Updated to add:  Nathan Fillion has said he most emphatically does NOT want to hold twine so please do not ask him.  And it’s fine.  He’s still great and Firefly being cancelled was one of the greatest travesties to happen to our generation.  Also, this whole debacle lead to this bit of fried fantasticalness…

Conversation with my friend, Maile

me: Sooo…Nathan Fillion is making me doubt my own existence.

Maile: Um…what?

me:  I’ve been asking him for a picture of himself holding twine for almost a year now, and he refuses to acknowledge me or the  thousands of other people asking for twine pictures.

Maile:  Why exactly are thousands of people asking him for twine pictures?

me:  It’s sort of a long story.  A year ago I asked everyone on the internet to send me 11 cents so I could buy a taxidermied pig dressed as Scarlett O’Hara, but then the pig deal fell through and so I decided to offer the $402 I raised to Nathan Fillion if he’d send me a picture of himself holding twine.

Maile:  Yeah.  This is really just raising more questions than it’s answering.

me:  Right.  Well, I already had my Wil-Wheaton-Collating-Paper page which Wil lovingly donated so that he could help me rid the internet of the scourge of unsolicited blog pitches

Maile:  I love that page.

me: EVERYONE loves that page.  That page is why Wil Wheaton will be welcomed into heaven even if he starts murdering baby kittens for fun.  And I thought it would be nice to have a Nathan Fillion-Holding-Twine picture as a bookend page to deter PR people who continue to send you the same pitch every 12 hours even though you keep asking them to remove you from their lists.

Maile:  Got it.  So you were doing this for America?

me:  I WAS DOING THIS FOR THE WORLD.  Then 6 months ago I went to his hometown and tried to extend an olive branch but then he ditched me at the pizza place we were supposed to meet at.

Maile:  He actually said he’d meet you?

me:  I tweeted him that he should say nothing if he was planning on coming.  He said nothing.  I thought it was implied.  Then I may have posted some artfully nude pictures of him (superimposed with twine) but they were all very flattering.  And then I accidentally started a rumor that Little Wayne died, but I cleared that right up because I’m responsible.  Unlike Nathan Fillion, who can’t be bothered to show up where he’s implicitly promised to eat pizza with me.

Maile: Wow.  I don’t…even know how to respond to that.  Sounds like ol’ Nater-Tater is afraid of commitment.

me:  Exactly.  Plus?  That’s the best nickname in the world.  I’m stealing that.

Maile: It belongs to the world.

me:  JUST LIKE THE NON-EXISTENT PICTURE OF NATER-TATER HOLDING TWINE.  So anyway, last week I got sad that Nater-Tater was still refusing to acknowledge my existence so I asked Simon Pegg for a picture of him holding twine.

Maile:  Who?

me:  I will cut you.

Maile:  I’m not good with names.

me: He’s the star of Shaun of the Dead.

Maile: OH!  I LOVE HIM.

me:  We all love him.  He’s Simon Pegg.  But I needed to get his attention so I asked everyone to tweet “simonpeggholdingtwine” and it became a twitter trend WORLDWIDE for like eight and a half minutes.

True story, y'all.

Maile:  That’s awesome.  And…bizarre.

me:  It gets weirder, because then SIMON PEGG TOTALLY SENT ME A PICTURE OF HIMSELF HOLDING TWINE.  Except that all you could see was his hand holding twine and it wasn’t really proper twine, but still…the man tried.  And then the internet rejoiced and Simon was named a God amongst men, but I still wondered why Nathan wouldn’t respond.  And then this weekend I just gave up and said “@NathanFillion, should I just give up on my dream of you ever holding twine?  Let a girl down gently.”  And he said he was very sorry for disappointing his #1 super-fan.

Maile:  Really?

me:  No, of course not.  He completely ignored me again.  I mean, how hard is it to say “I’m allergic to twine,” or “I appreciate ignoring your pain.”

Maile:  Maybe he’s just playing hard to get.  Or maybe he just uses his twitter pictures for important things.

me:  Yeah.  Like when he put up that series of pictures showing how his rash was spreading.  And once?  He posted a picture of a fake dead cat with ketchup all over it.

Maile: You’re joking.

me:  I’M NOT JOKING.  THAT’S THE SAD, TERRIBLE TRUTH OF NATHAN FILLION.  Then a few weeks ago one of my readers met him and asked why he wouldn’t do it and he said “Oh, I don’t do stuff like that.”  And by “stuff like that” I assume he means “Anything awesome that makes people smile“.  Which makes me sad for Nater-Tater.  And sad for the world.

Maile:  So what happened to the money you were going to spend on Nathan Fillion?

me:  I used part of it to take a 50 year old cuban alligator dressed as a pirate on a plane ride.  And the rest went to helping orphans.

Maile: Hmm.

me:  Orphan cats really.  But still.

Maile:  You know, maybe this is less about Nater-Tater’s inability to hold twine and more about his super-human ability to ignore people.

me:  Like that’s his super power?  You know, that would actually make sense because HE’S SO GOOD AT IT.  I mean, the man is dedicated.  I’ll give him that.

Maile:  Ignoring you is his super-power.  And twine is his kryptonite.  And I think we just solved Nathan Fillion.

me:  Yes, but understanding Nater-Tater doesn’t get me a twine picture to use to battle evil form letters.  Unless…

Maile:  Yes.  I like where this is heading.

me:  What if I just recognize the fact that Nathan Fillion has a damn passion for ignoring people and – instead of using a picture of him holding twine to ward off marketers – I USE NATER-TATER HIMSELF.  From now on, whenever I get a particularly harassing marketer who won’t take me off the list I’ll just tell them that they need to check with Nater-Tater because he approves all of my reviews.  Then I get rid of the marketers and he gets to ignore me, plus TONS of new people.  EVERYBODY WINS.

Maile:  Oh.  My.  God.  He is going to love you.

me:  Not just me.  EVERYONE.  Got a telemarketer that won’t leave you alone?  Tell them to call Nathan Fillion. Creepy neighbor won’t stop asking you to look at his suspicious back moles?  Tell him he needs to ask Nathan Fillion first.  Bill collector won’t stop calling?  Tell them that Nater-Tater handles all of your finances.  THIS COULD CHANGE LIVES.

Maile:  Or really annoy Nathan Fillion.

me:  Who, Nater-Tater?  No way.  If anything he’ll probably want to thank me.

Maile:  With a picture of twine.

me:  That man owes me.

PS. A special note to Nathan Fillion:  As always, I adore you.  It’s almost like you planned this on purpose. In fact, I suspect you did and that’s why I would like to thank you, Nater-Tater, for being the kind of man who forces me think so much larger than a simple twine shot. One tiny twine picture might have brought light and laughter to thousands of people for a few days, but this could bring me joy FOR YEARS.

PPS.  Here is the fabulous picture of Simon Pegg holding twine, because I think it’s selfish to not share this with the rest of the world:

The man is a damn saint.

PPPS.  Phrases now a permanent part of the bloggess lexicon:

Pulling a Nathan Fillion:  Someone who refuses to play along with – or even acknowledge – your twine-based games.  May cause you to doubt your own existence.

Being a Wil Wheaton:  Like being an Eagle Scout of awesome.  Surfing the cusp of weirdness in search of maidens to rescue.  Except that I think “maidens” implies “virgins”.  So change “maidens” to “unseemly wenches with hearts of gold”.

Throwing a Simon Pegg:  Being an excellent sport even when completely baffled, because there’s simply no reason not to do something random and silly to bring joy into the lives of others.

Becoming a bloggess:  Tenaciously taking a joke way too far for the sake of sheer ridiculousness.  Might be considered dangerous.  Approach with caution and a booze slushee.

UPDATED, day 2:  I have given up on Nathan Fillion ever giving us a picture holding twine, but something happened a few minutes ago which gave me both hope and closure on this whole tumultuous year of vaguely pathetic begging…

Penn Jillette just sent us a picture of himself holding twine to help heal our pain.  Unsolicited.  With nothing asked for in return.  Just a picture of himself holding (PROBABLY MAGICAL) twine simply to brighten our day with furious joy.

He makes it look so easy, doesn't he?

We all owe Penn Jillette a drink.  Just lemonade though because the man never drinks booze.  Conclusion: Penn Jillette is better than tacos and is saving us all money.  Follow that man.  

UPDATE #3:  Is this the longest, most convoluted post ever?  Probably.  But it’s worth it because we’re almost done forever.  So in the latest turn, the always awesome Simon Pegg has asked that we leave Nathan Fillion alone because it’s starting to get a bit insane even for us.  I agree and I have apologized to Nater-Tater for bothering him and I have assured him that I will never ask him for twiney pictures again.  Unless I’m really, really drunk.  But then I felt a bit dejected and so I told everyone that instead we should really just concentrate on more important things, like helping homeless kids.  And getting Jeri Ryan to hold a spatula.  Then I immediately said I was just kidding about Jeri because I was really sort of ready for this to all be over and I didn’t have the strength to go into another year of asking one of my internet heroes for a picture of them doing something random for the sake of pure silliness.

And then something magical happened…

Jeri L. Ryan ~ Practically a gooddess.

And she wasn’t alone.  Hundreds of people started sharing pictures of themselves standing randomly with their spatulas, and in a matter of minutes I was flooded such awesomeness I may have gotten a little teary.  Also, Wil showed up again (with murderous spatula), proving that awesomeness is not just a fluke.


(Also, almost $500 was raised for overnight bags for homeless kids in under an hour because you’re all amazing.)  And then the spell was broken and my appetite for random pictures was sated, and Neil Patrick Harris probably drew a great sigh of relief because I bet he knew in his heart that he would have been next.

This is the point where I would say something witty to wrap this whole thing up but I don’t feel witty.  I feel grateful.  Thank you to every single one of you, for listening, for not taking me seriously, for taking me just seriously enough, and for coming along on this ridiculous, furiously happy voyage with me.

Seriously.  Thank you.

UPDATED FOR (I SWEAR TO GOD, PROBABLY) THE LAST TIME:  Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better:


So. Fucking. Awesome.

And what’s even more awesome about this is that Matthew Broderick isn’t even on twitter and he still wanted me to have this because he reads this blog.  Seriously, y’all.  My cat’s namesake intentionally shared a picture of himself holding something random just to celebrate the weirdness.  Best ending ever.

PS. Over $1200 was raised for homeless kids donated in honor of the amazing people who joined in the ridiculous silliness of this entire, strange saga.  Thank you from me and from the 60 children who will each be getting a security blanket, stuffed animal and a book to make life a little less serious as well.

You rock.  All of you.

UPDATED AGAIN BECAUSE I’M A LIAR ABOUT NOT UPDATING ANYMORE:  Victor just woke me up to tell me that Brian Boitano had just tweeted me a picture of himself holding twine.  Then he yelled “THAT’S WHAT BRIAN BOITANO WOULD DO” and then I realized it was probably the apocalypse because Victor was actually on twitter.  And also because BRIAN BOITANO WAS HOLDING TWINE.

I bet he'd kick an ass or two. THAT'S what Brian Boitano would do.


Matthew Broderick sees your twine and raises you a spatula and a confusingly-cooked egg.

I’d just like to add that for the most part everyone has taken this in the spirit in which it was written…as a silly, ridiculous post to remind us all to giggle a little bit more than we already are.  A very, very small number of people (mostly all brand new to this blog) instead focused on “what an asshole Nathan Fillion is” or “what an asshole people who think Nathan Fillion is an asshole are.”  I’d like to point out that both sets of people are wrong, as this amazingness could not have happened without Nathan Fillion’s actions, and I’d like to think that he somehow planned this all, because that way I can still watch Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along-Blog without feeling like Nathan Fillion now hates me.  Sometimes you have to get ignored by Nathan Fillion to get a picture of Matthew Broderick holding a spoon.  That’s just life.  A terrible, terrible analogy for life.

But an apt one.

And that’s why I’d like to thank you, Nathan Fillion, for inspiring a post that brought laughter to so many.  I hope it brings you laughter as well because it would make me very sad to think that anyone felt like less of a person just for something as silly as a twine picture.  Strangely enough, I know how that feels, and I also know how it feels to be rescued from that sadness by someone else reaching out a hand (or spatula).  And that’s why instead of asking you for a picture of you holding twine, I’m giving you one.

Of me.

Holding twine.


Thank you, Nathan Fillion.  Wherever you are.



UPDATED X I-don’t-even-know-anymore:

That's right. Sean Maher from Serenity. HOLDING TWINE. My work here is done.

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  1. My husband’s explanation: Nathan doesn’t get it, cuz he’s Canadian. He might not know what twine IS.”

    My husband blames everything weird Nathan does on him being Canadian. It’s something to do with a scene from the simpsons (They think I’m slow cuz Im from Canada) and a line from Eddie Izzard (You’re English, scale is back a bit).

  2. Okay so all stalking laws aside, and ignoring of course your loveable yet over-active imagination, clearly the guy owes you after standing you up and all. He at least owes you pizza and an apology and a hug.

    As for the twice, I too would love to see a pic of Nathan Fillion all tied up with twine. And shirtless. Oh maybe that’s just me…

  3. Maybe you should hit him low…tell him we’ll raise some money for his charity if he will offer a picture with twine! It’s for the kids, right?

  4. Nater-Tater will totally be a thing now. I am disapointed in him, though, I though a nerd-god like him would do something like this for the world. But I’m definitely not giving up on this yet!

  5. You know, I’m disappointed that Nathan Fillion won’t play along and give you a damn picture of himself holding twine! How hard is it to pose with twine for 2 seconds and have your picture snapped? It’s not like you asked for a naked picture of him holding twine in a strategic location or anything…

  6. Even though this is about Nathan Fillion and his twine-denying ways, I think I like the Wil Wheaton parts the best. Probably because of his awesome paper collating ways.

  7. I do love Nathan and hope he doesn’t feel it necessary to take out a restraining order on you. My absolutely unsolicited advice is to ask Felicia Day or Neil Patrick Harris instead. I think either of them would make NF so sad for missing this opportunity. I mean. Simon Pegg is AWESOME for sending you the picture, but either missed the point or is fucking with you.

  8. It’s really not you, it’s him. He has allegedly ignored the person who was hired to write Joss Whedon’s AUTHORIZED biography. Between that and this I have to admit I’m super disappointed in him. As a fellow Canadian, I know his mother raised him to be way more polite, dammit!

  9. if there is a heaven and St Peter is at the gates, do you promise now to blog from the afterword, your conversation with him when he holds you up to ask’s why he should let you in? , ppppleeeeaaaassseeeeeeeee

    In fact can you just pre-write that conversation and do it next

  10. …Wait. If Simon IS fucking with you, then is he really awesome? Maybe just a goodish sport.

  11. Wow! I love this!

    Somehow, when I start to doubt my own existence, you post a blog that confirms that I am, in fact, here. 🙂

    Thanks, Jenny! You rock, as always!

  12. Well, I don’t have a picture of him with twine, but I DO have a picture of Nater-Tater himself circa 1988 with me at summer school in Quebec. For the sake of the internet and so you never again doubt your existence I am willing to scan and send it to you!

  13. I’m beginning to think Nathan Fillion might just take himself a wee bit too seriously. Wonder if he says “and SCENE” (with eye closed in a meditative manner)at the end of every Castle take?

  14. OH man. My desperate love for Nathan Fillion has just suffered a severe blow. How can I desperately love a man who won’t even hold a goddamn ball of twine? Worse than that, he’s been studiously ignoring another woman behind my back. THAT, I cannot forgive.

    Thankfully, I’ve been in love with Wil Wheaton much, much longer. I’m all yours now, Wil, you Eagle Scout of Awesome, you!

  15. I read, I chuckle. I read, I guffaw. I read, I love. You are one of a kind and I think you’re amazing. Your brand of insane (and gloriously hilarious) humor is exactly what this world needs (even if you can’t have a Nater-Tater twine shot).

  16. See.. Do something silly and random, like holding twine or collating paper and you are canonized in the church of awesome for all eternity.

    There is no good reason not to do these things.

  17. New plan: Everyone who has not already done so, begin stalking Nathan Fillion. As soon as an opportunity presents itself, throw a ball of twine at him, snap a picture, and run. Then there is a picture of a *surprised* Nathan Fillion, sneakily tricked into holding twine. Everybody wins.

    Also, I saw Wil Wheaton on Big Bang Theory the other day and neary died. It was awkward explaining that to my mum: “Yes, I’m freaking out because that is Wil Wheaton. What do you mean you don’t know who he is? There’s a picture of him collating paper on the Internet if you wanna see.”

  18. Maybe we should tweet him with the hashtag #nathanfillionhatestwine and give our reason why we think this is so. Maybe he was tied up with twine as a kid and it gives him nightmares. Yeah. Maybe it sends him into a fugue state. That’s what I’m going with….

    Come on Nathan Fillion. If you’re reading this, don’t be a dick (like Wil Wheaton likes to say). Give us a picture with twine!

  19. Oh, I don;t think Nater-Tater is ignoring you…I think he is somewhere laughing his ass off about all of this…well, snickering quietly, but still…

  20. I love “surfing the cusp of wierdness and sheer ridiculousness” and I could really use a booze slushee! Jenny, you are my favorite!

  21. I’m surprised you haven’t asked Wil Wheaton to intercede. All of the conventions they do? They MUST know each other.

    …Although I like it better this way, I think.

  22. Y’know, you might have better luck with George Clooney. He is so totally game. Also, Jeff Goldblum is really nice about requests, so you might try him, too.

    Just a thought.

  23. It can’t be because he’s Canadian…it just can’t be! I’m Canadian and I’ve held twine! It must be something else! It just must be! Think Think Think….

  24. Im setting up an auto reply in my Junk Mail folder for all the hours of spam mail I get from the good ole USofA these days. Want to offer me LASIK surgery? Speak to Nater man. Discount iPads? Not without consulting Nater Tater first my friend. Foreclosure problems? (I have no idea what that even is) but you’ll have to email my accountant Nater-Tot I’m afraid.

  25. I can’t believe I spelled weird wrong! I blame the meds and my lack of booze slushee! So sorry! Will proofread more closely next time!

  26. I can assure you that Canadians do indeed know what twine is, as I am Canadian and current own twine. I’m not only Canadian but I’m also from Nathan Fillion’s hometown (that would be Edmonton not LA just to clarify). While this used to be a sourse of pride for me, it’s now a source of shame. Almost as much shame as hailing from the same province as Nickle Back. You hear that Nathan Fillion, I just ranked you with Nickel Back! And just to assure you Canadians are your people, my husband hails from a province (Newfoundland) where everyone has booze slushies in their freezer, just in case of company!

  27. It’s simple. Nater-Tater has linonophobia and he won’t admit it because he doesn’t want you to know he’s flawed. Maybe you should try for a picture of Nater-Tater with his odd-sock collection? Everyone has one of those.

  28. See, you need to go recruit his Castle co-stars and get THEM to get photos with themselves and twine and make him feel the peer pressure. While not a co-star, Patrick Stewart is going to be here in DFW for the Dallas ComiCon, as well as David Prowse. You get Capt Picard AND Darth Vader to hold twine, there’s no way he could still say no. Well, he might, but you never know.

  29. And so just so we are clear and everyone on the same page, what is the technical definition of “a Shatner”?

  30. I am so embarrassed that I now have to google Simon Pegg and Nathan Fillion, because I don’t actually know who they are. Oh, and Wil Wheaton. I’ve never heard of him either, but I think his picture collating paper is super awesome.

    When I know who these people are, this will all start to make sense, right?

  31. As always, so damn funny.

    Second, you exist in a deep, profound, subtle, and disturbing way that brings joy to thousands (or millions?), so you totes exist.

    THANK YOU for posting the picture of Simon Pegg holding twine. I have been dying of curiosity ever since you said he sent it. Now I can die happy (though hopefully not soon).

  32. I am pretty sure he is ignoring you because the longer he strings (haha, get it?) this out , then the bigger the reaction will be when he finally does take the picture. Or this is me being a damn optimist. Either way, he is a crafty nerd god bastard.

  33. *snort* Nater-Tater. Love it. Love you. Keep plugging away at Nater-Tater. He’ll come ’round. Either that or he has ice water in his veins.

  34. I think you need to get Ellen in on this. She totally got Oprah to put her on the cover of O magazine. And, well, what else does she have going on?
    Besides a ridiculously hot wife. A popular tv show. And pets.
    But anyway, she could totally invite him on the show and hand him a ball of twine. You’d then have a screenshot of Nathan Fillion holding twine.
    Don’t go bigger. Go nefarious.

  35. I love the way your mind works. I also wonder what will happen to all those marketers? Will they eventually realise they are all being sent to the same place and demand the twine themselves?

    Roiben x

  36. Maybe Mr Fillion doesn’t know how to hold twine and is too embarrassed to admit it, perhaps you can get all your twitter followers to send him a twine holding picture so he knows how it’s done.
    But I think the main point I will take away from this blog post is the fact that Simon Pegg has freakishly symmetrical fingers.

  37. What kills me is how you got Simon Pegg to do it on the same day Nathan posted a picture of the two of them hanging out.

    I also think you should try to get Alan Tudyk involved.

  38. You know, maybe you should have been more quietly morbid and creepifying, because as he said all those years ago, “Morbid and creepifying I got no problem with, just as long as she’s quiet about it.”

  39. My mother just called to ask when I’m coming to visit and I told her I had to wait until Nater-Tater approved my travel arrangements. This totally rocks!

  40. Oh YES! I love Nathan Fillion! He’s hot…but why does he have such superhuman power to ignore someone as important as the Bloggess? And now I know who Wil Wheaton is (because I saw Stand by Me and love Stephen King) and Simon Pegg (although I never watched Shaun of the Dead which probably means I am dead to you and all of your fans).

    I think there must be a whole world of twitter things I don’t know about but want to follow. Good thing I started a twitter account this morning. And Jenny, it is totally your fault that I will now be spending all of my spare time sending out pointless tweets while I have no followers. I need a twitter tutorial!

  41. The first thing Nathan Fillion is going to do is wonder why in the hell everyone started calling him Nater-Tater, and why that nickname won’t seem to go away, because in his weird Canadian-ness, I bet he doesn’t even like potatoes. Then, about day 6 into tracking down the Nater-Tater name, there is going to be a Juanita weasel like moment where the words “DAMN YOU BLOGGESS!!!” echo around the world faster than Superman turns back time. And now would be about the time a package should arrive for his assistant, because you know his assistant probably opens everything, with a ball of twine and a card that says “Knock Knock Motherfucker”. Because he has no idea how long you can keep a thing like that going – but we do.

  42. So, how long before Nater-Tater blocks you on Twitter, do you think? (a la William Shatner) – then the whole Twitterverse can shame him into FINALLY PLAYING ALONG! (also, a la William Shatner)

    Brilliant idea, no?

  43. Is anyone else wondering WHERE Simon took that shot? It kinda looks like a bathroom in an overly expensive store… or it could be his front foyer… if he was accosted by dramatically overpriced decorators who were looking for someone to off load the extra tiles and mirrors from their last mall job.

  44. It really is shocking to me that Nathan Fillion “doesn’t do that sort of thing”. I mean, I’ve seen pictures of him enthusiastically riding a bicycle, this seemed right up his alley. I mean, he’s still awesome, but it is sad. =( At least now he’s earned the nickname “Nater-Tater”.

  45. I just watched a movie with Nater-Tater (greatest. name. ever.) in it last night, and the entire time I kept thinking, you know what would make this movie better? If he’d just hold some goddamned twine. But alas, he didn’t.

  46. I should probably clarify at this point that I LOVE the picture and that he took it but somehow my brain went off on a tile tangent and I could not stop it from hitting “Submit”

  47. I love pulling a Bloggess!!! My brother said that the Twilight movie was “better than he would have expected” back in ’05. To this day I still make fun of him. And every Xmas I give him a new Twilight calendar or other memorable keepsake. :o) no one in the family has laughed at this for years. But I still crack up til I pee a little every time!!!

  48. Honestly, I think at this point Nathan Fillion holding twine is overrated compared to what you COULD achieve. Look at it this way: you now have bent two actors who were in Star Trek to your will. You know who else you might be able to have jump on board your Awesome-Actor+Commonplace-Item-and/or-Task Photo scheme?

    George Takei. Maybe he’s eating cereal. Maybe you can sweeten the pot by offering to do a fundraiser for a good LGBT charity.

    Then you’ve got three Star Trek actors, and it starts to take on a snowball effect. Scott Bakula folding socks. Robert Picardo with balsa wood. There’s no end to the wonderfulness here. Nathan Fillion was in a great sci-fi series, and we all love him very much. But there’s a whole lot of Star Trek, and you’ve already gotten a good start.

  49. This is what I posted on fb when I shared your blog:

    Once again … if you don’t read The Bloggess … why not? If you only read one blog in your whole existence – it should be hers. Then you can say you read blogs and you can pretend to be a hipster. You can reference strange things and say “oh, I just read it in a blog the other day” See isn’t that cool? And Nathan Fillion – despite his dedication to Firefly is starting to annoy me. Wil Wheaton – however, must be adored.

  50. Jenny, I promise that if I ever meet Nater-Tater again, I will have a ball of twine with me, throw it at him, and hope he catches it in time to snap a photograph.

    (PS, he was kind of a dick to me when I met him, so it doesn’t surprise me that he’s ignoring someone as awesome as yourself)

  51. I totally want to have Nathan Fillion’s baby. I bet if he was my baby daddy and what my baby needed was a picture of him holding twine he would totally do it and then I’d give it to you. Of course, he could just ignore me, too, and I’d get him thrown in jail for being a dead-beat dad and then we could probably get pictures of him doing all KINDS of things and they would be way more fun to send to those annoying pitch solicitors… am I right?

  52. You know, it’s a slippery slope — today it’s twine, tomorrow sticks and berries, and who knows where it goes after that.

    PS (because comments can have post-scripts right?) – I actually didn’t know what Wil Wheaton looked like until I saw his picture on your blog. In my mind, he is still Wesley Crusher. I feel stupid for not recognizing him in The Guild now …

  53. ….is it wrong that this all makes me love Nathan Fillion even more?

    I mean, think of the joy he’s bringing us by perpetuating the Nater Tater Twine Kerfuffle of 2012! It’s just darned generous.

  54. This is absolute bullshit, Nater Tater. You are giving all of CANADA a bad rap with your selfishness. Seriously, if you are from this country, they probably used fucking twine to tie off your umbilical cord! (Universal health care costs money. We recycle.) Damnit, Nater, suck it up, call your mom, and get a bloody photo of yourself holding your umbilical twine already! We don’t want an international incident because of this.

  55. I ? the Nater-Tater’ness of your obsession. And Wil Wheaton. And Simon Pegg. Their validation of your existence makes my validation of your existence as being more than just a figment of a really wonderful and happy imagination even more valid.

  56. I don’t get too many (well, any) unsolicited blog pitches, so I guess I’ll have to just forward all my junk mail (spam and e) to Nater Tater to handle. Wouldn’t want to waste his super power.

  57. Am I the only person in the blogging world not stalking Nater-Tater? I refuse to believe that anyone who cannot hold a simple piece of twine and snap a pic with his phone is worthy of adoration. It might be the schnapps (yes they still make this shit) that my tenant left behind when he moved out or it might be my complete lack of ability to focus… which might be caused by schnapps… but I think I’ll write a letter to Nathan and beg him to hold the twine.

    PS. The next time my mother asks me why I can’t find a nice man and settle down I am referring her to Nathan per your suggestion.

  58. Holy Moly! This was a long conversation! 🙂 Good thing you remembered it.

    Why the twine? – that’s what I’ve never understood. Maybe he is just against twine. Have you considered something more masculine such as a catcher’s glove or belt buckle?

  59. I think we’re all disappointed in Nater-Tater. Oh well, Simon Pegg is good people, and we can always rely on Wil Wheaton.

    On the other hand, Nathan has graced the screen in the buff, so he gets points for that, in my book.

  60. You know, Simon Pegg may feel inadequate if we continue asking someone else for a twine picture. He may feel like his wasn’t enough. And, really, it was one of the most amazing experiences of the Internet. I don’t see how a Nater-Tater twine pic could be anything other than a let down compared to that. So maybe you could just use the Pegg Twine shot as your bookend?

    But still refer everyone to Nathan Fillion. That’s fucking awesome.

  61. What I love best is that Simon Pegg, who did not actually have any twine in the house, went out to the garage and braided a loop of plastic bag into a twine-substitute, then took a picture of it for you. How AWESOME is he?

  62. I’m pretty sure you’re the funniest person on the face of the earth. I love you, you wench with a heart of gold.

  63. Dear Nigerian Prince,
    I would love to help you with the issue of claiming your money. Unfortunately I can not give you my bank routing numbers without permission first from Nathan Fillion. Please contact him on twitter @NathanFillion to finalize the details. I look forward to working with you once you two have spoken.

    With regard,

  64. Ooh…coerce former/current little friends of Nater-Tater to entwine him. Ooh (again)…behind his back. Pics of N-T with twine stuck on him that he doesn’t even notice. Then get them to send to twine to you. Collect enough secret twine and you can knit (or macrame, if you must) yourself a whole new twiney N-T. Think of the fun you could have…also makes a great source of nesting materials for the pretty birdies in spring.

  65. You know, I bet he would have done it back in his Joey Buchanan days on One Life to Live, or even in the Firefly days. Put a guy on one of the big three networks and he gets all “I don’t do that stuff” on us.

    Still, his hotness abounds, but it is a little tarnished.

  66. I just started watching Firefly and saw the name Nathan Fillion and was all like “ohhhhhhhh NOW I get it”. I know I’m late to the party but at least I got here.

  67. I think Castle may have crushed the awesome right out of Nathan Fillion. I’ve heard network tv can do that to you. RIP, Mal. I’ll love you forever.
    Simon Pegg already had my eternal love. Now he’s also got respek, yo.

  68. P.S. I remember Nathan Fillion when he was a Buchanan kid on One Life to Live.

    Remember your roots, Nate…we loved you then! 😉

  69. That “twine” kinda looks like a shoe lace. But if your happy, then I’m happy!

  70. Maybe if you’d asked for a picture of Nathan Fillion holding space twine, it would have worked out. They totally had to have had space twine on the Serenity.


  71. –sings “Blame Canada”–
    Oh dear Nater-Tater, look what you’ve started…you’ve impassioned the Bloggess’s fans. Thank goodness we <3 you, you handsome clueless Canuck. Do come down to Texas and we'll give you all sorts of clues. 😉

    (Just had to share my own Nate love with the masses…assuming dear Jenny will share when she's with Victor) 😀

  72. I can’t find Nater Tater on Google maps. Can you give us his actual address and email and cellphone number and car tag, just to help with the ongoing contact program? And twine.

    He’s probably at the Oscars tonight, so we might just leave a lot of the media requests on his living room table.

    I’m sure he left the front door unlocked, or locked in a manner that would not repel a large metal chicken, a wolf, a mouse and a weasel. Which was a big mistake.

  73. If you keep up with twitter (which I don’t), you’ll see Nathan Fillion is interested in being on something called “The Daly Show.” No clue what it is, but this Tim Daly seems inclined to let him…on…or in…or be a part of it, I don’t know.

    Regardless! New plan, convince this Tim Daly that Nathan Fillion can only be allowed access to his show once he has posted a picture of him holding twine. IT CANNOT FAIL.

  74. I am now an even bigger fan of Simon Pegg. And who do these starts think they are not agreeing to meet with their fans. It’s not like there could be any potential problems or inconveniences.

  75. I’m having a shit, shit, shit morning and this is the first smile I have had all day. Nater-Tater WILL write sonnets about you.

  76. I am generally alway willing to pull a will wheaton, but have been known to pull a simon pegg. However pulling a nathan fillion is just uncalled for in life. It indicates a lack of imagination from an unhappy childhood. It also assures the fact that the person guilty of such an act has not appropriately embraced their alcoholism.

  77. My heart breaks a bit because of this. I once thought Nater-Tater to be beyond the bomb. But now? He’s kind-of being a jerk.

    And just to throw my two cents in, Andrea back up at comment #81, has the best idea I’ve heard! Jenny, you need to get on top of that because I would totally pay money to have a photo of Robert Picardo with balsa wood. Patrick Stewart with a crumpet. Kate Mulgrew paying bills. The possibilities are endless. How about a calendar of Star Trek stars doing every day chores?

  78. maybe he’s worried that the twine will make him look bad. we all know how insecure people in ‘the industry’ can be. twine, particularly in it’s ‘ball’ form can be pretty intimidating. i find it intimidating, anyway. even still, i’m all, ‘what, nathan fillion’? are you some sort of megalomaniac who has delusions of grandeur about being too awesome to be photographed with an intimidating ball of twine in order to battle the evil scourge of unsolicited blog pitches? well then, YOU sir are no longer welcome in my sexy daydreams. we are FINISHED!’. ’nuff said.

  79. He doesn’t DO that?! We need to back up the bus a minute. Proportionally, I’d bet you are globally famous-er than he is, so he should be THRILLED that the Dark Army of the Bloggess is all up in his grill. Sounds kinda snotty to me. Cute or not, he needs to know that WE are the only assholes around here.

    Also, I feel that we need a planned, scheduled and directed push for the ol’ Nater Tater holding twine pic. Like a well coordinated wave of attack where as soon as you think it’s over, the Twitter cavalry that has been hiding in the woods charges in and attacks the flank, thereby causing it to collapse in on itself, a la every movie I’ve ever seen. Don’t act like y’all don’t know what I’m talking about and ohmygod I just realized how nuts this sounds. Okay. I’m finished.

  80. Since I adore Nater-Tater (although not as much as Will Wheaton, based soley on *that* page. And well, nevermind, but there was no restraining order so it’s all good)

    Anyway, since I adore Nater-Tater I can only assume he is trying to come up with a clever pun for “twine”. So I’m going to help you out Nater-Tater (who surely must be reading this): Tea-wine. It’s tea and wine and you can buy it by the bottle in just about every liquor store…grocery store…convenience store….you get the point. Since she accepted the non-twine of Simon Pegg surely she will like this. Change the definition of your name, Man! It’s for THE WORLD!

  81. I don’t understand how anyone can ignore something that’s obviously beating them over the head (metaphorically, of course…). I mean, wouldn’t it become painful and torturous after a while, and he’d have to take the picture just to relieve the sheer madness building up in his life?

    Simon Pegg for mayor.

  82. When this goes to its inevitable criminal trial can I have VIP seats in the courtroom? (Oh, and for shame Nater Tater – you’ll play Dr Horrible but won’t hold a ball of twine????)

  83. You know, Hugh Bonneville not only responds to tweets, but actually seems to have a functioning sense of humor. Think: a picture of Lord Grantham sorting socks, or eating toast. Just sayin’.

  84. A couple of years ago I went to Universal Studios and saw the big fancy fighting show that takes place on water (used to be water world until that became hopelessly uncool). After the show the stunt men come out to the front to sign autographs and meet the fans… whateves. One of them was Nathan Fillion’s stunt double. We went over and met the guy. He’s really nice and if I remember right he had a beautiful NZ or Aussie accent (or was it English, Scottish or Irish… I’m sorry to all of those people I have just insulted). Anyway, he and my hubby talked Rugby for a while. If he’s still there someone should take twine with them to Universal Studios and totally take a picture of his stunt double from the back holding twine and then tell Nathan Fillion we got his stunt double to do the thing he was most afraid of. Take a picture with twine.

  85. This is probably the appropriate time to ask Neil Patrick Harris to submit a photo of himself washing dishes.

  86. OK, I think the most unbelievable thing about this is that Maile didn’t already know the Nathan Fillion story. I mean, I’m pretty sure everyone else on the planet knows about this …with the possible exception of Nathan Fillion himself and I think he’s just faking it, probably because he can’t be bothered to scrounge up some twine. It’s also possible he just doesn’t have any twine. Maybe we could send him some. We could hold a telethon to raise money to send Nathan Fillion some twine. Twine Aid. Twine Across America. …something.

  87. I used to think Nater-Tater was a geek god. Certainly the goofy things he’s done and the things I’ve seen him tweet have helped with that impression. But with his relentlessly ignoring your requests to take a picture of him holding twine, I feel I have to downgrade him from a geek god to a geek demi-god. He still has opportunities to redeem himself but is going to have to do more than post a pic of him holding twine to do so.

    Meanwhile, for me, Simon Pegg, who I love dearly, has taken Nater’s place as the geek god of my heart. He is pure awesome sauce.

  88. I am so in love with Wil Wheaton for being a good sport (amongst other things) and now I just don’t know about Nathan Fillion anymore. “I don’t do things like that”? Like what? Have fun?

  89. After reading this, and the comments, I have a dire suspicion that Nater-Tater has had his mind poisoned by William Shatner… Hell, it might even be a conspiracy where he’s received letters from those same PR companies URGING him not to respond… Or some legal team.
    I can see it now, Nater sees the thousands of texts and turns to his lawyer. “I feel overwhelmed by all these people wanting to see me naked with twine. What should I do?”
    Lawyer: “Well, WHAT EVER you do, DO NOT BLOCK HER! Shatner did that and his fan points dropped about a billion. You want fans to love you, even if you aren’t willing to even sort of meet them halfway.”

    I like his acting… but somehow I do sense he’s JUST a bit more self absorbed than any pure awesome Wil Wheaton, or Simon Pegg.

    I know what we need next… Matt Smith holding twine! Am I right??

  90. For the love of everything holy, someone send this post to the writers of Castle…. Maybe we can get an episode where he gets tied up with twine!!

  91. I tried to help, man…he’s just too good at the ignoring. He’ll always be Joey Buchanan, anyway.

    I’ll donate $374 to whoever or whatever you choose if you can get Tom Selleck blowing bubbles.

  92. I think what we need to do is beat Nater-Tater at his own game. I think this can actually work if everyone helps.
    We need to start emailing, tweeting, blogging, etc to Saturday Night Live that we want Nater Tater to host (much like how Betty Whitecame to host), then the suits at SNL will have no choice but to have him host.
    When we get word he’s hosting, we must then bombard all the current SNL cast via tweet, email that there MUST be a skit written where we get Nater Tater to hold twine. Boom! We’ve just conquered Nater Tater AND millions of people have seen him holding mother fucking twine on national TV.
    PS…I’ve never used Nater Tater so much…EVER.

  93. I don’t understand what the problem is, we Canadians are known for our sense of humour. Is he secretly allergic to twine? Or maybe awesomeness? I really didn’t know who Nathon Fillion was until I started reading your blog so he hasn’t given me a reason to be a fan, especially with him continuing to pull a Naton Fillion. But Nater-Tater that has a chance.

    Ultimately, I think Wil Wheaton has to have a conversation with him on how to not be a dick.

  94. Maybe you should get Wil Wheaton to talk to Nathan Fillion since they seemed all buddybuddy that nerd show on BBC America. Or just give up on non-Star Trek celebrities altogether…even if Shatner didn’t work out completely, Wil and Simon did.

  95. I think you should try asking Rick Castle, get Det. Beckett & Alexis in on it…. If that fails, ask the rest of the Firefly cast to hold Twine. I’d love to see Jayne with some twine. Then maybe Nater-Tater will give in to peer pressure.

  96. Gather ’round people and listen as The Bloggess spins a YARN,
    About a man named Nathan who simply doesn’t give a darn.
    Wheaton collated paper, but how could this be matched?
    Just one request from Nathan, with no STRINGS attached.
    Save for one, of course – he must be holding TWINE,
    Indoors, outdoors, doesn’t matter, anything is fine.
    But alas it seems that such requests had been dismissively ignored,
    For Nathan’s thoughts about such things are never in acCord.
    And though Mr. Pegg attempted to replace Nathan in his stead,
    His noble effort amounted at most to being ‘Shaun of the Thread’.
    And so what lesson can be imparted to you, the blog subscriber?
    Simply that Nathan Fillion lacks a certain moral FIBER.

  97. It’s all becoming clear to me now. *YOU* are my Nater-Tater!!!!! Holy shitballs. It’s like I was just given that purely experimental drug by Robin Williams in “Awakenings” and I’m Robert DeNiro…and I finally wake up out of my catatonic state, only to realize that YOOOOOUUUUUU are my Dr. Sayer!!!!!

    So…to recap: Jenny = Carm’s Nater-Tater. That’s pretty fucking awesome if you ask me. Love, Carm

  98. I’m just commenting on this because I like to be a part of big things, and I want to be a part of the class action lawsuit that Nater-Tater brings against us all 😀 We’ll get tshirts made about it. It’ll be loads of fun in the court room!! Yay!!

  99. “And he said he was very sorry for disappointing his #1 super-fan.”

    That totally made my heart jump. You got me good.

  100. Sometimes I find myself randomly thinking of plans on how to sneak attack Nathan Fillion into holding twine and taking a picture.

    One day I will think of a good one, aka one where I wont end up in jail.

  101. Nater Tater, I will so remove you from my Pinerest wall. Just comply and things will work out. Twine never hurt most people.

  102. “A man who refuses to succumb to the pleasure of twine holding shall live to regret his new nickname” – Mark Twainstein.
    “Those who seek to ignore the Bloggess shall rue the day” – A. Ristotle.
    “He who hods the twine holds her heart” – Con Fuscious.
    For the glory of the United States of America the twine must be held” – Franklin Roseveldt.
    “Hold the damn twine Fillion” – Juanita.
    “The way to the heart of the bloggess is through doing her bidding” – Victor.

  103. O.M.G. You are a friggin’ GENIUS. Someone get me a blue raspberry booze slushee stat!

  104. I’m glad that you haven’t just become a bloggess, but are a bloggess. The one and only Bloggess. Nathan Fillion is a fool for not holding twine for you. And us.

  105. I will no longer be able to watch ‘Castle’ without thinking ‘Nater-Tater handles my finances.’

    Thank you.

  106. Now I can’t remember which comment it was, but the whole Star Trek idea is great, I mean, we all know Jeri Ryan LOVES you. Seriously, Seven of Nine? The world needs this. (As much as we needed Wil Wheaton collating paper, obviously.)

  107. Nathan,
    I also love you. But it would appear you have pissed off the wrong lady. I know, you thought — it’s just another crazy asking for crazy. No. Not even. This is about twine, motherfucker. And it is time to represent.

  108. You know, my best friend sent me a link a couple years ago and said…you should read this blog. It’s just one of a million reasons why I love my best friend.

    And, man…Nathan Fillion is such a damn disappointment. He will never be half the man that Wil Wheaton is.

  109. Number (152) you poem was beautiful! seemed to strike a Cord!? Lol!

    Bloggess you are amazing! I just couldn’t help but giggle! These are like conversations I have with my friends but everyone just thinks I’m weird! Yet You turned it into a career!

    I have faith that Nater Tater will come around! After all, there has to be such thing as “fan-pressure”! Either that or he is hanging out for the awesomeness factor! Well at least I hope so! 🙂 x

  110. Sent me a link to your blog that is. Not just some random link that is unconnected to you. But you probably already figured that part out.

  111. So if/when Nathan has children they will be called Nater Tator Tots… (sorry)

    The Doctor quote needs to be changed to the following… “People assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually—from a non-linear, non-subjective viewpoint—it’s more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly… TWINEY-wimey… stuff..” (sorry again)

    As a fellow Canadian I have to advise Nathan that he is treading dangerously close to being “rude” and that will just not do… Still a huge fan but….

    Maybe if he tried juggling several balls of twine, if the picture is taken while the balls are up in the air then he is technically not HOLDING the twine (which would make him happy) and I think would still make us happy at the same time…

  112. Goodness. I LOVE Simon Pegg. And I like Nathan Fillion. And I’m disappointed in him. And I vow that if our paths ever cross, I will tie him up and take a picture of him IN twine. And I will text it to you, from Jail.

  113. Please don’t bother Mr. Fillion. He is far too busy preparing to pose naked with Bradley Cooper for my wedding cake topper when I marry Jason Statham.

  114. @Prospero. Well….one thing’s for certain. You won’t be tying the knot with twine.


  115. Ok wait wait wait here just a mo, you mean to tell me that Nater-Tater will do “Dr. Horrible’s Sing a Long Vlog” but not pose w/Twine? WTF Nates… It was hard enough to get past the whole “I’m Canadian” thing but really schmoopy, not bringing joy to your peeps is just down right insulting.

    Just for the record my son asked for some more milk and then I totally forgot where I was going w/this, please carry on if you can? You must carry on Jenny, so many will be lost if you don’t.

  116. I’m a bit confused. Between your admiration of the actual Wil Wheaton’s awesomeness and the way Wil Wheaton portrays himself on the big bang theory I have no idea if Being a Wil Weaton is a good thing. Because, quite frankly, TV is more believable. HE PLAY’S HIMSELF!

  117. I have to wonder if his background on One Life To Live made him weary of women in curlers wanting to interact with him. Soap operas will do that to a person.

  118. Nathan Fillion demonstrates a clear lack of go-with-the-flow weirdness that we all want him to have.
    I would like to point out, however, that this entire post ignores the fact that for CHRISTMAS Matthew Broderick took a picture of himself holding a spoon just for you. Maybe you leaving him out of your post makes him feel like HE doesn’t even exist. Jenny, are you not pulling a Fillion on MB, a sincere and devoted friend?
    What would Ferris Mewler say?

  119. I didn’t realize who Nater-Tater was, so I asked Google. And, after all that, the tied up in twine comment would totally further his career.

  120. Andrea (#81) is a genius. What she said.
    I know a lot of Canadians and they aren’t funny unless they’re drinking.
    I would be willing to buy Simon Pegg a ball of twine.
    Wil Wheaton is THE BEST.

  121. It’s amazing how you managed to outdo the tension between main characters on television shows…with a man who, instead of succumbing to a hot moment of passion, need only provide a photo of him holding twine. Will he? Won’t he? This time? Now? I think it best he never grant your wish because I’m afraid that it may make your blog implode. I love Nathan Fillion, but I love your blog more.Now, if you can get Nathan Fillion naked, holding a ball of twine IN THE TARDIS, I am pretty sure you will have fulfilled a Mayan prophesy, and I have mixed feelings about a Fillionpacalypse.

  122. You need a shirt that says ‘ Approach with caution and a booze slushee.” Or maybe I just need it so I need you to make it first.

  123. Girl, you do know what he’s doing right!? Nathan Fillon is PLAYING AT BEING HARD TO GET. Typical male. He’s absolutely loving all the attention you’re giving him about the twine, he’s revelling in all the Twitter-contact, he’s getting smug off your increasingly attempts to meet him. It’s all ego-fodder.

    My advice?
    Walk away. Keep yourself at a distance. Cut all communication. Deprive him of all the attention. Feign disinterest. Act like twine bores you.
    I’d give it…a few weeks. By then he’ll be crawling to YOU, covered in twine. You won’t be able to move on the internet for all the pictures he’ll be sending you.
    Good luck!

  124. Shadesiren – as a Canadian I resent your husband’s ignorance. We know perfectly well what twine is, thank you very much! It’s because Nathan is Canadian that he probably ignores people. We Canadian’s don’t ‘do’ celebrity. It makes us uncomfortable.

    Except for Jim Carrey and he’s obviously an anomaly.

  125. I wonder if Nathan Fillion is actually resisting because he realises he’s not as famous anymore, and by continuing this charade he knows more people will have to google/IMDB him, thus pushing his ratings on the internet up?
    Maybe Nathan Fillion is pulling a PR Bloggess?

    Also, you realise that *hundreds* of people are going to spend their weeks considering better ways to stalk a geeklebrity? I’m not 100% sure, but I’m pretty sure there are rules about inciting people to stalk. If you need a bolt-hole when the ‘Feds come after you, the weather in England is great this week (HELL YEAH, GLOBAL WARMING!)

  126. I get your disappointment in ol’ Nater Tater but rejoice in the silver lining. Simon Pegg sent you a pic of himself holding twine. Methinks Nater Tater’s just being a bit too cool for school. I like Simons ‘down with the peeps’ approach to celebrityhood much better.

  127. “I don’t do stuff like that”? Really? He said that? Wow. He’s going to be so excited at all the new cool stuff you’re going to help him not do!

  128. I was totally right. I just checked Nathan Fillion out on IMDB and his Starmeter rating is up 77 this week.

    Well played, Nathan Fillion. Well played.

  129. My cousin worked with Nathan on some kind of canceled show (not Firefly, unclench) and he says he never met a more personable and fun actor in his entire life. He is very polite and kind, has super dry wit and actually hangs out with crew guys which is not very common among “stars”. So I asked my cousin what this twine thing might mean and he says Nathan is totally not the kind of guy to be guilted, bullied or “twittered” into anything. He is sort of mulish and doesn’t much care how it appears to others. If a bunch of people tell him to do something he is more likely to do the opposite, my cousin said. So if he didn’t do it (twine holding) at once, the chance of him doing it now is pretty much 0. But he is absolutely not “too full of himself”, he’s super nice and funny, but has these personality quirks which apparently prevent him from meeting you and twine.

  130. Oh, and by “not doing stuff like that” he probably meant that he doesn’t do requests from Twitter, not funny random stuff in general.

    And keep being awesome, I am currently far from home (not in Iraque or anything) and your insanity reminds me of certain family members, Stacy I’m looking at you.

  131. I LOVE Sj’s suggestion of Jeff Goldblum. That would be awesome. I’m sad to admit I had to Google Simon Pegg (I don’t have any idea what any actor’s name is) and I was a bit disturbed that a pic for the original Scotty came up in the search but then after researching further discovered that Simon Pegg is the “new” Scotty which makes me want to see the new Star Treks just a teensy bit more but I still refuse to because I think it’s wrong that they cast an attractive Spock since that is so unrealistic and I also just realized I may have just created the longest run on sentence of my lifetime so I’m both a little proud and ashamed all over again. I win.

    Where’s my slushee?

  132. If I didn’t already absolutely LOVE Simon Pegg, this would make me love him, as an actor of course. How awesome that he was a bit baffled but is a complete good sport and played along! I think I’m going to watch Paul in honor of him today. 😀 You’ve already proven that Wil Wheaton is awesome. Is it a coincidence that they’re both associated with Star Trek?

  133. Got totally lost in a sea of posts. Every single one was like, if you dont know this, click this. It was amazing. It took me 4 hours. I feel like I’ve been on a magical journey.

  134. So you should totally start bugging Stana Katic and the rest of the Castle crew to ambush Nathan on set with a camera and twine. Get Nathan Marlowe in on it too! By endurance we conquer!!!


  135. Totally love Penn now. However, Teller is silent on the subject… 🙂 You rock Jenny!

  136. Penn is just awesome.

    I think I love him a little bit. In a totally platonic non-sexual* way of course.

    *Okay, I admit it – it may be a little sexual.

  137. I’m still waiting for the wikipedia page for Nathan Fillion to include the words “twine”, “Nater-Tater”, and the phrase: Pulling a Nathan Fillion. I’m waiting, internet. Chop freaking chop.

    The end.

  138. This post both dazed and confused me. But then, I got over it! Just in time to see how one person letting you donw in an epic way turned into two making things AWSOME!! Penn freking ROCKS for stepping up to bat without prompting!! I want to buy that man a girraffe!!!! He deserves it!

  139. So, to be clear, one awesome person not sending you twine has resulted in two awesome people sending you twine.

    The man truly is a genius!

    Also, we totally need to start referring to him as N.T. (short for Nate-Tater). That way someone will call him N.T. and someone else will say “Wait, I thought your initials were N.F.?” And then he’ll totally have to explain this entire story, showing him why he should have listened to you in the first place, even though his master plan is pretty brilliant.

  140. I suspect (although I would totally take it back in a red-hot second if he ever surprised me because I love/lust him so much) that Nathan Fillion is kind of an asshat celebrity. It’s okay because he’s still awesome but I hate that he is disappointing you/us with his unwillingness to play.
    Also WOOO PENN & PEGG! They just moved up the list.
    Also I have no idea how anyone could say no to you. Or ignore you. Stupids. 🙂

  141. Penn is such a great guy? I think we should all take our pictures with twine and use them for our fb profile pics. #twinetakesoverfb

  142. Now I’m doubting MY existence because I THOUGHT I loved Simon Pegg and Penn Jillette, but it must not have been enough because I totally love them all over again now. Also, the expression on Penn’s face makes it perfect to send to unsolicited solicitors because he’s all, “Really? You’re emailing me AGAIN? You see this twine right here? Your pitch is as relevant as THAT.”

  143. One of those people who make the ribbon things for avatars needs to make a twine one, that way it’ll mention The Bloggess and have maybe a twine “ribbon”.

    Someone hurry up and do that.

  144. In our fame-obsessed society, it seems most people would love to be famous. Not me. Being anonymous means I’ll never get a request from some undermedicated crackpot for a photo of myself recycling cardboard.

    Sorry Jenny. I enjoy you immensely. I even relate. But putting myself in the place of a person who would send unsolicited kooky requests lacking context means I’d have no choice but to consider you an undermedicated crackpot.

  145. Penn Gillette and Simon Pegg are awesome! And Will of course! And FB pictures with twine and red dresses, or at least shirts really should be on the agenda.

  146. I met Nathan Fillion on set when I was an extra. I am tempted to do more extra work (which since getting real work, I haven’t really done) on his set just to ask him to hold twine and take a gallllldamned picture of.

  147. I just died and went to a heaven where Jenny is the queen, with a court of taxidermy minions in the bathroom, Wil Wheaton, Penn Jillette, & Simon Pegg are fiddling papers and twine, and Nater-Tater is brooding with his face smashed against the glass because THERE IS NO HEAVEN FOR NATHAN FILLION!!

  148. Next time I see him, I’ll throw some twine at him, take a picture and run. Just don’t count on it for, like, tomorrow’s blog post. I’m getting my hair did. Possibly Wednesday will work.

  149. I love this. Some people use their power for social good to change some indiscretion. You? You get B list stars to hold twine. You’re my kind of girl.

  150. Penn Jillete shows us all that he is much better at this thing they call social media that Nathan Fillion. But Will Wheaton is still the boss of it all.

  151. That is beyond awesome. Never had much of a soft spot for Jillette. But now? Totally my hero. I was already in love with Simon Pegg, and his quick response to your requested sealed the deal. So cool.

  152. Oh, and we named our cal Mal after Nathan Fillion’s character on Firefly and I’m going to pretend now that it’s a totally random coincidence. OH! I can get my CAT to hold twine for you! Whaddaya say?

  153. I think the next time that Nater-Tater is going to be on Conan or LetterDude we should harrass the host to randomly hand him a ball of twine so they can get a quick picture. We will get this done. The Bloggesses will be done, y’all.

  154. Nater-Tater…..hahahaha. I had a boyfriend in college who’s nickname was Tater. Loving Simon Pegg and Penn Jillette SO MUCH!

  155. I can kind of understand Nathan’s reluctance. If you give in to one obsessive Internet personality and send a picture holding twine, the next thing you know, someone else will demand one with a paperclip, a Phillips screwdriver, etc. and then you are spending all of your time making photos of yourself with the contents of your junk drawer!

  156. Did you know he named his daughter Moxie CrimeFighter Jillette? I can’t decide if that was THE WORST IDEA EVER or THE BEST IDEA EVER. Maybe we should ask Moxie CrimeFighter.

  157. I hope this isn’t just Celebrity Apprentice based hoopla.

    Actually, who cares, the man is holding twine and you’re pretty amazing.

    Trending worldwide for Simon Pegg. And it worked!!

    You are so pissing off Nathan Fillion!



  158. Giving Maile points for the whole “Nater Tater” nickname, however…still feel this would have been a much shorter conversation if you had been talking to Laura, cuz you wouldn’t have to explain so much or give so much backstory. I mean, how can she call herself your friend and not even know about the whole “no twine pic from Nathan” fiasco? Your loyal fans and readers and friends keep up, even if you won’t accept our friend requests on facebook.
    On a side note, I have seriously thought about launching an all out campaign myownself to that end by having all my friends send you facebook messages saying, “why won’t you accept Leatrice’s friend request? She’s freaking AMAZING!”. But what I know (and love) about my friends is that they are way too lazy to put forth that much effort. Totally pulling a Nathan Fillion, you know?
    Love you awful!

    (Blame Zuckerburg. He won’t let me accept more than 5,000 friends and then he shut me down. True story. I can only add people as other people die or unfriend me. ~ Jenny)

  159. Jenny,
    Maybe as a way of cheering you up, we could all make pictures for you of what looks like Nathan holding twine. I mean… photoshop does lovely things. Maybe you could have so many photos of him with twine, he’d actually wonder if he sent you a photo of him with twine.
    It could be a beautiful thing.
    (Just an idea.)

  160. Had to update my name on here cuz my divorce was final on Thursday! Wine Slushies for everyone-on me!!On another side note: you would totally be Being a Wil Wheaton if you did accept my friend request on facebook. I’m just saying.
    Love you more than my luggage (and I have AWESOME luggage!)

  161. Penn Jillette is da bomb.

    (May I confess that I have only ever heard of Nathan Fillion because of you? True story.)

  162. Sara@home, it’s just you. Nathan is 300 kinds of awesome. He’s the kind of guy who hides silly presents wherever he might be; tweets a pic of it and fans race to find it. Geocaching for Stalkers!

    I love that Wil and Simon and Penn played along with all this lunacy (and The Bloggess, I never would have found you without all this craziness… you are sooo funny!) And somehow I also kind of love Nathan even more for holding out. Of course it could be that I’m biased because he retweeted me. Once. Like over a year ago.

  163. You know you’ve hit it big when out of the blue random celebrities send you pics. Congratulations.

  164. This is so utterly beyond awesome it defies belief. Penn and Pegg what uber legends you are.

  165. I love the Nater-tater. There is a bar here in Silver Spring, MD that serves tater tots. I will see if they will consider changing the name on the menu to Nater-Taters. What do you think? Anyways love your blog as always. It brings me joy as I sit at home with my daughter. On behalf of me, a stay at home dad, who has a card that say’s “I let my kids watch zombie movies,” thank you.

  166. 1. Simon Pegg rocks! (even if that’s not twine)
    2. Wil Wheaton is a god. End of story.
    3. Nater-Tater is making me sad…why, Nater? Why? Its only twine, for Wil’s sake!
    4. Penn Gillette is starting to look cooler than Nater-Tater.
    5. Now’s the perfect time to have a picture of Neil Patrick Harris holding a tie; George Takei holding a toaster; Craig Ferguson holding a puppet…

  167. Well, damn. I’ve read your blog for quite a while now… lurking, but never commenting… but I sure as hell don’t want to Pull a Nathan Fillion and not acknowledge the awesomeness of this Twine-based concept you’ve got going on here. It might be his super power, but it absolutely isn’t mine.
    Mr. Penn and Mr. Pegg share an awesomeness that goes beyond the eerie similarity of their names… perhaps you should start a fund to send Simon Pegg some proper Twine… simply holding it might clear up his confusion as to why you would want such a picture.

  168. First Star trek and now Firelfly. I think your next “target” should be Bruce Boxleitner of Babylon 5. Then maybe Edward James Olmos to get Battlestar represented!

  169. So, are you going to change your list of 10 people you’d invite to a dinner party to Penn instead of Teller?

  170. Just saw Simon Pegg in an old episode of Black Books. He rocked!!
    He even looks like a good sport!

  171. Forget Nathan FIllion – did you forget that Simon Pegg has Doctor Who cred?!? (Also, chalk me up as another one who doesn’t know who Nathan Fillion is anyway.)

  172. I will watch Star Trek just to hear Simon Pegg yell “I’m givin er all she’s got Capn!” Love that man. Love that line. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that Anton Yelchin is also there to entertain me. Is he old enough for me to lust after???

  173. I never ceases to amaze me how awesome certain celebrities can be! And is it a coincidence that I already follow Simon Pegg and Penn Jillette on twitter? OR FATE?

    Seriously, what awesome guys!

  174. This post is great. I know the story but am now able to laugh all day long by back-clicking through the other blog threads. Jon Jones #152 YOU are completely awesome-that post was great.

    I think since Penn and George Takei are both on Celebrity Apprentice right now that we should try to get Donald Trump involved. Maybe we could auction off twine pics for charity. I bet Nater-Tater would do it for charity-wouldn’t he?

  175. Yay for Penn! (and SImon!) I hope you end up with a whole wall full of celebrity twine holding photos that you can wave in Nate’s face!

  176. So you mean to tell me that Captain Hammer is perfectly fine throwing a girl into a pile of garbage (albeit to save her life) but doesn’t “do stuff” like hold twine? I see how it is.

    Well..what if we told him taking the picture would save YOUR life? The man can’t argue to that!

  177. That is a most awesome story with a happy ending!

    Also, you say “Simon Pegg” and I think “Scotty of the new Star Trek movies”.

    and Penn Jillette is so completely nuts that it’s a shock to find he never drinks alcohol. The man is like that…sober? Or he’s a really good actor.

  178. I saw that picture of Penn and wondered if it was for you. That’s awesome. But Nathan, oh Nathan, why are you being this way?????

  179. I love you, Jenny, but @Squisha has a point. I am a little baffled by some of the comments here((… I thought this twine game was awesome, but it was just that – a game. And here in the comments section I detect a serious level of arrogant douchiness, calling good ol’ mr.Fillion names and all that.. Seriously guys? That’s just the kind of Internet anonimious stuff I thought I’d avoid following TheBloggess.

    No, this doesn’t make Nater T. an “asshat celebrity”, a “douche” or a poor man’s anything. And no, if you don’t know who he is it doesn’t mean he is a “nobody”and you should feel all proud, high and mighty because of that. Granted, I’ve never met him and only seen him in Firefly and Sing Along Blog (and been following him on twitter for a couple of years), but he seems like a funny, totally decent dude who frequently makes all sorts of digs at himself. And a damn good actor. The fact that he didn’t want to satisfy a totally insane and random request of several hundreds tweeple, who probably worded it not very politely either, doesn’t make him any less than he is. Simon Pegg is awesome with or without twine, and I thought his tweet about being confronted by terrorists hit uncomfortably a little too close to home…

    Jeez, I don’t believe I’m actually saying all that to TheBloggess’ followers, I’ve always assumed we’re all, like, in the same yellow submarine or something.. Just, you know, “not being a dick” rule applies to non-celebrities too. It was a fun game for me and after reading all these comments it’s not so fun anymore.

    Now I’m getting off my high horse.

    P.S. I liked Nater-Tater thing though.

    (Good points. Nathan Fillion is still awesome and I’m sure he knows that. Some people might take it a bit too far either way – ridiculously angry at me or Nathan – but that’s just the internet. There’s always the 1% that takes it a titch over the line. If there wasn’t it wouldn’t be the internet. But personally, I still adore Nater-Tater. He might be in the 1% when it comes to me though. ~ Jenny )

  180. Gosh, I didn’t know who Nathan Fillion, Simon Pegg or Penn Jillette were until you. I still don’t, really. Maybe I need to get out more… or stay home more and watch T.V.? Actually the only name I recognize is that of Wil Wheaton. That says it all right there.

  181. believe it or not, Nathan Fillion comes into the shop I work at semi-regularly on Sundays. (Vancouver BC) Unfortunately we do not sell string. just paper. the first time I helped him out I just thought he bought a lot of paper as he looked kinda familiar. then someone totally spazzed and I clued in he was famous. he seems nice enough- my advice: tell him you’ll trade string photo for a pen.

  182. Last night, I dreamed I was at an after-Oscars party waiting for Kenneth Branagh to come back from the loo so I could say “Hey, remember that time back in the ’90s when some friends and I stalked you through the streets of Savannah whilst you were filming “The Gingerbread Man”? While I was waiting, Nathan Fillion came up to me and was trying to talk me into helping him write a pilot for a story treatment his mom had given him. I was totally getting ready to ask him about posing with twine, but my husband’s snoring woke me up. 🙁

  183. Wow! Wil Wheaton, Simon Pegg, and Penn Jillette are great sports! +1000 points to all of them.

    Nathan Fillion has probably consulted his security team about you.
    He might even be worried that if he provides you with a picture of him holding twine, you’ll just ask for more random pictures. Or encourage you. Or validify your existence.

  184. Nater-Tater. That’s so good. I am going to start recruiting friends named Nathan just so I can use it on them.

  185. OMG. I have a newly reinforced dislike for Nater-Tater, and a totally unexpected affection for Penn Jillette. Not as strong as my love for Wil Wheaton, mind you, but the whole unsolicited thing is pretty rad.

  186. But taking a joke way too far is the best kind of ridiculous! Nath-man could have ended it all just by being a good sport, but he had to be stubborn. Now his stubborn, anti-twine attitude has become part of his identity and he’ll stick to it in future just because he stuck to it in the past!

    Poor, sad, Nater-Tater. =[

  187. 1.) Penn Jillette is a magical superhero and I f*cking love him.

    2.) My husband’s favorite song lyric is “I pooped a potato”, inserted into any song that happens to playing (in his head or otherwise). (Really, it’s remarkably versatile as a song lyric.) Nater-Tater will have special meaning at our house.

  188. Penn Jillette is amazing. He sure knows how to one-up Nater-Tater. I say it’s time to ignore Nater-Tater’s ignoring you. That’s sure to make him sit up and take notice…and maybe photograph himself holding some twine.

  189. I love your blog and am so glad to have you make me laugh all the time. I can’t wait for your book. However, it is rather ironic that “to deter PR people who continue to send you the same pitch every 12 hours even though you keep asking them to remove you from their lists,” you chose to do the exact same thing to someone else. NF clearly doesn’t want to play along. When are you going to leave him alone? There are plenty of other people like PJ who do want to play.

  190. I’m going to emerge from my cave and say I have no idea who Nathan Fillion is. Then again, if he’s not a porn star I don’t know who most celebrities are. Going back in my cave now.

  191. FYI, I teach PR and social media courses at a for-real university. I use your blog already as my case study on how NOT to approach bloggers with PR requests, but this entry might have to be added to my lesson on the power of social media (the funny version; your Red Dress Project is the inspirational version). Thanks for adding entertaining examples to my lectures!

  192. It is still a game, and all Nater-Tater had to do was say no thanks. He tweets for support for his causes, The Bloggess tweets for support for hers. Nater-Tater may be in the past but it was a lovely dream before it died.

  193. Maybe Nathon doesn’t have any twine – although I think it’s totally rude he doesn’t at least say something to the effect of “buzz of bitch, I ain’t got no twine.”

    Nevertheless, you should ask someone who has REAL twine access. Like Ashton Kutcher – he’s from Iowa where twine-tied hay bales abound. Or Alex Trebek, he has horses, so surely he should have some twine laying around. I’d totally send you a photo of one of our horses holding twine — you know, if I could figure out how to.

  194. I’m shocked at Nathan. He was always fun with the fans. Maybe he’s on vacation in the Amazon and can’t get a cell phone signal and that’s why he has replied to you yet? Nice twine!

  195. I love Penn! Been watching him on Celebrity Apprentice and discovered that I really do adore him! Now I adore him more! If my dog wasn’t a boy and had puppies, I’d totally name one Penn. And one Wil. And one Beyonce.

  196. Man I agree you should TOTALLY try to get Alan Tudyk involved. He seems like a man who could hold twine sexily.

  197. Perhaps you should start a twitter campaign to get Jewel Staite to get Nathan Fillion holding twine. They have an ongoing thing where they send pictures to the other of people giving the finger. Perhaps if you sent a picture to her with twine spooled around your middle finger and asked her to forward to it him, then he would unwittingly return the sentiment and then the world would be happy again.

  198. Ok seriously with Penn too now this has to turn into a random celebrities holding twine montage

  199. Okay, so at the end of March, my fiance and I are going to a comic book convention. He is an artist and we are going to network, also, Wheaton will be there and I NEED to have my teen crush sign my breasts. But, we have decided that *just in case* we see Nathan Fillion, we are going to carry a ball of twine and our camera. When we see him, we have planned an elaborate scheme to throw the twine at him and snap the picture just as he catches it. Okay, so the plan is less elaborate once it’s all spelled out. But I still think it is a solid plan. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes. If I succeed, I expect MAD respect, because like you said, this is for the world.

  200. ps:

    “They say it’s better the second time
    They say you get to do the weird stuff”

    I’m sure he’s talking about the twine picture.

  201. Someone clearly needs to update Penn Jillette’s Wikipedia page.

    “On February 27, 2012, Penn Jillette sent The Bloggess an unsolicited picture of himself holding twine.”

    Wink, Wink.

  202. Ok, Jenny, first, you’re just awesome! I’ve always liked Wil but since the collating pic, he’s even better and now, Penn! He’s always been a plus in our book but this, I think this adds the cherry, peanuts, Cool Whip and sprinkles on the sundae! Keep on keepin’ on, we love you!

  203. I think everybody should just leave Nathan Fillion alone now. If you ask someone to do something a few times and they haven’t responded, then show a little respect and move on. This guy owes you nothing. Find celebraties that are happy to play along,. After a while, continuing to twitter him is just harrassment. And if you contact your best friend and ask her to meet you at a certain time and place and she doesn’t contact you back, then WHEN she doesn’t show, that’s your fault for not confirming. Same here.

    Will Wheton and Penn are awesome for playing along.

  204. Well now you have Penn Jillette and Simon Pegg. Pretty soon famous people will be begging you to post pictures of them holding twine. And then, when Nater-Tater realizes he is missing the entire twine-holding revolution and is nowhere as hip as he should be, he will beg you to include him in the twine-holding movement, you can respond (coldly) with “Nathan? Nathan who” and that will be it.

    The End

  205. This is SO relevant to your interests.
    As I’m reading this, I say outloud “Awww, Simon Pegg held twine.” To which my oldest child says “Who is Simon Pegg”. I may have been remiss in educating him in the ways of Simon Pegg, but he does know Doctor Who….
    Now at this point I’m very excited because I finally have a legitimate reason to say part of the following sentence, “He ran Satellite 5 when it was under control of The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe.”
    I’m proud to say my son immediately knew exactly who I was talking about then.

  206. So, I understand that we’re letting up on the heckling Nater-Tater to hold twine, but I won’t give up. From here on out, I follow my new plan. Step 1. I sit and wait for someone I know to get a terminal disease or have to wait for a organ transplant–if worst comes to worst, I can just throw myself in front of a bus. But only mildly, so I survive, mostly. Step 2. Get person I know or self to make a request through Make a Wish Foundation, OR contact the kid at my school whose mom works at the local news station to cover my/our/his/her dying request: A picture of Nathan Fillion holding twine. Step 3. Wait. EITHER we get a picture of Nathan Fillion holding twine, OR we once and for all prove that he’s a meanie and not worth having a twine picture of. It’s fool proof.

  207. Met Penn Jillette after seeing his show in Vegas. He was & apparently is a gracious, good-humored man. HOORAY for celebrities holding twine!

  208. All this Nater-Tater drama is making me conflicted about how much I love Firefly. I may just have to go make some tater-tots and think this over… but I think we should continue to ask for a photo with twine.

  209. All this Nater-Tater drama is making me conflicted about how much I love Firefly. I may just have to go make some tater-tots and think this over… but I think we should continue to ask for a photo with twine.

  210. I don’t know. That look on Penn’s face makes me wonder if he’s using that twine to keep Teller tied up in a closet when they’re not on stage.

  211. I bet Fillion’s just a tad worried about what happens next if he relents. I think Simon Pegg was quite intrepid getting that twine pic off so fast. I’m not sure he had time to research WTF was going on there…
    Skimming through other comments: Dykeonaroadbike, I would have clicked a link to your blog for sure, had there been one. I’m not a lesbian but I appreciate bikes and rhymes. Hermione at 179: I was totally offended but then I had a Molson and now I think your comment is hilarious.

  212. That’s because Penn is just plain awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I met him once a few years ago after one of his shows in Vegas, he stayed after the show and sighed autographs and took pictures with everyone who wanted one.

  213. Being a Firefly fan I can’t help but hope that Nater-Tater comes through for you at some point but in the meantime I LOVE LOVE LOVE Simon Pegg and Penn Jillette!

    Way to go guys!!!!

    Oh and Bloggess…you’re pretty awesome too 🙂

  214. Well, color me impressed! I’ve never really seen anything Penn Jillette has done (I only know who he is because he’s huge) but I think his unsolicited picture of himself holding twine is pretty fantastical! Time to go check Netflix to see if I can find some Penn & Teller shows.

    This also goes to show the awesomeness of you that you have awesome people willing to send you silly pictures just for the sake of being silly. These pictures certainly make me furiously happy!

  215. Oh and it looks like you’re going to need a new phrase to add to the Bloggess Lexicon that encompasses the Penn picture. Something like Being a Penn Jillette – Being awesome just because you can be.

  216. A poem in honor of Penn Jillette:
    Hooray, hooray!
    PJ, PJ saves the day!

    You’re welcome. (This isn’t copyrighted, so feel free….)

  217. That is because Penn Jillette is full of awesome. And he and Teller had a show called BULLSHIT! where Penn calls ‘bullshit’ on all sorts of ridiculousness in life. You must watch if you’ve never seen an episode. That show is more Penn-awesome covered in awesome-sauce and sprinkled with all kinds of win.

  218. Dear Bloggess,

    You are so awesome. You are even more awesome because you can get random celebrities to send you ridiculous pictures without even asking. I don’t know you’re awesomeness could be any awesomer.

    Just One More Adoring Fan

    PS. I hope one day I meet a celebrity so I can convince them to send you a picture of them holding twine.

  219. Simon Pegg and Penn Jillette rock!
    Also, just wanted to share that for a moment there I thought I read that SP sent you a picture of him holding wine…. which got me thinking that all your fans probably would send you a picture of themselves holding wine and then you could get Screaming Eagle (OK – maybe Charles Shaw) to sponsor and encourage wine slushee habits….. just sayin’ since the thought came up 🙂

  220. Oh, damn Nathan Fillion. He’s too busy being “cool” in that “not everyone knows who I am” type of way so he’s probably thinking, “No, I don’t need the PR.”

  221. So, Nathan will star in Slither, and the Firefly series, but it’s beneath him to pose with twine??

    That man needs an attitude adjustment. Let me give it to him. I have a nice leather paddle…

  222. I swear, I’m tempted to buy and mail a copy of your book to Nathan Fillion, just so he can see the awesomeness he’s missing out on by refusing to play ball.

  223. That picture of Wil Wheaton was just wonderful. I would have taken a picture of myself with a spatula, but I wasn’t near one. I suppose I could take one with my crochet hook, but that would be beyond pointless, wouldn’t it?

  224. and seriously this is why I love you

    and I will take a picture at work (IN the secret directv bat cave) WITH dave the dtv dude (armless) with a spatula, JUST for you Jenny JUST FOR YOU

  225. So much fun watching all this happen.

    Also, do you think we could get a photo of Neil Patrick Harris holding a hedgehog or a kitten? But that would probably make the internet explode from cuteness.

  226. I knew that Seven of Nine was way more badass than Mal Reynolds could ever dream of being. And I’m only saying that because I want to try to goad Nater-Tater into acquiescing. But Penn Jillette and Simon Pegg and Jeri Ryan and Wil Wheaton are PURE AWESOMENESS WITH AWESOME SYRUP ON TOP.

  227. My husband thinks you should go for the trifecta: Takei holding a throw pillow.