope you resolve this conflict, because we need a cure for cancer, and Shatner is already completely overexposed. Maybe someone more obscure could save your marriage. How about Bruce Willis…no, never mind. He can only show you how to have an amicable divorce. How about Danny DeVito – we never hear from him anymore!
    .-= a´s last blog ..Au Naturelle Part III =-.

  58. this is so funny I’m almost (ALMOST) tempted to join twitter.

  59. OMG, I posted eleventy million #unblockthebloggess tweets yesterday and all of my real life friends unfollowed me because of it, but fuck them, because I was devoted to the cause. And yet? I did not make the cut for this post. I am feeling pulled to the dark side. When they find my dead body reeking of vodka parked in front of the TJ Hooker marathon, you’ll be sorry Bloggess. You’ll be sorry.
    .-= Shana´s last blog ..Friday Fill ins =-.

  60. OMG! I was hoping to make the list of your favorites just once. Fucking proud to be part of the #unblockthebloggess revolution!
    .-= Becky Mochaface´s last blog ..Month 3 Day 16 =-.

  61. This is almost making me want to pop my Twitter cherry. Almost.
    .-= Sunshine´s last blog ..Iowa State Fair – No With No Michael Jackson! =-.

  62. I’m usually a big fan of your shenanigans, and they’re usually awesome, hilarious, and insane… but I gotta side with Shatner on this one. He reacted quite reasonably to you harassing him because he didn’t get the joke, and now you’ve got thousands more people harassing him. Leave Kirk alone!

  63. I used to like William Shatner but now I kinda hate him.
    .-= Secret Agent Mama´s last blog ..Meet Casey =-.

  64. I think you should try to get Lenny Nimoys attention and see if he could step in on your behalf
    .-= William´s last blog ..Nightmare =-.

  65. William Shatner always “forgets” his wallet when he is out on a date.

    William Shatner likes the donkey punch. If he asks, say no thanks and back away.
    .-= Stone Fox´s last blog ..The Secret =-.

  66. William Shatner really is the reason for all the world’s problems. He is worse than Meredith Grey.

  67. OMG, I’m having so much fun adding things to the #unblockthebloggess William Shatner… list!!! A couple of my personal faves: William Shatner stole my son’s candy. William Shatner chose the ending for the Soprano’s finale. My whole tweet page is going to be the #unblockthebloggess William Shatner… list. 🙂 Just another faithful minion…
    .-= Aria’z Ink´s last blog ..LMFAO Friday ~ Acknowledging the Lunacy Edition =-.

  68. I’ve already put in my two cents in the form of two tweets in which I accused the Shat of single-handedly causing global warming by melting the polar icecaps with his phaser and claimed that the Shat is in fact the one who spilled your milk and made you cry.

    Aside from that I kind of love William Shatner, particularly for his work on Boston Legal in which he plays an amazing caricature of, I suspect, William Shatner. Also James Spader rocks, but he’s really not the issue right now.

    I’ve had too much to drink, my dress is too short, and I can’t seem to meet a man who hasn’t grown a vagina and DOESN’T want to talk to me about his feelings all the time. Surely there are still men out there with penises. I’m not sure about the state of the Shat’s penis. I have to think of him as not 137-years-old to even contemplate the state of his penis. Why are we talking about his penis anyway?
    .-= shine´s last blog ..Dear Men, =-.

  69. The Princess Bride reference alone was a sure sign I’d enjoy this post. I’ve never been much of a BillShat fan. And now that I know he’s purposely ignoring you I like him even less. I think I’ll book all my travel directly through the airline. Or, better yet, I won’t go anywhere at all.

  70. I am not on twitter – but Jenny, I got your back. You know if this goes to the street.
    .-= Deidre´s last blog ..The only thing that could have made it worse would have been a loaf of bread (my kryptonite) and a pair of socks =-.

  71. @WilliamShatner blocked Jenny from seeing my tweets!

    .-= WazNeeni´s last blog ..Acer Tech Support Nightmare =-.

  72. LOL some of those are hilarious! See how much your are loved?
    .-= Elisa´s last blog ..Living on a prayer (and out of a suitcase) no more =-.

  73. I wonder what the Shat is more upset about; the fact that you won’t pay for the Hooker now or the fact that you got more press than him…I’m going to go with the later…
    It just goes to show how awesome you are!
    .-= “Seattle” Heather´s last blog ..Blogger you are making me annoyed with you… =-.

  74. I know how we can Fuck The Shat Up: let’s all book travel. At full. retail. price. He’ll go completely apeShat when he hears it.

    .-= Ed T.´s last blog ..Was she searching for “Highway to Hell”? =-.

  75. William Shatner is trying to get Family Guy cancelled.

    (Then he’s going after The Simpsons.)
    .-= Akilah Sakai´s last blog ..The Time Has Come =-.

  76. […] Unblock The Bloggess! And may I just say, I have never loved the internets as much as I love them right now. […]

  77. Well it’s official. You have made me pee my pants laughing. But I guess it’s really William Shatner’s fault that my beautiful new shorts are urine-soaked.
    .-= Janey´s last blog ..In Which I Prove That, Yes, I Am A Human FAIL….. =-.

  78. i haven’t enjoyed a feud so much in years – and because i love you AND William Shatner, it’s the happiest feud out. I don’t feel like i have to choose, but i do have to laugh, or i WILL explode.

    Though fortunately i have a stronger pelvic floor than the last respondent, and have not wet myself… well, i nearly did over the giraffe sex thing a few months ago… and the dog having his ears pierced a bit before that… it’s just occurred to me, they should use the Bloggess as a test of pelvic floor strength – much easier than all those gadgets, just read, laugh, and see if you’re incontinent.
    .-= Sheila (@stinginthetail)´s last blog, how big is your virtual penis? =-.

  79. William Shatner is the Capain and you, Jenny, are the tribble. Cute but annoying and everywhere and multiplying fast.
    .-= Carolyn Online´s last blog ..Someone get this kid Excel pronto. =-.

  80. There is a movement. You can be part. Join @philmonger today and #keepthebloggessblocked.

    Shatner is infallible, and therefore clearly thebloggess needs to be blocked. Simple reasoning.
    .-= Phil M´s last blog ..philmonger: How long do I have before I can claim victory over @TheBloggess ? From my point of view #keepthebloggessblocked is winning. =-.

  81. I’m sorry that he’s treating you so badly. Celebrities can be such douche bags. #WhatWouldCaptainKirkDo?
    .-= Lauren´s last blog ..Hooray for Boobies! =-.

  82. Count me as just another minion who joined the twitter war against old Twitter buddy, Bill Shatner.
    .-= Katlin´s last blog ..Is It Shiny??? =-.

  83. William Shatner is pretty much responsible for making Twitter cool again.
    .-= Miss Britt´s last blog ..Ugly. =-.

  84. I’d probably feel like I’d won the lottery for being favorited if it weren’t for the fact that my picture involves wax lips.

    Regardless, I will be a total soldier. This injustice cannot stand.

  85. Ah, so that’s what all this “unblockthebloggess” stuff I’ve been seeing on Twitter is about. I wondered what was up!

  86. We can still do a mass tweet. We all just need to set things up through the twitter application “Twaitter” which schedules tweets when YOU want to send them. Awesome. It even schedules repeats. So you can write your tweet, save it, and then go screw up your real life instead of your online one.

    .-= JChevais´s last blog ..Attention Losing Ho =-.

  87. […] needs to do something to redeem himself after the Bloggess debacle. Plus I’m pretty sure that no one knows how to save on travel, so it might be helpful for him […]

  88. Man, this really bothers me. Bill(I call him Bill) is such a cool, laid back individual, I can’t imagine what has driven him to such lengths. I’ll have my people look into this and get back to you.
    .-= residuetiger´s last blog ..Concerning iPhone Twitter Clients Part 1 =-.

  89. William Shatner should have to pay for your therapy.

    Hell, he should have to pay for all our therapies. I smell a law suit.

  90. The Shat can suck it. I’ve never been a fan of his.
    .-= Amanda of Shamelessly Sassy´s last blog ..Happy Birthday Adam! =-.

  91. You do know that Wil Wheaton, aka Wesley Crusher on ST:TNG, refers to Shatner as “William FUCKING Shatner” right? They have had a bit of a love/hate relationship…
    .-= Becky´s last blog ..vacation pictures! =-.

  92. Yesterday I drank enough Heineken to kill a small horse…i’ve been telling everyone that it was all because I was so upset at what a horrible prick Shatner was being to the Bloggess…but really its because I have an alcohol dependency problem…does this still count as support for your cause Bloggess?

    PS. On a side note I just found a peanut that looks like Shatner…its a sign…
    .-= Karl´s last blog ..Properties in Albufeira =-.

  93. William Shatner poisoned DeForrest Kelly.
    .-= Bennie´s last blog ..We Interrupt Our Blog… =-.

  94. We are growing. If you are interested in joining the movement that will a) Help Jenny become a household name and b) Help he Shat become a twitter legend, visit for your codename. The good ones are getting snapped up like crazy. Tyler Durden was only recently claimed. WTF? Thought that would be one of the first ones. Anyway, I also put up a delirious post about all this, if you’re bored or whatever.

    .-= MayoPie´s last blog ..If you haven’t seen the Matrix you should probably just go away #unblockthebloggess William Shatner! =-.

  95. William Shatner wears a Michael Myers Face.

  96. Dear Bloggess,

    Can you be my BFF? I want to be just like you when I grow up. I can be like a mini-Bloggess…. Bloggessette?

    Thank you,
    Me 🙂

  97. Sure. Bring booze.

  98. Since you love Grimace so much you should join the Grimace Hunters group.

    By the way, I still think you’re the shit, even if Shitner hate you and everything about you.

  99. I will never block you. Because I fear the wrath of your army.

    .-= Condo Blues´s last blog ..How to Cook Edamame (Soybeans) =-.

  100. […] is a reason to follow someone, not block them. ) The full story can be read here TheBloggess  and Follow up because it’s 4:07 a.m. and I lack the lucidity to tell it. And she’s way better at it, […]

  101. Well.

    William Shatner is dead to me.

    may he rest in peace. or not.

  102. Love the Princess Bride shout out in your title.

    “I died that day! And you can die too for all I care!”
    .-= carpeviam´s last blog ..Gone are the days… =-.

  103. I don’t know what made me laugh harder – you or @aha111. I love it.
    .-= NaysWay´s last blog ..FEAR No. 039: Scared of Lonely =-.

  104. […] twitter account @TheBloggess, a mommy blog at The Houston Chronicle and her own blog The Bloggess. Her account of the feud seems accurate from some quick sleuthing. Long story short: I invited William Shatner […]

  105. At least Shatner understands what “a few” is.
    .-= Whit´s last blog ..Madness, Bubblegum and What It is I Do =-.

  106. Boy of boy!!! the entire twitterland is rooting for you. i am sure as heel tommorrow there’s gonna be a poll about this on CNN. God you are hillarious:-)
    .-= Noopur´s last blog ..Double Sunday =-.

  107. Is this The Bloggess or Twitter? The names are the same.
    Okay, who’s holding the board and how much per square on when The Bloggess will be appearing on The Colbert Report?
    I’m guessing she gets a spot on a future Priceline commercial! Damn Jenny, if Boston Legal was still on you’d probably get a guest spot, then your own spin-off.

    Okay, squares on the Priceline commercial. Who’s in?
    .-= John Pazzesco´s last blog ...: I’m So Going To Hell =-.

  108. He only messes with you because he has a secret crush on you. Just like second grade.

  109. ok, I’m in the army. The bloggess army. MayoPie is morpheus and I had dreams about this shit last night. wtf??
    .-= peedee´s last blog ..Once a monster always a monster. =-.

  110. William Shatner is a mythical hobbit.

  111. Holy fucknuts! I might have to reconcider my Twitter aversion because there is no cause like getting the Blogess unblocked by William Shatner, or he who shall not be blocking the Blogess.
    .-= Catootes´s last blog ..questions of family dysfunctions =-.

  112. Hmmm…..all these supporters, yet 1,314 more Shat followers since he blocked you…..
    .-= Karyn´s last blog ..Happy Holidays! =-.

  113. Brilliant!!!!!!!
    .-= Jaime | Fast Times´s last blog ..Some Random Tuesday Thoughts =-.

  114. William Shatner shot the sheriff. And he shot the deputy.

  115. Who is thebloggess2?

    (No idea. It’s not me though. Probably William Shatner. ~Jenny, the bloggess)

  116. […] on twitter who spent the week vehemently championing such a ridiculous and entertaining cause with hashtags, memorial ribbons and blogs while they were probably supposed to be […]

  117. i was re-reading these shatner posts cuz they really, really crack me up (like spit my coffee out on my keyboard and get yelled at by my husband, cuz ruining infared computer keyboards with drinking liquids is a sport to me)(so it seems). and i had to remark that I love the title…cuz i am one of those Princess Bride fans (i even decide to marry my husband—whom i met on aol—because he said, “as you wish” to me in an instant message without ever having seen the movie…i figured we were meant to be together!)
    anyway, your blog cracks me up. thanks! and congrats on getting back in good with the Shat (did you know that around here–where my husband is from–not me—im not from a little, itty, bitty town like this one–‘shat’ is the past tense of sh*t?—yeah, you probably did)

  118. great. i just read some of the comments (why didnt i do that before??!!) there already is mention of the princess bride and ‘shat’ being the past tense of ‘sh*t’. crap. i am an ass. please delete my comments and preserve my online dignity (i have none in real life….perhaps that goes without saying…?). oh well, still love your blog…even if i am an ass.

  119. My weiner hurts. Make love to me.
    .-= Coleen´s last blog ..Canine Seizures =-.

  120. […] absolutely crazy! After William Shatner blocked her on Twitter, everybody freaked out and started a riot! He finally unblocked her before all of Twitter turned against […]

  121. […] to it.  It was created by all the people who made it their mission in life to violently force William Shatner to unblock me on twitter and then after he did they wandered around aimlessly, bumping into walls and not showering.  Then […]

  122. […] she is going a bit extreme in the area of entertainment. There’s a fine line between funny and […]

  123. […] me and I was part of The Bloggess’s Twitter army — see The Bloggess Part One, Part Two, Part Three and Part Four — which besieged William Shatner until he unblocked The Bloggess. (We tweeted […]

  124. I just need you to know that I share your love of Grimace!!! I happen to own a Grimace pencil that I’m sure is vastly valuable and vintage and all… it’s my favorite pencil and therefore I am the only one allowed to use it cause let’s face it, the more you use it, the more Grimace goes bye-bye with the sharpening and all. I’m pretty sure I hear him squeal when the time comes… I’ve forced the pencil to last, and barely be used, for more than ten years now. It’s on my nightstand for Sodoku purposes and my 1.5 year old grabs it everynight thinking the added on eraser is chapstick. Poor Grimace.

  125. Just spent the last 15 minutes laughing until I cried- and wheezed- over these Twitter posts. How I haven’t knocked myself out by slamming my head into my desk while laughing is a damn mystery to me.

  126. WTF??? I may have to totally rethink my Kirk love affair now. This is totally unacceptable.. You’re like laugh crack. How can he not want to go to your house for dinner.. Does Copernicus have a twin? I really need a homicidal monkey..

  127. 127
    Lady Penelope

    Oh I LOVE that you quoted The Princess Bride!

    And I can’t *believe* I missed this whole saga (coming to the party a couple of years late).

    This *almost* got me to look into this thing you call ‘twitter’. Almost.

  128. 128
    France's YOZAWITZ

    I Think that William Shanter is good.

  129. 129
    France's YOZAWITZ

    I saw all of Star Trek Movies.

  130. […] but she’ll have you laughing until you hurt. She offers advice for the zombie apocalypse, once got into a Twitterfight with William Shatner, spearheaded a phenomenal charity drive this Christmas, and was named Czar of Nothingness in a […]

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